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warning: dirty comments omfg theyre not explicit dont worry

Where Yoongi gets drunk

CA N U ALL APPRECIAT E MY EXTREMELY FAKE BLUSH YOONGI EDIT PLEase thanks. i’ll do requests soon. they’re opened, btw, (only yoonseok) so feel free to request or talk to me, here!

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it (and sorry for that edit)

boobean-jpg  asked:

Hi Mister! Just wanted to say I love your blog and let you know you brighten my day soooooo so much and reading all your responses to other people's questions also helps to answer lots of my own ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you have a really goood day!

We are all in this together, I merely captain the ship… you guys are the ones doing all the steering.

I appreciat each and every one of you and love you all.

Don't want to pay bills? Okay, well I'll restrict your...

Back story is that I recently split from my ex but wound up paying all the bills still for the time being. I’ve been trying to be as amicable as possible about the whole thing but he’s not bene very appreciatative of my efforts. So i amended the netflix account (which I pay for). I got a text last night whiile I was asleep:

‘Uh…Phoolf I wanted to watch some documentaries on Netflix but it’s changed my profile to under 12 years only and I can’t even watch nature shows’

I didn’t get this til I woke up and had extra texts:

'Phoolf…. please change it back. I can’t sleep and want to watch stuff’

And not a single care was given. He can get his own Netflix. Then he can sort out his own profile. Petty, but very satsfying knowing all he had available was disney movies.

evenvalterson  asked:

i ain't going on anon bc im always a hoe for showing u that your friends love and appreciat you so: you're the nicest lil bean ever and i love u so so so much and i hate that distance is a thing,, in other news: cuddle me

i love you so so so much, thank you ally!!
sending warm hugs all the way to germany 💖
(someday i’ll cuddle you i promise)