Little things that I love in Sense8

  • how Kala goes from “I don’t know how to kick people to mush like Sun” to “so I guess I’ll just make a FUCKING BOMB” in 0.2 seconds
  • How Lito appoaches Wolfgangs situation like a movie director or an actor by analysing the environment, the “scene”; He’s like: “Ah, so this is where you planned to fall, and there is the gun, very good…” I bet he had a billion conversations like this with directors, discussing fighting choreography to solve framing and pacing problems.
  • the fact that Aminata thinks the man who tried to lobotomise her girlfriend couldn’t be entirely evil because he had a copy of a Nancy Drew book in his bookshelf (Can somebody explain the phenomenon of Nancy Drew to me? Being german, this wasn’t part of my childhood. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t quite get it)
  • while we’re at it: the fact that Dr Metzger (seriously that’s what you’re calling him? Dr Butcher? okay….) called Nomi by her name. It would have been easy to make him some transphobic arsehole, but the few bits that we saw of him made him look like he would be a neat dude if he wasn’t running around lobotomising people. And he seemed really scared of Mr Whispers, so I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • When Lito says “We had sex”, you can basically see Wills brain freeze like “..but…no…homo? yes homo? me homo? whaaaaaa” dude, your straight days are over, get over it, welcome to the pan
  • Silas’ daughter picking Wonder Woman’s civilian name as a decoy name.
  • How Wolfgang takes it as a personal insult when Will doesn’t recognise a line from Conan. And what this movie means to him and how it connects him to Felix and how Felix as a child descided to take on a grown man to protect him and basically I need to watch Conan again some time.
  • the entire scene between Lito and Nomi. I was in tears after that. 

thatonecallgirl  asked:

I'm making a cosplay for Wicke from Pokemon Sun & Moon and I have no idea how to appoach her skirt or her boots. Any suggestions?

Hello there!

I love her design. She’s super cute.

For her skirt, look into high waisted pencil skirts. You’ll want something with a front seam. Since it is so high waisted, you may be able to use a dress pattern and chop it off just under the bust rather than trying to modify a skirt pattern to reach that high. (Even better if you can find a dress that already has a seam under the bust – look for “empire waist” for that – since you can just use the skirt portion with few modifications.) 

If you are modifying a skirt pattern, don’t just continue the line straight up, or worse, continue the inward curve toward the waist. Instead, you’ll take your underbust measurement, divide that in half, draw a line that length parallel to the top edge of your skirt pattern (measure how far up your underbust is from your waist and use this distance to know how far up to draw the line), and blend into the sides. It should flare out again over your ribcage, so that the waist is the smallest part (though this also depends a bit on how you are shaped!) Don’t forget to add seam allowance on the part you added!

You will need a slit or a kick pleat in the back of a skirt this tight. This is an opening that reaches above the knees and enables you to walk without hobbling. The slit is straightforward, but a kick pleat is an extra bit of fabric in the back for added modesty. Any commercial pencil skirt pattern should already have one or the other. For materials, something matte and white with a bit of stretch is good. It looks a bit too tailored for most knits, but a Ponte di Roma knit might work. I’d recommend a stretch twill or stretch sateen with a high cotton content for woven fabric options.

If you want the look of the visible stitching in the front and on the sides, topstitch your seams on machine with a grey thread and a long stitch length once finished. 

For the boots, I’d recommend bootcovers. A matte stretch white vinyl would be a great choice of materials. You’ll need to make a separate heel piece out of gold material and sew that on, and use the same material for the diamond on the front and the U-shaped decorations on the skirt. I’d recommend a matter stretch vinyl for those as well – the Cosplay Fabrics collection at Joann’s has a really good matte gold pleather. Here are many bootcover tutorials to get you started:

You will likely start with a regular, closed-toe, high heel pump for the base shoe that you are covering. Since these are very tall, I’d recommend attaching them with snaps to a pair of dance tights, or since the tops do not show, some sort of garter system (whether a garter belt or individual “sock garters” made of a piece of elastic worn around the tops) to hold them up.  

I hope that helps! It should at least give some direction to look in. :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff