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What everyday things (ie, average, mundane, and not sexual) thing do they find sexy/arousing about their s/o, or when their s/o does it. For Ichigo, Renji, Grimmjow, and Kensei please! (Does that make sense? I mean like, watching their s/o apply eyeliner, or when their s/o is in flip flops, or something like that, which isn't considered sexy, but is instant boner material lol) Thank you!

Don’t worry, anon, makes total sense! Enjoy~ ~Admin S

Ichigo Kurosaki

  • He loves it when you write things down. More specifically when you chew on the end of your pen when you’re thinking. He thinks it’s really cute the way you nibble at it or tap it against your lips and it just entirely draws his attention to your lips. He usually ends up going over to you and kissing you.

Renji Abarai

  • He likes leaning against the door frame and watching you cook, especially when you’re humming to yourself and you’re not aware he’s there yet so you’re not the least bit self-conscious. Dinner might have to be a bit delayed ;)

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

  • Grimmjow really likes seeing his s/o in shorts or a skirt. Skirts mean easy access and shorts show off your butt nicely - either way he’s not complaining. In all honesty, the best kind is a skirt that hugs your butt and then flares a bit. It’s not too short that anyone else gets too much of a look at you but plenty for him~

Kensei Muguruma

  • Watching you put someone in their place. Whether it’s the guy that flirted too much or tried to touch you in appropriately - watching you immediately take the situation in hand and tell the guy to quit it or twisting his arm back and hissing angrily at him is really sexy to him. He’ll take you from the bar or whatever immediately and not so weird guys will stop trying to hit on you.
Bag Essentials (for everyone really)

I know there are a million posts like this, but this is also partially for my own reference.  And also a call for others to add anything that’s missing!  Stay safe!

  • tampons - I mean, you know why.
  • tweezers - not just for stray hairs, but also splinters/dry skin on your face/etc.
  • mirror - to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • chapstick - I like to wait until the moment before I arrive to apply lipstick so it’s fresh.  I wear chapstick the whole way there so that my lips are soft when I do apply lipstick.  This is good for days you don’t wear makeup anyway.
  • mascara and eyeliner pencil/an angle brush - you can use the angle brush to tap the end of the mascara wand and apply it as eyeliner, then follow up with mascara.  Fleeky in a pinch.
  • concealer - unless you have amazing skin, which I sure af don’t.
  • napkins/tissues - some countries don’t have toilet paper everywhere.  Also good for spills or a runny nose.
  • hair ties - tie back hair or use to tie your shirt or hold something in place
  • safety pins - wardrobe saviors
  • bobby pins - for flyaways/bangs if they’re being annoying.
  • bill check marker or whatever it’s called I can’t think of it - especially if you don’t know/trust the guy
  • pen - a nice-ish one (I like Paper Mate InkJoy because it looks professional enough and is smooth) that won’t leak or break but also won’t cost you a million dollars to buy and replace as needed.
  • phone charger - you never know.  Doesn’t have to be your turbo charger, something small for emergencies.
  • brush ups - those finger strip toothbrush things in case of bad breath or unexpected overnights
  • gum - optional, I like it in case of bad breath.
  • Plan B - I always have this on hand just in case.  The sooner you take it after unprotected sex, the more effective it is.  The packaging is too big for the pill, so I like to cut around the plastic so it’s just a little square with the pill in it.
  • perfume sample - they sell tiny sample bottles or a lot of times you can get them free at places like Sephora.  These are great for travel.
  • slip of paper/notepad - to write things like your phone number on.  A couple post-it notes will do fine.
  • sunglasses - protect your eyesight and the sensitive skin around your eyes from the sun.
  • nail clippers - get rid of hangnails or trim strings from clothing or even hairs (like eyebrows)
  • Advil - nothing ruins the mood like a headache.  I am super injury-prone, so I take this a lot because having a sore back is NOT sexy.  You can buy cute little pill cases, or they sell travel bottles and little packets with one dose at drug stores.
  • Band-Aids - for cuts or blisters so you don’t have to bleed everywhere or walk in pain
  • water-based lube - they sell small bottles of this.  Make sure you don’t use an oil as this will break down condoms.
  • condoms - like at least 3.  As many as you can fit/feel comfortable with.  But at least 3 per person you plan on seeing.
  • a clean pair of underwear - a thong is fine and usually takes up less space, just something to change into if you need to.
  • (optional) oil-absorbing sheets or blotterazzi by beauty blender - my skin is super oily, and these things absorb oil so you don’t have to apply more makeup and risk caking.

Honestly this stuff could all fit in a clutch bag (maybe not the phone charger and lube depending on the size).  Please feel free to add things!  xoxoxo

Secret Santa, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Lin is Reader’s secret Santa.

Words: 1176

Author’s Note: I’m back! Has it been a bit? Anyways, the holiday season has made me think about sappy shit so here you go.

Warnings: None.

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You were trying to precisely apply your eyeliner when your name was called, causing you to jolt and mark your cheek with prominent black ink.

“Whoops.” Lin muttered when you turned to him with a glare, “Secret Santa.” He said, pushing a Santa hat filled to the brim with papers in your direction.

“You’re lucky you’re the star of the show and I can’t technically murder you.” You told him, stuffing your hand into the hat and pulling out the first name you touched.

You unrolled the scroll.



“Who’d you get?” Lin tried peeking, and you quickly slammed the paper face down onto your desk.

“Half of the name in ‘Secret Santa’ is secret.” You grinned up at him as he stuck his tongue out and mumbled something about you being ‘no fun’.

“You got eyeliner on your face.” He poked you once in the cheek before taking his leave, a newfound spring in his step.

You visibly slumped when the door slammed behind him. A breath you didn’t know you were holding in escaped.

Jesus, you needed to get a hold of yourself.

After being hired as a universal swing over a year ago, you still hadn’t found your footing around Lin. You had blended rather well into the rest of the cast and crew. It was just him.

You found yourself quite intimidated by his mere presence. Your nerves would be caught in your throat every time you shared the stage with him. You were surprised you were just able to survive being alone with him without making a complete fool of yourself.

You remembered the streak of eyeliner across your face.

‘Well, there goes that.’ You thought as you balled up tissues to wipe it away.

The next week was spent visiting every run down record store for the right collection to get Jasmine. A mix of classics was always preferred when it came to Jasmine - the more vintage, the better.

You topped it off with a box for her to organize her collection that fix the exact style her dressing room rocked.

You carefully wrapped the gift and arrived early to the theater that day to drop off the present before anyone else even arrived.

Everyone had been told to place them under the tiny tree Javier had bought on sale. No one was to know who got who what, even after the presents had been opened.

You situated your present in the very back, next to the only other present under the tree. You tried to avoid looking at it, but your eyes lingered just a bit too long on the gift tag.

To: Y/N

The wrapping was sloppy but did the job - in your favorite color. Either someone had asked around for it or was just psychic. It was a simple box, nothing that gave away the contents. You had to stop yourself from reaching over to shake it like a child.

You started the trek to your dressing room - you would be a standby for tonight’s performance - and noticed only one other room illuminated in the hallway.


Putting two and two together, you came to the conclusion that he had to have been your secret santa.

You deflated again. You had been walking on eggshells around Lin since you met him, he probably truly struggled with what to get you.

The show went off without a hitch, you were able to lounge in peace backstage, mulling over what he could have thought to get you. You and Lin talked casually, you would probably consider each other friends if you were able to get over just how intimidating he was.

Chris gathered everyone into the makeshift kitchen after costumes were changed out of and makeup was wiped away. Him and a few of the guys acted as the parents, handing out gifts according to the tags.

It was much heavier than you had thought, now that it was resting gently in your lap.

“Open them!” Chris called, already tearing away at his gift.

You pulled back the paper to reveal a simple white cardboard box. You opened the four flaps and grinned at the stack of books you were met with.

Lin had found pocket sized versions of some of your favorite books - recalling a casual complaint you had about now being able to read ebooks but also finding the weight of carrying around actual books a bit inconvenient.

You thumbed through the copies, searching each for an inscription. You sighed in disappointment to find each page blank, unsure what you were hoping to have read from him.

You stacked the books on the floor at your feet, ready to collapse the box and toss all the wrapping.

When the final book was on the floor, you were met with tissue paper. Your brow furrowed as you pulled them out, expecting to be met with the bottom of the box.

Instead, you were met with the feeling of soft yarn.

You tugged, a scarf emerging from the box. You inspected it for a moment - the uneven knitting, the odd pattern, the time it must have taken to make this.

“Are you crying?” Anthony asked, noticing your misty eyes. Suddenly, everyone was looking at you, clutching this mess of a scarf, on the verge of tears.

You barely recalled a passing conversation - you complimenting his scarf and saying no one had ever knit something for you after he revealed his father had knitted it.

You didn’t know he was paying that much attention to you.

Your eyes met his - filled with fear that he had done something wrong, that you drastically hated the gift and he would have to toss out the knitting needles he had invested in before anyone found out.

As you watched him nervously fidget in his seat, the Hamilton bobblehead someone had gifted him bobbing in his hand, you realized why you were always so nervous around him.

You weren’t intimidated by him. You were in love with him.

He gulped as you continued to inspect him and everyone went back to gushing over their presents. You tilted your head towards the door and he nodded, following your lead onto the empty stage.

“I’m sorry if it’s horrible, I’ve never knitted before. I should have just stuck to the books but-” You threw the scarf around his neck, using it to tug him down and connect your lips.

He stalled for a moment before reciprocating, his arms snaking around your waist to pull you impossibly closer. His hands didn’t know what to do with themselves. Eventually, he found his confidence and cheekily pinched your ass.

You pulled back in surprise, giggling at the stupid grin he wore.

“Thanks for the scarf.” You said, wrapping it around his neck once and laughing at the odd length.

“It’s really bad, isn’t it?”

“It’s ugly as hell, but I love it.” He buried his head in your shoulder as his body shook with laughter, eyes shining with the love you knew yours shined with as well.

Presumably the magical girl transformation sequence isn’t actually happening in-universe, since no one ever reacts to it…so does that mean every time Yami takes over the body, he has to take a time-out to adjust his wardrobe?

Kaiba: So are we gonna duel or what.

Yami: I said I accept your challenge, just give me a minute.

Kaiba: I’ve given you like ten minutes! You’ve already combed your bangs up and slung your jacket over your shoulders like a stupid cape, what more do you need?!

Yami: Could you keep it down, it takes a lot of focus to apply winged eyeliner.

Kaiba: Oh come on


TIP: You can use any liquid to matte lipstick as eyeliner. All you would need is a pointed or angled brush to apply it. In my opinion, liquid lipsticks are easier to apply as eyeliner than gel or liquid eyeliner. 

In these photos above, I used Jeffree Star Cosmetics velour liquid lipsticks!

10 Things I Can’t Get Over in OUAT 6A

  1. The Blue Fairy wielding an axe.
  2. The Blue Fairy being powerful enough to break into the Dark Castle (because you know Rumple warded the place against fairies because he hatesssss them, my precious) but then just unlocking a door for Belle: “Go forth and conquer, smol cinnamon roll with no magic or martial arts training– I’m going to go hatch some dwarf slaves or something.”
  3. Pros to being in the Mirror World: Being able to bingewatch your favorite people. Cons: The Hook channel is mostly him applying his eyeliner. Open Question: What did Sidney do for food? You can’t bingewatch without snacks.
  4. If you had “Professor Kink” and “Master/Slave Roleplay” on your list of Regina Kink Bingo, come and claim your canon prize.
  5. Either Hook really likes candles and flowers, or Belle spent her one day on the Jolly Roger trying her hand at interior decorating.
    Hook: Are you sure I need so many candelabras, luv?
  6. Rumplestiltskin, voted Storybrooke’s Most Likely to Cry Before, During, and After Sex six years running, went to the Evil Queen and was all: “And your reward for killing your sister will be … DIS BOOTY!” And the Evil Queen’s response? “Sounds legit.” I feel like those scenes were missing an establishing shot of three empty tequila bottles or something.
  7. Gideon getting his mom to find him via a book called “Defeating the Dark One for Dummies.” That was the title, right?
  8. When Hook apologizes for keeping the shears against Emma’s wishes because it might save her, Emma goes: “I WOULD’VE done the same thing.” Girl, you DID do the same thing! It lead to a truly questionable Librarian Granny Does Bondage hairdo and a lot of shouting and Hook’s bangs getting bigger from the betrayal and also all the darkness. Did you guys do shots of Regina’s amnesia potion after 5B or something? If so, is there any leftover for the audience?
  9. The Dragon has been killed twice AND heart-ripped but keeps on ticking, and now gets to chill with Lancelot and Sidney in the “POCs Who Cheated Death Club.” (It’s a small club.)
  10. Rumple shouting to the Black Fairy: “NO ONE KNOWS MY PAIN!” Dude. The show could be called “Once Upon a Child Abandonment.” Trust me– EVERYONE knows that pain.

Bonus: Henry is now taller than half the cast except for Gideon, who is the only newborn who can do a slam dunk. What is this show?


hello I’m isabella and I would die for phil lester faster than you can say “we need more storage” (ignore the eyeliner mishap haha)

hamilton fic

hamilton: its cold
lafayette: *applying winged eyeliner* ouí î àgrèé…mon dieu….le google translatè
laurens: haha looks like we’ll all have to..…..huddle for warmth ;) in my turtle print sheets
washington: *walks directly through door splintering it into thousands of pieces* hamilton i need you to help me call my wife. i cant operate this cell phone with my freakishly large hands. would anyone like a detailed description of how freakishly large my hands are

snowbaz + youtube

Some youtube headcanons for the @carryon-countdown prompt:

  • Baz totally has a beauty channel on youtube with tutorials on how to apply makeup and stuff
  • but
  • he’s SO RUDE
  • and bitchy
  • Simon is a famous pop singer
  • who also wears makeup
  • and Baz always uses Simon’s photos to show how not to apply makeup
  • and how not to combine clothes
  • because wtf simon snow
  • baz is offended in a personal level bc of simon’s fashion style
  • and he tells so in the vids
  • one day simon sees one of baz’s vids
  • and binge watches them all
  • (all of them talk about simon)
  • “how can he combine orange pants with a yellow shirt??”
  • “he applies way too much eyeliner, he looks kinda goth”
  • “omg he’s wearing a boater just fucking kill me”
  • and don’t get him started about simon’s moles
  • he knows the exact number of them and their location
  • he’s actually in the process of writing a book about them
  • Simon Snow’s hideous moles and where to find them
  • so simon gets in touch with baz, after seeing the vids
  • and convinces him to teach him how to apply makeup
  • live
  • and it goes terribly
  • they bicker at each other
  • simon is not quiet and baz can’t apply the eyeliner correctly
  • and he doesn’t even let him do the other eye
  • and his lipstick is all smudged
  • “you have no idea how to apply makeup”
  • “you can’t stay quiet for a fucking second. look at your lipstick, it couldn’t be more smudged.”
  • and simon snaps back “fuck yes it could.”
  • “yes? how?”
  • and then simon aggressively kisses baz
  • live
  • on youtube
  • that day baz gained a freaking lot of subscribers
How to Apply Eyeliner

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked is how to apply eyeliner. Sometimes all you need to finish off a look is eyeliner, but it can sometimes be a tricky thing to apply (especially on the upper lash line)

You Will Need: Gel Eyeliner, Precision Eyeliner Brush, Cotton Tips, Eye Makeup Remover

For lining the upper lash line I recommend a gel eyeliner with a small, precision brush, this allows you to build up the liner as you go and get as close to the lashes as possible. Liquid is great too but can be more harsh looking and difficult to correct.  Which brings me on to correcting the eyeliner, I’ve found the most effective method is a precise cotton tip specifically designed for makeup with a little eye makeup/micellar remover.

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i was just minding my own business, thinking about magnus and makeup, and then it hit me? like…. it’s not THAT big a leap to think we might be getting actual canon footage of magnus applying makeup in season 2. it’s obviously an important thing for him so why wouldn’t we get to see that on camera?

especially because simon’s going to stay with him. what if we get to see glimpses of their daily routines, which on magnus’ part of course includes putting on his makeup (and eventually taking it off).

like… imagine….
- magnus by his vanity, applying an amount of eyeliner that would be excessive for anyone else, and simon’s just like hanging around, watching, admiring.
- maybe he plays around with magnus’ nailpolish?
- maybe he asks magnus to paint his nails one night when they’re both really bored and/or tense about the ongoings in the shadow world and anything to distract them is welcome?

i’m thinking,
- scenes that begin with magnus by his vanity, listening to some gentle music and immersing himself in his makeup routine
- everything is peaceful and the camera follows magnus as he contours or applies eyeshadow
- it’s mundane, it’s everyday, it’s comfort in a world threatened by valentine where nothing and no one is safe
- he hums along to the music and reaches for the next brush, when someone bursts into his apartment (probably alec or simon) because he’s needed for an important mission
- the stakes go from 0-100 real quick and the scene ends with magnus magicking his makeup done (because that’s always an option but he finds comfort and pleasure in applying it himself, so he rarely uses it) and leaving the apartment with a flourish

other possibilities:
- establishing shots of magnus’ apartment and the camera pans over magnus’ makeup collection and/or his vanity
- magnus making casual remarks about makeup in every day conversation, like talking about that foundation he wants to try or that sale at sephora he’s dying to go to
- magnus being bored in a clave meeting and busting out his to-go makeup bag to touch up his makeup while the conservative clave members side-eye him, which he happily ignores (or maybe even takes pleasure in, because he sure likes pissing off clave members)
- magnus being mid-taking off his makeup when someone comes to his apartment and asks for help w/ some valentine business, and he sighs and tells them to wait while he finishes and they’re like “????? this is life or death?? your makeup can wait???” and he just looks them dead in the eye and says “i’ve been alive for 800 years, i’ve seen more death and saved more lives than you could possibly imagine, and if i say there’s time for cleanser and moisturizer, then there’s time”
- magnus being particularly annoyed with raphael one day and purposefully talking a lot about his various makeup products and his routines and “i recently added a step to my cleansing routine and i know it’s controversial but have you heard of *insert obscure makeup product*” and raphael is so bored and magnus can tell and it brings him immense joy

Today be like
  • MCR Fans: WE'LL CARRY ON *throws on mcr tshirt* WE'LL CARRY ON *puts on blackest jeans* AND THOUGH YOU'RE DEAD AND GONE BELIEVE ME *messily applies eyeliner* YOUR MEMORY WILL CARRY ON *cries and ruins freshly applied eyeliner*
  • Also MCR Fans: What the fuck guys