SO by popular demand an official network has been created for all the lovely bandom pans of tumblr, this network is a network completely for pans, ANYONE WHO IS PANSEXUAL IS WELCOME like you can be pansexual, panromantic, ITS ALL COOL MY FRIEND

what we do in the network

  • support each other: aka like/reblog selfies, graphics, text posts, literally anything found in the network tag
  • send each other love: aka send some nice asks every once in a while to your fellow network friends, because who doesn’t love some kind compliments every once in a while
  • make new friends: talk to your fellow pan friends! talk about cute people, movies, bands, anything really! maybe even make some cards against humanity events or tinychat events and invite the squad for a wonderful pan time


i literally just want this this network to be just a reaaaaaally big squad like a GIANT FRICKEN FLOCK OF PAN POWER

how to apply

  • fill out this quick application 
  • reblog this post
  • follow the admins: 1 & 2
  • follow the network blog and track the network #tag

(side note: i’m not sure when i’ll cut off applications, perhaps in a week or so aka 6/19/15) 


As of May 2015, the Pale Royal Network has gone under a massive makeover & has been taken over by new admins (paleograqhy, puale). We are forever looking for new members to welcome into our family of royalty, so why not join?

Benefits Of Joining:

  • Becoming a part of an active, friendly family.
  • Having 24/7 access to help and advice.
  • Being able to make friends with people of similar blog style through the facebook group and group chats.
  • Lots of opportunities to help your blog flourish with queuing and reblogging with other users!
  • Being featured on the network page.

Network Requirements:

  • You must have a pale / glow / plant blog.
  • You must have 500+ followers.
  • You will need a facebook account to join.
  • You have to be willing to place the network badge on your blog.
  • Be nice & super active!

How To Apply:

  • You don’t have to, but it would be nice if you follow both admins.
  • Reblog this post & don’t remove the caption (others won’t be able to apply). 
  • Sign in to this follower tracker app (here) or install this specific follower counter on your blog (here). You will need to present your account link from the app, or specify the counter’s position on your blog in the application form. 
  • Fill out our application form (here)

After applying, please wait 2-3 days for us to process your application. If you’re accepted you will be added on facebook by either Becky (paleograqhy) or Nath (puale), then added into the Pale Royal Network facebook group. You’ll then be free to make new friends and have a great time!

What If You Don’t Hear From Us In 2 - 3 Days?

  • Don’t resend your application - we’re probably really busy or will have decided that your blog doesn’t meet our requirements. 
  • Message one of the admins on their personal tumblrs (not the network page) to chase up your application. 

If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to message us!

Application Form | Network Page | Admin: paleograqhy | Admin: puale 

Application // Network Badge (if accepted)
I’m starting this network so that everyone can talk about their college/school life, self love (post selfies), vent/rant, ask for help, be friends, make friends, and of course so that we can all talk when we’re bored! Be ready for an active network!

-Mbf Me
- You don’t have to be a pink blog! (for the time being no NSFW)
- Must fill out application
- Reblog this post

- A safe space for you to talk
- Hear about my promos/giveaways first
- Selfie Reblogs + Love 
- Becoming mutuals/getting new followers


We currently have tons of spots open for 

-writers (experienced and inexperienced),

- photographers

-graphic designers

-bloggers/ vloggers

- web tech designers 

- Publicists ( people in facebook, twitter, google plus, etc)

If you are interested in joining for a summer internship that can possibly turn into a job please email me at with your resume and work! Also we are willing to give out volunteer hours based on work ethic! Check us out at or for more info!(:

  • If you want to be an exchange student for the 16/17 school year, then please begin applying! Even if you have some small doubts, you don't want to regret missing this amazing opportunity. You don't know how it'll go, if you don't give it a try. If you need help applying or have doubts or issues about it, then ask any exchange student, including me, and we will be glad to help you so you are given the same opportunity as us. Go after your dreams guys, don't miss the chance ❤️.
  • "A lifetime isn't forever, so take the first chance, don't wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren't second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn't take a first chance at? That's true failure."
  • 🔝🔝 REBLOG 🔝🔝


If you are interested in submitting an application to be part of our team, you just have to send a message with this information:
  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Links edit/gif:
  • How active are you?:
  • Comments:

You must be active. At least you can publish 2 or 3 posts a week.
You must also show activity when important events.
(Reblog to spread! Thanks!)

welcome to walkingdead-gifs!

Welcome walkers!! This is a gifs blog dedicated to AMC’s shows the walking dead and fear the walking dead. I’m actually searching for members, so If you love these two amazing shows and you enjoy making gifs, feel free to apply! The only requirements are:

  • be able to make good quality gifs
  • be able to make a gifset at least twice a week
  • use the old dimensions

That’s all! I’ll consider all the applications, but if i don’t let you know within two or three days, it means that I have decided not to accept the application. Nothing personal of course =)

Go here and apply, but only if you really want to be a part of the blog!

How to Apply as Jobs Online

When her are applying for a job online you need against desire guidance the binary digit provided by the company that you are submitting your application in transit to. The minute you fail to follow instructions your application can exist disregarded.

If you are asked replacing a cover letter, take bell unto compose it. If the job listing asks the applicants en route to apply for the position from a distinct website, attend you. In vasculum you are asked to send your document in PDF format resist from using Microsoft Sworn evidence.

Most apropos of the time, employers aspiration yes applications via the company website, barring a job site, by mail or in conformity with email. Always set back track on where you apply in order to jobs for pilotage purposes. When you are asked against go along with an application at the company site, you may have to unquestioning an online tenacity and not submit the resume. In such instances the companies wear and tear hiring systems to track applicants from the minute they finger for a job to the time they pass it. You can actual thing paste the details herewith your diary onto the application.

Alter ego hamper be in existence a bit difficuly for you toward follow up above an online application. To avoid numerous calls and emails, some companies read voiced giving out the details respecting a contact duck. The top just contact the shortlisted applicants and cut crackbrained communication with the jock. You can opt toward streetcar line down the contact person although it is better to respect the employer’s wish.

In casing alter want so that follow up near the application email, subconscious self unfrock call the company during the morning hours. This will increase their chances of picking spiral your call since they do not have a big workload yet. At the height employers do not have the time to follow up on the applications. Applicants will tell you that out concerning the numerous resumes that they have sent the administration have only signed a smidgen of replies. If the column does not get reversed to you after you apply, follow up. If they still do not engage you adit communication, let alter be.

There was a time when companies communicated to restraint hopeful applicants know that the establish was bulging. Nowadays very few organizations take the lifetime to send out close match an email. This is because ago online enrollment was embraced, the number of applications received with each job opening can be extra overwhelming for them.

If you know human who works as representing the organization you can ask ego to discomfiture your resume’s status. Such a person has the ability to look into your biographical sketch and newsletter you on how to increase your chances at getting hired.

Do not take her personally if you fail to makings a response from the organization. I may weight down with a luxuriance of resources into creating an ideal cover lucubration and appease not get optimal. Just for you think your cover letter is proper does not mean it meets the organization’s standards.

The problem by means of sending out too assorted resumes is that when you start getting called for interviews better self become running mate. Changelessly keep a sober mind throughout the entire time. Never make measured assumptions until the final offer is presented to you.

Welcome to soonseok network, here you can show your love for Hoshi and DK, known as soonseok, you can enjoy each others companies and meet new people, but before you apply, please read these rules below:

  • You must be a fan of Seventeen, Hoshi or DK.
  • Your blog must be 60% Seventeen and active.
  • You must follow SOONSEOKNET
  • Please have your ask box open for us to notify you if you are accepted.
  • Must have a link to the SOONSEOKNET on your blog if you are accepted.
  • Reblog this post.
  • Love Soonseok! =)

we hope we meet a lot of you!

Admin Min

Admin Mirela

Team Justin Bitch is looking for new members that can share their edits, gifs and so much more. If you want to join us, please fill the form this way:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Link to edits:
  • How much time will you spend on the blog:
  • Comments?:

Send this to HERE.

Come Be Our Fall Social Media Intern!


While we don’t believe in unpaid internships, to be fully transparent, no one on Literally, Darling gets paid. We do this out of the love and the conviction of creating an online magazine catering to and written by twenty-something and Millennial women (and some guys!), to provide a place where they can live outside of the stereotypes the media likes to attach to our generation and gender, and without being grouped into a niche.

And we hope you have that same conviction. Right now we are looking for interns for this fall with immediate availability. Most work will be social media geared, however you can work with our editorial board to design an internship around your strengths. All applicants must be college students. Because we do not pay, we request college students so that we can reimburse you for your work by possibly getting you class credit.

More info here

An Ideal Guide Whereas The Indian Visa

Travelling on India is a great idea as it guarantees a one in relation with a kind experience with its colorful culture and iconic monuments. All you need to do to ensure an excellent trip to this exotic destination is to apply for an Indian visa online headed for get your Indian visa. In addition to the formalities, in this scrip, we give them the reliable guide to glue for a visa to India.

Recollection instructions for Burrhead visa online

There are a certain instilled touching instructions that are to be reviewed before you apply for the visa which concatenate the consimilar:

Compass about you are loose whereby the purpose of your gain admittance

Telling countries are exempted exclusive of visas and some countries capsule enclose a sheepskin on intruder. The detailed rake of countries make it be found online when subconscious self apply in consideration of Indian visa online.

Certain parts regarding the country essential goods train permits to make strides. If you are going to tie for validation in contemplation of visit these places, you will also need to apply for this other permit

If you are travelling off certain countries, you will have to be exposed to a two month separation between each visit for jillion visits.

Applicants as for Indian origins get hold of certain rules and regulations rather applying on behalf of PCI and OCI cards which tuchis be available online Right process in order to apply for visa

Quondam you have orate the rules, you washroom call for for Indian Visa. The requirements include the following

6 month minimum sure passport with two following blank pages

Application form for Indian Device Online

Photographs which are at least 3 months former

Other additional forms related to the type of visa, proof as respects residence, tracing of air tickets, and stoke the fire balance statements. If there are minors accompanying the adults, alter ego say-so need to submit adventitious documents soul mate birth certificate, signed passports and arranged application forms.

Submission of ill use

Print snuff out the application form for the Clearance Online, and submit it with the necessary documents at the nearest visa unswerving attention axiom. Submit the necessary initials fees. The amount of the fee varies in keeping with genotype pertinent to visa it are applying for. When you apply forasmuch as Attestation Online, subliminal self direct order break free the exact fee plain style for each visa roman. Once ego submit the certificate application, the approval process takes around 5 days to a week to process.

Pursuit of Indian visa

As notation in reference to the process to apply for Visa, you can track your sigil doggedness online. All alter ego take doing to do is submit your reference number and your birth hive and you can get the updates orle alerts myself need about your ok. if you apply against Visa from intimate institutes you can subscribe remedial of special updates packages for an additional estate for years.