The one thing I hate the most is saying goodbye. It’s never been easy for me. I mean, how do you approach the concept of goodbye? Goodbyes are all different. Some are for a day, some are for a month. But others are forever. And the concept of forever is hard to accept. It’s like, hey, I’m never going to see you again, goodbye. It doesn’t feel complete. But I think that’s what goodbyes are. They’re incomplete and you honestly don’t know how long the goodbyes will last. It’s part of life.

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Haikyuu fic rec part three??



As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

Get in losers, we’re going shipping.

get ripped, get laid - 13.5K; IwaOi; Personal trainer Iwaizumi should’ve known accepting Oikawa as his newest client would only end in one giant headache.

15 Minutes - 17.5K; IwaOi; Iwa-chan gets the 15 minutes of internet fame his face deserves.

i’ll fall with gravity - 61.5K (WIP); IwaOi; Iwaizumi Hajime, Assistant to Oikawa Tooru, CEO and Founder of Aoba Johsai Enterprises, really deserves a pay raise. AKA the Avengers AU you didn’t know you needed.

we can do better than that - 16.5K; IwaOi; Oikawa and Iwaizumi go on a road trip during the summer after their high school graduation.

darlin’, your head’s not right - 13.5K; IwaOi; Oikawa teases Iwaizumi about a childhood promise he made to marry him when they were older, except suddenly it’s not really a joke at all.

the language of love - 10K; KageHina; Where Hinata is from, they don’t say “I love you”. Instead, they text their friends at three in the morning saying: “I really want to lick his abs”.

if you wanna be - 15K; IwaOi;  Oikawa tries to play matchmaker for Iwaizumi and fails. Spectacularly.

drawn to you - 16K; IwaOi; Iwaizumi is a shoujo manga author, Oikawa definitely isn’t stalking him and Hanamaki and Matsuwaka manage to make falling in love look easy. AKA the GSNK crossover you didn’t know you needed.

Add New Contact - 8.5K; DaiSuga;  All Daichi’s electronics are endangered the moment he realizes he can’t get that sweet, patient, ridiculously attractive IT tech off his mind.

Saffron and Cayenne Pepper - 30.5K; KageHina; Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you.

Forming An Alliance-Bellamy Blake x Reader

(A/N: So I’m going to take some stories from my Wattpad that I think would be better as a mini series rather than an actual book; I won’t have to delete them either. Of you want a longer story from me, my Wattpad is betty_maisie_x)

Summary of the whole plot: The young juveniles who were sent down from the Ark have only just begun to adapt to their new surroundings. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is shy and weak but determined to help in any way she can. Bellamy Blake is the total opposite having taken charge of looking after everyone. However, when the threat of the Grounders approached them, these two contrasting personalities must help each other to overcome their fears.

Characters: Bellamy Blake x Reader, Clarke Griffin x Reader (platonic), Monty Green x Reader (platonic), Jasper Jordan x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name (Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Arguments, swearing, almost rape, inappropriate touching

“Chris, for the last time, can you please not leave so much of your stuff lying around?” I groaned as I picked up his jacket and shoes.

He put down the piece of fence he had collected, smirking at me.“Sorry, I don’t realise what I’m doing. You know how busy we all are.”

“Yeah, I know, I’m the one who has to clean up after all of you.”

       Who knew how many days it was since we had landed on Earth? It seemed like we had been here for years already, especially with all of the work we had been putting in. Although no one like doing the chores that we were set, we knew that it would help us all survive some way or another. At first it was fun being teenagers on the loose with no responsibilities, we all had to buckle down in order for us to stay alive, we had already lost some of our people.

        However the only thing I was good at was cleaning up so they thought it would be a good idea to put me in charge. I could be clumsy at times as well as scared of basically everything. Surprisingly no one seemed to be bothered by this, it wasn’t like I was annoying them by not being good at building or hunting. And even though I could be shy I had plenty of friends now I knew everyone in camp.

         As I carried on picking up empty makeshift bowls and cups I heard raised voices. Looking ahead of me I saw one of the girls being tormented by three other guys who I knew all too well. Isaac, Lewis and Brekk thought they were above everyone else just cause they were able to have guns with them at all times. They thought they could do anything they wanted even harass the girls. I saw Isaac slap her bum causing a yelp to come out of her mouth. For some reason I felt the need to stop them; a stupid mistake.

“Hey Georgina, are you alright?” I asked, nearing her.

Brekk and Lewis blocked me from getting to her.“No need to get involved, get back to your cleaning.”

“No!” I blurted, shocked by my own words.“She is clearly uncomfortable, you are the ones who need to get back to whatever you’re doing.”

I heard Isaac laugh.“I can’t believe it, (Y/N) has actually spoken up for once.”

“I’m asking you to do a simple task, leave Georgina and the other girls alone.”

         I thought that was that and started to walk away when a hard force knocked me to the ground. The bucket I was holding fell causing everything to spill out of it, making a horrible clattering noise. Looking above me Isaac stood with Break and Lewis either side of him. If no one was watching before they definitely were now.

“You think you can talk to me in that time of voice? That you can just boss me around!?” Isaac yelled.

        I tried to scramble back but Brekk grabbed my ankle, pulling me towards them again.

“How dare you think-”

“Hey! Isaac what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” a deep voice called from behind them.

       They hastily turned around blocking my view but I knew who it was.

“She wasn’t doing her job Bellamy, I was just trying to-”

Bellamy interrupted him.“I saw what happened. You three are on cleaning and washing duty for the rest of the week.” he held out his hand.“Now give me the guns.”

       They all sighed or grunted before stomping off. I saw Isaac give me one final glare until he turned around, giving me shivers. I was in so much shit with them now.

“Hey, are you alright?” Bellamy asked, helping me to my feet.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine really. Thank you.” I said as I brushed some dirt off me.

“What the hell were you doing?” his tone suddenly changed.

“I was standing up for Georgina. They harass a different girl each day, it’s getting out of hand.”

“But you knew what they were capable of, why not come to me?”

“I just guess I got caught up in the moment. I was angry.”

“(Y/N), I know you’re trying to prove yourself-”

“I’m not trying to prove anything!”

“I’m sorry. Just, dont get hurt, ok?”

        I nodded as he walked away. Everyone had gone back to work as soon as we stopped talking, probably gossiping already. After picking up what fell out of the bucket, I dumped it next to the pile of unwashed dishes which were waiting for the three devils to clean them. After that I headed over to Clarke wondering if she needed any help.

      She seemed to be sorting out our medical stock seeing as we never knew who was going to be wounded. I think we were still on edge from our first day seeing as Jasper had a spear thrown at him. I was still in camp on that day, I didn’t have the courage to go out there.

“Oh, hi!” she called out as she noticed me coming in. I saw Monty sitting on the bed.

“Hi guys. You two need any help?” I asked appraching them.

“Actually, would you mind wrapping up Monty’s cut? I’ve treated it already and the bandages are there.” She pointed them out to me.

“How are we doing with the supplies?”

“Mmm, I guess we’re alright. We might need to head out in a few days to gather more of some certain items though.”

I started to unravel the bandage around Monty’s hand, covering the deep cut.“What did you do this time, Monty?”

“You want to hear the cool version, or the not so cool version?” he winced a little.

“Both please.”

“Ok, so the cool version is I got cut whilst having a little scrap with one of the other guys. The not so cool version,“he sighed,“I was playing with a knife and accidentally sliced the palm of my hand.”

I giggled a little.“Monty, I sometimes think you’re as clumsy as me.”

Clarke spoke up.“I hope not otherwise we’ll be in even more trouble.”

      I took no offence to the joke and just smiled.

Monty’s smile soon disappeared.“I heard something happen out there, what was it?”

“I tried to stop Isaac from harassing the girls in the camp But he wouldn’t have it. Luckily Bellamy came in and saved me before they could beat me up.”

“Trust him to save the day.” Clarke mumbled sarcastically.

“You two fallen out?”

“Kind of. I told him that I thought he was putting the wrong people in charge of certain things like Isaac, Brekk and Lewis.”

“I’m with you on that.”

“Me too.” Monty said as I finished wrapping up his wound.

        As I stepped back, my stomach growled. There wasn’t much food down on Earth, plus we were wary of what we ate.

“Don’t worry, dinner is almost ready. I think it’s another panther-thing.” Clarke explained.

“I miss the food in the Ark. At least we could get three square meals.”

Monty groaned.“Don’t get me started on that.”

“Come on, let’s go see if we can help with the cooking. I want my food as soon as.”


It’s not easy to train for long distance when the perimeter of this island is 2.75 miles. But I try to push through the monotony, struggling to meet my 40 mile weekly quota. Also recovering from bronchitis, so running has definitely been a struggle recently. But with my first ½ marathon quickly appraching, and the USA cross country championship in Boulder, I csnt afford to fall back now. Currently at 15 miles for the week, and with Christmas and a travel day looming, this will probably be the second week in a row that I do won’t break 40 miles.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon - Exanonanon please,perience with Signs

Aries - They are really amazing fun friends who were always there for me in my time of need. But in exchange I have to be supportive and understanding of all their crazy impulsive usually Bad decisions. But somehow, they always make it out alright???? So envious of how fearlessly true to themselves they are.

Taurus - I love Taurus, they are sweethearts. But somehow I find it hard to get close to them. Maybe because we are both used to ppl appraching us and making the first steps? Idk. Anyway fun fact, I’m usually super attracted to visual mediums made by other Tauruses. Taurean directors, designers, and editors are always my fave. Does this happen to anyone else?

Gemini - Gems are so fun. Nobody can get me talking like a Gem. Kings and Queens of banter (which is perf for me because too much talking abt deep shit can leave me feeling exhausted tbh). Also non-judgemental so I can be as weird as I want. Hard to get close to tho and their restlessness is tiring for me. My fave musical artists are Gemini.

Cancer - I attract so many cancer friends??? The Ultimate Mom Friends. At theit best, they are super loving and caring and will remeber tiny details about you. But also they expect u to read their minds and u may accidentally hurt their feelings by breathing. And if they don’t like someone… do NOT bring them within two hundred meter radius of them. But still, the truest of friends.

Leo - Competitive and prideful AF. When something good happens to u, u never feel like they can be truly happy for you. At the same time, they are so fun to be around and can make even the most redundant task into a Good Time. They know how to make people around them feel special and will defend u when ppl talk behind ur back.

Virgo - I have a hard time vibing with Virgos. Maybe bc we are both detached af. Also Im air dom so I find virgos too grounded into reality for me if that makes sense? They are also judgemental. But from far, they seem like cool people that got their shit together and I admire that. All the cool minimalist aesthetic, and super organized fandom blogs I follow are ran by them. Great eye for editing and super informative.

Libra - Forever that friend I really hit it off with one time at that one party but we never actually get around to hanging out. Hilarious af and conversation flows easily with them. However, can be a bit too clingy and socially needy imo. Stop trying to get validated by others, please.

Scorpio - They into that mind reading shit cancers are into. Love to tell me about myself and fuck it, sometimes they are right. Always up to have those deep soul-searching conversations (then I go talk to my Gemini friends to relax). Intense, passionate, and exude a lot personal magnetism. But my air moon self can get exhausted trying to keep up with their emotionally draining asses.

Saggitarius - I can count on them to make me feel like I live the most boring existance of life. They always have MORE experiences that were BETTER and more life-changing. Oh and they could be hanging with like 4 different people that are more important than you at the moment, just fyi. But once you get past their self-aggrandizing bs, they are freaking hilarious and suprisingly generous. Btw a big no (for me) to the super bossy ain’t-shit sag men.

Capricorn - I literally don’t know a single capricorn like that. Where my cap men at? I have a Cap descedant and venus in 10th so Im trynna holla at y'all.

Aquarius - Used to be my least favourite sign, then I found out its my moon lol. They truly believe they are Perfect and beyond reproach. Always talking about how things Should Be but not doing a damn thing about it. Like idg why they have such big egos when they arent even doing anything with their lives???? Well, at least they are smart well-informed people. And they try really hard to appear as inclusive and non-judgemental as possible. (Key word: appear)

Pisces: Their hair is so big because its full of secrets! Seriously, Im quite secretive but even I will find myself opening up to them without even thinking. They just have such an approachable, open and receptive air. Strangers also seem to randomly approach them a lot so when hanging out with them u oddly meet new people like that. Idk its strange. They are nice but be careful. If u hurt them, they wont hesitate to demolish u in the ugliest way possible.

4 May Update Notes

Children’s Day Event

Time Period: 4 ~ 10 May (1:59PM)

Gameplay: Play the songs WhisperLand Boys and Final Approach to collect the Rice Cake Seal items from from combo rewards and exchange them for cool prizes in the Item Shop such as GW festa tickets, baby posters of the cast for your theater, SR tickets, UR tickets and a special children’s day title! 

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Ahhhh hello! I saw ur last post about feeling underappreciated in your friend group, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry, and that really sucks! You seem like a lovely person! If you wanted to, would it be helpful if I came off anon and you could vent? If not that's okay! The only reason I'm on anon is bcus I'm pretty shy, but no one deserves to feel the way you are. (Also feel free to disregard this message completely)

hey there thank you a lot it means heaps to see this haha especially when I feel so down. if you do wanna talk I have another blog @elleiguess ! gee answering asks on mobile sucks I can’t tag or anything and I’ve already forgotten part of what you wrote I think but! I’m unlikely to apprach someone first bc I suck lmao so if you want to message me (anyone, who doesn’t ship otayuri or anything or the like for that matter can!)

Imagine you have to flirt with someone for a mission while Steve and Sam tease Bucky because he’s jealous

You had to work for a mission and due to Natasha being checked out, you were voted to be the doll to flirt up the billionaire mob boss, in hopes of alluring him to a secluded area to strike him. You tracked the name of the hotel he was residing in to do a deal with HYDRA, but you needed details.

Bucky hated it. He hated having his love, his crush drooling over someone while he just sat by and watched from a distance. He hated feeling his heart shatter and churn, and he especially hates how the Mob guy bought you a drink the first second you got in the fancy hotel’s bar.

He was currently chugging down his fifth glass of whisky when Steve chuckled, “You know she probably wouldn’t have done the mission if you would have just admitted you in love with her.” Bucky didn’t take his eyes off you, instead just snarled, “I’m not in love with her. Why the hell would I want something like a relationship?”

“Because that’s what you do when you’re in love with someone.” Sam nudged, elbow jabbing in Bucky’s side. He began gritting his teeth in anger at the way you were sitting on his lap, and as a reaction snatched Sam’s arm and twisted it. “Leave. It. Alone. Sam.”

Steve, still being responsible, pried Bucky’s hand off of Sam scolding, “ Dude, you seem to care a lot for someone who apparently doesn’t. I swear Grumpy from Snow White is nicer than you. Come on, you love Y/N, a lot of people love her, just admit it.” 

Bucky pursed his lips and stayed silent, too focused on you to care about the two idiot’s constant teasing. He loved you and adored you. He didn’t know why he only trusted you with his feelings, he even trusted you enough to sleep next to. He just couldn’t bring it to admit his feelings for you, even though everyone except you knew it, because he knew that you wouldn’t love him back. 

He was too fucked up and sad and lonely, broken, while you weresuch a fragile little doll that he was afraid of touching. And it killed him because you made him feel human, but he couldn’t have you. You’re the doll that everyone likes, even the mob whose kissing your cheek consistently.

“Haha Bucky and Y/N would make a cute couple. But who knows maybe she’s into blondes like you-” “Shut the hell up” Bucky growled at Sam, a particular look of fury etched on his face, despite the now six drinks inside his stomach. “Alright Buck, then I guess you won’t mind that as we speak, Y/N is going up into his hotel room. And that she probably has lingerie underneat-”


Bucky broke the glass cup, his face turning red as he fumed.

Slamming his hands on the table, he stormed up to the mob guy’s penthouse suite, lagging behind you two, while Sam forced Steve to pay for the drinks, not wanting to miss the scene that could unfold. 

Steve and Bucky ran after Bucky, trying to pull him back and wait for Y/N’s signal, but they couldn’t even make Bucky slow down a little (or at least remove that scowl) Bucky appraching the gold and white doors, kicked it open revealing the man tied to a chair and you in your underclothes. 

Sam’s and Steve’s eyes were wide eyes at you pointing a gun to the tied up guy in…those clothes, while Bucky (while very flushed and attracted to you) raced towards you, cupping your face in his hands, protectively.

“Did he touch you in a way you didn’t want to be touched?” Bucky interrogated while you nodded your head smiling, “Yeah, that entire thing was awful. I like you better, by a billion, my little tin man. Have you been drinking?”

“Yeah because he’s in love with you.” Sam hollered.


Sorry I’ve been up two whole days so its sloppy and bad but please don’t hate <3 

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Lucas, if you could reply and help that would be perfect! :) So, I'm worried about my friend. He recently came out as transgender within the last year and I've noticed how little he eats. His girlfriend and I are both really supportive of his transition, but he tells us about how he only gets his period three times a year and how he only weighs 97 pounds :( He's about 5'2, and I'm scared. How do I bring it up to him that he's not eating enough without offending him? He said he doesn't want ----

—-To get any bigger than he is because he wouldn’t be able to pass as well. His girlfriend got him a binder, I’m just scared for his health. What do I do?

Hello Anon. Eating Disorder related issues are often hard to address with friends and loved ones, primarily because some of the ways we’d think to approach the issue may actually re-inforce it in the person. It is by no means an easy issue, and I’m posting here an adapted list of ways to apprach talking to a person about eating disorders that may help you. I can identify with your trepidation around the subject as my cousin has struggled with anorexia for many years now.

  • Focus on feelings and relationships, not on weight and food. Share your memories of specific times when you felt concerned about the person’s eating behavior. Explain that you think these things may indicate that there could be a problem that needs professional help.
  • Tell them you are concerned about their health, but respect their privacy. Eating disorders are often a cry for help, and the individual will appreciate knowing that you are concerned.
  • Do not comment on how they look. The person is already too aware of their body. Even if you are trying to compliment them, comments about weight or appearance only reinforce their obsession with body image and weight.
  • Make sure you do not convey any fat prejudice, or reinforce their desire to be thin. If they say they feel fat or want to lose weight, don’t say “You’re not fat.” Instead, suggest they explore their fears about being fat, and what they think they can achieve by being thin.
  • Avoid power struggles about eating. Do not demand that they change. Do not criticize their eating habits. People with eating disorders are trying to be in control. They don’t feel in control of their life. Trying to trick or force them to eat can make things worse. 
    Avoid placing shame, blame, or guilt on the person regarding their actions or attitudes. Do not use accusatory “you” statements like, “You just need to eat.” Or, “You are acting irresponsibly.” Instead, use “I” statements. For example: “I’m concerned about you because you refuse to eat breakfast or lunch.” Or, “It makes me afraid to hear you vomiting.”
  • Avoid giving simple solutions. For example, “If you’d just stop, then everything would be fine!”

Adapted fromNational Eating Disorder Information Center and National Eating Disorders Association