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Inspired by my favorite fanfics (a few from too many):

Fast Friends - alphaclone (now @passion-fruite) [AO3 - FF]

Caught Inside - awriterofthings (now @perpetualxmess)

You Never Know How Strong You Are - @crohniereader

The Reclusive Music Producer and The Journalist - areaderofmanythings.

2000 Miles - @omacagee [AO3 - FF]

And Everyone Wins - @pipgoeswild

Thank You, Awesome Writers! ❤️ 

Get your tour story/message seen by Gaga

My idea is to create a collage of your messages and arrange them to resemble the Joanne world tour official poster to pass on to Gaga as a gift.

If you are interested in participating I will need 1-4 sentences from you that can be based around any of the following subjects:

• Your favourite moments of the tour (If you have attended)
• Any thanks you wish to give Gaga for the tour
• Tour excitement/blues
• Discussing anything you’ve created or done related to tour
• Reasons why you’re attending
• A positive tour story

You can submit your messages through my chat or ask box (always open)

I will attach your name and @ to your message (if you wish for it to be another social media handle other than tumblr please specify)

My show is on October 15 so ideally I want to complete the project by October 10, any questions feel free to ask!


posters ➸ Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before–more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.

for @caradocdearborn

“Don’t Look”

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: fluff

Summary: Bucky shows you how much he appreciates all your help.

A/N: This is a friend to lover sort of drabble. Congrats @marvelous-fvckson the 3K!! Your fics make me happy :) Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE or HERE

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Just two little monarchs with big dreams: dreams bigger than they can swallow.

This piece is available as a print! This is the first in a series of (hopefully) a bunch to come, so if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps one of the others will. And since I’ll be doing all of the printing and production myself, they are pretty cheap! Check it out here!

Note: the print pictured below the cut is a test, so the text and proportions will vary slightly, but it will end up being about 16″ by 8″

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“Lets go and save my subscribers!!!”
Suh dudes~
Ok so recently I have been addicted to the game The BOSS, a fan made game, and I absolutely love it!!
The emotions, the jokes and the overall plot was amazing I couldn’t put the game down for a second
I just wanted to say to the developers of the game You did an awesome job at this and overall thank you for making this 😋
To show my appreciation I did a Poster type thing?? Of Sean,jack and Billy

I really recommend this game to any jacksepticeye fans out there or ever jack himself to play it!!!

Anyway I hope you enjoy 😊



“16th of June Friday Night 11PM, together let’s make his dreams come true”

I’m so proud of every Kim Jaehwan Fan in this world :’)

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Overwatch - Vintage Travel Posters

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