I had to do some The Kane Chronicles Fanart, the books way to under approciated. So here are Bast, Zia Rashid, Sadie Kane, Carter Kane, Walt Stone and Anubis!
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I have an instagrsm accoun now! I’m postin my sketches and my wips there ^^

Drum in the Night - [CLOSED] John x Kris

The beat was heavy.. Trance, Deep house and all sorts of deep bass music filled  the air, and Jean-Luc was once more in his element. After drinking down his last victim and giving them an approciate un-marked grave in a nearby cemetery…He went in search for his next victim.. Preferably more meatier than his last victim.. He sat down at the edge of the club observing people..looking for a target that..he could take his scent to ]