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‘don’t like your tilted stage / the role you made me play of the fool, no, i don’t like you’

‘don’t like your perfect crime / how you laugh when you lie / you said the gun was mine’

‘but i got smarter, i got harder in the nick of time / honey, i rose up from the dead, i do it all the time’

‘i’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined / i check it once, then i check it twice’

‘the world moves on, another day, another drama, drama / but not for me, not for me, all i think about is karma’

‘i’m sorry the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now.. why? cause she’s dead!’

‘ooh look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do’

i’m gonna say something that i don’t want to be spun as controversial so (disclaimer: i am so so appreciative of my time spent with taylor and i love her so much i’ll never be able to thank her enough) but we need to get over the narrative that meeting taylor is going to solve all of your life struggles..there’s not always a “she showed up just in time” moment and taylor swift shouldn’t be romanticized as a segway out of depression or other mental illness. the interactions you share with taylor can by all means inspire and bring light to situations, her hugs are so warm and soft, but i don’t want anyone thinking that meeting taylor swift is the one way ticket to happiness. although i am incredibly grateful and happy whenever i reflect on the sessions or use words she gave me to get through each day, i am still struggling and your own mental health is more important than relying on a ‘cure’ from taylor swift. take care of yourself, please, and when you do get a chance to hug her, cherish that moment in your heart and carry it with you in all your endeavors. but don’t think for a second that you’ll never find a glimmer of hope unless you meet taylor, because that narrative is misconstrued.

the art of skipping class.

listen. i don’t recommend skipping class. ever. i barely ever do it. i hadn’t even done it before college. but i get it. sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. here are some things you should think about before you skip, as well as some tips if you decided to rebel.

first things first : why do you want to skip class ? ask yourself this. find a decent answer. 

  • are you sick ? if so, are you so sick that you can’t get out of bed ? are you so sick you know you won’t be able to concentrate ? in those cases, stay home. otherwise, go to school. 
  • are you unable to get out of bed due to your blankets being too comfortable ? dude. go. this is not a good excuse.
  • are you behind on your homework ? do you have an essay to write ? an exam to study for ? i personally think that it’s a good reason. it’s almost always my excuse for skipping a class.
  • is the class boring ? NOT good enough. but can you get all the material from the power points or the textbook ? good enough. 

so you decided to skip class ? here’s what you should do. 

  • ask somebody for their notes. it’s simple. a friend, a stranger, who cares. finding notes is essential !
  • if the teacher provides power points, make sure you use it. i recommend recopying (by hand or on the computer) the slides and using it as a base. if you know the teacher reads the power points and doesn’t really add any info, that should pretty much be enough. 
  • make sure you do the assigned reading VERY seriously and use your reading notes to add onto your power point notes.
  • if there is additional reading, do it. even if you never do it. it’ll help, i promise. 
  • in the extreme cases where you can’t get someone’s notes, don’t have access to a power point/any other support and don’t have any readings, there are a few things you can do. if you know what that specific class was about, find some ressources online. if there is nothing on the subject well good luck friend !

the art of skipping class, simplified. 

  • don’t skip class if there is an exam/assignment the following week.
  • don’t skip class if you are graded on participation, even if it’s only 1% ! every percent counts !!
  • don’t skip class just because your friends are skipping. you are your own person. be responsable.
  • don’t skip class to piss your parents off.
  • do skip class if you truly feel terrible. don’t force yourself too much.
  • do skip class if you’re very familiar with the topic. in college, you will often learn the same things in different classes. if you already know the subject, skip. 
  • choose your battles : don’t skip just because the teacher is boring but do skip if the teacher reads his power points. don’t skip classes with no visual/textual support but do skip the ones where the teacher provides summaries of the lecture.
  • try not to skip two lectures in a row and even more importantly, don’t skip more than 25% of the lectures. your grades WILL suffer. 
BTS Reaction to another member walking in on you two "getting intimate"

Seokjin - Once Taehyung walked into the room, Jin’s face would instantly grow red and he’d trip over his own words as he tried to make the situation a little less awkward. After Taehyung left, he wouldn’t be in the mood anymore and would set off what you two were doing for another time.

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Yoongi - He’d simply stare into the eyes of Jungkook and say “You have three seconds to get the fuck out.“

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Hoseok - He’d quickly stand up, not even bothering to cover himself, and push Yoongi out of the room with a flushed face, then have his walk of shame back to you, where you couldn’t help but laugh at his embarrassment.

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Namjoon - “Care to join?” He’d tease as he raised his eyebrows at Jimin, whose cheeks immediately went pink at your boyfriend’s words. In all seriousness, Namjoon would shove his dongsaeng out of the room and kick his ass later on for walking in on you two.

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Jimin - This shy boy would try and lie to his hyung as he covered up your body with a sheet. “I was just… helping Y/N… out of their clothes,” He’d mumble as his eyes wandered away from Seokjin’s gaze.

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Taehyung - He’d instantly panic and rush over to the door, pushing Hoseok out of the room, then he’d lock the door quickly and approach you, preparing to remind you how you are his and only his.

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Jungkook - When Namjoon walked into the room, he’d pull the covers over you both and tell you to pretend to be asleep until his hyung left. “Maybe he won’t see us while we’re under here.”

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An Easy Guide To Understanding Why white Girls With Braids =/= Black Girls With Straight Hair or Weaves

1. Weaves aren’t exclusively a Black girl thing (white girls wear weaves, too- SHOCKER).

2. white girls do not have societal expectations to braid their hair. Black girls DO have societal expectations to straighten their hair.

3. white girls are not punished when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ hairstyles. Black girls ARE often punished (kicked out of school, fired and/or not even hired for certain jobs AT ALL, etc) when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ and/or natural hairstyles.

4. white girls are taught from an early age that they are inherently beautiful, that ‘it’s just hair,’ and that they can do whatever they want with it. Black girls are taught from an early age that their skin and natural hair texture makes them inherently ugly, that long, straight hair will improve their lot in life (from jobs to relationships- it’s certainly not ‘just hair’), and that they must adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards like long, straight hair to be seen as beautiful. When we attempt to ‘do whatever we want’ with it we are often met with insults and derision like, ‘When are you going to do something with that hair?’ (See: BLUE IVY CARTER) The closest white girls come to this are curly-haired girls being told to straighten their hair or control their ‘frizz;’ but even then, their white skin still grants them the privilege of meeting the standard of beauty.




Since today’s clip was pretty difficult to process (at least for me); here are equal amounts girl squad and Evak + text posts (with some kollektivet thrown into the mix as well) to distract us from the heartbreak <3

Why do people think phone calls are still appropriate in 2017. Just text so I can ignore you and think about my response so I don’t say something dumb

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: hawaii was stolen from my ancestors when our queen was held captive in her own home by white americans. we were banned from our own culture, because it was seen as "blasphemy." our country is now a tourist attraction, our luaus something for white people to gawk at. our culture has been bastardized. white people can buy cheap leis and decorations at the dollar store and call it a luau. white people can move to hawaii and call themselves hawaiian, and will fight you to the death if you say they aren't (they're white they'll always be white they'll always be the ones who stole our country). im hurt and upset and its been so long but i just want my country back.
Tony’s Story Arc Is A Phoenix

I originally wanted to do this as a continuation of this post, but I ended up doing it in a non-comic format, which made things way too long to be an add-on post to an already pretty long post. I’ll just put the first five panels freely and then put the rest under Read More.

** The Following texts appropriated from the above post, was originally written by @asexualtonystark 

Howard died, and left him with a legacy 

Tony had no choice but to preserve

And yet Tony made the Stark Industries 

Far more successful than Howard ever could

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So you just met a spirit from a closed culture/religion/practice. Now what?

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Haha, no seriously. Put it back. 

I’m looking especially at other white witches here who think it’s okay to work with Native American spirits. 

This just in: if you are not Native (specifically Ojibwe, Salteaux, Cree, Naskapi, Innu or I think Cherokee) a wendigo WILL kill you. Don’t work with wendigos if you are not Native!!! This isn’t Supernatural!!

No but seriously, sometimes spirit workers can and do run into spirits from closed traditions, and if you’re not interested in cultural appropriation, it can be intimidating figuring out what to do. 

1. Ask it what it needs. Sometimes a spirit from a closed culture will get lost or mixed up. So if you run into one, ask what it wants/needs. Sometimes it’s just an accident that they showed themselves to you. If it’s lost, tell it where it can find the nearest place that belongs to said culture or religion. 

2. DO NOT FORCE IT TO DO ANYTHING. Spirits can trick you, and vice versa. I’ve seen people take some really roundabout ways of working with spirits to justify working with spirits from closed practices. And in some cases, people will try and trick these spirits into working with them, even as far as binding memories to get them to work for you. Even if it’s friendly, leave it be. 

3. Nine times out of ten, a spirit from a closed practice will outright refuse to work with/for you if you are not part of that culture. Spirits from closed practices can range anywhere from amiable but hesitant to outright aggressive and hateful when it comes to outsiders. (Especially white people!) I’ve even heard that people of mixed heritage can have trouble with spirits from closed cultures because not every spirit sees them as “enough” of that heritage. For those of you with mixed heritage, I will leave this 100% up to you. Not like, “I’m 1/36 Cherokee!” but like, you know your history and try to be involved with it because it has near family history. It’s up to your own comfort levels, not me (as a white person) to decide.

Basically, leave them be. There are TONS of spirits out there from open cultures and practices that are really fun to work with. Leave the few who belong to cultures that have gone through near cultural genocide to the people of that culture/practice. It’s like taking a handicapped parking space. It’s shitty and entitled. There are so many other parking spaces you can park in, but you really really wanted THAT ONE that is specifically marked for elderly/pregnant/disabled people. Don’t do it!!!

There are very rare cases where a person not of said practice may come across a spirit from a closed practice and need to work with them. For example, I recently rescued a number of spirits from closed cultures from a spirit collector. I’m helping heal these spirits and finding them places/witches from their own heritage to work with. (I mostly let my nonhuman healers and healers with heritage from said culture help them, however.) If you find yourself in some sort of situation where there is a spirit from a closed practice that you need to deal with in some way, (again, 9/10 just leave it be!!) make SURE that you do your research on the culture. 

Be respectful. Read up on history and heritage and culture of that spirit. Donate if you can to heritage preservation societies or religious temples or closed practices. 

And once again, DO NOT WORK WITH SPIRITS FROM CLOSED PRACTICES. If you find one, leave it be. I can guarantee that you will incur more favor by saying “hey you’re nice but I’m not comfortable working with you given our respective histories” than working with a spirit from a closed practice. Guarantee. 

Don’t culturally appropriate.


our  l a s t  n a m e s  on a wooden sign
arm in arm where the  r i v e r  starts to  w i n d .

i know john paul jones wrote black dog with the intention that it be a song that people cannot dance to but god dammit it goes too hard not to at least try

so there’s plushies of previous tales of characters that you can put on their heads, and they’re pretty logically named!

lloyd is mini-lloyd

(flavor text: lloyd at your side. for those who think two swords are twice as good as one.)

ludger is mini-ludger

(ludger at your side. for those who know what his special dish is.)

and yuri is danger jr

(danger jr at your side. for those who have already made their choices.)