appropriate for her omg

Tumblr: omg Iggy Azalea sucks she appropriates culture omg her problematic past
Iggy: *has apologized plenty of times and matured throughout time*
Tumblr: omg who cares shes a privileged white gurl111!!!
Nicki Minaj: *has history of homophobia and shaming naturally black haired women and far more problematic stuff and also bailed her rapist pedophile brother from jail and had nazi propaganda in music videos*
Tumblr: 0MG Blacqq feminsit shes a POC so she gets a pass!!!!! ;P stay in sk00l b0rbz!!!!

Its like Tumblr thinks only Black artists can do no wrong and its really fucking annoying.

anonymous asked:

I'm a Quinn Fabray fan but I don't really ship her with anyone in that show because lol those canon relationships are way too damn toxic. But, since you seem to be a mature and educated person that doesn't rely on hating other characters to defend what you love, I was wondering if could explain to me why you ship Faberry and why you think Rachel is the best fit for Quinn.

Okay, first of all I have to apologize for taking so long, this king of became a beats with a life of its own.

Second, since you asked so nice and politely, I’m going to try and answer this as objectively as possible. Meaning: I won’t rely on my own interpretations and daydreams about how I would have written them on the show. I’ll only use direct quotes and situations from the show.

Fair Warning: I tend to ramble when I’m passionate about something. It’s hard to get my ideas straight because I want to say it all at once and it doesn’t help that English is my second language. Therefore, this is hella long, like, around 5k words kind of long. Yeap. But I’m not even sorry about it because if there’s something that I’m passionate about, that is definitely Faberry.

Here. We. Go. 

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