Karamel Apprecitaion Week Day 2 Favorite Quotes


Mon-el: What’s your name beautiful? Oh it’s you


 Mon-el: I remember. I was sick and alone. And you were leaning over me. And you must have been sad. Or something because your eyes were insanely blue. I mean, they always are. But they were like comets. And I had never seen anyone so stunning, and I kissed you, and it was okay that I was It was okay that I was gonna die, because I’d gotten to kiss you. I, um I saved you at the police station because Because I care about you. Comets.

Kara: Mon-El

Mon-el: I’m not here to change your mind. I get that I get that you don’t care about me.

Kara: I do care about you.

Mon-el: But not in the same way. 

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Mon-el: I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I have realized that you are my Kryptonite. 

Kara: Me? 

Mon-el: Oh, uh No, I mean, my feelings for you. I’ve never felt like this about anyone in my life I didn’t know that there were this many feelings to even be had. My emotions, I guess they made me kind of crazy.

Kara: Yeah I totally get it, yeah.

Mon-el: Anyway, I’m really glad you’re okay. And I’m really, really happy that you didn’t marry that guy.

Kara: Me too.

Mon-el: Anyway, um I’ll get I’ll get out of your hair.

Kara: Wait. Don’t go yet. Please.

Mon-el: I get that you were upset that I wasn’t listening to you and I I tried really, really, really hard to listen to you this time. And I heard that you You don’t think that we belong together, and I respected that.

Mon-el: No, but Mxy wasn’t the only one I tricked. I didn’t mean it. I just said it so you’d let me go to protect you. Plus, he could have been listening, so

Mon-el: Wait. Wait, so you didn’t mean any of that stuff that you said?

Kara: Well, the first bit about your infuriating male ego, that part I meant.

Mon-el: Okay, okay.

Kara: But the second part about us not being a match I didn’t mean that.

Mon-el: Wow. No, you’re good. You are good. Well, you got rid of Mxy

Kara: I did.

Mon-el: That means nothing is Nothing is stopping us.

Kara: Nope. Nothing is stopping us.

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It’s unlocked.

Mon-el: Hey. You okay?

Kara: No.

Mon-el: No? Yeah. Hey, today was a A little I just want to I’m not I’m not gonna talk. Hmm. Why don’t you Why don’t you tell me what you need? I’ll listen.

Kara: Just be here with me.

Mon-el: Okay. Hey, come here. Come here. Just Just sit here? Kara: Yeah.

Mon-el: Yeah?

Kara: Yeah, just like this.

Mon-el: Do you need anything else?

Kara: To wake up with me.

Mon-el: Hey. I’d love to.

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Mon-el: Hey. You have so much to offer this world. So don’t let Snapper or anyone else tell you differently. Okay?

Kara: You know something?

Mon-el: What?

Kara: Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.

Mon-el: You think so?

Kara: Yeah. 

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Mon-el: I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in. I just wanted to, um, say a few things Before I lose you forever. ‘Cause I owe you a lot But most of all, I owe you the truth. My name is Mon-El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, that I didn’t know. Until I met you. And I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you. You are so special.

Kara: Yeah, I know that. I deserve better than being lied to.

Mon-el: You do and I’m sorry for that. You’re right, okay? I’m a liar. And I really hope that you can still see the good in me. Please.

Kara: Were you ever gonna tell me the truth?

Mon-el: I don’t know.

Kara: You just want things to be easy, Mon-El. But being a hero and falling in love, those are not easy things. They’re hard and they’re messy. And they hurt sometimes.

Mon-el: I would never hurt you on purpose

Kara: Well, you won’t again. 

Mon-el: Kara, don’t.

Kara: I can’t I can’t do this. No. It’s over.

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 Mon-el: You came after me.

Kara: Every time.

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