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Hey, I see you there, over 5000 of you lovin pigeons EVERY, SINGLE, DAY!

As always I am so glad that so many of you appreciate at least one pigeon a day, thank you all :) <3,  

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How do you potty train a pidge?

Mostly by restricting their access to things that can be damaged by poo (Ankhou is not allowed on the TV, computer tower, or coat wrack), laying out mays or towels under the perches you envourage them to use, and praising them when they go back to the cage/kennel or to an easily cleaned surface to poo.

Ankhou mostly goes on tile when not on one of his favorite perches.

Expressing your displeasure and immediately putting them down or in the kennel will teach your bird that you do not appreciate being pooed on. Pigeons that like you will try to avoid it most of the time, but occasionally forget.

Pigeons that do NOT like you will aim at you on purpose.

So bond needs to be priority 1.

General rules of thumb:
Do not let yourself get angry at it.
The first offence gets a warning.
Verbally warn that they will be put up (or what ever your time out phraze is) next time they do x.
Second time gets them put up.
Pick up and gently restrain the pidge that does x anyway and calmly remind them that you told them doing X again would earn a time out.
Ignore the tantrum, but verbally tell the pidge that they can come back out when they settle down.

When the pidge settles down, verbally tell it “Now you can come out.” and immediately release it.

Dwarf Appreciation Week: Shale (July 30th)

This was a battle icon commission created by Emma at demandthedoodles – I asked if she could make a statue of Inquisitor Cadash and have it covered in pigeon poop as a homage to Shale. Emma loved the idea and absolutely rose to the challenge. Super stoked with how it turned out!

“I intend to return, eventually … unless I finally decide to destroy all pigeons everywhere. That make take a while. But otherwise, I will come back. If it happens to one day see a tiny little dwarf who appears very nervous of being squished … that will be me.” – Shale Cadash

pigeons are obviously their favorite thing and i appreciate pigeons cause of them but i’m not going to let them ruin any nice things for me, not even their favorite animal. fuck that

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oh my fuckimg god tumblr needs to shut up rite now i'm a csa survivor and i can 10000000% appreciate that calling a pigeon daddy isn't fuckimg offensive in any way at all i can't even deal w anyone im YELLING ! AASHDJDKKD im.....

out of context this is a really weird ask but ty i’m glad! i try to not be offensive.

go anywhere you want me to

A missing scene from the good ol’ days of season one, where our favourite co-leaders didn’t have all that much to worry about except hallucinogenic nuts and the occasional temper tantrum from one of the delinquents. Dedicated to @feminist14er , whose amazing fics were one of the many reasons I fell into this fandom. Have an amazing birthday lovely, and I hope you like this! x 


Bellamy Blake makes it a point to not pay attention to Clarke Griffin, unless he has to.

It’s bad enough that he has to co-parent a whole brood of helpless, hormonal teenagers with her. He refuses, based on principle and principle alone, to become friends with her. She has plenty of those anyway, with spacewalker hanging onto her every word and the wonder twins following her around like lost, overly-eager fawns.

But she’s been sneezing uncontrollably for the past hour or so, wiping her nose on that dirty, grimy sleeve of hers and it’s disgusting

“The fuck is wrong with you?” he snarls, making sure to inject extra venom in there lest she mistakes it for concern.

(It’s not like he’s worried or anything, it’s just goddamned unhygienic, that’s all.)

Clarke sniffles, manages a pitiful, “I think I might have the flu.”

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you'd be one hell of a beautiful pigeon. the beautifullest!

omg You’re so sweet thank you for appreciating the beauty of pigeon!AU ;u;