But You Are Beautiful Too

     You are too delicate to ignore. And I know you won’t believe me. But you are worth a velvet palm to be tainted with blossoming blood ‘caused by your thorns because you’re a diamond in the rough. In that way, I’ll let it gush over your entirety so that you’ll know how beautiful you are to make you realize that you are not that pale to be reached by its pigment. You are skinny but believe me that it’s a physique many people have been trying to attain. You are blessed for that because one could easily cup your bones and feel the depth of your soul for I know you also want to be loved in an eccentric way but you are just too shy to place it atop of your priorities because you believe that one should love themselves first before loving someone else. But one day would come that you won’t be waiting at one corner in a concourse to be noticed by the one you admire anymore, because someone would feel like the tendons of his/her heart is a roadtrip to yours. And please, believe me when I say that you are weirdly beautiful because you could catch attention effortlessly. And dear, please do take away your insecurities, because you are beautiful too.


Dear Nicole

*I hope you’re not related to uniqecole and thediaryofayounglady*

*Forgive me for my grammar.*

You are the one that I’ve been waiting for decades! Gahd! FINALLY! Praise the phillipine electoral process! LOL! WHUT?! I never expected you to come. It was a long story, but to shorten things up, I have been waiting for someone to read my blog before they click that follow button. And you are that someone, and I’m really glad that you came. Oh oh oh oh oh oh Im glad you came! The sun goes down the stars come out and…blab la bla. Hahahah!But I really gald you came. *You should sing those italic words, because I sang them while I was typing them down, so you better sing them too*. LOL

I don’t know how you found my blog, but maybe, I guess, its because your tracking post with john. Because you know, I read your blog, just a little, and I have read this post, “Dear John”. So it reminded me of my ask page, in my blog, so I suppose that’s how you found my blog. Hahahah! That’s just my story, so I want to know the real one.

And yes, I have to admit, you are, indeed, THEMOSTAWESOMEBITCH!

So I’m running out of words now, so I’ll just fade away

*me fades away*


Hindi maaaring matapos ang araw na ‘to na 'di ko siya babatiin. <3


1st of all, natuwa ako nung finollow mo ako non. 'Di ko alam kung paano ko masasabing masaya ako na finallow mo ko. Isa ka kasi sa mga blog na lagi ko binibisita at binabasa. Sino bang 'di gusto ang blog mo? :)

Hindi man tayo madalas magusap dito masaya pa din ako na friend kita ate K. :) Natutuwa ako sa'yo kasi kakaiba talaga personality mo. Kailan ka ba magpapakilala? I hope someday umattend ka ng meet up, I’ll surely be there para makita ka.

Ate K, thank you for inspiring a lot of bloggers like me. Keep up your great post. Stay kind and humble. I hope you’re very happy today. Again, Happy 18th birthday ate K! :) Take care always and God bless you.


K, Keithy

This is why I never give up on you.

      We started a casual conversation. All I ever sent you were compliments, encouragements and whatnots and you were just rejecting all of those. It hurt at first because you kept on pushing me. I saw how everyone loved you and how you respond them with your beautiful writings; having no guarantee for a reciprocated love ‘tho. I admit that I got scared to go further on knowing you because we might destroy each other. But you felt like you outgrew the world you have been accustomed with and you felt like you were formidable. You didn’t realize that being delicate and reserved is a good thing. A shallow response from all the overwhelming love would do. And so I decided not to give up on you, to be still on your side whatever it takes because I know you also need someone to be there even if he doesn’t know about anything you are going through. And look how we treat each other now. Ridiculously, I’m fine with the ’sadist-masochist’ setup we’ve been laughing at. Sometimes, I still famish for that little truth on your jokes on me. I wish they were true. I wish you could say it straight to me. I wish you care for me more than you do. I recall when you told me indirectly that you wouldn’t talk to me if you don’t like me. You don’t know how much that means to me. When thinking of the things you can’t give me back, remember that we’ll meet in between and if you still can’t, I’ll reach out for you on the flip side. You don’t have to apologize for not knowing how to console a weary heart because you are not a remedy but a purpose to thrive for. Your bee-stung lips have enthralled me that I almost cup your hipbone in my dreams whilst being caressed on each other’s arms. You’re bigger than hinkle heights and with its hazy lights, you waltzed your worries away. But dear, you don’t have a ridiculed life.  You may see yourself as a dim street walker but it’s fine if you find felicity in the fog. You are always the drift wood king whose name is an endearment itself etched on my bark. You are a dark chocolate truffles that develops how my tongue articulates the phrase 'I am special too’ so that I could have it in my throat and finally utter it with you. I may not be virile, muscular or the thing that you look for a man, but I swear, I’ll just be here for you.

      Don’t consider yourself a fallen grace. Instead, think of yourself as a maple leaf that gracefully falls from the sky. Someone will pick you up on your fall. And you’ll soon know why you fell on spring time. Because you weather the season. You know how to deal with their transience. You know that you are special to me. Cheers for another year in your life, dear.

Study tips

Yet another study tips post c: These are tips that I have accumulated throughout the year and study methods which work well for me, so I hope they will be useful to some of you as well! 

In class

  1. Pay attention! I have done the opposite a lot this year due to tiredness and sleepiness, and believe me, studying for tests and exams is a lot harder when you haven’t paid attention and have no idea what you’re reading/studying about.
  2. Take notes in the way which suits you the most. Paper notes? Notes on your tablet? on your computer? Great, find which works best for you and take the time, during the summer for example, to learn about your note taking and to get used to it.
    1. If you’re using your tablet/ipad/computer, get to learn your note-taking app before actually going to class, you’ll save a lot of time and you’ll have the possibility to find all the tricks about your app
    2. Post on understanding Microsoft OneNote by @emmastudies
  3. I’ve seen the front/second row sitting tip a lot, I think it’s most important for classes where your teacher likes to communicate with the class and not only talk-talk-talk. 
    1. Example: some teachers share a lot of additional information with the first two rows and engage conversations with them, you need to be there for that extra info, it can be very valuable for tests and essays.
    2. Also being in the first rows shows your teacher that you’re interested and you always want to be on your teacher’s good side.

At home

  1. When you get home, take a break! You’ve been at school all day, the last thing you want to do as you enter your house is to study again. Limit yourself to 45 minutes/ an hour, take a nap, get some snacks, watch an episode or two of Friends, write stuff down in your bullet journal/planner, take some time to read. 
  2. Write down your tasks for the day, either in your journal/planner, on printables (such as these by @studeying​, these by @drowninginblueink​) or on a post-it, whatever floats your boat
    1. Prioritise your tasks!! (important urgent/urgent non-important/important non-urgent/non-urgent non-important)
  3. Study effectively by finding out what type of learner you are (here by @highlightcrs or here by @getstudyblr) and what study methods work best for you (here by @letsget-downtobusiness)
  4. Take breaks during your studying, especially if you have a hard time concentrating. The Pomodoro technique is great for that!
    1. I use Flat Tomato but there are many other apps which offer the same method.
  5. Review the notes which you’ve taken in class and note down any questions you have, so you can ask your classmates or teachers about what you haven’t understood, during your following class.
  6. Especially for math but you can also use it for chemistry/physics and any other formula-based classes: learn your formulas the day you have studied them in class! This is such a time-saver especially if you already have trouble with the subject. Make flashcards or use these printables by @thearialligraphyproject​ which I think are great for memorising formulas and definitions because…
    1. … this is also very important for definitions!!
  7. This seems easier said than done, but please, for the good of your health and sleep, do your homework as soon as you receive the assignment. I cannot count the number of sleepless nights I have had this year because of that and once you miss starting on time, all of your assignments are late: it’s a vicious circle.
    1. For tests/exams/long-term projects, set up study plans and plan your revisions in advance!
  8. Same goes for reading: if your teacher gives you a huge pack to read do not wait until the day before to start reading it!! 
    1. If you are a slow reader, learn how to read efficiently, how to skim through excessive information, and how to focus on the most important parts
    2. Also annotate your reading, pencils, highlighters, whatever, it’ll help you find the important information quickly next time you have to read it, for test revisions for example. (Check out this tag for tips on how to annotate)
    3. Doing your reading can also be very helpful if you have teachers who give you stuff to read and in class basically repeat everything you (supposedly) have read. If this is the case, you can either outsmart your teacher and spend the class preparing your homework since you have already read the material, or be outsmarted by not doing the reading and being forced to pay attention.
  9. Save an evening all for yourself! Take the time to relax, meet up with some friends, spend some time with your family, clean your room/house/dorm, etc. You need some personal time which does not involve studying, revising, working. 
  10. Go to bed as early as you can. I know you may want to chill on tumblr or watch your favourite show after you’re done with your homework, but your body will appreciate sleep a lot more and in the morning, so will you. 
    1. Don’t forget that essentially, your body needs 8 hours of sleep. For many of us this is near impossible but try to keep your sleeping hours as close as possible to 8. 

I hope these were helpful, always remember that studying is important but your health is more important. It’s a give/give situation, if you treat your body right, it will help you be more efficient at school. 

Also don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself: your notes can’t always be perfect, your to-do list doesn’t have to be all checked out everyday, your grades may not always be As, you may not always ace exams. What’s important is that you have the will to improve and that you keep yourself healthy.

Much love,

- Rie

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY Mommy Jane Trixie Si-Uy! ♥♥♥

Pang-ilan ko na ‘to Mom? Hahahaha. As promise, eto na ang bonggang greetings ko for yah. 1st, happy birthday mom! Aging ka na talaga 21 ka na, pero sa totoo lang mas mukha pa akong aging sa'yo. Lol. Forever young ka eh. :“> 2nd, thank you at nakilala kita. Masaya ako na nagkaroon ako ng kaibigan na gaya mo, tapos naging Mommy pa kita. Nakakatuwa kasi hindi ko lang kayo basta Tumblr parents ni Dad, parang in 2nd parents na din in real life. Kaya stay strong sa inyo ni Daddy, I love you both! 3rd, sana marami kang blessings na natatanggap lagi. 'Wag na 'wag makakalimot magpasalamat dahil lahat ng meron tayo sa Kanya galing! What more pa ba ang kailangan mo Mom, eh kumpleto na ata eh? :”> 4th, stay humble and kind. Isa ka talaga sa pinaka hinahangaan ko dito sa blogger. Hindi ka lang maganda, magaling magblog, madaming kaibigan pero ang the best trait mo eh kahit na gaano ka na kataas, hindi ka pa din nagbabago. Mabait ka talaga 'di lang dito sa cyber world, kung 'di in real life lalo. 5th, alam mo kung gaano tayo ka-fashionista. Sana makapagshopping tayo minsan ng magkasama. Hihi. Kung 'di niyo alam idol ko 'to si Mother sa pananamit. :“> 6th, I’m very happy that I have you in my life. Kung gaano siguro kasaya si Daddy ganun din ako. Kasi vinavalue ko na kayo as my true parents. 7th, ipagpapatuloy ko na lang sa ibibigay ko sa'yo ha?

Again, thank you very much Mom! Alam ko masayang masaya ka ngayon sa dami ng blessings na natatanggap mo. 'Wag ka magbabago ha? I love you very much! ♥ God is always watching at you, 'cause you’re an angel.

Daughter Keithy


Naaalala mo pa ba nung nabibwisit ka sakin dahil master tawag ko sa’yo? Hahahaha! Akalain mo yon, tagal na natin magkakilala at kaibigan. :) Imbajonell pa lang finafollow na kita eh. (Tama ba spell? Hahaha.)

Sige start na. Isa ka sa mga antique blogger na matagal ko ng kilala at close ko dito, kaya naman masaya ako dahil alam kong ‘di ka pa din nagbabago. Kahit lagi mo ako inaasar na ang payat ko, kasi ang taba mo love pa din kita. Syempre babe kita, kahit marami kang iba. Ganyan ka naman eh. Hahaha joke. De, syempre thank you dahil maaasahan kang kaibigan. ‘Di yon maikakaila. ;-) Alam kong masaya ka ngayong birthday mo dahil nakasama mo bestfriends mo, pero alam kong mas masaya ka siguro kung kasama mo Mama mo. Stay strong, mahal ka nun kahit wala siya dito. :-) Masaya din ako for you dahil ang daming blessings sa’yo. ‘Wag kakalimutan magpasalamat kay God!

Wala na ako masabi, pag nagkita na lang tayo sa 26 saka tayo magdaldalan. Magpakita ka ha? Miss na kitang baboy ka. Hahahaha! Labyu! Again, happy birthday. Take care always of yourself. :-) I love you, God bless! ♥

×× Girlfriend kuno, Keithy

To the person who's been guarding his heart but can't resist to let love in,

Another year has come and I know that it was pretty rough for you. I do not want to put so much aesthetics on this epistle to let you know that you are beautiful already, inside and out. That words cannot suffice to describe who you are. I admire people like you who never give up on love. Someday, you’ll no longer wish to be reacquainted with your five-year younger self to ask why you had let yourself have the things in the past to get in to you just to lead you to temporary homes that we thought would canopy you when the world becomes sinister. Instead, you will memorialize the passing of who you were and celebrate who you’ve become for as much as you want to avenge, to be the person who you don’t want to be won’t beget because you are kind-hearted. You have respect and so much love for the people around you. Someday, the love you planted on the hearts of those who deserted you will bloom and they’ll see what you’re worth. You know how much I value you. You’re like a sibling to me. And love will never run out of someone to complement you. You just have to be patient. Cheers to another page in your life!

Success! :D Akala ko tuluyan na akong mabbaliw sa kakahanap yung “Create Clipping Mask”. Hahahaha! Yung sa layer lang pala ira-right click ko. Anyway, kaya kay Mama Cha ko ‘to dinedicate kasi sa kanya ko natutunan at syempre I owe her for being my teacher. Hihi. Labyaaaa mama! <3


       I can still remember the first time we talked. I can still remember that it took you time to reply to my messages that makes me want more of your words. I can still remember that majestic bee-stung lips of yours which I tried to imitate but I just can’t. I can still remember you saying, that you recall a cartoon show on me and called me Double D afterwards. I just want you to know that love the way we first met.

     I love it when you cuss ‘though you’re not really that bluntly saying those profanities in person. I love it when you push me away and I was so insistent to know you more. I love it when you hated me for seeing your vulnerability by the time you shared me your sentiments. I love how you associate your thoughts with the relationship you have with your family. I love how unpredictable you can be. And I love how you stand for yourself without living on other else’s skin. I love how you compliment me with my singing voice and draws it back by throwing me bashes. I love how we play roles of a masochist and a sadist – you being the latter. I love how you insult me and be vexed when I wasn’t prickled any of your wicked words. I love how my voice over the phone sounds flirty on you. And I love you, calling me names, especially 'weirdo’

      I was indifferent when you were pushing me away. But I still can remember how we talked how much you 'dislike’ me. I love how you stated 'If I don’t like you, I would never talk to you.’ Those little things mean so much to me. I never hated you for who you are. I never hated your thoughts including how you never believe in love. For maybe it’s because of your experiences that drove you to who you are now. But I just want you to remember Pink’s line in one of her songs, 'Just Give Me A Reason’ – “That we are not broken, just bent. And we can learn to love again.”

     Blessed Birthday Ricos! And please remember that I’m only the one who can call you Shey. And I can still recall you label me 'selfish’ for that. HAHA. Thank you for bearing with my slapstick jokes. I really admire how you write. You’re one of my favorite writers here. Thank you for the friendship. May God bless you. :)

With lots of love,
Double D, Eddrian


    Hers is the airy voice that can contain any sepia-toned picture of a gloomy room. Hers is the only air that could live in a vacuum because of its resplendent breeze. Hers is the spell that enthralls you to sing your heart out. Hers was the beauty that can be reflected just on her sniffs and sighs.

    The mystic tone of her voice is one that everything can recall. Her diaphragm is a massive storage of ethereal hymns. She sounded like a fume diffusing all through your nostril and can daze you off right away. Her resonance can play in reverberation and could make someone zone out amidst a concourse with salient noises. Her eyes are hazel bedecked to take you into the depth of her fragility so that you’d be grieved enough not to touch her. She is sly. She could tell stories through her braids and her ponies with you not noticing it. She plays symphonies through the harp in her throat. And music is where she found solace.

     Hers is the mist that could take you into a harmonic world forever. Hers is the only beguiling thing that perhaps make it evident that people could also live in folly. Hers is the life that enthralls people to live in the space of music because she has this mystic spell.

Hi Ate Klang! Happy birthday! <3

Akala mo ‘di na uso 'to? Uso pa. Hahahahaha. Sana maligaya ka ngayon, mas maligaya pa sa pinakamaligayang tao. Ilang taon ka na? Kamusta height? Joke. Hahahaha, labyu. 'Di na tayo nagkita samantalang isang jeep lang pwede na tayo magkita. Kita naman tayo minsan ni at Shane pag may time ha? I miss you. Huhuhuhu. I wish you na magka-work at good health. Ingat ka lagi ha? I miss you very much. 'Di ko na mahabaan sabaw ako ngayon. Sa personal na lang. Hahahaha! I love you, God bless! <3

Happy 19th Birthday Ate Shane! <3

I know God will bless a very good girl like you today, you’re special day. So I’m wishing you the best of all! <3

Hi Ate Shane! Miss me? I miss you more! Sobrang tagal na natin ‘di nagkikita/usap. Parehas kasi tayong busy. Naalala mo ba yung first time natin mag-meet? Ang saya saya non promise! Yung kahit umaambon naglakad tayo from Mang Inasal to Concepcion. Hahaha! Adventure talaga.

So I wanna greet you happy birthday! :D Lola ka na. Hahahaha, joke. Kahit na aging ka na eh, maganda ka pa din. 'Di lang outside, you’re more beautiful inside. And people know that! 'Wag ka magbabago para sa iba okay? Just improve yourself for yourself. :D Sana makasama ko ulit kayo nila Ate Klang at Kuya Bry. Baka next week umuwi ako ng Navotas, I’m looking forward to meet you again. :>

Ate Shane! Sorry kung wala tayong matinong picture. Abno ako eh. HAHA! Happy birthday ulit! I love you so much! God, always bless this girl. <3

- Keith :)


Hi Lolo! Eto na DB mo. Nakakabwisit kasi nanalo Spurs. HAHAHAHAHA.

Blogger: Jawang, 20 years old, Pharma student at UST. Sports and Fitness Hobbyist. Lablab niya si Hayley. GUSTO NIYA DAW MAGING MODEL. Hahahahahaha.

Blog Content: Fitness related post, Pictures of himself, Long posts, One liner, Personal posts and Inspirational posts.

Message for the Blogger: Hi Lolo! Dati follower lang kita tapos ngayon pinafollow na din kita. Hahahaha! Sabi sa inyo di ako madamot sa follow back eh kausapin niyo lang ako. Ayon nakakatawa ka kaninang madaling araw kahit ‘di mo kaya magpuyat pinipilit mo. Wala ikaw pa din unang nakatulog weak ka eh. Hahahaha! Ganyan talaga pag matatanda na humihina. :P Hahahahaha. Maraming salamat sa pagiging mabuting kaibigan, Naks. Hahahaha! Looking forward to see you in Meet ups. Lilibre mo ko ha? Payatot ako kaya kailangan patabain ako sa libre. Hihihihi. Ang saya mo kausap kahit lakas mo mangasar kaya di ko alam mararamdaman ko pag kausap kita, para akong mapiipikon tas bigla ko tatawa. Baliw lang eh no. Ayon! Ingat ka lagi ha. Sorry dito sa DB ko sabi sayo di ako magaling eh. God bless! :D