Hi guys! Today I’m going to share with you some of the apps and websites I have come across/use myself. I divided them into categories!

All apps are free unless stated otherwise. I’ve never paid for an app in my life!!
Anything marked with a * is a favorite of mine.


  • Plan: amazing calendar app; syncs with Google Calendar; easy to use (iOS app; website); will probably make a whole post about this app
  • My Study Life: calendar app that helps with organizing your time (iOS; Android; website)
  • Wunderlist: list making; you can share tasks, etc; access literally from any device, even Kindle
  • Sunrise Calendar (iOS; Android; Macwebsite)
  • Google Calendar

Productivity/Avoiding Procrastination:

Chrome extensions:

Some of these are mentioned in other categories

Language learning:

⇢ Multiple languages

  • * Duolingo: most major languages (iOS; Android; Windows Phone;website)
  • TinyCards: flashcards by Duolingo (iOS)
  • Duolingo test center: for English Language Certification; you can actually pay for a certificate; reviews say it’s very difficult (iOS)
  • * Memrise: most major languages; teaches programming languages (iOS; Android; website)
  • Conjuguemos: a few (mostly Romance) languages; teaches Latin verbs
  • Lingoda (paid): English, German, French, Spanish
  • L-Ceps: tons of different major languages; teaches Hindi, Malay, Burmese, Tagalog and Thai
  • Hello Talk: over 100 languages; learn with native speakers, and teach them your own language (iOS & Android)
  • Multilingual Books: a lot of resources for learning American Native Languages
  • iTalki (paid): literally any language you can think of; I’ll probably apply to be a teacher there soon
  • Radio Guide: listen to radio stations from tons of different countries
  • Babbel (paid): 14 major languages
  • Forvo: a pronunciation dictionary for TOOOONS of languages

⇢ Specific languages (alphabetical order)












⇢ Sign languages

American Sign Language:

British Sign Language

French Sign Language

German Sign Language

Spanish Sign Language

Portuguese Sign Language

Note taking:


  • Quizlet: create/use other people’s flashcards (iOS; 
  • * Khan Academy: various subjects; basically a team of amazing teachers (iOS; Android; Windows 8/10website)
  • Crash Course: another team of amazing teachers; partners with Khan Academy; it’s a Youtube channel; see their playlists for different subjects
  • Shmoop (paid): courses, test preparation and learning guides
  • Brightstorm (paid): similar to Shmoop

Background noise:


Stationery shopping:

  • Mochi Things
  • Jetpens
  • * AliExpress: ships from China; super cheap stuff, I mostly buy washi tape and stickers but they have everything there; make sure to filter your search by selecting free shipping and price low to high (they have the same exact products for completely different prices, depending on the seller)

Alright guys, that’s all the apps, websites and tools I have to share with you. I hope you find this useful!

Let me know if you have any requests for posts. Check out my previous masterposts:

So I must share that Im in love with this social media app called Vent

Firstly Im in love with the new refurbished look, its super cute and lovely, It also has so many new emotions like “kindness, confident, inspired” and I love them. This app is a place where you can vent all you want about your day, about work, about school, about plans and anything else you want! If you are ever feeling down this app helps calm you down forsure. The vent community is super sweet, supportive, and they always make me feel better. This app has helped me forsure, so i wanted to share it with you guys!! the download link is below :) if you need any help or have questions just send me a message, ill be glad to help :)

iPhone & Android App

my vent user is “king” if you listen to me, send me a message and ill listen back <3


It was my first time to witness (and break into the backstage) the latest Up2date Fashion Show (Retrospection) at the Grand Ballroom of Mulia Hotel, on January 8th 2013.

Let me show you how this particular fashion show have the most breathtaking islamic fashion event in Indonesia, I’m not exaggerating it, cause it’s true, you see, Up2date really brings Up all the goods, the trends, and set the new fresh look for this season.

I can see that Irna Mutiara, as one of the three founders of Trimoda Up2date inspired by many things, the past is likely the most of her influence lately that’s why they named it “Retrospection”, they bring back the brand’s memory of when it start to rise on being the first trend setters in ready to wear for muslim woman in 2006, the head chief of APPMI, Taruna K. Kusmayadi is also giving his opinion about the brand, it’s not only for muslims he said, it is for every women who wants to dress modest and fashionably polite & decent.

Nautical (Marice), Army Look, Folk/Country dan Lady Like, was the concept of the whole collection, my favorite is the Nautical & Country look, it’s very beautiful yet chic, comfort & covered. Up2date really makes me want to have them all on the show.

Congratulations Up2date, it was amazing.

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