Kiddie games for Forevers

Jumping/click games:

Nom cat

- feed cats yummy gish and avoid flying bombs! Kinda like fruit ninja but with cats!!

Big Bear

- You play as a bear who wants to go get some yummy fish - but ohno! Some bigger bears want to fight you! You’re not gonna let them win are you? ( It also has a funny feature where you can take a picture of your friend or enemy and the picture will appear on the face of the boss bear at the end of every level!)

Ice cream jump

- A yummy scoop of ice cream with a silly face jumps through various levels and stages. How far can you get?

Jumping Fox

- A tiny fox is jumping ever so quickly through the trees! Watch out that you don’t miss a step!

Collecting/Puzzle/ games

Hamster life

- collect different types of hamsters and dress them up, name them, and expand your collection. It also includes a matching game which is how you make money for upgrades!

Cat life

- If hamsters aren’t your thing here is a game similar to hamster life but with cats instead!

My Tiny Bear

-  create a cute little bear character which you can feed and evolve into at least 20 different bears.

Pululu Cute Pet

- an adorable game where you take care of a little pet who also appears on the side of your screen! (A personal fav of mine as the character has a cute appearance and voice but beware as this will eat up your RAM and upgrading your pet only works if you link your account to your facebook) // this game also comes with several mini games that also function as lock savers for your phone however it requires that you also download the appropriate home design app

My Little Pony

- A very cute game based off the cartoon! You play through all kinds of different puzzles to advance through stages.

Littlest pet shop

- Collect your favorite pets and watch them come to life! This game is especially cute because you can actually scan some of the physical pets you can buy at stores which is just adorable!

Jelly Pet cute

- collect cute little pets! It’s a little like neko atsume in the sense that it’s not really much of a game but something you have to wait for. You have to wait minutes, hours, days for some of the pets to hatch but they’re pretty cute


- Similar to Jelly Pet Cute but with Alpacas instead  


- a puzzle game reminiscent of a a very old bunny game that involved you building a town that i cant remember the name of for the life of me. A litte bit like 2048 from what I can tell.

Sweet Garden

- collect and raise different kinds of plants and play minigames to provide music, water and interesting environments for your plant! Your plant can also appear on your android phone as a widget.

Bigger games/Simulation games:


- cute little word game where you collect bears. It’s kinda like a mix between scrabble and 2048!

Happy Chicken Game

- you run a tiny chicken kitchen and farm. As you level up you can open up a bigger store with more themed decorations, customizable farms and dishes.  

Happy Mall

- you run a little mall where you can choose to have various types of stores

Diner Dash

- There are various diner dash spin off games which are nostalgic from the original diner dash but I personally think you need a lot of patience to play it as you get to the higher levels bc it’s almost impossible to win some levels without buying the help packs for real money. But it’s fine when you’re just starting out!

Penguin Diner 2

- It’s a rip off of Diner Dash but it’s a little bit easier. Also penguins!

Disney Magical Dice

- It’s a monopoly-esque boardgame involving disney characters!

Written by TeddyBear ♡
Edited by Pea

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