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Imagine if Lydia finally confessed her feelings to stiles and he's like "I've had a crush on you since 3rd grade and you've never even cared yet when I finally find someone who cares about me and I love and makes me happy, you decide to care!" And Lydia's like "you love her?" And it sort of hits him as to what he's said and then he's like "yes...I love Malia." And quickly walks off to go find Malia and tell her.

That.. would be the dream. I think one directions song “taken” is very appropriate to this situation!

“Ohhhh Hansa~!” Hansa jumped at the sing songy voice before he shuddered. That voice was not good news. He sighed and turned around to face Daisy.

“Hansa, since you’re done washing my dishes I need you to come help me organize some books. Oh! And, I suppose you can put your clothes back on~ Thanks sweet cheeks!” Daisy sang, giving his butt a good squeeze before she dashed off again. Hansa was already flushed a bright yellow but he was relieved when she had said he could put some clothes back on. Washing dishes in nothing but an apron while Daisy darted in and out to touch his ass was…uncomfortable….to say the least. 

After dressing in the butler outfit Daisy had given him (WHY did she have this? Wait…on second thought….he didn’t want to know.) Hansa found Daisy in her room. 

“What was it you wanted me to organize for you?” He asked, a bit wearily. Daisy jumped up and clapped her hands together, a devious smirk and mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Hansa! Excellent! I’d just love it if you could organize this bookshelf for me!” She gestured to a cluttered, jam-packed bookshelf. Hansa gulped and his eyes widened in fear when he saw just what exactly she wanted organized. Because this book shelf was packed full of every naughty, X-rated, obscene sex magazine and book Daisy could get her tentacles on. Not only that, it was so disorganized Hansa was afraid of what ELSE he might find in there.

“Have fun~!” Daisy said cheerily, brushing close to Hansa before she stopped. In a lower, huskier voice she whispered, “Oh, and, don’t be afraid to tell me if you see anything in there you’d like to try, big boy~” She punctuated her sentence by giving a firm squeeze to Hansa’s groin. Hansa squealed in embarrassment and jumped away, trying to shield himself from her. Daisy just laughed heartily and left the room. Dear Cod, she’s absolutely merciless! Hansa thought to himself, refusing to let down his guard until he knew that she wasn’t just waiting to surprise him. When he was satisfied that she wasn’t waiting for him to turn around so she could pounce on him, Hansa heaved a huge sigh and gave a nervous glance to the bookshelf. He gulped.

“L-let’s just get this over with…” He muttered as he began to sort through the mess.

OOC: AYYYYYYY here u go. prooooobably shouldn’t post this since it’s a touch nsfw ;p but here’s Hansa organizing Daisy’s porn collection lol. I know you didnt ask for a fic but while i was drawing i couldn’t stop thinking about how everything would go so….yeah….fic lol

AAhhahA! I don’t think this is inn appropriate here. Hahah! Oh gosh Daisy give poor guy a break. X’D