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When Sehun went from #saywhut to #nailedit in a matter of seconds




lots and lost of ‘about to kissus’  :^)  especially without his glasses to see them crystal eyes U_U

this is your daily reminder that Meredith had already sent out for the Right of Annulment and if it wasn’t for Anders’s actions, the mages of Kirkwall would simply have been wiped out without any chance to fight back

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   In a city filled with cold, harsh stone, one section offers stark contrast to the rest of the prison many called home. Filled with trees and foliage, it is beautiful in it’s nature and serenity. In a clearing on the edge of sector six, among all the trees, is a tall structures that do not belong. Mushrooms, hundred times their normal height, tower tall over all those who are brave enough to venture close. There are many of them, all of them meeting in a broken circle. The gap between two rather large mushrooms however isn’t a failed design or empty placeholder for more shrubbery, but an entranceway. A large wooden sign welcomes many others who freely walk into the fairy ring, embraced by the sounds of laughter, wonderful smells, and the colors of spring…

             Welcome to the Flower Festival

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-♦- Time to give some love to our Knights! -♦-

In June and July, we’ll celebrate each of the girls in turn  You can write fic, draw fanart, make graphics, write meta/essays, put together fanmixes or music or graphics or needlepoint or balloon animals. Anything to show some love! You can (and perhaps should!) prepare things ahead of time, but wait to post til the appropriate week.

Just use the tags #HikaruWeek, #UmiWeek, and #FuuWeek when you share it to Tumblr so everyone can see, and we’ll also reblog it here!

You don’t have to follow any sort of theme, but if you need inspiration there are prompts for each day!  Interpret however you like, or ignore entirely.

Monday: sunshine
Tuesday: darkness
Wednesday: strength
Thursday: family
Friday: colours
Saturday: love
Sunday: future

Drop any questions in the Ask. Hope to see you all in June!


Lena Luthor Appreciation Week: THANK YOU~

- Thank you to everyone for making this a successful and fun event! Thanks to all of the love for Lena, we had well over 300 submissions! Whether you contributed content once or everyday, or even just reblogged what you enjoyed, this couldn’t have been done without you. 💗

To close everything out, if you have a Twitter, don’t forget to help trend Lena Luthor is Back on April 24th. Refer to the post for the appropriate times.

Weekly Art Challenge #215 (April 11th-April 25th)

Hello artists!

We all know the saying, April showers bring May flowers! This week, create a rainy themed work in any style or medium. Think about the joy of Spring Showers- jumping in puddles, adorable raincoats, sounds of rain hitting surfaces, or even the smell of rain! All of these thoughts are wonderful tangent points for this challenge!

This is a two week challenge as the majority of you voted for more time so we will be keeping two-week challenges and try to post new challenges more regularly. I myself have not made a challenge in a very long time, so do enjoy :D

[The deadline for this challenge will be April 25th at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST]

For more information about the group and its submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask.Make sure to submit your piece using the ->submission<- page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ and ‘wac challenges’! We hope you’ll have fun and improve as an artist during this challenge <3


Person: What are you?

Me: Indian

Person: Ohhhh….Feather or Dot? 


Me: *Internally* Its 2015, you should know the difference between Native American and Indian. And if you don’t, then you should know that there is a better way to ask this question rather than demeaning both races down to two objects. Two objects that you happen to love to appropriate. “Feather and Dot” mean more to each respective culture, and are not a means of classification for our individual ethnicity. 

Spoon Theory & “Appropriation”

So since Tumblr decided to drop this the first time that I posted it, here’s a briefer version of this:

I’ve been seeing it go ‘round the internets that ‘using the spoon theory when you are not disabled is appropriation.’

Lemme be the first person to say that a) that is not a universally-held view in the spoonie community b) we don’t have any universally-held views, c) I actually think that view is actively harmful and d) I’m not interested in arguing about it, just please stop saying “this is so.”

This is not so. You are not the gatekeeper to who can or cannot use a word. Unless you are the writer of the original spoon theory essay, you cannot say who can and cannot use that phrase.

Now, on to why I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

1) As neologisms become more common, they become more useful. If an able-bodied friend says “I’m running low on people spoons, can we skip the next thing?” I say “sweet, yes, I was feeling the same thing, let’s go home and watch TV.” Those able-bodied people are speaking my language, and they understand what I mean when I say spoons, and that’s because they’ve taken the time to figure out what that phrase means and how it works and how to use it. HOO-FUCKING-RAY.

2) Using “appropriation” in relation to a word that is younger than my middle dog is, uh, not good, y’all. Appropriation is for white people wearing dreadlocks and girls at Coachella wearing bindis and fucking Chief Illiniwek and the Redskins. Appropriation is for Whole Foods putting peanuts in collard greens and white girls with no training or appreciation painting their hands with random hearts and flowers in henna and buying cheap-ass turquoise jewelry made in China rather than getting it from Native artists. 

Spoonie culture is a baby culture. (Note: this does not apply to all disabled culture, for example D/deaf culture is pretty long-lived.) We should maybe just chill the fuck out before we start yelling appropriation! because yes our problems are many but people using spoon theory to describe how tired they are is not one of them. 

3) AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: By saying “able-bodied people should not use this,” you are setting yourself and other visibly or openly disabled persons as gatekeepers for the use of this term. You are saying: “you better be out about your disability or you can’t use it, because we’re gonna drag you/call you out about it.”

No one - not you, not me, not anybody else - gets to check anybody’s Cripple Card ™, unless it’s the police literally checking to see if I have my wallet card for my disability placard with me. No one does. No one gets to say “nah, you’ve only got anxiety, you’re not disabled enough.” No one gets to say “you have to disclose your disability or you do not get to use this term.”

Because that’s basically what the upshot of this is: unless you are openly out as disabled, you will not be able to use this term without fear of repercussion – and this site especially is fucking heartlessly beastly sometimes. We eat our own, especially in this baby community of spoonies where we should take best care of each other. 

So, tl;dr: please stop saying ‘this is appropriative’ like we had some spoonie meeting and decided on it, because we didn’t; use of a term makes it more accessible; appropriation as a term doesn’t actually belong to us, we should kinda stay in our lanes here; and please think through what it means when you say ‘no one able-bodied should use this.’ It means you’re saying you feel like you get to determine who can use a term, therefore who is disabled enough, therefore you’re gonna be checking Cripple Cards™ at the door.

No you’re not. 

(Yes, I realize some disabled persons feel Cripple is a slur. I use it as a word of pride. I will not star it out. If it offends you, I’m sorry for the hurt that causes you, but I will not stop using it.)