appointment ceremony


I would like to add that got7 is on their way for their Gangnam donation ambassador appointment ceremony. So that explains them being in suits


cr. Shining Motion



YOUNGJAE= LIGHT BROWN (?) (or is it blonde???)

cr. mole under eye



YUGYEOM=BLUE(? it’s really dark)



cr. TheFirst

[17's Diary - SEVENTEEN] 2015/02/02 The day we become one!!

Mingyu / Today… was a very important day!! Today, all the things about team named ‘Seventeen’…have formally and officially announced. Also, the members had an appointment ceremony!! We…didn’t know about it at all so… we were very surprised. We also received a ring… with all Seventeen members’ initials engraved on it… !! We’ve been together for a very long time with a (team) name 'Seventeen’ and… I have an uneasy feeling all the time… but now that it’s formally…announced..I felt like I was about to cry…excited and nervous.. I just have a lot of feelings… since the hard-work, and sweat that I… and the.. Seventeen members shed for all these times… won’t be futile… I’m going to just look forward, and keep my spirit up!.. All Seventeen members.. I really love you, and let’s hwaiting!!

Seokmin / Today is the day when Seventeen was born~~!!!@@ Today.. CEO, Vice-CEO, and also section chief, team leader, manager hyung(s) and noona(s), trainers, and members all gathered and had an appointment ceremony~~ We also received a ring with our name and 'Seventeen’ engraved on it; we wear it on our pinky fingerㅎㅎ I feel odd, somehow.. hoho.. furthermore, Seventeen got our own mark(sign) so I feel even happier ㅎㅎ !!! Has the time for (our) attack finally came?!! Now, all of us are going to put our hearts together as one, we’re going to work harder to be a better and modest person; that’s our goals and dream! Seventeen, fighting and I love you all ~♡^^

S.coups / Today CEO, Vice-CEO and the company staff came to announce Seventeen official members and gave each of the members a ring as a gift. (All) 13 members wear the ring, and I almost cried after seeing that but I~ endure it. I think, every time I feel tired because of the practice, and when I feel down, I can settle it down just by looking at the ring . Also (even I already considered them as family) it can become a good motivation to always consider the members as my family. Through this ring, I hope a team named 'Seventeen’ will always become one, and will stay together for a long time. Let’s not forget this day, I love you!

Seungkwan / Today Seventeen had a 'ring’ ceremonyㅎㅎ It’s a very awesome and cool ring, with 'Seventeen’ engraved on it. I feel really happy because of the surprise giftㅜ Everyone were trying so hard to held back their tears, but at last.. from the oldest S.Coups hyung, to DoogiPD-nim who’ve been looking after us from the start; they slightly shed a tearㅎㅎ (We made fun of them when ceremony ends!! ㅋㅋㅋ) but I also feel like I was about to cry because of what CEO said. Seventeen, let’s hit the jackpot as we’ve been working so hardㅜㅜ

Wonwoo / I feel really really happy today. We only knew that there will be an evaluation test but suddenly, we received a very meaningful gift. Our existence as group has become definite. When I first heard the subject ‘Official Members Appointment Ceremony’ I actually feel like I was about to cry. All the good times and hard times that I’ve experienced until now, came across my mind.. but I felt happy that time (during the ceremony), the CEO and Vice-CEO also gave us a lot of nice words. CEO gave each of us a ring and a hug, and I felt really emotional. I felt really happy that I got recognition as one of the official membersㅎ.. The ring’s design is very pretty and every time I see this ring, I will always be optimistic to all the things that will happen from now onwards. If I become indolence or lazy, I think this ring can put myself together again. I will always remember today ㅎㅎ.. From now onwards, I will work harder for PLEDIS, team, and us; I will become more cool, more charming, and become an artist who makes our team shines; not only the team but also our company shinesㅎㅎ Thank you so much, I feel happy today. Because it’s a day when a team named 'Seventeen’ formed..!!

Jun / Today, something special happened~ We, Seventeen had an appointment ceremony. We’ve become a one team for real ㅎㅎㅎ I received a very pretty ring, but I have a huge fingers so, it won’t fit on (my finger) ㅠㅠ But I still feel happy~~~Seventeen~~hwaiting~~

(*That’s because Jun’s ring were switched with Jihoon’s ring. After the ceremony ended, the ring went to the right owner^^)

Junghan / Today, there was a hidden agenda that Seventeen didn’t know. Out of the blue, it was announced that there will be an evaluation test, so we organized the song for full-team, and song for vocal team, etc. But then, all the company staff gathered, turned off the lights… and DoogiPD talked.. Members’ appointment ceremony…we didn’t know about that, so we were very surprised. Seventeen’s (official) members have been decided, when each of the members wear the ring I feel somehow proud, and I feel odd; it couldn’t be expressed into words. Whenever I see this ring, I feel really happyㅎㅎ Now, every time I feel down, I should cheer up when I see the ring. Seventeen, as we wear the ring, let’s put our hearts together and hwaiting!!!ㅎㅎ

Myungho / Seventeen members had an appointment ceremony today. CEO gave each Seventeen members a ring. So cool ㅋㅋ Now that I wear this ring, I feel like we’ve become one.!^^ I feel very happy ㅎㅎ

I will work harder next time. Lastly, Seventeen let’s hit the jackpot !! Seventeen fighting.!!!~

Chan / We had an appointment ceremony todayㅎㅎ CEO, Vice-CEO and even the trainers came to the ceremonyㅎㅎ

At first, I thought it was going to be an evaluation test and we were busy preparing for it….when it’s started, it’s actually an official member appointment ceremony..^^;;;;; (Trainers were just like us ㅎㅎ) we were very surprised, but felt happy. I’m very touched because CEO personally gave each of us a ring with the members’ initials on it!!^^

At that moment, I feel really happy, it was very hard to control my emotionㅎㅎㅎ When I wear the ring, and listen to what CEO said; it reminds me of that moment when I first came to the Pledis’ practice room, and I feel the burning passion that I felt that time!!!!

“Please just keep me as a trainee”… it feels like I made that wish just yesterday…. I’m really thankful to all people who helped me to become a singer. ㅎㅎㅎ

I hope that Seventeen will be succeed in the future so we can be together for a lo~ng time!! I’ll be a singer who’ll become a history^^Thanks!!♡♡

Jisoo / We had a team appointment ceremony today. At first, trainers told us that we will have an evaluation test, so I was really nervous. But it turns out to be an appointment ceremony, and I feel relieved. We had a formal appointment ceremony, and I feel like we’ve become a one team even more. I feel like we’re getting even closer. I will always work hard to be better.

Vernon / Today is an important day. The members received an 'official member’ ring.

Now that I’m wearing this, I feel like we’ve become one for realㅎ with this as a momentum, we had a talk and we put our hearts together. I will always wear this from now onwards and ne~~~~~ver take it off.

Jihoon / Today, CEO gave a Seventeen ring (to us) ㅎㅎ Hihi since we have a team couple-ring(?), I feel like we’ve solidly united ㅎ Now, we’ve finally became an official 'Seventeen’ (members)… We are Seventeen.. Also at that time, all things happened during the process of making a team named 'Seventeen’; happy times, sad times, also all accidents that happened came across my head. Since we’ve been going through a lot during the making process, from now onwards all the 13 members; together with the name 'Seventeen’, will be standing on stage and I hope we’ll be a singer who make a lot of people movedㅎ Everyone, hwaiting ㅎ

Soonyoung / That’s right, like what the kids said, Seventeen received a ring today..

It reminds me of old memories. It feels like we’ve become one for real now

I feel happy that I can achieve what I’ve been dreaming of since I was young; together (with the members) and I think I won’t feel any regret. I had a lot of things in my mind when I received the ring.

All the hard times, and painful times I’ve experienced, have become a memory as time goes by. All the things that happened when I first came to the practice room until now; came across my head. I feel really thankful to CEO and Vice-CEO who’ve been looking after us just like our real father, and I also feel thankful to the trainers who’ve been looking after us by our side!!

Also, another family member who’ve been waiting for a long time for us. fans!!

Please trust us. We’ll take responsibility to protect our family. I love you♥


Lee Min Ho chosen as the honorary ambassador for the ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’!

You might have heard that the '2018 Winter Olympics’ are going to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and who better to represent Korea to the world than the incredibly popular Hallyu star Lee Min Ho!

Lee Min Ho has been chosen to be the official honorary ambassador for the '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’!

The appointment ceremony took place at the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) today, and the Olympic committee stated, “As much as the '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’, the '2010 Tokyo Summer Olympics’, and the '2022 Beijing Winter Olympics’ are being consecutively held in Asia, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has been entrusted to be the honorary ambassador.”

Lee Min Ho stated, “I personally enjoy sports like skiing and surfing, so I have a lot of interest in the Olympics. From now on I will take the lead as the honorary ambassador for the 'Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’.”

This is going to be one heck of a Winter Olympics with the handsome Lee Min Ho doing his part to spread the word about the upcoming event!


[2015/08/27] Junjin at his ambassador appointment ceremony at the Jeongdong theater

Last week we mentioned that Junjin would probably be the new Jeongdong Theater’s ambassador

This afternoon we had confirmation of that, as he had his ambassador appointment ceremony at the Jeongdong theater

La semaine dernière nous disions que Junjin serait probablement le nouvel ambassadeur du théâtre Jeongdong, cela d’être confirmer via sa cérémonie de nomination en tant qu’ambassadeur au théâtre Jeongdong