Apprenticeship level up– I got to tattoo myself using my teacher’s equipment a couple weeks ago, and subsequently received permission to get my own stuff and start practicing on myself. Which should be effective because I *love* the feeling of tattooing myself.

I picked an overly-complicated moon brooch because I figured it would give me some good lining practice (it did, and it looks like ass because I fucked up the stencil as I went, of course) cradling the alternate symbol for Pluto, which I use as a personal symbol for bigender (much like mars and venus are used for male and female and combined for the trans* symbol)…I didn’t manage to finish the symbol because I didn’t feel like I could do a perfect circle after an hour or so of work.

So: it’s shitty, it’s unfinished, it’s blown out in spots…but it’s mine and I love it to death. Plus I was told I was pulling very good lines for it being my first time.

I’m learning that childhood dreams really do come true.