I want to educate people

I want to educate every person I hear saying a slur, on how that slur is a bad word that shouldn’t be said.
I want to educate people on how stereotypes are harmful.
I want to educate people on cultural appropriation, and why it’s wrong.
I want to educate people on different sexualities and genders.
I want to educate people on mental illnesses and how you can support people struggling with them.

I really want to peacefully educate people, instead of getting angry when I hear a racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/xenophobic/ableist joke or slur.

Why do people get angry when you call them out? Why aren’t they willing to learn?

Can people just please understand that we’re just trying to educate them

I’m tired of getting angry all the time

charlie puss is a closeted trump supporter n justin beeper hates his fans n is a first class cultural appropriater (<- that ain’t even a word but ion care) like idk y jungkook is trusting these scamming ass cis white men , like i don’t want jk to get scammed. he doesn’t deserve this 😓

Friendly reminder

If you are a make up artist and you find yourself as a screencap on racistbeautybloggers you can report it to tumblr. I want everyone to know this. And later on I plan on making a bigger post about this later but for now I think we need to form a hashtag like #againstracistbeautybloggers or #downwithrbb

I need every make up artist to fight back against them. This cannot go on any longer. They are nothing but a tool to send armies of harassment and bullying to innocent make up artist and basically any white person who they think is “appropriatating culture ”.

We all need to step in.