appreciate it bishes

If you love Kpop just read this.

To all those who listen to, admire and love kpop. So I tried spreading the love of kpop to so-called “friends” and I know that doing that is very dangerous considering they may think I am crazy. Something happened today that acc lowkey hurt me, so i was on the phone to my friend whilst with other friends and we were talking about learning the dance to call me baby by EXO for our new youtube channel. The minute they heard me explaining the song to my friend and singing the korean bits as I had a quick fangirl moment, they literally treated me like an outcast for the 15 mins i was with them. They literally crossed the road and walked on the other side, and when i tried to catch them up cos i thought they were kidding, one person was like “don’t touch me” he even flinched. The other person stopped in their tracks and somewhat seemed disgusted that I was into that. LIKE WTF? DOES LIKING KPOP MAKE ME A DISEASE? And just so y’all know KOREAN, JAPANESE AND CHINESE ARE 3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. They like to say they are all the same damn thing ffs. Now all I really want to say is, if maybe, people look at you like you’re a weirdo cos say, you listen to kpop or learn far eastern languages or something different to the rest, don’t be phased by it. I have been told endlessly that I am “annoying” or “so weird” because I learn japanese and korean and listen to kpop/jrock. Honestly it is hard to comprehend that the same people who should respect me make fun or mock the fact that I’M TRYING TO BE A MULTILINGUAL BISH! Like you can stay speaking dry english forever while imma be in another country speaking korean/japanese or some shit. I feel like Kpop has shown me a new way to life and groups like EXO, BIGBANG, 2NE1 etc are so inspiring to me and you know what, I enjoy kpop more than normal music now. I’ve even started deleting some english songs cos I won’t have enough space on my phone for kpop lmao. Everyone on here PLEASE embrace your love for kpop and anything else you are interested in. Don’t let mean people get in the way of you being such an amazing person and open doors for yourself. *exhales*

You know what message me, let’s all have a chat on life and whether you have loads or little friends who are into kpop like you, and your experiences.