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Makeup Master post for Beginners

Skin Care:

Foundation+ concealer:





Other tips:

Not So Bad (Gaston Imagine)

Request: Is it possible that you could write a Gaston x reader where he’s desperately in love with you, but you hate him, and then you slowly fall in love with him? Thanks so much!- @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt

Tags- @brooke-supernatural16 

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You sat beside Belle as she read her book to you. “And they lived happily ever after.” She finished before looking at you with a smile.

“Thanks for reading to me Bell-”

“(Y/N)” A voice yelled, causing you to look up. Gaston was heading your way with flowers and a huge smile on his face

“Well I would love to stay and chat but I must get going.” You waved bye to Belle and took off as you heard her laugh.

“Excuse me! Sorry! Oops!” You push through people as you fast as you can.

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Eye Catching Glamour Spell

A spell to catch the attention of that special someone.

You Will Need:

💝 Pink Eye Shadow
💝 Black Eyeliner (and brush if needed)
💝 Mascara
💝 Rose Quartz
💝 White Eye Glitter 
💝 Rose Water
💝 Serpentine, garnet, rhodonite and/or sapphire
💝 Mirror
💝 Empress Tarot Card (or printed out image of one)


💝 Set up your space. Place your Empress Tarot Card near you where you can view it easily, place your gemstone(s) before you and close though not in your way. Have your make up in reach and keep a bowl/cup of rose water to your right. Be sure you are in front of a mirror or have a mirror set up in front of you.

💝 Do your face make up as you would normally though leaving your eyes for last. While doing so feel the energies of the crystals and tarot card

💝 Peer into the mirror and start with your eyeliner. Apply it from inner corner outwards and leaving a small tail/wing (style of which is up to you though thin and long is recommended). Do bottom lid from inner corner and out as well. While doing this imagine how you are lining your eyes, drawing attention to them, how your eyeliner will pull in the eyes of the one you wish to catch the eye of. Visualize how they will draw in someone.

💝 Apply your pink eye shadow as you desire though as doing so focus on how the eye shadow is glowing with temptation and allure, like a light in the darkness it will demand attention to look at it

💝 Begin applying your mascara, stare into your own eyes as you do so, imagine them glowing and rings pulsing in them, tempting someone to peer into them. Visualize this strongly

💝 Take your eye glitter and lightly dab it about your eye lid, this is for the beauty element. How they enchant your eyes like glittering gems. Focus on the desire of wanting to appear beautiful for the person when you catch their eye

💝 Finish the spell by taking your dominate pointer finger and dipping into your rose water and lightly dabbing it under your eyes. Imagine this making the intense glow of your eyes pink and warm. Keep the image of your glowing beautiful eyes in your mind as you begin your day.

Note: Correspondences for this spell comes from @witchtips many make up magic correspondence lists

anonymous asked:

I really hope Daniel Howell will explore fashion this year and apply some pretty eye shadow and/or some matte liquid lipstick.

dan already painted his nails with glittery nail polish.. wore ripped jeans.. was constantly wildin out in other countries.. even phil has been out there makin bold fashion decisions.. wearin butterflies on his titties.. talkin about holographic nail polish.. things are looking good

💘 “The Smolder” love spell 👀

inspired by disney’s “tangled”, a pocket love spell/glamour you can use by fluttering your eyelashes 

💘  if you wish to enchant a specific mascara or eye shadow, apply the charm to the outside of the makeup container instead of your eyes

👀  gather: moon water, rose petals, and strawberry leaves

💘  dab around eyes with the clean water, avoid direct contact with eyes

👀  dab the water droplets with the rose petals and strawberry leaves.

💘  apply to your eyes either the day/night of, or by makeup

👀  the enchantment words if you wish to use them, are “here comes the smolder”

note: use clean water you don’t mind washing your face with to make the moon water, wash the rose petals and strawberry leaves

Re-Create: Rihanna Makeup Look of Wild Thoughts Video

First you have to shape your face with contour and highlight.

Then you apply your eye-shadow in the color aqua, dark green, and light blue. 

At last you will complete your look with a red lipstick that suits your skin tone. In the video she used the Morphe liquid lipstick in Hot Shot.

Star Struck

Requested by @gsut! Hope you enjoy it!

Prompt; Make up kiss

The stadium was beyond packed, at least according to the excited staff that scurried around the stage. It sure felt like it too, Levy McGarden mused as the floor beneath them vibrated with the cheers of the audience. Standing room only? Well, that wasn’t surprising either, and well deserving for the band that was just about to perform.  

She resisted a shiver of nervousness as she turned back to her task at hand; putting the last touches of make up on the star himself, Gajeel Redfox. Or rather, Black Steel to his fans. She still wasn’t sure why he had insisted that she apply his makeup before his shows, she was far from professional. She’d be lucky if she even made a decent wing on herself without smudging it. But he refused anyone else, making her incredibly happy inside. She couldn’t stop the butterflies in her stomach whenever they were close, and had to fight the trembling in her hands as she’d trace the contours of his face with the brush. But he’d always compliment her work, even when it looked like crap and she felt profusely embarrassed.  

It wasn’t exactly a stroke of luck meeting him; she had Lucy, the group’s actual make up artist, to thank for bringing despite her hesitation at first. However, he kept his reason for making her his personal artist secret, avoiding her questions about it as well as he tried flirting with her.  

And boy did he try.  

He wasn’t as smooth as he thought he was, and teased her endlessly about her height. But there was something in the way his lips quirked and his eyes flashed when he managed to make her giggle, making her heart jolt a bit. And there was no way she could hide the blush on her cheeks when he closed his eyes, waiting for her to apply the eye shadow. She’d bite her lip as she took the opportunity to gaze at his face, jumping slightly when his eyes snapped open if she took too long to finish. He’d tease her about that too, but she couldn’t help it. The make up he’d request hid how handsome he really was, making her feel rather privileged to look at him without it.  

Okay, so maybe his flirting was working more than she’d expected it to, but she couldn’t deny that she was falling for him. Was it too much to hope that maybe, just maybe, he’d actually like her?  

“Ready to go?” Called one of the staff, waving the clipboard towards the stage. Gajeel grunted, his eyes flicking towards Levy for final approval. After a quick look over, she finally nodded, beaming in pride at her work. It was getting better the more she worked on him, she decided, and couldn’t help the tiny cheer as Lucy gave her the thumbs up.  

“Alright then, good luck out there!” She chirped as he pushed himself out of the chair. She turned away to hurry and put up the equipment, eager to watch the show. A gentle brush over her wrist had her turning back to him, surprised to find him closer than they had even been. Her breath caught when he leaned closer to cover her lips with his. Before she could recover, he pulled back, his cocky grin back in place and an excited glint in his eyes.  

“For good luck,” he whispered, and she could feel her heart hammering against her ribs as he moved away, walking backwards for a few steps before turning to the stage. She grasped the table, suddenly unsure if the floor was moving or if she was beginning to swoon. Did he just… kiss her?!

A sly giggle from behind her confirmed that she wasn’t dreaming, and she groaned lightly before turning back to her work, wary of the new wave of teasing Lucy was sure to send her way.  

But by god, kissing him was better than she had expected.  

❣ Eye Shadow Magick ❣

Applying and wearing eye shadow can be relaxing and empowering, so why not add a little magick to your lids? Depending on how you like to do your makeup you can combine colors and styles for whatever you need at the time.

Eye Shadow Colors can be chosen in accordance with their common associations.










Physical Energy






Mental Alertness















The Arts








Spiritual Protection



















Decision Making


Girl Time

Brief Summary: Reader is having a down time and her best friends Fred and George make it all better.

Words: 962

Warnings: None really just some friend stuff.

Pairing: Fred/George/Reader Platonic Friendship.

Originally posted by angelina-g-l

You sighed at you sat in the common room. Most other Gryffindors were outside playing or doing something productive. But not you, sadly. Most of your house members were nice and invited you along sometimes but you never felt like you fit in. So you curled up on the couch by the fireplace sketch book in lap, sketching out a photo of a rather cute boy in your house. He was a year older than you but that didn’t stop your crush.

But as your two friends rather stormed into the common room you slammed your book shut looking up at them. Feed and George were smiling until they looked at you. “What’s wrong Y/n?” Fred asked as he sat beside you.

George sat in the chair to your left and touched your shoulder. “Why are you inside on a day like this?”

You let sigh, surely they knew. “You guys are like my only friends. Besides like Harry and Ron but they are a grade younger and I don’t see them a lot. And it’s not like I have any female friends to do anything with, ever.” You huffed more mad about not being able to keep a female friend than anything else. Hermione was nice but it was clear she didn’t prefer having you around when she was alone. You just bothered her.

“Hey, you have us. Do we not count?” Fred smiled poking your side to try and make you laugh.

“I know our red gorgeous locks are scary. Buy I think I can do some fine makeup.” George teased before you looked between the boys.

“Are you offering what I think you are offering?” You looked between them with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course Y/n! We don’t wanna see you down. Cmon! I’m sure we can find some cute boys to talk about too!” Fred chuckled as he stood holding out his hand for you.

“And don’t forget how Rachels muggle clothing choices are horrid. Like girl. Green and pink do not go together unless you’re a watermelon.” George smiled as he stood as well.

You laughed softly before grabbing friends hand and standing up as you headed up to your room to get your things. The three of you then sat on your bed as you dumped your makeup all over your blankets.

“Well have at it boys.” You teased before George grabbed your hand and put a makeup brush in it.

“You first Y/N make me pretty.” He smiled at you before you just laughed softly. Soon enough the three of you were doing each other’s makeup and laughing about it the whole time.

“Did you see Matthew today. He was looking so cute in those black jeans.” Fred giggled before applying lipstick to you.

“And the way those tan pants hugged Anthony’s ass? Like oh god.” George chuckled before applying his own eye shadow.

“And don’t get me started about how dreamy Sam is.” You smiled before blushing hotly as the boys looked at you.

“You like Sam?” The boys both said before giggling.

“Shush! You can’t tell anyone!” You nearly whined before the boys locked their lips and threw away the key.

“Your secret is safe with us. But he does have nice eyes.” Fred hummed while perfecting your eyeliner.

“And a toned bod.” George checked himself in a mirror before blowing a kiss.

“And the most beautiful voice ever.” You chime all dreamy like. The three of you keep talking about your crush and makeup and girl things that you didn’t know you needed until then. Fred and George surely were the best friends you could ask for. That was until you remembered you left your sketchbook in the common room!

Quickly you jolted off the bed and ran downstairs to see Harry and Ron flipping through it. You quickly grabbed it as Sam walked over asking who’s it was. “Mine it’s mine!” You squeak before Fred and George come running down the stairs.

“Y/n you alright?” Fred started but the whole room breaks out in laughter. Looking between you, Fred and George. Surely the makeup wasn’t the best but it wasn’t that bad, was it? You wanted to cry and run and hide before Fred and George stepped in front of you.

“Don’t laugh cause you aren’t good enough friends to be there for your best friend and do whatever she needs.” Fred cut sharply through the air, everyone stopped laughing and stared.

“It takes a real man to be able to cut contour like this and I know none of you can.” George scolded before they hugged you and you three, headed upstairs.

But someone grabbed your arm stopping you on the stairs. “Y/n hey. I uh. You’re really good at drawing. I liked your work.” Sam whispered nervously.

You smile lightly before glancing towards the boys then back at your crush. “Th-thanks that means a lot.”

“I uh. I really liked the one of me. Harry tells me you only draw people who really inspire you and I uh. I’d like to get to know you better if you know what I mean. Maybe we could hang out sometime?” Sam smiled shyly before letting go of your arm.

“Yes! I mean yeah. That be cool.”

“Cool. I’m glad.” He smiled before you ran up the stairs nearly screaming at your boys as you all started to remove the makeup and gossip even more about what you were even going to wear on a date with Sam.

You and the boys now constantly had a girls night. Especially after a date with Sam. They wanted all the juicy details and you figured actually female friends weren’t needed when you had two best friends like these. And they were all you needed.

Dragon Glamour

So, I thought I would post the ritual that I did on Sunday for those who wanted to know!  Now I should start this off with a warning that you should know your limits, what things you can and can’t do in terms of magic and energy.  This may not be a gentle practice for some and from what I have discovered, some people seem to be sensitive to energy that dragon spirits give.  If you are one of these people you’ll want to perform a different type of glamour.  However, the foundation of what I do here should work for you but you will need to remove the dragon influences and substitute with whatever feels more comfortable for you.

I feel like I should also add that not all of this is pure glamour.  Glamour, in its essence works on the function of influencing how others see you.  But some of this came from asking my guides to grant me the things that I needed and used my face as a means to harness it with make up.  

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random fahc headcanons pt. 2

•Ray loves countoring Ryan’s face, making him look even more scary (and even more handsome)
•Michael rocks that dark red lipstick
•Gavin prefers nude lipsticks to color
•Jeremy l o v e s wearing neon anything. Lipsticks, eye shadow, eyeliner
•Gavin got him that rainbow hi lighter for christmas
•Jeremy cried for a day straight and now refuses to go anywhere without it on
•Geoff bought Jack her first Victoria Secret bra back when she first got her top surgery
•It was the laciest think she had ever seen and she absolutely loved it
•The LSPD once walked right past Ryan cause he was wearing dad jeans and no makeup
•"So what you’re saying is, you walked right past The Vagabond?“
•"Sir… He looked like a middle aged father.”
•Gavin and Michael run a beauty blog
•Ray runs a makeup YouTube channel
•"So you’re gonna wanna apply the black eye shadow very lightly. Make it look like the first hit of a blunt.“
•The LSPD cheif follows Gavin on twitter and doesn’t know how the smartest hacker in the world tweets this kind of dumbass shit
•Geoff once robbed a bank in a pencil skirt and fishnet thigh highs
•Jack can do anything in heels
•Running, jumping off buildings, shooting a granade launcher, you name it.
•Gavin has 25k followers on his instagram
•Somehow Ryan has 30k
•He only posts random pictures of his plants and sometimes Ray
•Gavin’s really upset about it

FAHC Headcanon Ideas #2 + AH Prompt Ideas #1

Got this idea from me possibly starting to develop nearsightedness because I treat my eyes poorly! This one’s Gavin sentric, this also has to include the HC where Gavin is a hacker btw so it can make sense.
((Sorry for poor grammar or miss spelling I don’t want to edit this))

Sense Gavin is a hacker he’s always looking at screens, and sometimes he looks at screens in the dark because he’s too lazy to get up and turn on the lights, and he’s been in the hacking business for a while like he started when he was a young teen (12? Around that age-ish) and he’s glued on the damn computer for hours just doing work, he only really gets up to use the bathroom and that’s it, he doesn’t eat when he needs to and trades sleep for coffee or energy drinks, and he somehow forgets to fucking blink, no joke he’s so focused on his work, so “in the zone” that his brain forgets the fact that he needs to blink, after sitting in a chair and intensely stairing at a computer screen for 7 or 10 hours or some crazy amount of time without blinking your eyes as many times as you should so he just wants to pluck his eyes out in the end, they’re strained and a bit red and feel oddly dry from the lack of blinking and overall just hurt by all the work they’re put through, and starting off hacking at such a young age definitely didn’t help his vision. Fast forward a couple of years and he’s 15, he’s been in the hacking business for 3 years and is really good for a kid his age with the amount of experience he has, but lately things seemed a little off, he couldn’t really see small words from a distance to good, this made school a little challenging considering the amount of time it would take him to copy notes from the white board and it bugged him a bit but he didn’t think it was a big deal, just brushed it off as the lighting was messing with him, he’d always squinting his eyes to try and make out the slightly fuzzy looking letters, getting a bit peeved over mixing up a lower case ‘i’ for an ‘l’, but he managed, as time passed he had to move to the front of the class just to see the damn letters for his notes! This was around the time that he was thinking “Bloody hell these letters are hard to read” but still thinks it’s “just the mingy lighting”, walking back home he notices little things as well, Street signs are really hard to read now and where stop signs and cars always that fuzzy from a far? After a year things really get fuzzy, he cannot read the white board without asking Dan or some other kid to read it to him, people walking down the sidewalk are just blobs of color, he can’t really see what’s at the end of ally ways, can’t see much of anything from a distance to be honest, it’s getting bad to the point where he bumps into things at time and Dan is getting worried and suspicious, what confirms his suspicious is the day he tries to teach Gavin how to shoot a gun, fast forward another year and he’s 16 going on 17, he’s explaining how he should stand, how to not hurt himself and places to shoot if you where ment to kill or injer someone without killing them instantly, for years he’s been training Gavin on how to fight and protect himself for gang activity has is rising and training him how to shoot a gun was by far one of the hardest parts, the boy had terrible aim, he would always position Gavin in the perfect way but he still managed to miss the target and hit the fucking wall next to it, he taught and taught him how to aim but out of frustration Gavin would throw the gun to the ground and yell at his friend “It doesn’t bloody help that you made the target too damn hard to see!” and Dan just gives him a weird look at says “What the? Gavin I didn’t make the target hard to see! I see it perfectly you twat!” And Gav’s like “It looks all fuzzy! It’s a blob of color!” so Dan looks at Gavin and then the target and then Gavin again and declares “You’re going to the eye doctor tomorrow”

So the next day Dan forces Gavin to go to the eye doctor, and woopie do Gavin Free is nearsighted! And Gavin hated it. He needed to pick out some glasses that he didn’t want to wear because it was going to be a pain in the ass to run around in the streets, trying not to get killed with glasses that can fall off and break and make you recognizable as fuck. So he desides to buy contacts and a pair of glasses just in case. The first time he almost lost one and goddamnit having eye problems are a pain in the ass, but he could finally see signs, people and the ends of ally ways which was extremely helpful!

Fast forward, he moved to Los Santos in America and whoa Geoff Ramsey and the FAHC noticed his potential and asked him to join their infamous gang of idiots and he did after thinking about the choice. So to passes and he is loving life and his boys are everything to him, he loves them and his job behind the scenes on his computer and all is fine. Until the day he ended up losing his contacts. It was a rush, he woke up late and now he was scrambling around the apartment to get ready for the day, burning the piece of toast he was planning to eat, almost poking his eye out as he tryed to quickly apply golden eye shadow on him, putting on his shirt backwards and tripping 5 times per minute, and of course he can’t find his damn contacts. That was just the icing on the cake for a terrific morning. He tried to find them but he had no idea where they where and Geoff was going to kill him when he gets to the penthouse, so in a desperate attempt to get out of the apartment he grabbed his spare glasses, put them on and ran hell to his bike (or car idk), eventually making it to the penthouse. Everyone is busling, tomorrow they where going to commit a hiest and they needed to make sure everything was ready, Geoff about to call Gavin suddenly heard the front door opened, followed by a loud “SORRY I OVER SLEPT BUT I’M HERE NOW!” with a British accent. Geoff, annoyed that Gavin overslept stopped at his tracks when he walked into the living room and saw the Gavin Free wearing a pair of thick black framed glasses perched on his nose, a bit crooked, but that was a sight to see. Gavin groaned as he fixed his glasses, he hasn’t worn them in years and he was used to contacts, remembering exactly why he didn’t like wearing glasses. “Bloody hell today was a crap morning.” He complained and Geoff is just stairing at him and he gives him a weird look and says “Geoff? What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” And Geoff just giggles at the sight, thinking the glasses made Gavin look more like a nerd then he already was and blerts out “When did you get glasses?! And Gavin is confused and says “Geoff I’ve had glasses ever since I was 16” and Gavin has never told the crew about his eye problems thinking he has already and Geoff just called out to the guys and everyone just stopped at their tracks to see Gavin in glasses and complement or tease him about them. Gavin claiming that he thought he told them all about how he was near sighted because he didn’t take care of his eyes.

And if you want it to be shippy/OT6/what ever is your otp, Gavin getting all blushy and flustered if the boys (or boy) complement him on how cute he looked and giving him kisses.

Jerome X Reader Lost.

Jerome sat quietly his eyes following around your graceful body as you swayed dancing on the two pieces of ribbon that hung from the ceiling. When you danced the feeling of being under a circus tent disappeared. Everything felt more glamorous and beautiful. Your unnaturally pale body was enclosed by pure white lights and sparkles entrancing  everyone in the audience, especially Jerome. His breathing deepened when he watched you, everyone noticed it describing his focus on you as if you were the only thing that mattered in his world, the most precious jewel to ever be found. When told this you normally brushed it off. You had know of Jerome, or course having traveled all around the country with him but the two of you never remained close.He was a shy boy sticking closely to his mother whom he glared t with such discontent he would look to be a whole different person, it was scary until his face melted back into it’s normal withdrawn look. Sometimes you could feel green eyes gazing at you but you tried not to notice it, you were deemed the princess, after your mother who was named queen but murdered by your father in a drunken fit, of the circus for your long blonde hair and intensely good looks so people often stared.

After your performance you twirled down the long ribbons, bowing graciously letting off a big smile. The crowd cheered their voices echoing as you skipped lightly to the back. Jerome seeing you leave scrambled to his feet to meet you there. In his mind he had decided tonight was the night. He was going to tell you of the feeling he had harbored inside of him for years- it didn’t matter if you excepted it or not to he had to get it out there. Back stage you were drinking some sparkling water confronted by the normal praises and pats on the back. “You looked beautiful out there” and “How stunning” Politely you smiled thanking them like their comment meant the world to you but no the inside you had heard it all before dreading their storm of approval only wanting to creep into your trailer only to come out for your next performance. Making your way through the crowd of admirers you got to the last one the lizard man or Bret who said you looked just like your mother and how proud she would be if she could see you tonight. 

A pang of heavy sadness echoed through you. Everything became dark- the usual sounds and smells of the circus faded away only leaving you with the stench of alcohol as well as her screams.. her dreaded screams. You pushed past Bret bolting to your trailer without putting on your usual happy go luck act. The man sat dumbfounded repeating his words to himself trying to figure out if he had errored in his ways shrugging when mentally convincing it as you just being on your period. Jerome followed close behind seeing you run away grew angry glaring at Bret. He stormed up to him shoving on his back with violent force. Bret turned around a scowl on his scaled face. “Bitch?” he said turning to Jerome who came back with a deadly glare. “What did you say to her?” Bret scoffed turning his back to Jerome and walking away. Remembering his place as the shy reserved kid of the village bicycle he gave in walking slowly out to your trailer. 


I held the picture of my mom closely to my chest trying to stop the hot tears from continuing to stream down my face. Closing my eyes my chest heaved in and out in an attempt to practice the deep breathing technique my old therapist had taught me when I was little but it all failed. They all knew not to bring up my mom or dad. Their memory remained a gash in my heart that was continuously bleeding; gushing when their names were brought up. Accepting my failure my eyes re-opened allowing myself to trail my pointer finger up and down my moms face. It was an old picture of her when she was around 19, my age, she was wearing a sparkly silver dress her cheeks flushed pink while my father stood handsomely kissing her neck, his hands wrapped around her waist. TO my self I thought if she had ever imagined that those same exact hands would stab her to death- the details of that night began to play out until there was a timid knock at my door.

 My head snapped up quickly placing the picture of my parents back in it’s usual place. “Just a minute!” I cried happily rushing to the mirror to fix my make-up which had been streaked down my face. I wiped the ghostly black streams off of my face applying new eye shadow and eyeliner as well as throwing on a simply black cotton dress. Smiling I opened the door shocked to see Jerome standing there. “Hello y/n” He was nervously looking around in the same blue sweater he always seemed to wear. “Oh Jerome what a surprise, come in” I said masking my worry. smiling he nodded stepping up the stairs and into my trailer. His eyes nervously took in the white Christmas lights I had strung up around the entire place. pictures and poster coated the walls. “Would you like a drink?” I said hoping the divert his attention away from my personal life. “uh no thanks” he said avoiding eye contact. “May we sit?” his pale hands ushered to my two dining room chairs. Hoping in my head this wasn’t the part where he reaches a crossed the table and chokes me out I nodded politely and sat down, he sat on the other chair looking at me then glancing away when I attempted to make eye contact. “What can I help you with Jerome?” I said. He smiled fidgeting with his hands. “Okay.. I” The laugh of a maniac came out of his mouth. I jumped at the sound of it. This was so out of character for him, he never laughed only smiled shyly.

 Before I knew it he was in front of me gently caressing my chin to shocked to act I looked into his pulsing eyes while he stared into my eyes with a sense of.. yearning?. “To be honest with you baby” he said trailing his fingers up and down my arms the tickling sensation sending shivers through my body. “I’ve had m eyes on you for awhile… for years!” he said sitting on the small table lowering his head so he was eye level. “You’re the only one I want” My eyes flashed thinking of all the guys I have had a crush on, who had watched the show approaching me afterwards and promising me a life as a dancer away from this dreaded circus. Jerome seemed to pick up on my thoughts. “Forget about those other guys gorgeous I’m the only one that can treat you like the princess you are.. I know you, I know how you laugh, dance, sing, talk, how you cry” he lingered on my face noticing how puffy my eyelids were. 

A sympathetic look rose on his face only to be hidden as he gently leaned forward whispering in my ear. “Best of all I can get you out of here. No more filth and sadness. No more memories that eat away at your heart” He put his pointer finger under my chin lifting my head up to his gaze. “I know they do, you don’t have to hide it silly girl. You will have the life you always wanted with me. My brain wandered excited by his promises. I would be free from this hell hole and Jerome was pretty cute… I stood up suspiciously looking at him. “How do I know this isn’t some elaborate scheme to kill me? hm?” A handsome smile spread a crossed his face as he stood up. Again his cold hands reached my face. “Your father has damaged you sweet heart. Why would I hurt the only thing that matters to me?” From that point on I was his and he was mine. We spend most of our time hiding out in my trailer planning our ‘great escape!’ as he called it-only coming out for my shows; he would watch as he always had kissing my hard on the lips afterwards;carrying my back to my trailer. 

Then he was taken away from hacking up his mother. I hadn’t found out until the next day after spending hours searching around and calling his name. Bret stopped me releasing the bad news. I cried in my tailor hating him for leaving me here to rot- mostly for breaking his promise. My cries echoed throughout the circus yard bringing forth multiple knocks from my concerned co-workers. I never answered them, I hated them all.

 The next couple months all my energy went into my dancing. I would practice with my instructor most of the day, preform then go to sleep. I had become a great dancer receiving many compliments but I blew them off- as Jerome had said many times none of them mattered. It had been a normal Saturday I was sitting in my trailer reading a book about a ballerina something I had always wished I could do. A knock sounded on my door my eyes glancing at the clock it was 9:30pm an odd hour for visitors. Cautiously I opened the door suddenly being grabbed then surrounded by darkness. Viciously I fought screaming and kicking. “You let go of you you son of a bitch!” I yelled feeling my fist connect with something warm and soft. A deep mans voice croaked “Little bitch” then pinched my arm which I thought was strange until my head became dizzy and I fell into a deep sleep. 

When I woke up I was in a room a fire place roaring, a breathing body humming besides me. My face scrunched in confusion as I got up tip-toeing away. My feet made a sticking noise that made me want to shriek in fear that the man on the bed would wake up. Unnervingly I made it to the door  with a sigh of relief. I was on my way to freedom when a strong pare of arms grabbed around my waist. “Where do you think you’re going?” a almost familiar voice said. Out of habit I jabbed my elbow back connecting it with the mans face. He made a grunting noise falling back. I started to run down the hallway paved by wooden planks when I heard “No baby don’t leave” 

My feet slid on the floor like a carton when I realized who’s voice it was. Turning around I bolted back t the room laying my eyes on Jerome who was laying on the ground his nose bleeding. “Jerome?” I said in awe. He smiled lifting himself up. “Hello doll . Did ya miss me?.” I kissed him roughly he was slow to catch up to my lips due to what I guessed was shock but soon began o explore my bod like he used to. Grunting he lifted me up and laid me down carefully on the bed. Climbing on top of me never separating our lips. My fingers gently took off his shirt throwing it onto the ground. My body tingled while touching his bare chest. He stopped bringing his lips by my ear. “I told you I would get you out of the circus.”

Thank you all for reading if you would like me to continue this please leave me a comment. More to come Same-Bat-time Same Bat-channel

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imagine dallon putting makeup on brendon before a show and they're giggling and being silly but then they both get kinda quiet and brendon has his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted and dallon's heart just stops because brendon looks so pretty and he's trying so hard not to kiss him because god his lips look so soft but he doesn't want to fuck up their friendship

i loved this too much to not write it, so here it is

“Oh my God, can you just sit for a minute?” Dallon laughed and pushed down on Brendon’s shoulders to keep him still, makeup brush between his fingers.
At first they’d just joked about Dallon putting on Brendon’s makeup for him. It wasn’t much anyway. Just some eye shadow, a bit of powder (”To make your forehead less shiny” Dallon had joked and promptly received a punch to his arm). But in the end Brendon had just looked at Dallon, shrugged, and that was how Dallon now stood hunched over Brendon, his own eyes lined with black.
Dallon frowned.
“Tilt your head back a bit,” he instructed and Brendon did. 
“Okay, this isn’t working. The light’s too bad like that. Can you like, sit up on the counter?” Dallon asked, nodding at said counter and stepped back as Brendon got up with a sigh. He walked over to the counter, jumping up to sit on it.
“Alright, sitting pretty. Now get on with it,” Brendon grinned and closed his eyes, waiting for Dallon to apply the silvery eye shadow to his lids.
Dallon placed the small container onto the counter top next to Brendon’s ass and reached up to put a hand on his jaw to tip his head back, lip caught between his teeth in concentration. Brendon glanced up at him with one eye, smirk on his lips.
“Hm, you’re so into this.”
Dallon swatted at him but chuckled. “Shut up and keep your eyes closed.”

He stepped back a few moments later, taking in the result. It was actually kinda scary just how well it suited Brendon. Mesmerizing, really. Dallon couldn’t look away. 
“What, you done?” Brendon asked.
“Just keep your eyes shut for another second,” Dallon mumbled quickly and stepped closer again. His eyes travelling down over Brendon’s nose and to his slightly parted lips. God, he was so beautiful.
“I just…”
“Yeah?” Brendon asked and opened one eye just a bit. “How’s it look?”
“It looks,” Dallon cleared his throat,”really good.”
Brendon must have noticed the change in Dallon’s voice because he slowly opened both eyes to muster him with an unreadable expression. His eyes flickered over Dallon’s face, lingering on his lips for a second before they met with Dallon’s.
“It’s got to or why else wouldn’t you be able to look away?” Brendon’s voice was a little breathy and Dallon laughed, startled.
“I wouldn’t flatter myself like that.”
It looked like Brendon wanted to say something else but he didn’t. Instead he looked down for a moment, then back up, fond little smile on his features. He lifted his hand and hooked one finger in Dallon’s belt loop, pulling him a little closer. Dallon’s heart skipped a beat and he tentatively placed a hand on Brendon’s hip, keeping eye contact the whole time. Brendon’s teeth dug into his bottom lip and his smile widened. His other hand wrapped around Dallon’s waist, fingers twisting the material of his shirt lightly and he pulled him in more.
Dallon raised his arm hesitantly and as if Brendon had sensed it he nodded, the corner of his mouth twitching up. Dallon put his hand on his cheek, tracing Brendon’s cheekbone with his thumb.
“I feel like this is the moment where I’m supposed to kiss you but I’m not sure you’d want that.” Dallon murmured and he knew it was a bold move but the words had just flown out of his mouth before he could think better of it.
Brendon just looked at him, his fingers on Dallon’s side tightened a bit and his expression turned more serious.
“Do you want it?” he asked.
Dallon pressed his lips together and nodded. “You wouldn’t believe how bad.”
Brendon’s hand wandered up Dallon’s back.
“Why don’t you go ahead then.” It wasn’t a question and there was this smile again. Dallon didn’t waste a second before he leaned it.


                               HOW TO BLEND EYESHADOW LIKE A PRO!

Keep seeing girls with flawless eye makeup and envying them? It’s really not as hard as it looks! All you need is the right type of products and the right technique. 

I’ve seen many, many blending 101 videos, but I find this tutorial by cflowermakeup to be particularly good! Very descriptive, and explains why you do certain things during application. Educational AF.

I also like that the products she’s using here aren’t $100,000,000! Realistic for the masses! I don’t know about you - but I have bills to pay! 

Give it a go today, and let me know how you got on!

Have an eye makeup video/post you’d like featured on here? Drop me a message!

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“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.” (Ethan)

“You ready?” Ethan asked. You were over at his house, about to film a YouTube video. Grayson was sick, so Ethan asked you if you wanted to fill in for him. You sat down next to him in front of the camera and nodded.

“Ready when you are.” You said. Ethan started the video and got to the explanation for the video.

“So, Grayson is sick, so I figured that I would have my girlfriend (Y/N) film with me instead.” Ethan said.

“Hi guys.” You said as you waved to the camera.

“I can’t believe that I’m letting you do this, but here we go.” He said. You picked up your makeup bag and waved it in front of the camera. 

“Good ole’ Ethan here is gonna let me do his makeup.” You laughed. You dumped out all your makeup on the table in front of you and got to work.

“Oh my god, here we go.” Ethan whined. You started with the foundation and gave him a nice glow, then moved on to the blush.

“Smile.” You said, and he gave you the cheesiest smile. You just sat there and laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” He asked.

“Because you’re cute.” You said.

“Thanks, I try.” He laughed. You finished with the blush and moved on to his eye make up. 

“Okay, you need to sit absolutely still. Or else you’re going to get poked in the eye, and it’s going to hurt.” You said. Ethan just laughed.

The entire time you were doing his eye makeup, he was twitching and being all jittery.

“Boy, if you don’t keep still.” You said to him.

“I’m sorry. It hurts. I don’t know how you can do this everyday.” He whined.

“It’s not a big deal once you get used to it.” You said. You finished up his eye liner and eye shadow, applied his mascara, then pulled out your eyelash curler.

“What the hell is that?” He asked.

“It’s an eyelash curler. It curls your eyelashes and kinda keeps them out of your eyes.” You said.

“That goes on my eye?” He asked.

“Your eyelashes.” You said. You leaned close to his face and brought the curler up to his eye. “Even the slightest movement will end badly, so I suggest you don’t.” You said.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” He said. You curled his eyelashes, and finished up with some lip gloss.

“There. You’re all done.” You said as you cleaned up. Ethan looked in the view finder and admired his face.

“I look like a million bucks.” He said laughing.

“Something like that.” You said. He sat back down and you wrapped your arm around his shoulders as he kissed you on the cheek, leaving behind two glossy lip prints.

“Well, there you have it. I’ve gotten all dolled up.” He said.

“Now we’re gonna go out in public and see what other people think.” You laughed. 

“Um, not quite.” Ethan said. He did the outro and turned off the camera.

“If I were a girl, I’d be hot.” He said as he looked at his face one last time before he washed off all the make up.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves babe.” You laughed. You spent the rest of the day at this house as you watched him edit the video and get it ready to upload the next day.

Chameleon Eye Shadow (Totally Spies Inspired)

A spell to help you go unnoticed and evade unwanted attention.

You Will Need:

  • Nude Color Eye Shadow (for your skin tone)
  • Obsidian
  • Water
  • White Candle

Preparation: Place obsidian in water for at least a few hours before spell, preferably overnight.


  1. Light your candle and place it near you but out of the way so you don’t bump it. Place your obsidian elixir/water near you.
  2. Dip your fingers into the water and gently dab at your eyes and around them with the water. Visualize yourself vanishing and fading as you do so. Feel the coolness of the water melt into your skin as you keep up this visualization of your intent to go unseen.
  3. Let your eyes dry, as they do you can do the rest of your make up or other things to get ready.
  4. Once your eyes are dry ‘seal in’ this intent by applying your nude eye shadow. Blend it well.
  5. Blow out your candle to finish your spell
Dolled Up

Young Sirius Black x Reader


Thank you @loonylittlemoony for being amazing and so sweet and making me want to write, you are lovely.

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> marauders era

> warnings: one swear lol

“Y/N, you are taking forever.” Sirius whined from your bed. You were sitting on the floor, applying some eye shadow for the party that was happening tonight in celebration of winning the Quidditch match. You lowered the mirror that was stationed in front of your face and raised an eyebrow at your boyfriend.
“I’m sorry but I want to look nice.” You said pointedly, closing your eyelids one at a time to make sure that it was even. You could hear Sirius chuckling at the ridiculous expressions you were making.
“Why are you putting on makeup?” He asked, laying himself back down on the bed and tucking one of his arms beside his head. His shirt tugged up, you had to stop yourself from staring at his boxers that were poking out of the top of his pants. “I thought you hated it.” He said while drumming a beat absentmindedly on his stomach with his free hand.
“I don’t hate makeup, actually I really like it. I just hate the time it takes to put it all on before class. Waking up early to do my makeup just isn’t my thing.” You told him. “I like looking nice for parties, it takes everyone off guard.” You said, your lips curling up into a grin. Sirius suddenly turned onto his side and threw you a stern look.
“You know you always look nice.” He frowned, accusation clear on his face.
“Thank you.” You muttered, a blush rising on your cheeks. You raised the mirror again before he could see your reddening face and began to apply your mascara. When you finished you blinked at your reflection and grinned; you loved dressing up. Quickly you stood up, brushing off the back of your jeans before turning to Sirius.
“Okay, out you. I need to change.” You shooed him, all he did was lay there and smirk at you. Sighing, you placed your hands on your hips. “I’m-” You stopped yourself before you could give him another opportunity to pull out his all time favourite joke. “I’m not joking, out!” You tugged on his arm and began dragging him out of the room. “I’ll be quick promise.” You assured him.
As soon as he was out of the room he turned with a pout on his lips. You pecked his pout before closing the door. He sighed before leaning onto the door. You pulled your new black dress out of the closet and put it on. Humming to the beat of the music that began to play in the common room. Once you were changed and ready, you flattened your hair one more time before walking over and opening the door. As soon as you pulled the door towards you, Sirius fell into the room. He let out a small yelp, before quickly straightening himself up.
“Babe, I love you but you take forev- Fuck where did that dress come from?” He growled as his eyes raked down your figure. His eyes met yours and you let out a small squeak at how dark they were. He glanced down at your lips and his tongue poked out to wet his own. His hot breath was fanning against your face and you could feel your head getting fuzzy. Suddenly his lips were on yours, his hands wrapping around your waist to pull you as close to him as possible. He moaned into the kiss before pulling away breathlessly.
“Sorry babe but I think we’re gonna be late to the party.” He breathed hotly. You could only nod your head before reconnecting your lips. Sirius kicked the door shut, and flicked his wand to lock it as he began to back you into your bed.