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Get to know your favorite Fire Emblem blogs! Answer these five questions about Fire Emblem Heroes, then anonymously copy-and-paste to five Fire Emblem blogs you want to know more about! 1) What's your summoner's name and (if they have one) backstory? 2) Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team? 3) Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable? 4) Any heroes you want but haven't summoned? 5) Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Anon I hope you appreciate my effort of memefying all my answers

1. What’s your summoner’s name and (if they have one) backstory?

Backstory is here (they’re my old screenshots taken when I was playing FE:A)

2. Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team?

3. Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable?

takumi and roy what do u mean? my favs are never not reliable. this is a wrong question. nEXT

4. Any heroes you want but haven’t summoned?

(pls don’t do this to me you two)

5. Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Some of my other ally supports are Amelia/Effie, Sonya/Genny, Ike/Soren and Alfonse/F!Corrin! I don’t really care about whether they’re romantic or not :’D

Original squad challenges: 1 2 3

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hey i jsut wanted to say thanks for stressing the platonic relationships in your art via the tags.. it sucks we have to do that in this fandom but im always happy when people do it

It certainly sucks, especially when I see it reblogged and tagged as romantic against my obvious wishes. All my art is platonic and it will stay that way, I assure you. Though it doesn’t seem to stop the shippers, I will be continuing to mark my art as platonic and upload it for you guys to enjoy. Thanks for appreciating my effort anon! I won’t allow shippers to destroy my platonic fluff

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I followed this blog recently about a week ago and I must say it's really interesting! And thanks to you and your blog I know more about my astrology signs. I'll have to send in a compatibility/synastry request whenever they're open! But I love looking at your blog it's so interesting and if my battery life could handle it I would be here for hours! Keep up the good work :)

anon: Your blog gives me life . Thank you *insertkissyfaceu*
anon: wow i love your account and i appreciate your efforts 👏🏻❤️ ( sorry for my bad english 🇦🇷)
anon: I followed so quick! Omg 💗 - oxygen anon 
anon: Hi your blog is super cute and you seem like a lovely person hope you’re anon: having a great day 💕💕💕💕 sorry this isn’t a request
anon: Your blog is what I’ve been looking for since 2014 
anon: i just wanna say that i love you blog 🙌🏻💛 
anon: I don’t regret turning your notifications on ♡
anon: hey! just wanted to pop by and say that I love your blog so much!! I’ve anon: always wished that someone would create about bangtan + astrology, anon: since they’re two of my favorite things, so I’m so happy you did it!! thank you for that 💕 
anon: congrats on 1k, you deserve it and so much more~

y’all are so sweet gdi 💞

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Sometimes we forget how thoughtful & strong Jackson is. Many people have been hating him for some of his variety shows. For example, the kiss on SNL or toilet scene in A Look At My Self. Some fans may have even been annoyed with him. But did u see his tears? Did u see him losing weight? Did u see him caring for his members? Jackson reminds me of the saying "THE LONELIEST PEOPLE ARE THE KINDEST, THE SADDEST PEOPLE SMILE THE THE BRIGHTEST" His GQ Interview is downright inspirational. GO JACKSON!❤️

omg this message brought tears to my eyes. this is so damn true.

honestly, jackson is SUCH a hardworker and a genuine person. he deserves standing ovation for the amount of things he has done in his career thus far. some people do seem to forgot all the hard work he is putting into further promoting got7 as a whole. 

jackson deserves so fucking much.