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Fun Fact! (that's not very fun)

applying essential oils directly to your skin makes it more likely that you’ll develop an allergy to whatever the fuck the oil is from! so if you use a surplus of lavender oil, for example, on your hands, arms, skin wherever, the next time you touch an actual lavender plant you could very well have an allergic reaction. from my understanding it has to do with the increased concentration of the oils. pls be careful when working with plants and plant products my guys.

Cosplay tutorial pet peeves
  • EVA foam and Styrofoam are not the same thing. This is important because CA glue and spray paint will melt Styrofoam if applied directly, but not with EVA foam.
  • Styrofoam is a trademarked brand for extruded polystyrene foam. HOWEVER, when most people use styrofoam in the US, they mean expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is the bead-like foam you often seen in craft stores. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is most commonly seen as insulation board.* 
  • EVA foam stands for “ethylene-vinyl acetate” and is simply a category of foam. Craft foam/foamies in the US is a kind of EVA foam, not a separate thing. 
  • Rubber cement and contact cement are not the same thing. Contact cement is much stronger and designed to permanently bond materials together.
  • Sintra (trade name for closed-cell PVC foamboard) can release chlorine gas when heated up. Please do not heat form Sintra without proper ventilation and safety gear. Please do not suggest heat forming Sintra without noting the risks. The same for PVC tubing.
  • CA (cyanoacrylates) glue is a strong adhesive commonly known as “super glue.” Not all glues marketed as “super glue” are CA glue. 
  • Unless it’s been marked food safe or for oral use, DON’T PUT CA GLUE ON THINGS GOING IN YOUR MOUTH. Or liquid nails. Or nail polish sealer.

Tl;DR: Precision and clarity is important when writing tutorials because “I glued my foam and painted it” can result in a finished prop or a melted mess. 

*You can also get EPS insulation board. You can probably still use it for props, but it’ll be easier to sand and shape XPS board.

And here is the big art on which I have been working for two days.
This was commissionned by ShippingMammals as an illustration for the third chapter of his very famous fanfiction (certainly one of the most read and appreciated on the wole fandom), The Fox and the Rabbit. If you don’t know this very cool story, correct your mistake and go read it :

Basically, the art is an adaptation of a specific hilarious moment that happened at the beginning of the third chapter, after Nick and Judy have slept together for the first time !
I think you can barely understand the situation just watching the art… I will not comment much more than that, and i encourage you to go read the fanfiction (or read it once again).

As you can see, i have tried a new style of colorisation, by applying colors directly on a clean pencil line. The result is less realistic, but much more clean and cartoon style. I’m still learning, about coloring. I hope to make progress !

And I also hope you will like this new art as much as I do, even if it’s a little… suggestive. But nontheless funny

Have a wonderful day !


Hi! I learned a new ho tip for skin care tonight. Instead of buying Bioré blackhead nose strips, you can make your own. I tested it out tonight and it worked so I wanna share it with my fellow hoes. Buy unflavored and unscented gelatin (I bought a 4 pack at Walmart for $1.48). Get a small bowl and a measuring cup for 1 tsp. Measure out and put 1 tsp of the gelatin in the bowl. Add 3 tsp of milk (any kind, doesn’t matter). Mix it all together then put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Mix it again and apply directly to the areas that have blackheads (careful, it may be hot). Let it sit for 15 minutes until it is dry and hard. Peel it off, and the blackheads come right out!!!
- @somberinnocence
Thank you so much for sharing, girl. Much appreciated

In Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson spikes Bradley Cooper’s drink with Visine so he can have a better chance at hooking up with Cooper’s girlfriend (in movie land, this is fine, because Cooper turns out to be a bad guy, anyway). The hilarity that follows could only be described in two words: Diarrhea. We know that’s one word. It wasn’t that hilarious.

People, being idiots, immediately seized on this prank, and the movie was followed by an epidemic of poisonings. While one of the real symptoms of Visine poisoning is diarrhea, the movie glossed over other symptoms, like heart problems, difficulty breathing, coma, and death. The active ingredient in Visine is a neurotoxin that works fantastically at decreasing redness when applied directly to the eyeballs, but sends your nervous system into panic mode when applied directly to the digestive system.

5 Movies And TV Shows With Bizarre Real-Life Repercussions


This is my face mask collection😍(I need to make it bigger) There are different face masks with different purposes. I like to buy face masks that will help me with my oily/acne prone skin, pores, and dullness😋 

 *For Acne* The L'ORÉAL black charcoal mask and the Queen Helene mint julep mask are the ones I like to use when my skin is breaking out🍕. I had the GLAMGLOW Supermud clearing mask and I can firmly say that the L'ORÉAL one is an exact dupe. Once you have it on it starts to draw out dirt from your pores and that’s why the mask creates black dots where you most have open pores🍉. I don’t usually use the Julep mask for my entire face, instead I apply it directly onto blemishes. Using it as a spot treatment dries the pimple out since the mint in the mask is pretty intense. I also like to multi-mask with these two by applying Julep on my cheeks and forehead and the charcoal mask on my nose and chin (where I tend to get more blackheads. They both have amazing results.  

*For Pores* I’m a big fan on peel-off masks. Anything that will prevent me from standing up and washing off again😂 I use the cucumber peel-off mask as a nose strip…except for my entire face. This is a mask that is better to apply after you have washed off the “main mask”, since the peel-off will go deep into your pores and draw out anything left behind (just like a nose strip)🌚 The L'ORÉAL red algae mask claims to be for pores, but I honestly have not tried it enough to tell you if it works. Although I promise that for you guys I’ll make sure to use it more often to give you a more detailed review✨ 

 *For hydration💦* Even though my skin is oily, I sometimes experience some tightness after cleansing that a toner won’t fix. So I decided to buy a mask that will give my skin an extra hydration boost. Like I said before, the Oatmeal Avocado mask is new to my collection. Just by using it one time, I fell in love with it💖 Not only does it have an incredible smell, the mask served up to its purpose and gave me the subtle hydration I needed. 

 *For brightening☀️* I received the Cup O’ Coffee Lush mask as a birthday gift. My first impression was how delicious it smelled ☕️. This was my first Lush mask and I was so excited to try it. When I tried the mask it was like love at first try. It left my skin so very smooth (that’s why I use it before makeup 💄 application). But overtime, I noticed it did brighten my skin. I sometimes use it while I get ready for school, so that my skin looks luscious throughout the day. 

These are all my masks 🎭 but they definitely won’t be the only ones…

Pharmacokinetics Overview

(Absorption and distribution of drugs)

The study of the time course of drugs and their metabolites in the body (what the body does to the drug) consisting of:

  • administration
  • absorption
  • distribution
  • metabolism
  • excretion


Enteral (passes through intestine)

  • oral (mouth)
  • buccal/sublingual (applied in cheek/under tongue)
  • Gastrosomy (surgical opening through the abdomen into the stomach)

Topical (applied directly)

  • Nasal
  • Rectal
  • Ophthalmic (eyes)

Parentral (injection)

  • Intravenous (into veins)
  • intramuscular (into muscles)
  • intradermal (within layers of skin)
  • subcutaneous (under the skin)

Drug molecules move around the body either through bulk flow (bloodstream, lymphatics or cerebrospinal fluid) or diffusion (molecule by molecule over short distances)


Passage of drug from its site of administration into plasma - important for all routes except intravenous injection.


  • IV = fastest route of administration
  • bolus injection = very high concentration of drug
  • rate limiting factors = diffusion through tissues and removal by local blood flow

Drugs need to pass through membranes (cell membranes, epithelial barriers, vascular endothelium, blood-brain barrier, placenta barrier etc) via

  • passive diffusion through lipids
  • carrier-mediated
  • passage through membrane pores/ion channels
  • pinocytosis (ingestion into a cell by the budding of small vesicles from the cell membrane)

Diffusion through lipid

  • non-polar molecules can dissolve freely in membrane lipids
  • the rate is determined by the permeability coefficient (P)(solubility in the membrane and diffusibility) and the concentration difference across the membrane

pH and Ionisation

  • Many drugs are weak acids or weak bases
  • exist in unionised or ionised forms
  • pH = balance between the two forms
  • ionised forms have low lipid solubility
  • uncharged however the drug is usually lipid soluble

ionisation affects:

  • rate of drug permeation through membranes
  • steady state distribution of drug molecules between aqueous compartments if pH difference exists between them


  • urinary acidification accelerates the excretion of weak bases and slows that of weak acids
  • alkalisation has opposite effect
  • increasing plasma pH causes weak acids to be extracted from CNS into plasma
  • Reducing plasma pH causes weakly acidic drugs to become concentrated in CNS, increasing neurotoxicity


  • Bioavailibility (F) indicates the fraction of an orally administered dose that reaches systemic circulation intact, taking into account both absorption and local metabolic degradation
  • determined by comparison between oral and IV absorption

affected by:

  • drug preparation
  • variation in enzyme activity of gut
  • gastric pH
  • intestinal motility

Volume of Distribution

Vd is defined as the volume of fluid required to contain the total amount, Q, of drug in the body at the same concentration as that present in the plasma, Cp

  • determined by relative strength of binding between drug and tissue compared with drug and plasma proteins
  • tight binding to tissue but not plasma –> drug appears to be dissolved in large volume –> large Vd (eg chloropromazine)
  • tight binding to plasma –> V can be very close to blood volume –> low Vd (eg warfarin)

Canosan Double Askos, Magna Graecia, 3rd Century BC

Canosan Hellenistic Period

These vessels were produced specially for funerary purposes, and many have been found in the chambered tombs dug out of the bedrock that surrounds Canosa. All around the body and spouts are beautiful abstract geometric designs and what looks like spiders, waves, and mazes as repeated motifs. Canosa, or Canosion as it was known then, was a major center of the ceramics and pottery trade when it was a Greek polis. It produced truly unique pottery, completely different in decoration style (although not in shape) from earlier and neighboring traditions. The clay is buff, with the decoration applied directly to it without the use of slip. The entire body was covered with white slip, with a second ground of pink/orange color applied over the background where designs have not been drawn.

Third Eye anointing oil

Use this oil to open up your third eye during meditation, divination and shadow work practices to allow greater intuition and increased psychic ability :)

- A carrier oil such as Grape seed or Almond oil

- Rosemary sprigs to recall past lives

- Lavender flowers to sharpen the mind

- Rose essential oil to increase psychic ability

- Frankincense essential oil to increase psychic ability

- Lotus essential oil for opening the third eye and assisting with self development

In a small jar sprinkle lavender flowers and arrange some rosemary sprigs. Cover with your carrier oil and add several drops of each essential oil. How much to use depends on how much you want to make and how big your jar is. I just went with whatever felt right.

Also keep in mind that essential oils can be toxic if applied directly to the skin, so try to keep a healthy ratio going with your carrier oil to dilute the essential oils.

Leave out in the moon light over night if you want to imbue some moon energy to your mixture otherwise just apply to your third eye and meditate away!

ive been dealing with the direct, extreme effects of mental illness stuff since 2011. my first symptoms were gastrointestinal stuff that lead to a scary amount of lost weight. while advice about alcoholism doesnt apply directly, this bit shook me a little

shortly before i fell off the deep end my family dynamic did change…in that it became incredibly tolerable and reasonable seemingly overnight. the effect was like slamming the brakes on a car going 80mph. i flew through the windshield. i thought i went spontaneously crazy, i would never in a million years have thought about how my family situation changed. when you go from being terrified 24/7 to not needing to anymore, your body doesnt know how to shut down your coping mechanisms

Tips For Clear Skin
1. Wash Your Face: Always wash your face before bed! If you’re not washing away all the dirt and sweat from the day, you’re asking for a breakout. Stash cleansing wipes on your nightstand for nights when you’re too tired to move.
2. Face Mask: Whip up a spa-worthy mask right in your own home using strawberries and yogurt to help smooth bumps and unclog pores.
3. Spot Treatment: Before bed, use a spot treatment containing a combination of sulphur and salicylic acid. After cleaning your face, use a Q-tip to apply a spot treatment directly to any budding blemishes.
4. Use a Clay Mask: The ingredients will penetrate deep into your skin and clean out excess oil and bacteria. This can also double as an exfoliator to open pores and get rid of the gunk clogged inside!
5. Don’t Pick It: Whatever you do, resist the urge to squeeze. It is tempting to pick and pop at a pimple, but that can lead to permanent scarring and further breakouts.
6. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is famous for treating wounds and scars and also acts as a remedy to rid of acne fast. Apply Aloe Vera juice or gel on spots and let dry for about one hour before washing it off with warm water.
7. Steam It Out: Put your face over a bowl of boiling water and let the steam moisturize it for two to three minutes. This helps in removing dirt, dust and oil from the pores of the skin without aggravating pimples.
8. Aspirin Or Baking Soda: Dissolve an aspirin in a little water and then apply the paste to the spot for no more than five minutes. The reason this works is that aspirin and baking soda contain the same acid that many acne treatments use to exfoliate dry skin and decrease redness.
9. Ice It: Rub an ice cube all over the area for about two minutes before applying an acne cream or a DIY face mask.