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I have NEVER understood people who buy those disgusting fake bacon bits! 🤢 Making the real thing is so easy–and a zillion times more delicious!! Sure, the smell of bacon permeates your house for an entire day, but that’s such a small price to pay!

Deluxe baked potatoes are happening tonight and I am way too excited about them!!!

“I took the best of feminism, but really miss being objectified by men wolf whistling at me.”

‘Stop Tickling Me’ - WillNE Drabble

Drabble: ‘Loving the Will stuff. If you have the time can you write another drabble maybe 19 or 21. Please and thanks, cheers. x’

Author’s note: I only intended to do one of the drabble prompts but once I got into writing this I thought I get them both in. Thank you for the request, I hope you enjoy it! x

19. ‘Stop tickling me’

21. ‘Hold me’

Your eyes slowly began to open- sunlight flooded into them and a groan escaped your lips. You were wrapped up in a duvet, your hair knotty, stomach churning, mouth dry and the room spinning. You had definitely had too much to drink last night and you were suffering because of it. You thought back to the night before. You had been at Will’s flat with Chip, Gee and Stephen for a quiet night in, but somehow Will had convinced everyone that going clubbing was a good idea. Within an hour you were at the club doing shots and dancing the night away. You didn’t remember getting home, however you’d woken up in a familiar place- Will’s room. You had a weird relationship with Will- you stayed over in his room with him, went for dinners, flirted, had long late-night phone calls and had kissed before, but you’d never felt the need to speak to him about where you stood. 

You rolled over expecting to see Will sleeping peacefully, but the other half of the bed was empty. You furrowed your eyebrows. Who were you going to moan to about how rough you felt, if Will wasn’t here? You needed water- your mouth was dry and felt disgusting. You flung the duvet off your body and stood up, holding the wall to steady yourself as you realised you were still slightly drunk. The cold air raised goosebumps on your legs, the rest of your body toasty and warm under Will’s favourite mint green hoodie. You slowly plodded your way into the kitchen, feeling like a toddler who was just learning to walk again. 

“Just in time for some breakfast!” Will exclaimed enthusiastically as you came into his view, causing you to wince. 

“If you speak that loudly again, then you’re gonna be in trouble.” You groaned, rubbing your eyes. “I am very fragile this morning.”

Will laughed, sliding a plate with a bacon sandwich towards you. “Get this down you and you’ll be fine. We can have a chilled day after and watch some Netflix or something.”

You chuckled, grabbing the sandwich and taking a big bite. You and Will ate in silence, enjoying the greasy food that you were using to nurse your hangover. You had never appreciated a bacon sandwich so much in your life and you finished it quickly. You grabbed Will’s plate and put it in the sink along with yours before beginning to shuffle back to his bedroom. 

“I’m making a cup of tea, I’ll come in to see you in a minute.” Will called after you.

“Two sugars please.” You shouted back laughing as you threw yourself onto the bed.

You wrapped yourself up in the duvet like a burrito, hogging it all and knowing it would annoy Will. You laid snug in the duvet with a smug grin on your face as your waited for him to come back and when you heard his footsteps coming towards the room you felt giddy with excitement. Will stood in the doorway holding two cups of tea, his eyes narrowed as he stared at you.  

“You’ve got until I put this tea down to give me some duvet or there is gonna be trouble.”

You braced yourself, wrapping the duvet tighter around you and curling up on your side. You heard Will place the cups down on the bedside table and then there was silence. Out of nowhere he pounced on you, unravelling the duvet that surrounded you and dragging it off of you. Will got a leg either side of you and sat on your thighs, pinning your legs down as he pulled the hood of the jumper over your head and pulled the drawstrings so that the hood closed around your face, your nose just poking out. He jabbed his fingers into your sides and tickled you. You squirmed and writhed underneath him trying to get away but he had you trapped. You laughed and tried to grab his arms to stop him but he was much stronger than you, so you instead pulled the closed hood back open revealing your red face. Tears of laughter slipped out of the corners of your eyes as Will moved from ticking your stomach to your neck. 

“Will!” You exclaimed breathlessly amongst your laughing, grabbing his hands to stop him. “Please stop tickling me. I’m hungover and I’m gonna chunder all over you if you don’t stop.”

Will stopped immediately. “Alright I’ll leave you on your own then.” He crossed his arms and poked out his bottom lip, starting to get up off you as he pretended to be upset. 

“Don’t leave me. I just want you to stop tickling me and to hold me instead.”

You leaned up and wrapped your arms around Will’s shoulders, pulling him back so that he was laid next to you on the bed. You threw half of the duvet over him and pulled half back over yourself, quickly turning over and laying on your side to look up at him with a cheesy smile on your face. Will still had his arms crossed and bottom lip poking out. He looked down at you and a toothy grin took over his face instead. 

“Come here then you. I did promise you a chilled day.” 

You quickly snuggled up to him. Will flung an arm around you and tangled his legs in amongst your smoothly shaven ones. You laid your head against him, the lingering smell of yesterday’s cologne still on his skin. Will played with the drawstrings of his hoodie that you were wearing as he looked down at you. 

“I like this on you.” He told you in a hushed tone, causing you to smile profusely. 

Will grabbed the remote to his television and put on Netflix. He closed the blinds that were just above your head, leaving the room just illuminated by the TV and passed you your tea. You laid together all afternoon watching episode after episode of a Netflix series, curled up under the duvet in each other’s company. Neither of you said much, but it was a comfortable quietness between you, only occasionally broken by chuckles at the show. Your relationship with Will was strange and complicated, often confusing and complex, but you enjoyed every second you spent with him and you wouldn’t change it for the world. 

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Canadian bacon, as in: my canadian dick. I think you will find the size quite fitting, and the taste.. quite exquisite.

Unfortunately, the only dick I will be eating will belong to my lover. I appreciate your offer.

Pregnancy Series #5-Morning Sickness (Niall)

Warning: morning sickness, throwing up. 

You awoke suddenly, the scent of the eggs and bacon that Niall was cooking reaching your nose. You stood, rushing towards the bathroom, your hand pressed over your mouth. You bent over the toilet, what little you had in your stomach coming up.

“Love, are you okay?” Niall called. You stood, trying to catch your breath before replying.

“I’m okay, Niall,” You tried to call, but it came out too quietly for him to hear. Niall came up the stairs, and leaned his head around the bathroom door.

“Love? Are you okay?” Niall murmured.

“Yeah,” You whispered, turning on the sink and filling a glass with water. You rinsed out your mouth, and then started to brush your teeth. “Our little one doesn’t seem to appreciate the smell of bacon and eggs.”

“Is there anything that our baby does appreciate?” Niall inquired, stepping closer and touching his hand to your belly.

“Hmm. I could go for some toast,” You replied, moving closer to Niall. You leaned your head against his shoulder, smiling as he put his arm around you.

“I’m sorry that our little one is making it so you don’t feel well,” Niall murmured.

“It’s okay, Niall,” You replied, looking up at him. “It’s all part of it, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Niall said, smiling at you. “And, just think, in a few months, our baby will be here.”

“That’s true,” You quietly said. “I hope our baby has your eyes.”

“I hope our baby looks like you,” Niall murmured, pressing his lips to your forehead. “Let’s go get something to eat?”

“Okay,” You replied, and the two of you headed downstairs.

Written by Angel xx

A/N: I’m sorry this is so short, but I’ve been overstressed with school and exhausted, as well as not being so well.

Paddling Out (SSC/Rosvolio Modern!AU)

Set between Migraine and Sugar Water.  

This one was a struggle for some reason, so please forgive any problems or discrepancies.  ((less than 24 hours until these two goofballs grace our screens again!!!!))

“Come on, lazy bums!  We are not wasting half of the day because you wouldn’t get out of bed!”

Rosaline sipped at her coffee with an amused grin on her face, watching her boyfriend over the rim of her mug.  Boyfriend.  Even after three weeks, she couldn’t quite believe that it was real…that she was in a relationship with Benvolio Montague.  Somehow the transition from friends to lovers had been seamless.

And yet, she realized as he winked at her and disappeared down the hall to rouse their friends, maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise.  Rosaline listened to the groans of protest from Mercutio from the living room, and Romeo and Juliet from her cousin’s room.  Livia was the only one who padded into the kitchen before Benvolio returned, clearly already up and moving before he’d called for them.  

“Morning, Liv,” she greeted warmly.  

“How are you so chipper this morning?” Livia grumbled.  The answering grin on Rosaline’s face spoke for itself as she remembered her own - much more pleasant - wakeup call, and the younger Capulet pretended to gag.  “Ugh, nevermind, spare me the details.”  Both girls started giggling.  

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You Can’t Escape Your Past P.2

Characters: Bodyguard!Dean x Chef!Reader, mysterious third character

Word Count: 2,869

Warnings: fluffy angst, a robbery. There isn’t much warnings here.

Request: You and Dean take a much needed vacation to Cape Town for your two year anniversary. You thought it would be perfect and everything you ever wanted. What happens when your past decided to catch up with you?

Author’s Note: This is the first part of a 4 or 5 part mini series! If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

I would link the first part but it may break the tags and I don’t want that. 

Feedback is always appreciated

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“Sweetheart!” Dean called out for you.

“I’ll be right there!” You replied, looking at the front of it. Only your name was written and nothing else. You opened the letter and frowned even more when out found out what was inside.

You think what you have is so perfect? How about try and live in my shoes for a while. This trip isn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine. Watch your back.

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