Please fire me. The other day a man at one of my tables insisted that he wanted the ice at the bottom of his drink. Thinking he just meant put the ice in the glass before the water, I complied. He started yelling when he got his drink because the ice was floating at the top of the water and not at the bottom of the glass. I’m sorry, I am just a waitress. I do not have the ability to break the laws of physics!

Because Victorian Era AU itasaku *o* Forgive the crappy I-have-no-idea-what-to-do background. I also stupidly used waaaaay too small of a canvas. +_+

Tristes Apprets
art by valsharea

Inspired by Tristes Apprets by
It felt all too much in his arms, so warm and safe, she let him go and took a step back from him, trying to define the distance they would have to enforce for the rest of their lives.

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o’dimm is a PATRON OF THE ARTS of a sort, with curious appretion for human song, dance, & visual crafts.  he is incontrovertibly skilled in the creative fields, but he insead prefers to observe & absorb the works of others.  many a deal have been made with artists wishing to improve their talent through supernatural augmentation, & he is partially respnsible for why the “ miserable artist ” stereotype reigns true.