back to school tips from the houses

be brave like a gryffindor. sit in the front row. ask that “stupid” question. choose that bold essay prompt. befriend the new student. join that club you wanted to last year. talk to your instructor. take credit for your work. treat yourself with honor.

be hardworking like a hufflepuff. do the extra reading. rewrite those sloppy notes. go to that morning class. work on understanding that difficult concept. help others understand it, too. make your own study guides. organize your looseleaf papers. keep your planner up to date.

be curious like a ravenclaw. write down anything and everything you’ll want to google later. question why that theorem works. overlearn. ask for help. challenge the textbook sometimes. check sources. use any extra learning resources your teachers have to offer. all of your subjects are interesting if you know where to look.

be ambitious like a slytherin. go after your goals with confidence. cut out the people who question your capability. get what you deserve. don’t settle for mediocre friends. don’t settle for a mediocre education. don’t settle. believe that this will be your year.

kpop vs. western artists
  • kpop: we're releasing a music video of our new title track in three hours. the full length album will be on itunes 6 minutes later. the world tour will start in four days. pre-orders begin in 26 minutes. promotions will begin exactly 47 minutes after the album is released. we'll have another comeback two weeks later.
  • western artists: i'm releasing a New Hit Single in 7 months. we don't know if there will be a music video yet, probably not. the tour for my full length album, that will be released six months after the New Hit Single, starts in three years. after that, you won't hear from me for another ten years.

“dont harass artists” SHOULD mean “dont contribute to cringe blogs taking 12 year olds ocs and laughing at them, dont interact with an artist just to say you hate their style, dont send mean messages asking for free art or complaining about commission prices, dont steal art and shit talk the artist when they ask you to take it down, dont edit art and claim it as your own, dont threaten another human being”

it should NOT mean “don’t ever criticize someone for drawing something racist/homophobic” Like yeah don’t send threats that’s fucking common sense, but people have a right to know when their work is having a real impact on someone’s life (making them feel excluded and lesser, contributing to dysphoria and fear) and then they can react to it and choose to keep going or not, but just because someone put in the time and effort to draw it doesn’t mean nobody can say it’s shitty on a moral level ???