Tho today is not the last day of 2011, but I’m still gonna post this now. tbh, I was not able to choose what issue or event to be in this post because there were too many things that happened this year. Anyway,

  1. Big Bang’s comeback after 2Years and 3months: After the many delays, push back. Big Bang comeback on the 24th of February this year! The epic comeback performance, and the retarded lighting by the xx bank. Big Bang never fails to give us their best. A guidance lesson on UV Syndrome. Then they comeback again with ‘Big Bang special edition"
  2. Big Show 2011: G-raim and Jootop kiss! I could never stop staring at their kiss whenever i see it. Because of Jootop’s umma, we all have a 'new’ verb, “smell~ nadu smell~”
  3. God heard our prayers: Tho this is an appreciation post for BB, God made(make) the biggest role. During all the bad event that happened, all we could do was to trust, have faith, support, stay and pray. Whether if God really heard our prayers or he really felt that the boys need to be protected, non the less, thank you God
  4. EMA Worldwide act award: Remember the me2 that seungri posted? If we want to see all five of them to attend the award, we have to vote. It was the time when most of the fandom came together and voted for Bigbang. 2011 EMA had the most votes compared to the previous years. We wonder why.. Sincerely appreciate all of you who voted for them. After 5/6 months, because of all these votes, we got to see all of them as 5, Jiyong and Dae’s smile again. If it wasn’t because of Big Bang, I wouldn’t stay up till 3am for the award show. Trying to spot that red coat guy throughout the award, them smiling behind when Selena Gomez and Katy perry were talking. Waited for hours just for that moment when they annouced “Big Bang, Asia pacific” Many of us cried, tho they thanked us for giving them that award, I think, instead I should thank them. If it weren’t because of them, when I’m down, I’ll continue to be down. If it weren’t because of them, I wouldn’t know this great fandom, nice people. Thank you. 
  5. Lastly, YG FAMILY CONCERT! Big Bang performing as 5 again! Even though most of us wasn’t able to see them performing live. Them performing as 5 is quite enough already right. 

Thank you Big Bang  ♥ 

  1. Will.I.Am: This is too actually thank will oppa that he likes the girls and collab with them. How many korean artist would actually get this chance to collab with him. This is a very very good opportunity and experience for the girls. Going to black eye peas concert, meeting with the other members. Guidance from Will, many good producer. Especially, Taboo told them, “you girls have something special." 
  2. Many style from A to Z: Thank you Jeremy scott, yanggaeng, their makeup and hair stylist, for making 2NE1 even prettier. Who would be able to stand out even wearing pants, suit. That’s 2NE1. Who would be able to look prefect with those crazy hair. I believe most of us got known of many brands because of them. I just love how good Jeremy scott and 2NE1 relationship is. "They are so little, I can put them in my pocket.” - Jeremy Scott ^^
  3. 2NE1tv Season 3: Ever since season 1, 2NE1tv is a show that we get to see everything about the working 2NE1, after work 2NE1, playful 2NE1, every different side of them. The protective and crazy park sisters, cute leader tho they can be very charismatic on stage. All the footage that we wont be able to see. Getting to know them one step deeper.
  4. Nolcon: The first 2NE1 Concert since debut. Not a guest in any sunbae’s concert, not in YG Family concert, but their own concert, them as the limelight. Practice even harder, performing show after show, tears after every ending. To me, being being to have their own concert, means they have the ability to make a good show on their own, means they are good enough to show everyone the different things they could do. More Nolcon will come in the future. Hopefully a world tour, YG?
  5. D-don’t stop the music: The numerous ‘comeback’ this year. Lonely, a prove that 2NE1, they sound good only because of auto tune, magic sounds that teddy puts into their song. CL’s falsetto, Dara is really the fresh vocal, minzy vocal did improve alot and we all know bommie’s great voice. Ugly, a song that really made an impact on girls or guy too (?)whom are not confident with their appearance. Tho it is not that ballad, piano tune kind, you would cry because it applies to you. The chorus itself says everything even without knowing what the other lyrics is saying. Thank you teddy for making these songs, thank you 2NE1 for singing them so well.
  6. Billion dollar baby: Even though the girls didn’t win the best female group in MAMA 2011 or daesung. They are definitely my best female group forever. Ever since liking kpop, I never really look at other girl group because non of them caught my attention. Unlike 2NE1, they debuted very differently from the other girl group. The way they wore were different itself. Dara wearing baggy pants in fire, minzy and CL wearing pants, all of them didn’t wear heels at the era. They are my favorite girl group and definitely the best female girl group to me. They don’t need any recognition because they are the best. Many artist, if they are asked who is their favourite female artist, they would usually says it’s 2NE1! I really appreciate fanboy who likes 2NE1, because the girls are not that kind who wears skimpy clothes, oppa~ kind of girls tho they can be really lady-like at times. These fanboy aren’t that realistic guy who only like looks, but also the music. At first look, when they just debuted, they may not look as beautiful as the other girl groups. But they are attractive when they perform. As time passes, they are more and more beautiful, even wear suits, and bare face. The girls are really different, when you first see and when you start to know them more, it’s totally different. It shows that their music and their charismatic are what made people like them. People who worked with them, like hi-tech and crazy. They first met as stranger, they don’t know each other before hand. But the girls personality and the sociable them, has made the relationship between the dancer and artist with no barriers. They are not work friends, but also friends in real life. They are normal like as, they tweet each other, chat, take selca together. 2NE1 weren’t the only artist they danced for, youngdeuk tweeted, he said that 2NE1, best female group. He support them too, he likes them. Especially they see more bts of 2NE1, which shows that 2NE1 aren’t like unfriendly, proud, behind television.

Seeing the girls being so successful, i’m really happy for them and touched by everything. When I watched their performance on IGGY, I cried. The fan chant were incredible, I saw some fan boy they were crazy for them. Everywhere around the world, there are fans of 2NE1. Definitely a global star, katy perry likes them, of all kpop girl group, will chose 2NE1 to collab with. 2 years plus yet being this successful, they are really good. These are just the start. “Are you ready for the B.E.S.T?”

Thank you girls. ♥