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8. Febuary - Slovenian National Day of Culture aka Prešeren’s day

ZDRAVLJICA (The Toast) - Slovenian national anthem

Live, oh, live, all nations

who yearn and work for that bright day,

when o’er Earth’s habitations

no war, no strife shall hold its sway,

who long to see

that all men free,

no more shall foes, but neighbours be!

By the time I post this, Prešeren’s day will have ended, but I wanted to share a bit of our culture with you. 

To give you a bit of background, France Prešeren was a romantic poet considered to this day our greatest bard who raised our language to literary hights on par with the best of Europe. He was also politically active in trying to awaken in Slovenians (at the time (The Spring of Nations,1848) a provincial Slav people in a Germanic Austro-Hungarian Monarchy) a sense of pride in and belonging to our nation. Zdravljica is literally a toast to us! And the 7. stanza (/8) soon became a rallying cry that united us in times of great hardship and socio-political upheaval all the way to 1990, when it officially became the anthem of the newborn Republic of Slovenia.

Personally I like to sing it because it is so inclusive, peaceful and visionary. I would be uncomfortable belting out some nationalistic nonsense, but these are words in which I actually believe and take pride. 

On this day all museums, galleries, and cultural monuments are open to all admission-free. School children attend theatre or opera around this day (which is a bank holiday), and many watch the official state celebration which is basically singing and dancing and reciting interrupted by speeches. The latter are usually soul crushingly boring despite being full of thinly veiled wounded egos, jaded barbs and haughtily philosophical social criticism. I’ve generally found it all quite disillusioning. 

Soo, let’s hit youtube and share in Slovenian national heritage!

Neanderthal Bone Flute Music

We are certainly not the first and hopefully won’t be the last people to live on and love this land. In fact human history goes all the way back to the Neanderthals with their first human musical instruments, the prehistoric people cruising about in a state-of-the-art two-wheel cart and living in BC version of Venice, to the Roman cities that turned into medieval fortified towns. Despite Christianity’s best efforts we have held onto some ancient traditions, like the current “Mardi Gras” celebrations, and are rediscovering the Old Religion, which it turns out was only finally rooted out by the chaos and social changes of the World Wars. 

We are today a modern democratic republic with a free market economy and an enlightened society frolicking in untouched forests and shouting our glory from mountaintops. So to speak.

Actually we have 99 First World and 99 Post-Communism Transition, 99 What-is-Multiculturalism PROBLEMS and a few that are uniquely Slovenian (many of them stemming from the Important People trying to be Big Fish not knowing they are fighting for supremacy of the kiddie pool on deck of The Global Capitalism sailing the high seas.)

Khm. Today is about culture so let me give you a taste:

Take a road trip on foot across Slovenia with two girls and three guys to the soundtrack of our folk rock legend Vlado Kreslin (the song title is From Goričko (start) to Piran (destination)). Please note: ostrich is not native to Slo; now you know what a donkey sounds like, you’re welcome :)

Kekec is an iconic film and a character deeply rooted in our hearts. Everyone melts and brightens at his mere mention - this mischievous little boy and his adventures as a shepherd (oops, I’d first spelt it Sheppard, my fandom is showing ;) in the mountains are like a beloved childhood teddy bear of a whole nation. When he goes around singing songs like: “stream, mighty wind, white stars above the mountains, they go with me all to the end of this wide world. I go around and seed good will among the people, in one hand i carry the sun, in the other the golden laughter” it’s no wonder.

Siddharta is by far the hottest Slovenian band. From their first hit they’ve made it clear that Siddi are no cookie-cut emo violent rockers. Their sound is ever evolving and yet uniquely Siddharta. I was 11 when they dropped Pot v X and as far from a rock fan as you can imagine, but I’ve loved them ever since. The lyrics are thought-provoking and emotionally evocative and smart. They don’t use the obvious lovey-dovey rhymes and motifs and they treat our poor beleaguered language with respect. Have a yt playlist starting with my favourite song!

These shacks may not look much, but they were a safe haven for hundreds of WW2 wounded soldiers. Franja Partisan Hospital was named at the time after the (female) dr. Franja Bojc who was the leading physician. The stories this place could tell would make for a sick (anti-)war movie. Despite the ridiculously adverse conditions and the Nazis combing the hills to find them, the survival rate was admirable. I can’t quite remember, but I think of the soldiers who made it here alive (which was no easy feat - a soldier described the transportation up the creek in the dark was so painful and terrifying, he thought they were taking him to hell) up to 75% survived, and Franja was for those with the worst wounds. Everything was washed away in a flash flood in 2007, so they had to rebuild the whole thing as seen here (check out the WW2 veterans toward the end, a common sight at state celebrations.) 

You might say, hm, one of these things does not belong. But you would be wrong, because this tiny village called Vitanje is the home of one of the world’s space flight pioneers and author of a seminal work The Problem of Space Travel - The Rocket Motor(1929), Herman Potočnik Noordung, who envisioned a geostationary space station (like the one in 2001: The Space Odyssey), and since 2012 The Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT). I admit I haven’t actually been, though it certainly sounds exciting if perhaps somewhat over my head. Just a smidgen. It has inspired a very modern (experimental?) theatre project Cosmokinetic Theatre, which will only end in 2045. In orbit. And the dea-A-aa, spoilers!   But what happens when one puts a space centre in a village of less than 1000 people? Well, it becomes the hang out place for kids. And inspiration for community projects like this giant fanart communicating with outer space. “The phrase refers to Douglas Adams novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, where the phrase is featured on the cover of the fictional guide book. Furthermore, Arthur C. Clarke, who knew Noordung’s book featured in KSEVT, communicates to us that “Douglas Adams’ use of don’t panic was perhaps ‘’the best advice that could be given to humanity”. Herman Potočnik may have been the first Slovenian reaching for the stars but he definitely wasn’t the last. Dr. Anton Mavretič designed instruments for Voyager and Sunita Williams fulfilled the dream by actually visiting them - and Vitanje! 

Though the idea that multiculturalism might be a good thing is only slowly taking root among the somewhat defensive 2 million Slovenians, there have been souls brave enough to choose Slovenia as their new home. But let Michael Manske tell you how that’s been going for him in this hilarious and all too true radio show How to become a Slovenian.

Sport is also of huge importance to us. True, our sports organisations are chronically underfunded, and be we can be a bit hot and cold with our champions on their off seasons, but when we cheer we JUMP! Because, “If you don’t jump, you’re not Slovene, hey, hey, hey!!!” We love winter sports like ski jumps, slalom, downhill, cross country, but also athletics,gymnastics, swimming and team sports like basketball, volleyball, and football.

Here are some of our Olympic medallists and World Champions. 

Vesna Fabjan, Tina Maze, Peter Prevc, Žan Košir, Soči 2014

Urška Žolnir, Judo, London 2012

Petra Majdič, Vancouver 2010, cross country sprint (partly with a broken rib)

Primož Kosmos, hammer throw, London 2012

triple Slo victory in Sapporo 2016, brothers Prevc and Robert Kranjec, Lanišek 7th

Franc Pinter, Athens 2004

Miro Cerar, gymnastics (horse) Tokio 1964&Ciudad de Mexico 1968 at the monument to the legendary Leon Štukelj, gymnastics, Paris 1924, Amsterdam 1928&Berlin 1936

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Can we all appretiate these outfits pls

anonymous asked:

Hi, Christiana! Could you suggest some vegan christian blogs or youtube, instagram accounts? I just can't find any! And inspiration from vegans with the same values would be highly appretiated! Thank you so much! Love what you're doing and the best of luck with running!!! ❤️

Hi love :) @tamarhope is a vegan & Christian account and I love and adore her :) Also @fireinmystride, Flannery is incredible and WISE beyond her years :) @highfivinamillionangels has helped me SO much in some of my darkest times :) I am SO sorry if I am forgetting people :/

anonymous asked:

What is something that always makes you happy ?

I would say it’s about being satisfied deep in my heart with all I have and who I am. To wear a smile on my face and draw it on someone else’s who is need. To accept everything around me, and look at the bright side as much as I can. I always think myself into appretiating what I have, and not what someone else does. To wake up everyday thankful to God, for every grace, every bless, just everything. When you view yourself as a blessed and lucky person just to be who you are. You will have an enough and full reason to be happy, even if the surroundings did’nt mean so :).