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Call Me Daddy

Summary: Phil asks Dan what his kink is, but Dan doesn’t feel so inclined to tell him.

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: smut (specifically: daddy kink smut oh man)

happy birthday @mangothatismelancholy !! i know im a few hours early but i won’t have much time to post it tomorrow morning ahaha. i hope you like this and i hope i remembered correctly that daddy kink was your favorite (?). also i hope you have a great birthday dude!!! 

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Kwon Minsik for H1GHR MUSIC


//Please take a moment to appreciate Drac’s laboratory/library.
If anyone still doubts why Lisa fell for this man, please, look again.
And again.
It’s just too pretty.
So pretty.
I can imagine teen Alucard running experiments with Lisa and her being a normal mom like “Dammit no, not like that”, and trying to do it but remembering she should let him screw up and learn. And then Drac needs to rebuild a whole wall.

man begets monsters.

It may not be quite yet August 20th, but either way, I just wanted to finally post this artwork I did for H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday! The version of the author in Bungou Stray Dogs has captured my heart in so many ways, and no matter how you feel about the author he is based off of, the character himself is such a wonderful mixture of the horrifyingly bizarre and the strangely mundane. 

And now we can safely say why Lovecraft’s hair is so big. It’s full of secrets. ;)

Imagine Lee handling your pregnancy cravings

Paring: Lee Pace x Reader
Word count: 850

Lee slowly opened his eyes, a rustling noise was reaching his ears and he didn’t know what it was. He sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, a dim light at the other end of the room caught his eye.
“Y/N, what are you doing?” his voice sounded heavy from the sleep and still exhausted from lack of it.
“looking for some pants, go back to sleep.” You ushered him to go back to sleep, because you knew how much he needed it. He had been the perfect husband throughout this whole pregnancy. The poor man had been running back and forth for you and all your pregnancy troubles, you did not have the heart to send him out now to get what you wanted. What your baby wanted.
Lee let out a heavy sigh and turned his head towards the digital clock on his nightstand, 2a.m. it showed. With some more groaning he stepped out of bed and strode towards you.
“Why are you looking for pants Y/N?” He now leaned against the frame of the walk in closet the two of you owned. The tone of his voice already let you know that he was amused at your crouched form. He thought it was very sweet you tried not to wake him, but he rather had you asking him for minimum stuff than you walking out in the middle of the night for something that wasn’t worth bringing you in danger.  You looked at him with big eyes as a deer caught in the headlights, the look in your eyes was just so adorable that Lee could not resist to let his expression soften as well.  
“Because I wanted to get some food.” You stopped in your tracks and just looked up at him from your crouching position.
“What do you want?”
“Oh it’s fine, I can get it myself.”
“No Y/N, I am your husband, the father of your child and I will do my duty and take care of the both of you.” His voice became formal and had a hint of his character Thranduil. His act earned a giggle from you and you raised yourself to your full height. Lee immediately stuck out his arms to catch you as he saw you wobbling along the way, the extra weight within your belly didn’t make moving much easier. Once you stood at full height he wrapped his long arms gently around you.
“Now tell me what is it you desire?” he stayed in character.
“My dear lord, I wish for a blueberry milkshake we had last week on our trip and spareribs. He grinned at your response and gave you a sweet kiss on your forehead.
“Anything for my Queen.” And with that he left, leaving you and the baby in anticipation for his return with the delicious food.

Lee was grumpy when he had returned, it turned out that spareribs were a little bit more difficult to find than he thought. He had to drive 45 min to get those.
He shut the door behind him and walked towards your shared bedroom where he was met with the most loving sight he could imagine. There you were in your bed curled up with one of his shirts, a hint of a smile on your face as one of your hands was pressed against  your swollen tummy.  Lee let out a heavy sigh and placed the milkshake and spareribs on your nightstand and crawled with you in bed. He wrapped his arm around you and clasped his hand around yours against your tummy, he pressed one last kiss against the nape of your neck and closed his eyes.


Lee’s eyes opened for a second time that night and turned around. The sight in front of him made him scrunch up his nose and he gave you a look of disgust.
There you were in a sitting position with the milkshake on your stomach and you were dipping the spareribs in your milkshake and you ATE them together.
pregnant woman have weird cravings. He was absolutely disgusted by it, but the happy look on your face made it all worth. Lee gave one last sigh for the night and turned back in his previous sleeping position, trying to get some more sleep before he had to get up to go to work.

Dealing with you wasn’t easy on him, the swollen body parts, sudden mood swings and of course the cravings. The little one inside you was going to be a weird one, but he wouldn’t change it any other way.
If he could choose again, he’d do it all over again. He’d experience the hot cup of soup over his legs again, you knocking your hard head against his nose, falling on the ice and taking him with you and the pregnancy.
He’d go through everything all over again just to be here with you again. With you here in his bed as his wife carrying his child.

He’d choose the same path over and over just to be with you.

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A/N: Please everyone take a moment to appreciate this wonderful man. Look at him! He’s so squishy!!! 
Also.. I have no idea how spareribs and milkshakes would taste together, but I imagine it would be pretty disgusting. 
Sorry pregnant ladies out there, never been pregnant here so I can’t really tell… anything … that could happen in reality so…
SORRYYY!! but anyway I hope you enjoyed it :D


Can we all just appreciate how beautiful this man looks when he laughs for a moment please? I mean look how happy he is, he never fails to me me smile or laugh when he laughs. Don’t get me started on the left boob grab because that shit is sexy as fuck 👌🏻😍