Look SugarBaby Chic without Breaking Your Bank Account

So I’ve come across a lot of questions in the past on how to look good without compromising your bank balance. Sugaring is competitive, and as much as we love our sugar sisters… We’re all in the same bowl. There’s sugar babies who are stunting in red bottoms flaunting Rolex arm candy, and there’s sugar babies running around in denim and tops. (Totally not looking down on either.) We often forget that men are visual creatures, and most of them are attracted to a woman that knows how to dress well. If you want to be a rich man’s choicest arm candy, then you best start dressing the part. You can’t expect to have the Ritz Carlton experience with a Holiday Inn & Suites package. Money attracts money. Starting out not many of us have designer this and designer that. I certainly didn’t own anything designer starting out. Other than a few presents from family & vanilla men. So here’s how I started out… Firstly I got myself a vanilla job. Retail is great for this, plus one for those employee perks! I worked a few months to save some money for a decent wardrobe. I shopped at places like: Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshals, Nordstrom Rack, Plato’s Closet, Amiclubwear, HotMiamiStyles & Tradesy. This allowed me to purchase new, previously loved, and discounted clothing at a fraction of the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price). I purchased dresses, ankle pants, chiffon tops, blazers, accessories, & lingerie (new of course). The key is to avoid anything flashy for instance a black top with Boss B#%* or something like that written on it. The key is to dress professional, chic, & keep versatility in mind. When I say versatile, I mean a blazer that can be professional with a collared shirt but still look chill with a pink chiffon top when you roll up the sleeves. As a sugar baby you’ll be exposed to things women your age aren’t. Things like flying private or taking weekend/ day trips with your SD for pleasure or work. Each and every occasion needs to have an appropriate outfit. Think of all the scenarios you could possibly be in and purchase outfits accordingly. A sugar baby can never be over dressed. These men are willing to pay top dollar for women out there. Your first few sugar daddies are like your foundation pillars. Make sure you sift the salt daddies away! The first few ones need to be taking you shopping for items you cannot buy without breaking your bank account. For example, it’s Cocoa Cathy’s 22nd birthday, and her daddy asks her what she wants. Cocoa Cathy should be saying, “Well Daddy, for my birthday I’d like my allowance as usual, but I would absolutely love it if you’d be able to get me a handbag I’ve been eyeing for quite a while!” If Daddy is pure sugar he will say, “I’d be more than happy to buy you that handbag! Look it up & I’ll forward you my card details.” This is sugar! Cocoa Cathy knows that this daddy just went through a brutal divorce so she knows not to ask for a Celine. She instead opts for two handbags from the $800-1K range. She lets Daddy pick which one would look better, and of course daddy goes for the expensive one. This shows how much Daddy enjoys Cocoa Cathy’s company, and he knows that Cocoa Cathy has sophisticated taste. (just an example) You should utilize your allowance to purchase staple sugar clothing items like palazzo pants or cardigans. There’s no need for a sugar baby to be a brand ambassador wearing 20 different designer labels. Often, this gives your sugar daddy the vibe that you already have it all. Be smart when purchasing your initial sugar wardrobe. You don’t have to break your bank account doing so. We all know we’re sugaring to one day run into a Whale Daddy, but until then those 2-3K/ month daddies aren’t bad! Also make sure you still have personality! Your wardrobe can only sell you so much! Your personality really signs seals and delivers your arrangement. For my new babies, please do not wear your heart on your wrist. These men are brutal and will try to talk down to you. They will try to make you feel like you’re not worth that 2-3K allowance. That’s a huge red flag for you to move on! Never compromise your allowance range.

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Hi there!!~ Today's my birthday and that just gives me the question: How would the UT/UF/US/SF bros surprise S/O for their birthday?? :)



He forgot.

The entire day, you think that you’ve got some kind of big date planned, but all he does is take you to the movies and casually falls asleep with his head resting on your shoulder and your fingers entwined.  He doesn’t mention your birthday, and it’s a shame.. because you got dressed up.  You’ve known that he was super laid-back and never really made a big deal about anything, but you also expected him to not forget something like this.  Even if he had just wished you a happy birthday, it would have been nice.

Or if he had even stayed awake during the movie.

You’re frustrated, but you’re still holding onto hope that he’s going to remember.  You start casually dropping hints about cake, but he just makes a few jokes that normally draw a laugh from you, but this time, just leave you irritated.  By the time you get back to his house, you’re hurt.

… And then, when you open the door, all of your friends pop out and Papyrus and Undyne are collectively holding the biggest cake you’ve ever seen.  You start to tear up and turn toward Sans, who shrugs and winks at you.  "what?  you didn’t think i was really going to forget something like your birthday, right?  give me a little cred here, kiddo.“  He chuckles and slips an arm around your waist, pressing his teeth to your cheek.  He’s pulled out all the stops; all your favorite foods are there, your favorite music is playing, and your favorite people have gathered.  A bulk of the presents are also from him, and they’re all things that you’ve never out-right verbalized that you’ve wanted; he pays attention to the little details when he’s out with you.

After everyone’s gone, he’s going to fall asleep with you in his arms.



Sans always makes a huge deal about Papyrus’s birthday, so it’s only natural that he should want to do the same for yours!  Papyrus has spent weeks learning how to bake a cake just for you (it’s still going to taste questionable, and the crunchy bits are eggshells, but he tried really hard, so if you could stomach a piece that’d be great), but before you get to taste it, he wants to take you to all your favorite date spots.  That restaurant you love going to?  You’re there.  Have you ever mentioned roller skating before?  Well, he’s game to try it.  The entire day is devoted to making you happy, and he’s so active that it’s going to be difficult keeping up with him.  

He keeps assuring you that "THIS IS THE GREATEST DATE BECAUSE IT’S ON THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH!  WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE APPROPRIATELY TO MARK SUCH A MONUMENTAL OCCASION!”  Whatever you suggest, he’s all over with a passion.  He’s going to sing to you when you go back to his house, and he’s especially excited over your wish, but “BUT DON’T ME WHAT IT WAS OR IT WON’T COME TRUE!  BUT I HOPE THAT.. THAT I’LL BE ABLE TO GRANT IT FOR YOU!”

His gift is a hand-made scarf to match his in your favorite color.

Feel free to spend the night cuddled up to him in his race car bed because that’s frankly the best way to end any birthday celebration.


You wake up to a selfie of Red shirtless and halfway covered up by his crimson bed sheets, a devious smirk on his face.  The body of the message reads:  "happy birthday, sweetheart.“

It’s going to be a good day.

He’s bought you a cake, sure, but he’s also gotten his hands on quite a few chocolate-covered strawberries–because he heard they were sensual.  He wants to hand-feed you the strawberries, and the intensity of his eyelights on your face as you eat them incites a blush that he finds adorable.  The day is going to be spent in his house, either on the couch or in his room, though if you insist on going out, he’ll end up complying.  He’d prefer to just stay inside and keep you to himself, however.  He wants you wrapped up in his arms, and yeah, he’s going to be a little handsy.  

For your present, he’s gotten you a bracelet.  It’s simple, with a little skull-and-crossbones charm hanging from it, but the idea of you wearing something that makes you think of him every time you look down at your arm makes him really pleased.  

Red sings happy birthday to you, and with all the lights out and the flickering candles on the cake dancing across his features, you feel like it’s the best part of the night.  His voice is deep and rough, but he’s got a surprisingly good singing voice, and with his arms around your waist and his mouth close to your ear, it’s enough to make you melt.  



You’d better dress up for this one.  Papyrus is taking you to the fanciest restaurant (how in the world did he ever get reservations?  You decide not to question this one), and afterward, you’re going dancing with him. A little known fact about Edgy is that he’s a fantastic dancer, and even if you’re not, it doesn’t matter when he leads you through the steps so expertly.  His usual scowl even softens a little when he dips you back, and by the time you’re finished dancing, he’s smirking at you triumphantly.  "ARE YOU HAVING THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE YET?“  

Back home, his gift is going to be a stylish leather jacket that somehow fits you perfectly.  You’re pretty sure he added a few studs to it himself to make it look a little edgier, but it only makes you appreciate the gift more.  He tried to bake you a cake, but it turned into an oozing, gloopy mess, so he disposed of it and was forced to buy you one from the store.  He mumbled the happy birthday song under his breath while avoiding eye contact and then urges you to "USE YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A WISH WISELY!  ..AND THEN TELL ME WHAT YOU WISHED FOR!”  


Blueberry wakes you up at your house– even if he doesn’t have a key or didn’t stay the night, he’s there.  He pounces on your bed and straddles you so he can lean down in your face.  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I WANTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO TELL YOU!“

..He says this despite the fact that he called you last night/this morning at precisely midnight and sang happy birthday to you.

The day is spent much like the one with UT!Papyrus; he takes you wherever you want to go, only dinner’s at his place.  He’s cooked tacos (with heaps of glitter) and baked a lop-sided cake.  Both of these creations aren’t going to be pleasant, but he’s so excited for you to try it that you can’t refuse.  He’s going to get Stretch downstairs to help him sing happy birthday to you, and then the three of you can watch movies on the couch while Blueberry cuddles into your side.  

Ultimately, you fall asleep on the couch with him gathered in your arms and your turned with you back resting against Stretch’s shoulder.  

For a gift, Sans got you a rather large plushie because he wants you to sleep with something that reminds you of him when he’s not sleeping over in your bed or vice-versa.    


Stretch had a cake made for you at Muffet’s, and while he’d rather spend the day just chilling and watching TV on the couch with you, he’s going to make an effort to make the day special.

That means you get a picnic in the park.  

Stretch is actually a decent cook, though he’s whipped up a few different sandwiches and snacks to bring.  He’s scouted out the best place in the park to roll out a blanket, and after your lunch, he’s going to just pull you back to rest your head against his chest and enjoy staring up at the clouds rolling by.  

When you’re finished with that, he takes you to a bar that’s got a live band playing that’s just your kind of music.  Whether or not you drink, you still end up seated in the back, listening to the band while being tucked beneath Papyrus’s arm.  If he’s had a few drinks, you’ll be able to coax him into dancing, but otherwise, he’s just going to tap his foot along with the beat.  

Afterward, he gives you a gift pertaining to your biggest interest.  If you’re an artist, you get a sketchpad or new watercolors/colored pencils.  If writing/reading is more your thing, you get a book you’ve been lowkey wanting.  If you happen to collect glass figurines of crying clowns, well he has a whole shitload of those in a box just for you.  Papyrus is way more perceptive than others give him credit for.

He sings to you, his voice low and mellow, standing behind you with his hands resting on your waist and his face right beside yours.  



That means.. you’re going to a theme park!

Did I mention Sans’s brother is coming, too?  Yeah, Papy’s coming because there’s no way in hell that Sans is going to stand in all of those lines, so he wants some back-up intimidating the crowds of humans.  Two skeletons that look as rough and sharp-edged as they do happen to be the ticket to the front of the line, and no one dares to say anything.  At this point, you’re used to receiving some dirty stares from things Sans may say/do, so you’re not even phased.  The three of you ride everything–twice–and on your way back home, Sans pulls over to eat at a nice restaurant.  Papyrus takes a shortcut home.

Since Blackberry failed miserably when he attempted to make you a cake, he relies on the free dessert your waitress brings out when he tells her it’s your birthday.  Embarrassingly enough, a giant group of the staff comes out to sing you happy birthday, and Sans jumps on the opportunity to mouth the words of the song along with them.  Yeah, he doesn’t sing; his face is flushed with the mere thought of it.  

After dinner, he drives you back to his house, where he gives you a collar like Papyrus’s as a gift.  Then, he spends the rest of the night clung to you, repeatedly asking you if you had a memorable birthday and then DEMANDING to know what you wished for when you blew out your candles.  


Papyrus doesn’t want to really go anywhere for your birthday; he’d much rather spend it at your house.  So, he brings over a cake he bought, candles, a gift, a stack of movies, and sets everything up while you’re still asleep.  When you wake up, he’s napping next to you on your bed, his arm lazily thrown across your waist.

"happy birthday, sweetie,” he mumbles when you wake up, pulling you against his chest and nuzzling his face into your neck.  He takes his time getting out of bed with you–and hey, if you decide to grab a quick shower, he’s going to ask if you want company with a sharp smirk.  Once you’re ready to start the party, he’s going to order a pizza and spend the day watching movies with you in bed/on the couch.  If you’ve ever wondered what a massage would feel like with skeleton hands, well you’re in luck because you’re about to find out!  He pampers you, and when it comes time for the gift, it turns out that he’s gotten you something pertaining to your hobbies as well as a simple necklace–with a heart the color of your SOUL.  After all, that’s the part he always finds the most beautiful of all when it comes to you.

He sings you happy birthday in a low, smooth baritone, his fingertips trailing along the skin of your lower back, just beneath the hem of your shirt.  When he’s done, he leans in until his fangs are close enough to skim your earlobe and says, “make a wish~.”

The great compassion of these great Bodhisattvas is strong and steadfast, extending to all beings. Throughout the universe they change their bodies to a golden color and carry out the deeds of Buddhas time and time again; adapting to the faculties, natures, and inclinations of sentient beings, with a universal tongue within one voice they manifest unlimited sounds, teaching as appropriate to the occasion, bringing joy to all. Even if there were countless beings in innumerable conditions, all in the same assembly, that assembly so vast it fills untold worlds, and each had innumerable mouths each capable of producing billions of sounds, and each should ask the Bodhisattvas different questions all at once, the Bodhisattvas would be able to take on all the questions instantly and reply to them and cause their doubts to be removed. As this is true of one assembly of Great Bodhisattvas, so it is also of countless assemblies.

Avatamsaka Sutra - Flower Ornament Scripture - 469

Note on the image: Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig Mandala ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པདྨེ་ཧཱུྃ

‘Kiss’ by Gassada, 2014

Tony sometimes wonders how the things they fight get weirder every time the Avengers assemble. Overall, the winged monsters of the week do not even rank top five. They are easy enough to kill while he flies through them and blasts. That is until one of the suckers grabs Steve by the cowl.

Tony doesn’t know how it happens (Jarvis will later inform him that his heart rate spiked and he went straight through a wall) but suddenly he’s down there and Clint’s cursing into his ears.

“Oh my god, my EYES! Stark, think of the people with super vision. I do not need to see you feeling up our dearest leader.”

He feels Steve smile against his lips though, and he turns the thing coming up behind him to sludge without letting go.


This is so old, but appropriate for the occasion of Civil War. And I’ve only posted the main characters before. So here you go with the full picture. Make love not war.

Gottbleed Fic: Meeting in the Dark

Title: Meeting in the Dark 

Summary: Newt expects monsters in the haunted house, not some (potentially) hot dude who ruins his shirt 

Words: 1,548

Rating: Teen and Up

Warnings: Blood (as expected with this week!) 

Pairing: Newt/Hermann 

Characters: Newt, Hermann, Tendo mentioned, OC mentioned 

Where can I read it? Below the cut (and I’ll edit this with an AO3 link at the end of the week) 

A/N: Right! So I’m ambitious. IT’S GOTTBLEED WEEK. Hell yeah. Which means that this fic is Hermann + blood. Obviously. BUT. I also like fulfilling OTP prompts (see above) and it’s October, so….

The idea is to write one mini fic every day this week, each of which fits into the Gottbleed theme, each of which fulfills a prompt, specifically a prompt for HALLOWEEN (ooooo spooky). 

We’ll see how much I actually write lol 



“Yo, Tendo? Not cool, dude… not cool at all…”

Newt took two steps into the darkened corridor, thought better of it, turned, noted the slime on the walls from where he’d come (when had that happened…?) and faced the corridor again. He made a pained sound in the back of his throat, hopping from foot to foot.

“Tendooooo,” he moaned.

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tonguedepression  asked:

Imagine Bucky learning how to take care of himself and how to be kind to himself after being treated so cruelly, and being totally dependent on HYDRA. Imagine Bucky getting really into self-care/self-pampering and taking long sparkly baths, keeping his hair long but well kempt.

In the early days, Steve kept a list of things he saw that made Bucky happy. Sam and Natasha put in their own observations, from time to time. It’s been a while now since Bucky has really needed the external prompting, but he still has their old notebook; on bad days, when caring for himself becomes too exhausting, he can flick through the pages and let their helpful instructions do it for him for a while.

There are several pages that he visits a lot, after nightmares or on days when a trigger catches him off-guard:

  • Baths. Make the water nice and hot; the bath salts in the vanity cupboard are there for you. You can soak for as long as you want.
  • Hair combing. Natasha is always happy to do this for you if she is around. (In addition, we recommend doing it for yourself at least once a day.)
  • Hot chocolate. Yes, you can help yourself to Sam’s marshmallow stash. Just let him know when it’s empty so he can top up.
  • Naps. Sometimes your brain just needs a bit of time to reset - it’s not a waste of time! Recommended spots: the daybed out on the porch, the sunny spot under the window, Steve’s bed. Extra blankets are in the linen cupboard.
  • Music. Sam has put three new playlists on your iPod for you: ‘Music To Calm You Down’, ‘Music To Cheer You Up’, and ‘Troubleman On Repeat For Four Hours Straight’. The last one is multi-purpose and should be considered appropriate for all occasions.

On the final page of the notebook, there are no instructions - just three names, written in Bucky’s own hand. He visits that page most often of all.

This is a monumental day in my life.

The laundry baskets are empty, the washer and dryer are empty, and there are no piles of dirty or clean clothes on any floor of this house. This has actually never literally no exaggeration ever occurred in my life as a mother. Ever. For real.

(I just checked, and there are no appropriate emojis for this occasion.)

And all because I made a summer goal to never go to bed with piles of clean laundry and/or dirty dishes. I reward myself by listening to music on my earbuds while folding and washing. (Pause–I think a moment of silence is in order to acknowledge that my life is in a place where the act of listening to music for myself is a motivating reward. Thank you.)

Time to celebrate!


Hello! I just recently reached 1k followers, so I felt that making one of these would be appropriate for the occasion (´ω`) thank you so much to all of you little cuties who clicked the follow button on my blog! I appreciate each and every one of you - and I hope you are all well! This took way too long to make aaaaaaah

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