The Party - PMV (Madeon - The City) Thank you video!

Here we are, the project that is long overdue, i want to thank everyone for their support in following this blog and liking and sharing my posts, and to those who stuck with me as i worked through my struggles to complete this project, but most of all, thank you everyone who had the patience for me to complete this project, all of your combined help has driven me to complete this animatic for you all and i could not be prouder of my self to completing a project this major. and to have all of you to share it with.

i was originally going to celebrate the milestone of reaching 250 followers but as time went on, some how, some way i slowly started seeing more people choosing to follow this blog, despite the lack of content for some time. i really appreciate all of you and wanted to share the exact number of followers i had in the video of 284! but after the completion and rendering of the video, i gained a few more so now it off a bit (Thanks @askfuunsaikipony, @flurryflash, @my-slender-man, @danceshowoff) i appreciate it ^^

with the success of this project and the support of you all, i will be pressing to continue this blog to the very end, and this is just the beginning, i hope you all will be able to stay to enjoy weekly updates (as best as i can)  and not only give you a great story (to the best of my ability) but to have a chants to interact with you all. i hope you’re having a fantastic time in your life and had a awesome weekend ^^

Now to share the list of all OCs featured into the project, i apologize if i somehow missed anyone but everyone who submitted their OCs properly to me have been included ^^ (i drew all ocs to the best of my ability but being a black and white sketch it can some times be hard to find or recognize Characters, if you have a hard time finding your oc) i will be sure to message back at what time in the video your OC comes into frame.

P.S. their is a good chants i may have missed a name in the list below, if you know you sent me an OC for the project, ask me and ill let you know if i was able to include you.

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 Coran is quick and eager to go to whichever Paladin is off by himself, to make sure they’re okay as shown by these. 

“Not feeling well? Try some Nunvill! Settles the stomach and brightens your smile!” 

Look at the concern on his face when he see’s Lance is clearly sad and unhappy!


“Mind if I join you?” 

“And we’re aaaaaaalll theee waaaaaaay ooooooveeeer–” 

Yeah, this is a comical scene, in a way. But the thing that gets to me is that Coran isn’t trying to Sugar-coat anything. He’s telling it to Lance like it is, while still keeping a relatively positive outlook on how far from Earth they are. 

He listens when Lance rants and reminisces with Lance about Earth and Altea. 


“Yeah, water that falls from the sky.” 

“Oh, we had that on Altea. Only, it wasn’t water, more like rocks. Razor sharp and boiling hot. Oh! They could knock a hole right in your head…” 

“Sounds fun.” 


This post is nowhere near completion, as all this stuff is stuff that happened in the 4th episode. There are so many many more instances where Coran helps by either making people relax or by reminiscing with them like shown here. 

I’ll probably add more to this post as I go through the episodes, but still… my point stands… 

Coran is a really, really, awesome guy. 

Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

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Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

Other Chapters: 1 

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Hi! We have already posted photos of our Oxenfree cosplay on twitter but now it’s time for something more! 

We’ve wanted to gather the whole gang for more than a year and we finally did it, I’m so happy right now! The thing is, we have only one cosplay convention in our region and we really wanted to present Oxenfree here since the game is not very popular in Russia (partly because there is no official localization yet). We were so happy to hear from people who saw our show that they “didn’t understand a thing, but it looked so creepy and cool that now we want to play it” :D
We have a lot of plans for this cosplay ‘cause Oxenfree needs more love and appretiation! Yeah, I’ll never get tired of saying this.
Many thanks to everyone in @nightschoolstudio for their hard work on one of the best games we played <3

Clarissa - @fedolf
Jonas - @vicious-mongrel
Nona - @yencys
Ren - Piece of Cake
Alex - Stish Rariint


That’s so many people! Thank you all for the support! and the kind words and everything! All of you have been so welcoming and friendly. I really appreciate it. Seriously, It’s like I’ve found the nice corner of the internet. I love you guys! 

To show my appreciation (And since I’m actually making good money for the first time in my life) I decided that I would do a giveaway! 

Two people can get their choice of 1 expansion pack, 2 game packs, 4 stuff packs, or a game pack and two stuff packs. 

Here are the rules….


I’m really sorry to anyone who happens to follow me after this. I just don’t want people to follow me just to get something free. I want people to follow me because they like my content.

2.) You must like this post. That way I know who’s interested. You can reblog this once to increase your odds if you want. But, a like puts you in the running. 

3.) You must like this before 12 am on Friday. I’ll be randomly choosing the winners on Saturday 

4.) I’ll message those people to ask what they want. You have 48 hours to reply before I choose another person. 

Thank you guys again!!! So many talented people follow me. I’m just floored by your stories and your screenshots. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! 

NCT 127 reaction: Someone else flirting with his S/O

A/N: First post! Yay! Btw please request something because I have no ideas lol


Originally posted by xehunted

Taeil wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, but he wouldn’t just ignore it either. He would actually get pretty mad about it, but he would try to keep it all on the inside. He would kind of just walk over to you, calmly and wrap an arm around your shoulders and give the other guy a death glare, causing him to trail off in the middle of what he was saying and go away.


Originally posted by y-ta

Johnny wouldn’t be mad about it, but he would still feel the need to scare the guy away. He would try to look as intimidating as he can, giving you a small, reassuring smile, before turning to the guy who was flirting with you and leaning in to whisper in his ear:

“You can stop now. She obviously doesn’t like you, and she’s already dating someone better anyway….”


Originally posted by nctinfo

Wouldn’t say anything to the guy. He would actually pretend that he hadn’t even noticed him. and instead, he would just snake his arms around your waist as the guy was talking to you and start kissing down your neck, trying to make it as obvious as he can and make the other person as uncomfortable as possible. Having gotten the message quickly the guy would apologize and walk away and Yuta would just continue kissing you, grinning happily against your skin. 


Originally posted by nakasyuta

I couldn’t find a good gif for this one….

Taeyoung would be furious that someone else was flirting with you. But he wouldn’t want to make you feel bad or uncomfortable so he would just watch both of you from a distance with a cold glare, arms crossed and quietly mumbling stuff about the other guy. However, if he sees that the person and what he is saying is starting to make you uncomfortable he wouldn’t hesitate to do something about it.


Originally posted by mvpgyu

Jaehyun would think rationally about it:

Maybe the guy didn’t realize that you have a boyfriend, it’s not his fault…

Also, you really are a gorgeous person so who can judge the guy for flirting with you…. 

And on top of that, he would have a lot of trust in you and that you wouldn’t flirt back or anything. So instead of getting mad, he would just calmly and nicely explain to the guy that you are together and he should stop flirting with you.


Originally posted by ceohan

Doyoung would be mostly surprised when he sees someone flirting with you because he wouldn’t understand why someone would flirt with you when you were obviously already in a relationship. So he wouldn’t say anything for a few seconds - trying to comprehend exactly what was happening, but when he does he would tell the guy to go away without really trying to be nice. 


Originally posted by sichengss

He would have a bunch of emotions go through him - anger, worry, and jealousy. Opposite to what you would expect though he wouldn’t just stay quiet about it. He would try to be as polite as he can, sweetly taking your hand in his and smiling as he explains to the other person that you’re taken and he would really appretiate it if he would stop flirting with you.


Originally posted by hqleetaeyong

Haechan would get extremely angry. He wouldn’t even pause to think about what he was doing before jumping between you and the other guy, holding you protectively behind his back. For a moment he would just stand dare staring at the other guy, making you very concerned that he might do something very stupid.  But instead, he would calm down a little bit, giving the person an angry look before turning to you. 

“Come on, let’s go! You’re not leaving my sight again.”


Originally posted by dovounq

Mark would stand at the side for a moment, trying to calm himself down. He wouldn’t want to seem hot-headed or immature, especially if the person flirting with you was older than him. So after managing to calm himself down, he would walk over to the two of you, wrapping an arm around you protectively, introducing himself to the other guy as your boyfriend and shaking his hand, squeezing just a little too hard.