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The thing I love the most about the SasuSaku Fandom is that they didn’t judge Sasuke based off the choices he made but instead understood why. Not saying what he was doing was right but how we know there was more to him then meets the eye. What other people called in Part one of him not caring about Sakura in anyway, we saw him try to make Sakura a better person and saw how he actually DID care about what Sakura thought of him and even her judgement on Naruto in the beginning. And whether some want to admit it or not she also learned things from him. We don’t hate or judge Sakura but understand her feelings & character all too well to go as far as wanting to save him from the darkness. Cause we know in our hearts theres times we stray away from what’s the right choices, and we also have been the person to help another who needed it.

> Wonwoo is apparently the cleanest member 

> Is allergic to seafood; likes ramen, pork belly, pomegranates, and vegetable crackers. Also likes spicy food and cheeseburgers.

> I mean he really likes cheeseburgers 

> Attended the School of Performing Arts (Seoul) which, if any of you are into other kpop groups, you’d be able to recognize the school uniform because many successful idols also attended this school! 

> Can sing and play the guitar. He actually started off as a singer, but was told hiphop + rap suited him better

> Puts so much thought and emotion into his lyrics my heart and has notebooks upon notebooks full of just lyrics 

> Once, on his birthday, his mom gave him a lil extra money to have a fun celebration with Seventeen so they all went and partied ate well

> Guess that’s where Wonwoo’s sweet side comes from 

> speaking of parents, Wonwoo deeply appreciates his and shows much admiration for them

>  S.Coups gave himself as a present to Wonwoo on that same birthday

> Another time, Wonwoo had a really high fever (40°C / 104°F) and was told to just relax for a day but he kept pleading to just work and that he was fine

> is afraid of dogs and pigeons; is in fact a cat person

> Although he may seem intimidating + cold at first glance, that’s just a role he plays/was assigned

> he’s actually a really cute dork with a warm personality

> Who quietly observes the other members a lot

> He also describes himself as a happy virus and a sloth

> People also mistake him not speaking as much as the other members as him not caring but 

> he usually shows his affection in subtle ways

> except that one time he was peppering Dino with small kisses but hey man that was cute as hell

> Is pretty good friends with Seokmin, Chan, Soonyoung, Seungcheol, and of course Mingyu

> Is reserved and has said before he really values his privacy 

> Has to react politely when fans invade said privacy but you know he’s gotta feel really uncomfortable 

> Small habits include hitting people next to him softly (esp. when he’s feeling awkward), extreme/dedicated eye contact, sweater paws, bad jokes, watching other members carefully, and nose scrunches

> doesn’t believe in love at first sight 

> but does believe in being honest with your feelings if you do love someone and he believes in working hard to make things work between the two of you

> Likes amusement parks, the color blue, video games, reading, sleeping and movies

> Especially horror movies, but he can’t help but cry at certain sad movies like Miracle in Cell No.7 

> Likes the song  ‘First Love’. Also likes listening to sad songs before he sleeps 

>??? Is really proud of the fact that he can type fast??? like please I can’t believe people find him scary 

> Despite doing that hella high pitched voiced often, he doesn’t like aegyo

> but he’s adorable naturally in his own way so

> Let’s love our whimsical Wonwoo

silver-millennial asked:

In honour of Kino Makoto's birthday, can you post some favourite Mako moments, head canons, even just random predictions for pgsm involving Sailor Jupiter or something of that nature? You like procrastinating right?

I do like procrastinating, but do you know what I like more than procrastinating? MAKOTO KINO









Things Baekhyun Said

- I joined the debuting team even though my training period was short. I felt that I was lacking and even if it was a short period I had to work hard to enter that team. I was happy because my efforts paid” 

- I wanted to become a singer since 4th grade and I would even tell my friends that I was going to become a celebrity. And when I started taking auditions, I failed for other companies and after getting into high school, I was preparing to advance into a university with a music impact but oddly enough, the opportunity came to me. The day I went to take my exams, I was pretending to be a musician in that I was holding the music notes in front of the school and relaxing my vocals when someone suddenly tapped my back. I’m not sure if I can call this a luck of thousand years, but that’s how I was fatefully casted into SM.

- I want to become an all-rounded artiste, my family is very concerned and takes good care of my health~!

- When I feel like I am lacking something, I monitor people who are good at it and learn. That is why I wasn’t shaking while thinking ‘this is scary what should I do,’ but because instead I let out a war cry, 'I will fight with this!’ while looking at the camera, I feel like I was able to overcome it faster. 

- I declared it to my parents when I was 11 years old. I told them that I didn’t think I would be able to work sitting in an office, because I’m very lively by nature and I cannot stay still in one spot. I would sing along to the songs that came out on TV and my friends would tell me that I was good, so because of that I wanted very much to try it out. Then, in the sixth year of elementary school, I saw singer Rain sunbaenim and I officially developed my dream of being a singer. I thought he was very handsome when I saw the broad stage being filled up just by his powerful presence.

-  I originally have the kind of character that is not afraid of strangers. Even if someone gives of the vibe that they do not like me, I would still be friendly towards them. And I will like anyone who has basic manners. You seem to receive love in particular when you greet your sunbaenims well.

-  I do not like tensed atmospheres. If the atmosphere seems languid, I will chatter noisily. I actually did not know what it means to be depressed when I was younger. I thought, “Is it that unpleasant feeling I get when it rains?” If someone seems down, I would talk with no purpose and make them laugh. Because if you do not extinguish the depressing thoughts quickly, your heart will keep getting heavier and then it will be difficult to overcome them in the future.

-  More than any other things, I want to be better at singing. Because I wanted to be a singer from the beginning. I want to sing so well that people who listen will go “Wow!” and be in admiration. Without too much flourish or techniques, but someone who is able to sing effortlessly and relatably [to people]. Though I do not have the opportunity of singing alone yet, I hope that I will be able to let many people listen to my songs in the future.

-  My lucky charm is this bracelet that was given to me buy a noona I really like. She’s my trainer and she gave me this bracelet during a slump I had before this (wolf) comeback. I was worried and had a lot of thoughts about singing. She gave me this bracelet to become the fearless Baekhyun I once was.

- For instance, if someone got a move wrong, I make everyone laugh by expressing that more ridiculously. It’s not like I say something funny and make the atmosphere better. (laughter)

- To be honest, i was having a really hard time when we were preparing for Exoluxion concert. But after meeting fans like this and seeing your facial expressions, all my exhaustion vanished. I felt like my efforts were paid off and that makes me happy.

- Lay hyung is often doing activities in China, the time he spend with his members is not much and he feels very sorry towards us. But there is actually nothing to feel sorry for, there is no need to apologise. 

- I don’t suffer any setbacks because of the time difference. I wake up and go about when the sun rises, and I know when the sun sets so I sleep well. The state of getting enough sleep is great. Getting sleep during our promotional activities is the most difficult. We didn’t sleep for about 2~3 days consecutively when we were shooting the music video for ‘Growl’. These days, if I have a shooting/filming early in the morning, I can’t sleep well either. My face actually swells a lot. If I don’t get good sleep, my face becomes very swollen.

- (How do you relieve stress?) I exercise until I can’t worry any more. Otherwise, I would go into the car and shout. And I would also focus on a game that doesn’t require any thinking. If I’m in the dorm, I mainly enjoy playing computer games. I’m similar to the guys my age.

-  When I first became a trainee, the hyungs said that I was pretty funny when they saw me. A trainee who had just entered the company would normally not do anything and stay quiet, but I really didn’t rest to stop talking. So then the hyungs and friends around me were curious of me. And so I think that was how we became close quickly. Truthfully, I’m not the kind to be discouraged anywhere I go.

-  There was a year of nothingness after ‘MAMA’ activities’, until the comeback of ‘Wolf’. It was during that time that I reached a slump. It was fortunate that it wasn’t the peak of our promotional activities. Because I debuted right after a relatively short trainee period, I crashed too fast. So, for a year, I strove hard to do songs and dances as though I was trainee. Even now, when I have free time, I would practice. Because we don’t have time to go to the practice room, I would sing songs in the car as we get to places. I sing to the extent of people around me telling me I am noisy. Since we are too busy preparing for our award ceremony performance right now,  I’m thinking of practicing dancing even harder, starting next year. Shim Jaewon hyung, who directs the performances, says that since I’m great at my expressiveness, he recommends to guide me step by step on how to learn the very basics of dancing.

- I drove a tractor before. Because my grandmother lives in Gangwondo Yanggu, so when I was little I went to the countryside a lot with my father. I remembered that I stepped on the pedal before when I was on the tractor, I had my safety belt buckled.

-  For me music is something that stays by my side always,
when I am having a hard time, when I am tired,
when I am lonely, when I am sad,
when I am joyous, when I am happy.

-  It’s so simple, but also so difficult. I want all people of the world to be happy, unconditionally.

- (What kind of singer do you wish to be?) A singer that communicates a message. Vocalisation is important, making pretty sound is important, but most of all, when you sing there must be a story you want to tell. Even if the notes sometime go shaky, I want to put meaning into my singing. Rather than thinking “I’ll bend this note here and use this technique here”, I try to sing with the goal of moving people’s hearts, even just one.

- I relieve stress by always smiling!^^ I try to smile even when I’m angry, when things are hard. And I smile so others can see & get energy from me, because I’m LIGHT!


I miss Charlie so much. I mean come on, how can you not love her? 

She’s a geek: 

She got a tattoo of Princess Leia on top of a 20-sided dice:

She knows what being a proper fangirl of something is like/ very much relatable:

She cosplays/ LARPs, and is their queen:

She is adorable af

A strong female character who can handle weapons better than any man on the show = Badass: 

Her hair is to die for:

Did I mention that she’s adorable?

She’s gay, yet not stereotyped in anyway: 

She’s funny:

You have to admit, she was one character which the writers did a fantastic job on! #Bringbackcharlie2k16

I love Tumblr because it’s like all of these “perfect” Christians that I follow are not perfect at all, and they post it and admit it and repent for it. As I’ve scrolled down my dash this morning, I’ve seen several posts from people about their flaws, their worries, their woes, what gets their gears ground… and I absolutely love it.
Because this is what life is about. Honesty. Grace. Forgiveness.

Thank you for being true.

About Baekhyun

When we talk about Baekhyun most people recognise him as the mood maker, the happy, witty and talkative person, but on this post I want to talk about other things because I want his other side of his to be acknowledge more….
Warning: Long Post

Kind B

“One of the dancers update her IG related to Baekhyun. At TLP in Guangzhou concert rehearsal, one of the dancer hurt her leg, and after she got hurt she didnt put any medication. Baekhyun saw about that and asked the staff to talk to her and told her to put medication and treat her injured legs. Other member didn’t know about this. Baekhyun’s so kind and caring. He’s such a good boy.” [Credit: byntang04]

[Pre-Debut] The daughter of Baekhyun’s past tutor uploaded this account, along with a proof shot. When Baekhyun was in middle school, he’d go over to his tutor’s house all the time, literally, all the time. Even after the [study room] door closed, you could hear his non-stop talking. Seriously, the tutor would say, “Baekhyun-ah, let’s start our lesson now!” Even then, Baekhyun wouldn’t stop talking about other things, trying to push off his studies ‘til later by saying “Teach, hold on a sec~” He’d do silly things like act all superficial as if he were some top celebrity, making these random photoshoot expressions; he’d sometimes show off his weird dancing, all to entertain his tutor and her family. Baekhyun also seemed to really like babies, so he’d often play with the tutor’s youngest son, who’d just learn to crawl then: get down on the floor with him, hug the baby while reading him story books, wipe his dribbling saliva, etc. 

The signature Baekhyun left his tutor before his debut:

[Translation of his message to her: Thank you for always supporting me, Teach~! Stay healthy~!”]


“Lastly Baekhyunㅋㅋㅋㅋ On this day Chanyeol and he were MVPs. Baekhyun was excited to bake and said he loved chocolate chips so he put heaps into the pastry mixture, but then the lady said ‘If you put in heaps then the time it takes for the bread to be done takes longer. You have to put in a certain quantity.’ And then he started laughing and said ‘I understand, I’m sorry’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He secretly ate the chocolate chips without the lady knowing ㅋㅋㅋ Chanyeol brought broken bread to Baekhyun and Baekhyun said ‘What is this, is this bread? How can I eat this’ and then  Chanyeol joked ‘Those students over there made it..’ and Baekhyun changed his facial expression immediately and said ‘wow the bread broke nicely’ and put it in his mouth and smiled ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Apparently it was really cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Oh and at the last moment when they were tidying things up, Joonmyun and Jongin said to Chanyeol and Baekhyun that ‘since you guys ate and played the most you guys should take care of the cleaning’ as a joke and Chanyeol and Baekhyun started putting all their efforts into cleaning upㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

trans cr. onalandfarfaraway

There are also some pre-debut here if you’re interested to read more of his pre-debut account here and here

Hard Working B


Reporter: “Baekhyun joined SITR last month but because of his packed schedule, he’ll only perform in the mid of July. Do you think he would be able to stand on the stage confidently despite the lesser practice hours as compared to others? Furthermore, he’s having a hard time after his dating news have surfaced”

Caring B


The OP was one of the 11 selected participants there. She said Baekhyun was really good at playing with the kids and shelving books. A lot of kids rushed to him to get autographs, and although there wasn’t much time, he told each kids to study hard and put a “heart” next to everyone’s names. He shelved book collections carefully in number order and re-shelved others according to height, even he wasn’t told to. It was a long 4hr ride away from Seoul but he was cheerful and didn’t show any tiredness while working.

His love for animal

The date that Baekhyun was supposed to visit the centre for unwanted dogs, during his busy schedule for EXO’s special winter album promotions, was decided. On the much anticipated day when Baekhyun went to meet the unwanted dogs, the broadcasting team received a message saying that Baekhyun would arrive at the adoption centre early in the morning, and so the broadcasting team went earlier too. Upon hearing that Baekhyun was willing to give up his resting/sleep time to spend as much time as he could at the animal adoption centre, the manager was touched and agreed to go with him early in the morning. Baekhyun arrived at the centre that day wearing clothes that were so casual and comfortable looking that one would not be able to tell whether he had come for a photoshoot or for a casual outing. Baekhyun said: “The photoshoot is important but it is also important that the dogs are able to feel comfortable with me and get closer to me as quick as possible. So, wouldn’t it be obvious for me to wear clothes that don’t make the dogs uncomfortable? (laughs),” he told us. As expected, the boy knew what the animal clinic’s purpose was all about. A doctor at the animal clinic taught Baekhyun about all the things he had to know about helping the dogs at the clinic. The dreary and boring lesson time went for longer than 30 minutes but Baekhyun was very serious and watched with wide, attentive eyes, asking questions here and there. At the end of the lesson Baekhyun said, “So today, the things I have to do are - play with the dogs, teach them food/table manners, groom the dogs and take them for walks. Am I right?” He said this while folding down one finger for each activity and when he did this, he was cuter than the puppies.
You Can read FULL translation here

There are people going around that Baekhyun hate his Chinese member or that he bullies them, but I find Baekhyun is the one who cares for his Chinese member the most which was seen and witness many times of him taking care of his members both his Chinese and Korean member.

During 140727 TLP concert at Changsha Tao’s leg was injured so Baekhyun been there to help him. This is a fancam of Baekhyun taking care of injured Tao during concert.

During Happy Camp recording, Baekhyun wiping tears and taking care of Tao who was crying. There is also a fancam here

Tao was quite upset and felt guilty that he couldn’t perform with the members cause of his injury and while the others were comforting Tao, Baekhyun explained that Tao did his best regardless and that the members himself were very touched by his effort.

[From Interview]

Q: I think it’s amazing that you got into the debut team after just one year. Who helped you out the most during the trainee years?

Tao: Baekhyun hyung did. Although he couldn’t speak Chinese and I couldn’t speak Korean, we could still converse, using hands and feet. I was so thankful so I bought him dinner few times. (Interviewer: Why?) Because I wanted to(laughs)

And here we have other gif of Baek cheering Tao up.

It was Baekhyun’s turn to drink but he saw Chanyeol was exhausted so he let Chanyeol drink first

2013, Kai got injured, as a team member Baekhyun supported him, as usual he get squeezed by fans, Kai got squeezed till he fell, Baekhyun went to help him up, he probably blocked the fans from filming, and fans scolded Baekhyun telling him “To Get Lost”.  2015 he became a human support again, he used his face to block stuffs that was throwing towards Kai.

[FANACC] 150101 - Jongin injured his leg and there is no manager with him. The fans were still crazy, A bouquet of flowers were thrown at Jongin but Baekhyun tried to take the hit for him. He stood forward to let Kai have more space. The fan turned and didn’t expect to see him standing there instead of Jongin. Eventually Baekhyun just stood quietly in the corner, unmoving, to wait for the rest of the members. After that OP saw Baekhyun touched his face because of the pain [ibaekrauhls]

He is always supportive for his member. This here Baekhyun was cheering Lay up cz he thought he didn’t sing well

Supportive B

This was when Lay mentioned Baek during an interview

Light B

I think the power of light fits Baekhyun allot. He is indeed a light, he has the power to lighten people up lifting the atmosphere up. He will always try to ensure his fans, friends and his member are okay even if he probably not all that good inside. 


“I relieve stress by always smiling!^^ I try to smile even when I’m angry, when things are hard. And I smile so others can see & get energy from me, because I’m LIGHT!”

Baekhyun Love For Fans

He is forever caring for fans on stage and off stage. Many fans who met him on fansign event have expressed that Baekhyun is very kind, these are some of the fanacc of Baekhyun fansign events and his ment during concerts.

“EXO’s fans are jjang ~~ you guys are the best ~~~ you guys are mine ~ ”

“I love you ~ everyone”

“Your existences are like tonic to me”

- Kwanghwamun fansign
At first, it was a private fansign, but it was changed into a public one. So there were fans at the outside watching ones inside getting signatures.
However, fans were taking pictures and were too noisy outside. Someone pulled the blinds down. Baekhyun saw it and said “Excuse me…Please lift the blinds up, sorry but please lift the blinds up”
Fan: Ah~~ why…”
Baekhyun: Ah fans at this zone are also precious!!! I love you. I love fans are here and ones are over there as well. Love needs to be fair…”
Fans outside didn’t get in order and it was their faults, but he said this for them… it was so touching

When a fan wanted to shake his hand
Fan: My hand sweats a lot
Baekhyun: Please wipe it on me

Fan: Oppa, can we get married?
Baekhyun: So where do you want to go on our honeymoon?
Fan: Maldive
Baekhyun: I see, but now is impossible. Oppa has to earn more money, let’s go later

Fan: Are EXO’s fans cute?
Baekhyun: They(you) are the cutest on earth

Fan: I’m a wolf
Baekhyun: Are you a lovely wolf?

Fan: Why don’t you use ear-phones when you’re on stage?
Baekhyun: I want to hear more of your cheers and communicate with you

“Thanks you so much for loving us EXO in 2013. Thanks to fans, our 2013 was full of pink”

“I love you guys so so much. I’ll be always your bright energy. I love you”

“There are people think that singer is a job that receives, but I don’t think like that. I’ll try to be the one who always give to our fans instead”

Forever try his best to show his gratitudes to us.

150720 BAEKHYUN CHATTING EVENT: Baekhyun about Int Fans