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“Sometimes you just have to play the role of a fool, to fool the fool who thinks they’re fooling you.”


To those who haven’t realized it yet, Jon Snow has been manipulating Daenerys. Kit basically implied this in his smile article. He’s been using kindness as a weapon, and soothing words in light of her losing Viserion.

Also, to those who think this is out of character for Jon Snow.

You’re a fool.

Show!Jon used Ygritte. Also show Jon is a lot more empathetic then BookJon! Book Jon is very grey and has done some questionable things to get his way.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. But it’s time we came to terms with the fact that this is what he was doing.

This has been tagged appropriately. Do not come in my comments showing your ass.

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Until he officially comes out, he's gonna be seen as an ally.

Yep. And that’s appropriate. I can tag things however I’d like though. They also only had the sub headline “Hooray for Allies” when they could have just profiled Harry with the rainbow flag. I actually don’t have a problem with magazines talking about Harry as an ally because people need models.

As a baby gay person, I’m not going to negate what I see as very significant signaling by someone I admire.

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Hello! I don't understand a thing... do we tag our art for the appropriate dates or do we send them to you..? Or do we have to sign up somewhere? I tried to find a Q&A I'm sorry if you have already answered something similar before ;; And btw this challenge sounds awesome and I already love it

Hey there Anon!! Don’t apologize, we’ll get you squared away <3

1. You do NOT have to sign up, this is a completely do-it-yourself challenge where participants can come and go as they please :)

2. You don’t tag with the date, you post on the date per the appropriate theme, and tag with the appropriate tag, so for example: Peices done for the Halloween theme can only be posted on October 31st or after, tag them with sterekhalloween3 :) Or, if you’re still a bit confused, you can send them to us, but just remember not to post or send a peice BEFORE the appropriate date (you can find this year’s schedule under “Schedule” or “Announcements”)

3. We actually don’t have a Q&A :D To be quite honest, we don’t get alot of general questions, most of the questions we get are year-specific, about details that change annually, like tagging and scheduling, but maybe we should think about making a FAQ page? If anyone thinks we should put in a FAQ page, just let us know, and I’ll probably do it within a few days

Thank you Anon! I’m really glad you’re enthusiastic and hope to see you around next month!!

~Admin Asagi

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Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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He lost  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I wonder if Grandpapa Mycen’s keeping tally 

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Thomas I hope you're okay with all the current drama, I personally believe that you did nothing wrong at all. You're always making sure you're inclusive and doing the right thing, sorry your fandom's exploded :(

Hey!! Yeah, I’m doing fine!! Please don’t worry, these sorts of things happen sometimes and it gets very hard to address and handle all at once! I have made mistakes though, so please don’t feel like you have to defend all that I do, that’s not your responsibility, and I’ve been doing what I can to make sure things were addressed!

There was a piece of art of myself that was posted a while back that I put under a Read More and tagged nsfw because it was, and it was revealed later, after the artists’ bio was updated, that they were not of appropriate age, and that was a complete mistake on my part to make sure! I’ve always made a point to clarify, if people asked me, that if they were to do any nsfw art of me and submit it, that they should be of appropriate age to be doing so. My tumblr started as a personal blog and I thought tagging things appropriately would be enough, but this occurrence absolutely made me rethink how my blog was laid out and how much more consideration I needed to be putting into my blog and who was viewing it, so I made a public apology for it yesterday (in the #TSask) and decided to restructure my blog in order to make sure this never happens again. Posts I deemed too questionable, I have removed and if they ever go up again, they would be going up on a sideblog of some kind. I absolutely appreciate those who brought this up to me. I should have been the one to catch it, and I need to be far more vigilant about what I post from here on out!

There was also the post I responded to about why I felt it right to include asexuals and aromantics of any combination in the community. I’ve been having many really awesome and respectful conversations with people on both sides of this argument and its been really good, for me and I think for a lot of them, to gain understanding on where we’re both coming from. I am so grateful to those who came to me and got to discuss with me incredibly important things to remember and respect: the early struggles of the trans and gay community, the Stonewall Riots, the travesties and systemic oppression that still happen around the world today that need to be fought. We also got to discuss issues like arranged marriages that affect people on all areas of the spectrum. We talked about different demographics of the community and where they would like to stand or not stand. And the importance of limited resources made available to people of the community were discussed with me as well. I’ve been so absolutely grateful to those of you who came to me and are still coming to me to talk through these things, because I don’t claim to know everything, and many of the discussions were ended wonderfully respectfully. In the end, obviously, I have no, or maybe just really little, say in what defines the community. In what I say, I am absolutely making no attempt to prioritize people over another, because there are some extreme things that need to be fought. I can only be in control of myself and who I deem to be valid and who I would like to offer my support. I truly am trying to put myself in everyone’s shoes and see where they’re coming from. And I am so grateful so many of you came to me so respectfully to talk! That’s amazing! That, I think, is the most optimal form of discussion for people on both sides. I don’t like seeing anyone on either side attacking each other, and it’s so devastating to see so much of it. 

I truly hope this helps bring clarity for those of you who were confused or looking for an update! The internet can be a confusing place and the truth can be mangled, but I am doing everything I can to make sure I amend for any bad decisions and hear you all out as best as I can. I’m only human, and I truly do care about you and where you’re all coming from, so I hope you can all bear with me! 

ok so my main problem with stim toys becoming more mainstream with neurotypicals and/or allistics is that the same people who are buying fidget cubes and spinners are the ones who make fun of us autistics for getting “"too excited”“ about them, or judge us for flapping or tell us to ‘calm down’ and use 'inside voices’

Vs. Aether Admin Lillie! 

After my last post, I actually wanted to draw in Sugimori’s style and this was the result!!! She’s from an AU in which Nebby does succeed in escaping Aether but Lillie does not.

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Gentlest? -> Joshua
“He really has an image of a gentleman, a good kid” (Jeonghan)
The person himself commented, “Since a long time ago, I don’t really get upset towards others”
The runner-up is Jun. 
“He’s nice to the younger members, he never forgets to be considerate no matter when” (Seungkwan)

The most spontaneous? -> Jun
“I think all the members will have the same answer (laughs)” (Hoshi)
“Even though no one else is laughing he’d start laughing all on his own, it’s cute” (The8)
The runner-up is Vernon.
“He’s like an alien that’s beyond the comprehension of us Earthlings” (S.Coups)
“Jun and Vernon both have a different dimension’s way of thinking!!” (Seungkwan)

scan cr.

I haven’t seen one of these yet so I decided to make one!! Feel free to use! Please don’t reblog if you’re a cg/l or dd/lg blog