I was feeling dang good yesterday. These pants are seriously my favorite. I need to see if I can track down more of them, ya know, in every single color and in a size that fit me. I flew back to Minnesota probably for the last time this year and have another important wedding on Saturday. Luckily, the flight was insanely cheap and my parents helped me out this time.

My mama and I got BOGO Caribou and it was funny because she reminded me of the time I used to hate coffee. And that lion, errr cat, is actually mine. He’s a huge lazy thing, but I love him. I wish I could take him and his sister back with me. Oh and also, the Asian salad from Costco (with some chicken and wine) is super good. I am definitely going to have to get that next time I go.

Now I’m heading to get another TB test done soon for teaching. It’s so dumb. The district had one from when I worked for them before, but they can’t find it and the clinic they had me go to sucks and won’t dig through the boxes to look for it. I am just crossing my fingers insurance will cover it because I have already forked over about $200 for my license, fingerprints, and transcripts.


Hello there, fellow snowbarries! We here at snowbarrysource would like to thank you all for your patronage and support of this blog. In return, we have decided to come up with a little snowbarry apprecation week for all of us to be able to enjoy! The week will start on August 14 and run all the way to August 20! This is just so we can showcase everyone’s love for our favorite ship on The Flash and we want to be able to showcase your talent for it!

How do you do it? It’s simple! There are going to be set days below with prompts and we would like for you to either make gifsets, edits, fanfiction, etc and tag #snowbarrysource or #snowbarryweek when you post. Remember, we’re only reblogging things you have made yourself.

Let’s get right down to it! The days are as follows:

  1. Day 1 (August 14): The Moment You Started Shipping Them
  2. Day 2 (August 15): Favorite Snowbarry Episode(s)/Scene(s)
  3. Day 3 (August 16): Favorite Little Thing (like quirks they share, the hings that we as shippers tend to notice)
  4. Day 4 (August 17): Favorite Snowbarry Quote
  5. Day 5 (August 18): Favorite Hang Out (like your favorite location for them)
  6. Day 6 (August 19): An AU/Headcanon
  7. Day 7 (August 20): Free Choice!

Good luck and have fun!
[SURE] Jinyoung & Youngjae Interview (Got7) [Translation]

Translation kind of thing.

me: can I still do this?
me: *frustrated* I understand this but how do you say that in english

ALSO pls dont call me like. lady or queen or anythig similar but referring 2 me as a girl or a woman or mom or sister or smth is ok i jst?? if u could sometimes i would apprec it i thimk