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So Tyler’s biggest insecurity is the way he looks….? Like, this is a frickin travesty. They mentioned his fanblogs, which I actually love because I WANT him to see how many people appreciate him for who he is, not just how he looks. Yeah, we make funny ‘arm appreciation’ posts (like Amy mentioned lol) but it’s also obvious just how much we appreciate how much positivity he exudes. All this to say that yes, he is very attractive! He’s incredibly handsome, and that is a mere outward expression of his incredibly beautiful soul. 

multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’


♡ Its literally one more day until New Years so I just barely manage to get away with my last follow forever of the year! This year was a little different, I haven’t been as active here on my tumblr as i’ve been in the past. I’ve been very in and out simply because i’ve made my life outside of SM a priority (also its hella easier to be distracted on twitter during my work hours verses tumblr lol) HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have incredible moments online this year. I had plenty and now I need to appreciate all those who made that possible! 

So this list will mention the people who reached out to me, who fangirled with me, who gave me advice or invited me to be apart of their lives. In this list there will be the people who brightened up my dash with their presence, who encouraged positivity and kindness in the face of drama & negativity. In this list there will be people who i befriended on Twitter only to follow them here too. There will be people who don’t even know who I am but their talent and posts make my blog the fun amazing experience it is. To all of you, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence in my life during this intense year. It was made all the better for having you in it. Let us hope 2017 has better things in store. I wish you all the best! Lets continue to be friends yes? Love, Alejandra 

a special thanks to my amazing RL bff Kell (@goreisforgirls) who made this gorgeous gifset for me. Like literally just right now, in less then an hour, BLESS YOU BESTIE!!!! They are gorgeous and I love them ❤

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Hey fellas, so, i had a little bit of an accident last week. I jumped off my loft bed, landed on one foot, and totally obliterated my ankle. I can’t stand on it, walk on it, and it’s fifty different shades of purple and red right now. I can’t afford to go to the doctors or even pay for anything right now so i’m doing emergency commissions until it heals up (and hopefully sooner rather than later.) 

My email is if you’re interested, otherwise you can pm me on tumblr.  

For both waist ups and busts any additional characters are $5. 

I’m not comfortable with drawing any gore, shota, non-con, furries (or animals in general i can’t draw them well but i do know someone who can so if you’re interested in animals pm me and i’ll link you to a rad friend of mine) i think that’s the general gist. 

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this!

Oh my gosh! I reached 6k+ and I really am thankful for this! I wanted to post this today since BTS recently won another daesang. I’m so thankful to be in this fandom even though we have our ups and downs. Let’s work hard and continue to reach up high for the boys! Again, thank you and I love you ~ ♡

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my blog became one year old this month and it’s overwhelming how supportive this fandom is and how much fun i’ve had with you guys. i’ve been meaning to do this for a few days but to say that this last week of 2016 was trying is simply not enough. i almost didn’t make anything but i feel like we need a lot of support and love to start off a new year in a better place. so this isn’t really a follow forever – more like, i’m very happy to be able to follow these people and i hope 2017 is a great year to us all 💓

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A Gift for You

I want to take this time to thank each and every one of my followers, to everyone who has sent me a message (including Anon), to even people who sent me hate messages, to everyone who has liked/reblogged my reviews and posts, and to everyone else who does’t follow me but follow my review tag. You guys are the MVPs for your faith in my reviews and support, for reading my fuckin long reviews! I don’t know how you guys do it, but I applaud you wholeheartedly. I joined the Goblin fandom 4 episodes late and started this blog on December 14th with one post about Our Homegirl Eun-Tak because she deserved so much more recognition compared to the hate she was receiving. However, my side blog became official on December 16th when it became public (I was having some technical issues lol) and I got my first 5 followers! It made me so happy >.< But then I got more and more messages, likes, and reblogs, with each review I wrote. My inbox slowly became more filled with your amazing messages. Some of you even call me sunbae/senpai and that still makes me blush. I received so many notifications of people who messaged me using the IM. I began to learn more about each and every one of you who approached me and before I knew it… we became fangirling buddies and Goblin Trash! And most of all, one month later… I woke up to the notification that I have over 800 followers! WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM?! :O You have no idea how shocked I am. 

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So this is my post to show my appreciation for you. For everything. I’ve written my very first fan fiction and what better honor than for it be on Goblin! Honestly, it’s not the best but I truly hope you enjoy it and that you get something out of it whether it be a smile or a laugh. ^^ Gamsahamnida!

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A Wet Surprise

Synopsis: Shin accompanies Eun-Tak to Tae-Hee’s last game of the season, but Shin’s jealousy gets a little out of hand. (I’m so sorry… I just live for Shin’s jealousy over Tae-Hee lmao… and GR is KS x ET #1 shipper!) 

This story was inspired by these posts about Gong Yoo in a towel, lol (post 1 and 2)

  • Pairing: Kim Shin x Ji Eun-Tak
  • Word Count: 3,018
  • Genre: A little Angst, Fluff, Romance, Slight NSFW?, Basically to fulfill my needs for my OTP lol

“Ji Eun-Tak, what do you think you’re looking at, hah?!”

Eun-Tak rolled her eyes in amusement at the obviously aggravated goblin. Tae-Hee oppa had messaged Eun-tak a few days ago if she could come see their last game of the season. Of course she said yes… it was the least she could do for her oppa who had done so much for her when they were kids. But the trouble was actually getting to the game in one piece because a certain goblin wouldn’t let her go on her own. Eun-tak stole a glance towards Shin. A small giggle slipped from between her rosy lips while looking at a very aggravated goblin whose arms were crossed in front of his chest, as he looked in the opposite direction as if to ignore her.

“Ahjussi, let me enjoy the game at least… after all… Tae-Hee oppa invited me to this game. It would only be fair if I actually watched him play, right?” Eun-tak tugged at Shin’s right sleeve trying to get his attention.

Shin exhaled a heavy sigh in defeat, faced her, and pointed towards Tae-Hee at home plate: “Araso… Araso… you can watch the game but you can’t look at Tae-Hee.”

“Haaa?! Ahjussi! Why can’t I watch Tae-Hee oppa?” Eun-tak exclaimed while shaking Shin’s left arm. Eun-tak was confused as to why she couldn’t watch oppa play… not like he was naked. She just wanted to see him hit the ball, just like he did when he was a child, once more before he went overseas. And best of all, she was enjoying the game with the best company she could ever imagine to experience it with.

After a few seconds of Eun-tak’s pleading, something snapped. “Aigo… It’s because he’s handsome, right?” Shin could feel his whole face burn… but he couldn’t tell if it was due to anger, embarrassment, or a mixture of both. “Of course young girls like you, come to games like these, to fawn over boys like him! Boys who are good at sports and have a nice body to look at! Fine! If you want to look at him… just look at him! There’s nothing for me to envy anyways. I was the one who granted him the miracle just like any other!”

Tae-Hee hit a homerun, but unfortunately both Shin and Eun-Tak missed the big hit. The drive home was silent. Tae-Hee’s team won the game.

“So, Eun-Tak… how’d you like the game? Uhhh… Eun-tak? Yeoboseyo?”

“Ahhh, I’m so sorry oppa!” Eun-Tak mentally cursed at herself for being in a daze while Tae-Hee was speaking with her. She firmly grasped her phone, “Oh, the game… it was so much fun! You were so cool!”

“You don’t have to say that just to cheer me… up even though we lost the game.”  

Ah. Ji Eun-Tak, you are so stupid! “I’m sorry oppa, you’re right, but you were still really cool. Really! Oh, look at the time; you must be tired from your game so I’ll let you rest. Good night.”

“Good night, Eun-Tak.” Tae-Hee looked at his phone… “But we actually won.”

Eun-tak fell onto her bed and hugged her only friend who listened to her. “You know, Mr. Buckwheat, I think I hurt Tae-Hee oppa’s feelings. But even more, I think Ahjussi was hurt.” She closed her eyes and pulled Mr. Buckwheat closer to her chest, “Because of him, I couldn’t even focus on the game.”  

Foolish goblin. Shin paced back and forth in front of his bed. All he could think about was how Eun-tak’s face fell when he shouted those harsh words at her. Her tears. “Kim Shin, maybe you should have asked her to pull the sword. Death would have been a wise choice in that situation.” He stopped in his tracks as he heard Eun-tak fall onto her bed. “She must be asleep now… because of you, I can’t sleep.”

Stretching her arms in the air, “What a good night’s res–” Pit-patpit-pat… The sound of raindrops softly knocked on her window as Eun-Tak slowly opened her eyes to confirm her unwelcomed visitor. Rain. At the end of Autumn.  

“Anyo… haseyo… Mr. Reaper.” It didn’t feel like a good morning at all with the gloomy weather… with a certain gloomy god.

“Good morning…” Reaper paused for moment – deciding whether if she would know the answer or not. Well, if it concerned that person… who else would it be? “Missing Soul, there’s something I must ask of you. It’s about that –”

“Goblin… is who you’re going to say, right?”

“Ah, well… yes, you’re correct about that. But…” He stuttered to think about what to say next, “I was ACTUALLY going to first ask about Ms. Sun-Hee. Yes.” Feeling embarrassed that he was even slightly worried about that goblin confused Reaper beyond reason, but that goblin had been acting oddly all morning. No… to be more precise… all night, and especially with the unannounced weather. It certainly ruined his plans to walk around with Sunny after work. “Because of him, he ruined my plans with her, so I was going to ask for your help.”

“Oh, my help… I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to help you with this one.” Eun-tak casted her eyes towards the floor in guilt as the memories of yesterday’s event flooded her mind. It wasn’t his fault. She should never have said those words in the first place. It was selfish of her. For a moment, she almost forgot that it had happened yesterday, but perhaps she was only fooling herself because she hasn’t spoken with Shin ever since. “I think it would be best if you just visit Ms. Boss at her restaurant.”

“If you got into an argument. Just apologize. That goblin always listens to you.”

Reaper watched her shoulders slump forwards as she shuffled to the kitchen. Something definitely happened between those two and he wasn’t about to get into the middle of it. However, he couldn’t let this situation slide either… knowing that the rain would continue to fall for as long as that goblin was sad. “Aish, those two better repay me back for all that I do for them.”

At the seaside shore where they first met, Shin gazed out into the endless ocean. The smell of salt stung the air… as well as his eyes.

“There’s nothing for me to envy anyways. I was the one who granted him the miracle just like any other! … Without me, you wouldn’t be able to see your Tae-Hee!” Once the words left his mouth, he immediately wished he could take them back.

“So… Ahjussi… I see…” Shin’s words choked Eun-tak as she struggled to string her own words together in a barely faint whisper… trying to understand what he meant, “I’m just like any other… to you, then? I’m sorry… I forgot that I’m only just a small passing moment… in your long life. I never asked to be one of your miracles.”

“Eun-Tak… I didn’t mean that….” Shin reached for her shoulders to comfort her, but he dropped his hand. The words that he wanted to really say, the actions that he wanted to really show… he couldn’t do them at the sight of the slight movement of her shoulders because he was the reason for it.

Stupid rain. Stop falling. Well, if it wasn’t for his insensible jealousy that snapped, perhaps they could have at least enjoyed the game… perhaps he could have at least enjoyed seeing Eun-Tak have fun at the game. That was most important and yet he ruined it for her. He glanced at his watch and noticed the time… how long has he been standing here for? “I should return now… it’s almost time for lunch.”

The front door swung open and a gust of cold wind blew out a few candles. Shin walked in with a bag of groceries and a drenched coat. “Reaper, you are doing laundry?” He quickly disposed his coat in front of Reaper and placed the groceries on the counter all in a matter of seconds. “Dry this for me then.”

“These are already dry!”

But it was a second too late to lecture the goblin as he quickly entered his bedroom and shut the door. However, Reaper had already anticipated this much, such as the saying, “Sometimes you have to give people a taste of their own medicine.” Besides, that person never does the laundry.

It seemed like hours had already passed and yet it was only noon. The notes in front of her seemed to float off the page… just like her mind. Is it still raining? Is he still sad? Is it still thundering? Is he still mad? Ah… even in times like this, all she could think about was him. “I want to talk with you…”

“Missing Soul.” A sudden knock at her bedroom door awoke her from her thoughts.

She clucked her tongue at the sudden abruption, while walking towards the door, “Aiyaa, Mr. Reaper… can’t you read the sign, it says—”

“Please don’t disturb.” Reaper quoted through the door. “Now would you please open this door? I have a request for you.”

Letting out a deep sigh, Eun-Tak opened the door while giving the Reaper her best-displeased face she could muster… slightly twitching the corner of her mouth and scrunching her nose. Though she was relieved for the distraction because she couldn’t focus on her notes anyways.

She cleared her throat, “Ehem, this better be good for wasting my precious studying time.”

Reaper handed freshly cleaned and neatly folded towels to Eun-Tak. She gave the towels a look of confusion. “Um, Mr. Reaper… I already have enough towels.”

“No, these are for the goblin. He doesn’t have any more towels because he never does his laundry. So can you go place these in his bathroom?” Reaper slightly bowed his head, “Sorry and thank you. I figured it would be best for his bride to enter his room… when he’s not around… instead of me.”

She stared at Shin’s bedroom wooden door… more like a tall door that stood in between her and Shin. She shook her head to clear her mind and took a deep gulp as she placed her hand on the doorknob. The doorknob was cold to the touch as she softly turned it with her hand. Eun-Tak murmured politely as she stepped into Shin’s room, “Excuse me.” With a quick glance to ensure Shin was indeed not present, she let out a sigh of relief. “It’s so lonely in here. Ah, there’s the bathroom… did he forget to turn off the lights?”

It didn’t really help to take a shower right after standing in the rain for so long –specifically if he just stood there in cold silence, again… like he did at the ocean. Even after attempting to wash away the deep sadness that enveloped his entire being with a shower, it was no match to cleanse him of Eun-Tak’s tears. He punched his fist against the wet shower wall as he tried to think of a way to invite her to lunch, in an approachable way, in a few minutes.

Maybe he could pretend like it never happened?

No. He immediately shook his head at the atrocious idea.

Maybe he could apologize by taking her on a trip to Canada?

Yes. He grinned widely at the pleasant idea. She would like that.

He turned and opened the shower door, while happily humming with the widest grin at the thought of them enjoying some delicious steak together.

She turned the knob and opened the bathroom door, while thinking to herself she would quickly place the towels on the rack and get out.

Perhaps time froze because the water dripping from the showerhead stopped midway. Perhaps Eun-Tak was dreaming because she saw the godliest creature in her life stand before her in the bathroom. Perhaps Shin was too excited for his date with Eun-Tak as he saw her before him with the most gorgeous red lips and blushed cheeks – that he could almost kiss her. But one thing was for sure; they could sense the beating of each other’s pounding hearts, hear the sound of each other’s hiked breaths, and feel each other’s burning gazes. This was real.

“Ah… AHHH… AHHHH! Why?! Why?! Why are you standing there Ji Eun-Tak?!” Aghast and back to reality, Shin hurriedly motioned for Eun-Tak to close the door while reaching for a tow— Why the hell was there no towel?!

“Ah… Ahjussi! You’re here! Well… I mean there! Well… In the bathroom!”

Oh dear god, since she was born and was given this miraculous life… she always tried to live a pure and good one that her mother would see fit. But bless her soul today, as her mind tried to refuse the thought… but her eyes could not help but travel on their on accord. The glow from the glistening beads of water on his body was not making it any easier. His broad shoulders that can protect you from any danger. His slender abs that can crush you with one glance at them. His… Daebak… my mister’s asset is well gifted. Eun-Tak slapped herself. What the hell are you thinking about at a time like this?!

In desperation… Shin did the one thing he could only do in that moment since his powers did not work on Eun-Tak, he teleported himself from the shower door to the front of his bedroom door. The story of the lonely and great goblin.

Reaper heard screams coming from Shin’s room and smiled contently at this masterpiece. It was fun to mess with that goblin. 

“Oi! Let me borrow that towel!”

Perhaps God was not only on Reaper’s side today either, for he witnessed the most disturbing thing, other than missing souls, in his 300 years as a grim reaper… a naked goblin.

“I’ll have to meet Ms. Sun-Hee, whether rain or shine today, to purify my eyes.” Reaper looked out the window, “Oh, it seems the rain has stopped.”

Shin wrapped the towel around his waist as he entered his bathroom. “You! Why did you enter without knocking?”

“Ahjussi… I know! Mr. Reaper… he was the one who told me to come in here and place your towels!” Eun-Tak squinted her eyes to avoid Shin’s piercing gaze. It was stupid of her to believe that grim reaper. Why would he purposely lie to her unless… ‘If you got into an argument. Just apologize. That goblin always listens to you.’

“Tsk. That Reaper… I’m going to—”

“Mianhe.” Eun-Tak whispered. Words fumbled out of her mouth, “Really… I’m sorry for what I said yesterday… it wasn’t your fault at all. I shouldn’t feel entitled just because I’m the Goblin’s bride. It’s because of you; I’m still alive and breathing well. I’m also sorry for walking in on you. I didn’t mean to stare so much… it’s just I—”

Before Eun-Tak could finish her sentence, her lips met with Shin’s wet lips and the scent of his freshly washed hair. She wasn’t sure whether it was because they had an argument yesterday or that she was missing Shin’s presence, but her mind completely went blank as the white towels she was supposed to deliver fell to the floor.

She wrapped her slender arms around his muscular shoulders as he gently lifted her onto the bathroom counter so that he could see her entire visage. He planted short kisses along her jaw line and caressed her face – the feel of her skin drove him crazy. Eun-Tak let out a soft moan at Shin’s touch and a feeling he’d never experienced before in all of his 939 years enveloped him. But what drove him crazier was when she nibbled on his bottom lip asking for more attention and he happily replied. Her lips were so soft… so plump… so sweet. He tasted her lips tentatively with his tongue, asking for permission. Eun-Tak – with a gasp of surprise – parted her shaking lips as his tongue slipped in between, while evoking feelings from within her that she’d never imagine. Their tongues tangled in a dance while they explored each other’s mouths… going deeper and growing hotter with every second. Their foreheads pressed, they parted for air while heavily panting against each other… unable to make sense of what just happened.

“You…. Eun-Tak…. You don’t need to apologize.” Shin panted in between, trying to recollect his thoughts. “I want you to feel entitled… because… because… you have been special to me long before—” Shin cupped her face so that he could gaze directly into her bright endless-brown eyes, “Long before I’ve met you as my bride. I did not make you. You are the miracle. Remember that.”

Before she knew it, tears welled up in her eyes and she couldn’t make out the medley of emotions she was feeling. With just a single phrase from him, all of her worries were swept away. She realized… that was all that she wanted to know… the feeling of being wanted and accepted for who she was. Not just because he was the goblin. Not just because she was his bride. Because they made each other happy.

“Also, I’m sorry too.” Shin whispered into her ear. “I was… jealous because you kept looking at Tae-Hee that it made me almost regret helping him.”

Eun-Tak giggled. “Ahjussi, Tae-Hee oppa is indeed handsome and talented…”

“You don’t need to remind m—”

Eun-Tak grabbed Shin’s face towards her so that this time, it was her gazing into his deep mysterious dark-brown eyes: “My mister is the most handsome and talented of all!” She scrunched her nose as she pecked his lips. “Remember that! Oh, and has the best body too! Hehe… you should start showing off more. You’d be even cooler.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Shin embraced her tightly and cooed in her silky hair: “Araso… Araso… I’ll start showing off more so you won’t stare at other boys. By the way, Eun-Tak, what do you want for desert after lunch?”

“Hmm… Seconds please.”