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An Easy Guide To Understanding Why white Girls With Braids =/= Black Girls With Straight Hair or Weaves

1. Weaves aren’t exclusively a Black girl thing (white girls wear weaves, too- SHOCKER).

2. white girls do not have societal expectations to braid their hair. Black girls DO have societal expectations to straighten their hair.

3. white girls are not punished when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ hairstyles. Black girls ARE often punished (kicked out of school, fired and/or not even hired for certain jobs AT ALL, etc) when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ and/or natural hairstyles.

4. white girls are taught from an early age that they are inherently beautiful, that ‘it’s just hair,’ and that they can do whatever they want with it. Black girls are taught from an early age that their skin and natural hair texture makes them inherently ugly, that long, straight hair will improve their lot in life (from jobs to relationships- it’s certainly not ‘just hair’), and that they must adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards like long, straight hair to be seen as beautiful. When we attempt to ‘do whatever we want’ with it we are often met with insults and derision like, ‘When are you going to do something with that hair?’ (See: BLUE IVY CARTER) The closest white girls come to this are curly-haired girls being told to straighten their hair or control their ‘frizz;’ but even then, their white skin still grants them the privilege of meeting the standard of beauty.



Cultural Appropriation

What it is: Making a mockery of another culture by wearing innacurate or stereotypical garments, or wearing something culturally significant that needs to be ‘earned’ or is awarded.

What it is not: Learning another language, eating food from a different region of the world, taking part in the customs and traditions of another country, wearing clothes typically worn by a different culture, having a hairstyle that originated somewhere else globally, taking part in current pop culture including slang and music/dance trends.

so there’s plushies of previous tales of characters that you can put on their heads, and they’re pretty logically named!

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i'm sometimes confused by cultural appropriation

like where is the line drawn? i have a dream catcher, i listen to hip hop and rap, my mom gave me and my brother bindis when we were younger and shit like that. (I try to stay informed tho n i don’t wear bindis) like what’s get me the most tho is that i love a bunch of native art styles and actively try to mimic them in my work and i always feel awkward and guilty about it, afraid that someone is going to call me out for cultural appropriation. where is the line drawn between appropriation and appreciation for a culture? like (low-key bad example coming up) it’s not considered appropriation to wear burqas in saudi arabia or to cover up in a muslim country, its considered good sense. like is it bad if i cook indian or ethiopian food? is appropriation if you’re misinformed or always if you’re taking parts of a culture you’re not originally from? I’d really like to know and have a discussion because rn, living in sweden and going to a mostly white school, i’m living kind of a sheltered life and don’t know who to ask.

I was thinking about something that happened to me as a child that acts as a pretty apt metaphor for the appropriation of latinx culture.

I’m a little white patty, but when I was a little kid I made friends with a super socially awkward latina kid. She was incredibly kind but came on strong so people avoided her, lucky me I came on strong too so we fit together like puzzle pieces. she brought me over to meet her family a lot and they were beyond kind to me ( her oldest brother said I was being paid back for the kindness I show )

They invited me to all kinds of celebrations and cook outs, there was one I can’t remember the name of and some of the details were foggy but it was supposed to strengthen the community. It was like a big block party, everyone’s houses were decked out and there were bbqs and music and bubbles and chalk for us kids and almost no cars were passing in the street so we could play all we wanted.

When I got there I saw kids and people freely going in and out of each others houses ( especially the one kid on the block who had a pool ) and when we got settled at my friends house her youngest brother ( still older than us he was like 15 ) explained that for a certain time everyone kept their doors unlocked and you could come and go freely as you wished ( you didn’t have to participate and you could lock your door )

The one big rule was you had to knock first even if the door was open, and if you were asked to leave you respected that and left. Usually once we entered a home we were met with hugs and smiles and hellos and cookies. Nobody even blinked at my friend carting a confused gringa around and some mothers even snuck me extra sweets and told me they were glad to see me.

My point being, Latinx people are so often willing to share their culture, just fucking knock. don’t barge in like a dick

Can the black men of tumblr explain something for me?

Why when black girls get weaves/lace fronts, wears acrylic nails, has naturally big hips/lips/asses, you all roll your eyes at us and call us ghetto or say that we need to embrace our “natural beauty” and stay away from makeup and such. But when these white celebs and Instagram models go and BUY ass injections or booty plumping gels, go get lip injections or over line their lips waaaaay too much, and tan 10xs too dark and add heavy contour on top of that, when they buy the long acrylic nails and lace fronts (yes white girls are wearing lace fronts now and they’ve BEEN wearing extensions), why do black guys fawn over THEM so much for doing the exact thing black girls (and Afro Latinas) have been doing?? Like black men try to clown Beyonce and Nicki Minaj for wearing blonde hair and bleaching their skin (which is complete bull shit btw) but when white girls or non black girls go and literally make themselves look JUST like light skinned/biracial black girls, yall fucking LOVE it! I don’t understand. Why not just get a black girl who was BORN looking like that. You obviously like that look, but not on a black girls…why? I really don’t get it. Why don’t yall talk shit about them being fake the way yall talk about us being fake even when yall know a lot of black girls where weaves as protective styles for their natural hair and blonde hair is NOT a white only trait, but yall fucking hate us for it nonetheless. Like what the fuck did we to yall to be hated so much lol

in other news today, the 10-year-old girls i work with tried to set me up with a cute stranger that dropped by. apparently his name is either Joe or Bo or the person they asked, a relation of his, just said “no,” lol. there was a brief moment where he was /not/ dating material because one of the girls thought he was wearing sandals with pants, which she says is “lazy.” but it’s fine cause he was wearing steel toed boots (don’t ask me how you mix the two up). when asked if i would date him, i pointed out that i’d said maybe 10 words to him so no. they decided that’s fine, he’s cute and they will share him…