applying eye shadow

❣ Eye Shadow Magick ❣

Applying and wearing eye shadow can be relaxing and empowering, so why not add a little magick to your lids? Depending on how you like to do your makeup you can combine colors and styles for whatever you need at the time.

Eye Shadow Colors can be chosen in accordance with their common associations.










Physical Energy






Mental Alertness















The Arts








Spiritual Protection



















Decision Making


Makeup Master post for Beginners

Skin Care:

Foundation+ concealer:





Other tips:

random fahc headcanons pt. 2

•Ray loves countoring Ryan’s face, making him look even more scary (and even more handsome)
•Michael rocks that dark red lipstick
•Gavin prefers nude lipsticks to color
•Jeremy l o v e s wearing neon anything. Lipsticks, eye shadow, eyeliner
•Gavin got him that rainbow hi lighter for christmas
•Jeremy cried for a day straight and now refuses to go anywhere without it on
•Geoff bought Jack her first Victoria Secret bra back when she first got her top surgery
•It was the laciest think she had ever seen and she absolutely loved it
•The LSPD once walked right past Ryan cause he was wearing dad jeans and no makeup
•"So what you’re saying is, you walked right past The Vagabond?“
•"Sir… He looked like a middle aged father.”
•Gavin and Michael run a beauty blog
•Ray runs a makeup YouTube channel
•"So you’re gonna wanna apply the black eye shadow very lightly. Make it look like the first hit of a blunt.“
•The LSPD cheif follows Gavin on twitter and doesn’t know how the smartest hacker in the world tweets this kind of dumbass shit
•Geoff once robbed a bank in a pencil skirt and fishnet thigh highs
•Jack can do anything in heels
•Running, jumping off buildings, shooting a granade launcher, you name it.
•Gavin has 25k followers on his instagram
•Somehow Ryan has 30k
•He only posts random pictures of his plants and sometimes Ray
•Gavin’s really upset about it

Dolled Up

Young Sirius Black x Reader


Thank you @loonylittlemoony for being amazing and so sweet and making me want to write, you are lovely.

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> marauders era

> warnings: one swear lol

“Y/N, you are taking forever.” Sirius whined from your bed. You were sitting on the floor, applying some eye shadow for the party that was happening tonight in celebration of winning the Quidditch match. You lowered the mirror that was stationed in front of your face and raised an eyebrow at your boyfriend.
“I’m sorry but I want to look nice.” You said pointedly, closing your eyelids one at a time to make sure that it was even. You could hear Sirius chuckling at the ridiculous expressions you were making.
“Why are you putting on makeup?” He asked, laying himself back down on the bed and tucking one of his arms beside his head. His shirt tugged up, you had to stop yourself from staring at his boxers that were poking out of the top of his pants. “I thought you hated it.” He said while drumming a beat absentmindedly on his stomach with his free hand.
“I don’t hate makeup, actually I really like it. I just hate the time it takes to put it all on before class. Waking up early to do my makeup just isn’t my thing.” You told him. “I like looking nice for parties, it takes everyone off guard.” You said, your lips curling up into a grin. Sirius suddenly turned onto his side and threw you a stern look.
“You know you always look nice.” He frowned, accusation clear on his face.
“Thank you.” You muttered, a blush rising on your cheeks. You raised the mirror again before he could see your reddening face and began to apply your mascara. When you finished you blinked at your reflection and grinned; you loved dressing up. Quickly you stood up, brushing off the back of your jeans before turning to Sirius.
“Okay, out you. I need to change.” You shooed him, all he did was lay there and smirk at you. Sighing, you placed your hands on your hips. “I’m-” You stopped yourself before you could give him another opportunity to pull out his all time favourite joke. “I’m not joking, out!” You tugged on his arm and began dragging him out of the room. “I’ll be quick promise.” You assured him.
As soon as he was out of the room he turned with a pout on his lips. You pecked his pout before closing the door. He sighed before leaning onto the door. You pulled your new black dress out of the closet and put it on. Humming to the beat of the music that began to play in the common room. Once you were changed and ready, you flattened your hair one more time before walking over and opening the door. As soon as you pulled the door towards you, Sirius fell into the room. He let out a small yelp, before quickly straightening himself up.
“Babe, I love you but you take forev- Fuck where did that dress come from?” He growled as his eyes raked down your figure. His eyes met yours and you let out a small squeak at how dark they were. He glanced down at your lips and his tongue poked out to wet his own. His hot breath was fanning against your face and you could feel your head getting fuzzy. Suddenly his lips were on yours, his hands wrapping around your waist to pull you as close to him as possible. He moaned into the kiss before pulling away breathlessly.
“Sorry babe but I think we’re gonna be late to the party.” He breathed hotly. You could only nod your head before reconnecting your lips. Sirius kicked the door shut, and flicked his wand to lock it as he began to back you into your bed.

Jaemin doing your makeup!

Request: @kyujaeminsoon : Hi, could you do a Jaemin Drabble where he tries to do your makeup? I don’t know why I just thought it would be cute ☺️

Word count: 380

A/N: i hope jaemin is healing well and that he’s resting a lot <33

The smile on Jaemin’s face made you think if you made the right choice to let him do your makeup.He was your best friend, but sometimes you couldn’t help but wonder why exactly you were still friends with him.

“Don’t worry, I’m a professional” Jaemin assured you, making you sit down.Seeing that you didn’t feel sure about this at all, he smiled sweetly at you and patted your head before getting started.

10 minutes passed and you completely regretted letting Jaemin do your make up.Somehow, the foundation had found its way to your hair and Jaemin had tried to apply eye shadow to your lips.

“Y/N…I think I did something wrong” he mumbled, realizing that he kind of wasted your makeup.He quickly grabbed a mirror and made you take a look at yourself.

The moment you opened your eyes, you burst out laughing, seeing what your best friend had done to you.No words could describe how horrible it was.Confused, Jaemin pouted and told you to stop laughing.

“Y/N, it’s not funny” he whined, crossing his arms and looking away from you.It made you laugh, even more, seeing that you should be the one upset now that he wasted your makeup.

“Why are you the one pouting when I’m the one looking like a clown here?” you imitated his whining, earning a hit on your shoulder from Jaemin.

You continued laughing and ended up laying your head on Jaemin’s shoulder, trying to keep balanced.As soon as you placed your head on him, though, he pushed you away, still not forgiving you for laughing.

This time, it was your time to pout at him.You just wanted to spend some time with your best friend, but of course, Jaemin is Jaemin.

He couldn’t ignore your pouting face, though, and immediately attacked you with a hug as soon as you pouted.

“I’m sorry~” Jaemin said while hiding his face in your hair.You patted his head and forgave him.

As Jaemin pulled away from the hug, he found himself staring at you.Even though mascara was smudged around your eyes, you somehow still looked beautiful to him.

You stared back at Jaemin, not knowing what else to do.Slowly, you found yourselves leaning in and the moment Jaemin found its way to yours, you swear, fireworks sparked.

-Peach 🍑


Makeup Tips:

1) Scotch Tape Eye Stencil~

This unconventional beauty aid will help guide you when applying eye liner and shadows, especially if you’re going for a more daring look such as the “cat eye”. It will also help you achieve an even and balanced look for both eyes.

2) Disguising Under Eye Bags~

Use highlighter in the actual crease of the bag. Then use a darker shade of foundation in the actual puffy area.

3) Eye Highlights~

The placement of highlights is very important when trying to create naturally beautiful eye makeup. Your lighter colors (whites, creams, and pearls) should be applied in the inner corners, the middle of the eye, and just under your brow bone. Apply your lightest colors first, and then move on to your darker shades.

4) How To Fix Clumpy Mascara~

Let’s face it, this happens to every tube of mascara over time. The problem is it dries out and then starts to form unattractive lumps. To help prevent this, don’t pump your mascara trying to get more on your wand; you’re basically pumping air into the tube causing it to dry out even faster.

Although mascara should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, I use to replace mine much sooner just because it dries out so fast and creates undesirable results. But, there’s an easy fix for that! Add a drop or two of Visine (or any brand of eye drops) into the tube, and then rub the wand around inside. The Visine softens the mascara liquid, making it apply as if it were a brand new tube!

5) Lipstick Ready~

Use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. To really get the job done, you can make a homemade lip exfoliate with sugar and coconut oil, or easier but not as effective, cover your lips in lip balm or petroleum jelly before scrubbing.

6) Make Eyes Appear Bigger~

If you don’t already own a white pencil, invest in one now just for this simple trick! Instead of lining your water line with dark eyeliner, use a white pencil to create the illusion of a bigger eye.

7) Tightlining~

What is tightlining? It’s a way of applying your liner right in between your lashes. This is a great way to appear as though you’re not wearing any makeup at all, yet adding a little bit of color and definition to your eyes, and making the base of your lashes appear thicker.

8) Make Eyeshadows Pop~

Have you ever purchased a vibrant color of shadow that once applied appears rather dull? The key to making those colors pop is a white base. Use a white eyeliner and cover your entire lid before applying the color of your choice

9) The False Eyelash Look~

False lashes can be a pain, not to mention time consuming! Here are a few ways to get the look without the hassle:

1. After curling your lashes, apply a thin layer of powder before applying your mascara. I just sweep a small blending brush across my compact and apply it to the top and bottom of my eyelashes. I’ve also heard that some people use baby powder, although I think they both have virtually the same effect; creating a base that makes them appear much fuller.

2. Apply two coats of mascara to the bottom and TOP side of your lashes, but wait 3-5 minutes in between each coat, otherwise they tend to get clumpy (not cute).

3. When applying your mascara, you don’t want to just move your mascara wand from the base of your lashes up. Make sure you are moving the mascara wand back and forth while going up. The left and right motion will make sure every lash is covered entirely, all the way to the tip.

4. Almost done! Now, check your lashes for any gaps. Use the tip of your wand to apply another coat of mascara to individual lashes where they look sparse. Even better, use a fine tipped liquid eyeliner to fine tune and fill in any gaps.

10) Lash Curling Secret~

Get the most out of your lash curler by pinching at the very base of  your lashes, and then lifting the curler up into an inverted position. This creates double the curl and lasts much longer!

11) Heat Your Lash Curler~

Hold a blow dryer up next to your lash curler for about 3-5 seconds. The heat works the same way as it does with your curling iron, giving you those flirty lashes that will last all day.

12) The Perfect Match~

This is the one thing that no matter how well it’s applied, if it’s the wrong color, it will look terrible! We all dread that our foundation will give us a ghost face or even worse, that dreaded orange jaw line. Because your neck isn’t exposed to the sun as much as your face, it is much better for matching your true color.

13) Secret Eye Lift~

Sweep a light pink matte pencil across the entire length of your brow bone to create the illusion of a higher arch, and then blend, blend, blend! It should not be detectable.

14) Proper Contouring~

When applied right, contouring can define your cheekbones and jaw line, reduce the look of a double chin, minimize a larger nose, and lift sagging eyes. It’s basically using makeup to highlight and accentuate your features. This is especially important for photos, as the camera tends to pick up shadows and highlights better than the naked eye.

There are actual contouring and highlighting powders made just for this, but you can also use a bronzer or powder that is a few shades darker than your skin, and a foundation that is a few shades lighter for highlighting. For the most part, your t-zone and under eye area is where you want to highlight, and the outer portion of your face, underneath your cheekbones, and your neck is where you want to define with a darker color. Keep in mind, blending is key for a natural look! This may take some practice at first.

15) The Line Saver~

I’m always checking my eye makeup in the case that my eyeliner isn’t in its original place. Certain eyeliners are more prone to this, especially those that aren’t water proof, but I don’t like using waterproof makeup because it’s so darn hard to get off! I always feel like I’m ripping my lashes off in the removal process. To keep your liner behaving, sweep loose or pressed powder right under the eye liner on your bottom lid. It creates somewhat of a barrier, preventing your eyeliner from traveling downward.

16) The Lip Cheat~

As it turns out, we weren’t all blessed with Angelina Jolie’s lush lips. Now, there are a few tricks to making them appear larger (a glossy lip being one), but for a more dramatic effect, don’t be afraid to line your lips just outside of your natural line. When I say just outside of your natural line, I mean slightly. You don’t want to look like a clown by over doing it!

17) Downward Strokes~

Although you want to wash your face and apply your moisturizer with upwards strokes to help lessen fine lines and a sagging face, the opposite is true for foundation and powder. Most of us have a little bit of hair on our face, and it tends to grow downwards. If you apply your makeup with upward strokes, it will cause your “peach fuzz” to stick strait up, making it more noticeable.

18) Instant Eye Lift~

This quick and easy illusion will give you an instant eye life. Draw an arch directly above your eyebrow with your favorite highlighter, and blend with your finger. This makes your arch look raised, making the whole eye area look like it has been lifted.

19) Clump-Free Lashes~

It may seem like a waste, but if you want clump-free lashes (so hard to achieve, right?!) , you have to wipe your mascara wand off on a tissue before each application. This way you can apply several coats seamlessly.

20) Blemish Secret~

Instead of using that bulky tube of concealer to cover your blemishes, rub a bit of it on an eyeliner brush for more precise control.

21) Make It Last~

Keep those lips kissable by sealing the deal. After your lipstick is applied, hold a tissue over your lips and apply powder over the tissue. This creates a matte look that lasts much longer.

22) The 3-D Lip Effect~

So simple and stunning! Use your finger to stamp a little bit of frosted blush or eye shadow to the center of your bottom and top lip.

23) When To Toss It Out~

As much money as we spend on our beauty products, it’s hard to let it go, but at some point your makeup becomes unhealthy for your skin and eyes. This is especially true for anything that gets applied around your eyes, so it’s important to give your makeup drawer a good clean out every once in a while.

I caught my little brother (10 years old) applying makeup
  • Little brother: Emma, is this what you put on your eyes?
  • Me: Yes, why?
  • Little brother: I want to wear it!
  • Me: Okay. *stands and watches him*.
  • Little brother: *Applies the eye shadow* Do I look pretty?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Little brother: I love wearing eye shadow!
Youngjae Imagine

For @kyujaeminsoo :) enjoy!

24. he does your makeup

“No, Youngjae that goes on my lips,” you said.
Nonetheless, he shushed you and continued applying the lip gloss to your eyebrows.
You sighed and let him continue his work.
So Far, he had applied eye shadow as blush, and blush as lipstick, claiming it was “lip powder”. You’re lips were extremely dry from all the Mac blush he had applied and You could only imagine how you’re eyebrows were looking.
He ignored you.
“Youngjae.” You repeated. He hummed in response and picked up the mascara. You laughed lightly at how he was sticking out his tongue in concentration, eyebrows furrowed and the barely visible glossy covering of sweat that was forming on his forehead made him look super cute and you couldn’t help but giggle and lean forward to kiss him.
He pushed you away and began complaining.
“No, your lip powder is gonna get on me.”
You huffed and let him proceed to drawing a mustache on you with mascara, slightly annoyed that he’s taken almost an hour already. While he was focusing on drawing the perfect facial hair, you decided to get a little revenge. You discreetly reached to your right and grab red lipstick, slip off the cap, and swipe it across his cheek.
Immediately, you burst into laughter and he gasps, looking at you shocked. Youngjae dropped the mascara and pushed you back, taking the lipstick from your hands and painting your face with the red color. You fought back for a while, but unfortunately, he eventually got your hands and was holding them so he could paint your face easily. He was now straddling you to hold you down, while both of you were laughing loudly like idiots.
At the end of his attack, there was not a single spot on your face not covered in red lipstick, which was now destroyed as well. Youngjae handed you the mirror while he laughed.
You looked horrifying. The Lipstick had stained your teeth and your eyes were gonna be a nightmare to clean, but regardless, when you looked back at your boyfriend, who was now on the floor, literally rolling on the floor, laughing, you could not possibly be the slightest bit angry at this little goof ball. But you could certainly go press your red face against his. He groans and pushes you away, both of you laughing your asses off.
When the giggles die down, you sigh.
“Your turn.”
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beauty tip of the day:

if you have less hair in some areas of your head, use a small blending brush & apply eye shadow that matches your hair colour to cover areas where you can see your scalp. this will make your hair look more full & less patchy on your roots✨

Imagine if W.C.K.D send makeup to the glade.

Minho would go for the nail polish without hesitation.

And Newt would be that one guy who tries to apply eye-shadow to his cheeks.

And Gally would eat the lipstick.