appreciating pigeons

Hey everyone!!! Monsieur Pigeon, World Hacker Amy and Dragon Pigeons would like to thank you all for following, liking and sharing my stuff ^-^ It means a lot to me and I hope you will continue liking and supporting me for many eons to come (yeah that’s right, I’m on Tumblr 4 LYF YO).

Some things you can expect from me in the very near future: setting up commissions, setting up a Tictail store to sell prints and other things (Ditto stickers okay 8D), a Seven fic I’ve been writing behind the scenes that I wanna start posting to AO3, more Yoosung fanart, more MM fanart, Izuku Midoriya fanart shut up I like him okay, and of course general crack-posting >30

Think that’s it for now. Hope you have a beautiful day 🌞


Hey, I see you there, over 5000 of you lovin pigeons EVERY, SINGLE, DAY!

As always I am so glad that so many of you appreciate at least one pigeon a day, thank you all :) <3,  

toast-lord-of-toastville  asked:

Bruh hit me up with a pigeon tho

ho cousin,

i appreciate the pigeon thee sendeth, twas very meaningful and i desire thee wilt join our humble church. Attached a picture of father hope.

Yours till the crow flies and the flies crow,

Mother of the Peaches.

Just Watched Hotel Transylvania 2

These too are the cutest thing ever. Their friendship, and how they call “zing” to each other innocently ahahah

I love how cute Dennis is, and I totally love when Winnie tells Dennis to appreciate the dead pigeon she gave him, cause…

Gotta tame them from the start ahah ^^

fel-as-in-tumbld  asked:

it's in my queue somewhere, but fun pigeon fact -- they don't really give a fuck about us and flying takes a lot of effort so they just... try walking faster first and if it appears we're gonna step on them then they fly

honestly this increases my appreciation for pigeons one hundred fold because that level of “don’t give a fuck” is pretty aspirational

“you humans walking around aren’t worth the effort of flying, I can fucking outwalk you”