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*must live in NYC/Brooklyn, NY


Hello, with school in session I’ve been finding it quite difficult to keep my blog active so I decided to host my first ever, Queue Group :) 

R U L E S :

— Mbf me (@captivahted) 

— Likes will be counted as bookmarks, must reblog to join

— Will choose twenty people to join the network

— Choosing when satisfied with the amount of notes

P E R K S :

 — A new friend (me) if you want one :)

— Your blog being featured on a cute little page (that’s of course, under construction)

—  Your own page to promote your upcoming networks, awards, favorites, etc. A place to queue with other members or eventually befriend them ❤

— Random queues (by me)

— Promos of your choice, twice a week, upon request ❤

H I G H E R  C H A N C E S :

— Reblog this post more than once

— Talk to me, I don’t bite :)

— Reblog my uploads here

— Reblog from me a lot and your url will seriously stand out :)

O T H E R :

— Photo found on tumblr

— Banner made by me

hey loves, i just reached 10k followers and am choosing my first ever favorites to celebrate !! keep reading to apply :)

- must reblog this post, likes count as bookmarks
- must be following me
- don’t self promote on this post or remove the caption !!

- a spot on my favorites page
- two promos of your choice !!
- i will queue and reblog from you :)
- a follow from me

- reblog/queue from me
- follow me on instagram or pinterest and message me after !!
- reblog my uploads

thank you so much, get reblogging !!

*deleting the text or self promoting on this will disqualify you*

Hey there lovely people! Lots of new blogs are coming up here and some of them are so good, that I want to give them the chance to join my faves! So here’s Guardehn’s faves 6.0, to give other amazing blogs a chance! :)

I’m choosing again for pineapples yay, because it’s very summerish (ahh where’s the summer people) to me and it’s such good looking fruit hahaha - am I right or am I right?

- R U L E S -

  • Reblog this post (I won’t look at the likes) - reblog this more than once so I notice you!
  • Please be following me (guardehn) - I will check!
  • If you change your blog (and you’re one of my pineapples) and I don’t like it, I’m allowed to remove your blog from my page :((

- P E R K S -

  • A spot on my faves page here, disguised as pineapple hahaha - what else?
  • A new friend (me yay!)
  • A follow from me if I’m not already
  • Promo’s whenever you want to!!!!!
  • Html help/blog advice/… etc.
  • Tons of new followers!
  • I will queue a lot from you

- H I G H E R  C H A N C E -

No higher chance! Just make sure your blog is on fleek! Awesome theme (@bravethemes - @moonthemes - @volcanicthemes - @themekid -@painthemes ETC.), nice feautures (!!!!!), an url to die for, sqdjjsqdkflfjd posts and a lovely icon! You can ask advice here. I won’t do advice on my main blog.

- O T H E R -

  • I will choose when I’m happy with the notes (probably around the beginning of April)
  • I will choose 20-25 blogs (maybe less, maybe more)
  • Feel free to ask me questions about this
  • Banner made by the amazing @rehticent, make sure to check out her banner blog @bannersbyrehticent for more masterpieces or even request one by yourself whoohoo!

Good luck, darlings! Stay flawless <3

Love, Julie xx

*Don’t delete the text or self- promote*

Hi lovelies! Since I’m always running out on queues, and sometimes have no idea where to turn to, to “re-fill” my queue, I’ve decided to create a queue list! So if you’re interested on being added, continue reading!


- must be following me ( @glossomly )
- must reblog this post!
- must have a Q+ account, obviously
- must be an active blogger


- follow from me, if not already
- i will queue from you loads, within reason tho :) 
- possible follower gain
- a new friend (me yay)
- you can queue from me whenever you want to (if you want to, you don’t have to, ofcourse!)
- q4q w-h-e-n-e-v-e-r you want
- featured on my Queue list page (under co)
- and ofcourse, you are now my go to for queueing!


- have a similar blogstyle! (clean/ minimal/ aesthetic/ white/ fashion)


- banner was made by me ( @glossomly ) picture from weheartit
- i will pick around 10 blogs (depending on the blogs) whenever this reaches a descent amount of notes. i will probably add more blogs to the list over the span of time
- if you’re on the list, and i notice that you’ve changed blogstyle, which may not be in my interest, i’ll have the right to remove you from the list! 

if you have any questions, don’t hestitate to send me a message!

Good luck guys, and happy reblogging! :)

Lots of love,  Sheryl    ♥

 *don’t delete the text or self-promote*

Hi everyone! Lucie ( @sehrenities ) and I wanted to host an awards together, so we came up with this idea. It’s a little different because this will be a mixture between awards/ faves and a lasting promo-game with, as you can see, a fruity theme. All the winners will be delicated to one kind of fruit!


- must be following Lucie @sehrenities​ and I @glossomly​, we will check!
- must reblog this post to enter
- don’t delete the text or self- promote!


- follow from both of us (if we’re not already following you)
- instant 50 queues from us
- unanounced promos
- q4q whenever you want
- there will be a post with a list of winners, which will be a long- term “promo game”. All the winners will be delicated to one kind of fruitthere will be promos given to the blogs who follow you and we will reblog that post every now and then so people will notice it. 
- 2 new friends :)


- follow my instagram here, let me know when done!
- apply to @sehrenities faves here & join her fitness network here, let her know when done!
- talk to us (highest chances right here, because this awards is not just about the blog, but also about the blogger!!)


- banner was made by me ( @glossomly), picture from tumblr
- we will choose 8 of our favorite blogs (winners)  whenever we reach a descent amount of notes
- if this flops, well, that will be awkward but then we’ll just pretend like this never happened :)

If you have any questions, feel free to message us at anytime!

Love, Sheryl and Lucie 

* Don’t delete text or self promote please *

Hi lovelies! xx Since today is my 1 year blog anniversary and with me reaching 25.5k+, I’ve decided I want to host my first faves award ever! I really want to be able to showcase cool blogs that don’t get enough recognition. 

R U L E S:

Must be following me

- Reblog this post; Likes count as bookmarking

P E R K S:

- Follow from me! (If i’m not already following)

- A place on my faves page (here!)

- Lots of queuing form me! <3

- Promo for your blog!

- Any html help, or help in general

- A new friend! :)

H I G H E R  C H A N C E S:

- Talk to me! (I don’t bite haha)

- Have a similar blog style

- Reblog some of my uploads here

- Reblog this multiple times

- Follow me on my social & message me your username!

(Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat: xxzakariaxx)

O T H E R:

- I will be choosing around 12 blogs (depending on notes)

Banner was made by me! <3

Winners will be chosen when i’m happy with the notes!

If this flops, just know that this never happened :(

Good luck!

- Zakaria 

(If you have any questions, my ask is always open!)

*Introducing Christmas Favourites*

Hi lovelies! Christmas is almost here and I’m so excited to announce my christmas faves (because who doesn’t like Christmas). There are so many beautiful blogs on tumblr and I want to showcase them all x


  • mbf me (@allurae)
  • reblog this post more than once


  • a follow from me - if I’m not already
  • you will be featured on a beautiful christmas page here
  • promos per request of your choice (max. twice per week)
  • help/advice with anything


  • reblog this post more than once 
  • have a similar blog style
  • talk to me! I’d love to get to know you better
  • reblog something here


  • banner made by me (allurae)
  • I will be choosing 10-15 blogs
  • I will be choosing when I’m happy with the notes

Good luck, Faith  ♡


In honor of our friendship, me and Eliza decided to host the HGTV Awards. If you are interested in applying, keep reading!


  • Must be following @azuher and @soulfhully (we will check ofc)
  • Reblog the post at least once
  • Likes are only counted as bookmarks


  • Best Overall - Fixer Upper (2)
  • Best Theme - Love It or List It (2)
  • Best URL - Property Brothers (2)
  • Best Icon - A Sale of Two Cities (2)
  • Best Posts - Log Cabin Living (2)
  • Nicest Blogger - House Hunters (2)
  • Liz’s Favorite - Kitchen Crashers (1)
  • Eliza’s Favorite - Flip or Flop (1)


  • Featured on a cute page (currently under construction)
  • Q4Q’s 24/7
  • A follow back from both of us
  • Give you loads of advice
  • Help with HTML coding and maybe even give your blog a makeover ;)
  • Two new besties


  • TALK TO US!!!!!!!!! We are always open to chat!
  • Follow Eliza’s Instagram
  • Reblog the post 1546123185 times (so we notice you more!)


  • The banner was made by @bannersbyrehticent (@rehticent)
  • We will pick the winners when we are happy with the notes
  • If this flops, it never ever happened

Good luck lovelies!

Liz & Eliza ♥ ♥ ♥

**Please do not alter/delete or self-promote or you will be automatically disqualified**

Hello, so the dazzling Hayley (@survivhal) and I, Liz (@captivahted), wanted to do a collaboration with each other. Not for any reason in particular, other than just the excuse to have fun by hosting our first network together! So with that in mind, Hayley and I present to you, a showcase revealing Tumblr’s Hidden Gems :) 

  R U L E S :   

💎   Must be following Hayley on her blog here, and Me, here.  PLEASE don’t lie or unfollow because we will know.

💎   Likes will not be counted and will only be used as bookmarks. Must reblog once, in order to be considered.

💎   We will be choosing 12 Gemstones (as they are hard to find) 

P E R K S :

💎   New friends (us of course:))

💎   Be featured on a cute page (that’s currently under construction)

💎   Promos of your choice, once a week

💎   Queues upon request 

💎   More followers :)

H I G H E R C H A N C E S :

💎   Reblog this post more than once

💎   Talk to Hayley and I, here or here, we won’t bite and we’d love to make a new friend.

💎   Reblog a lot from us, so that your url will stand out

💎   Send us a message on why you feel like you should be chosen

C A T E G O R I E S :

💎    Sapphire x1  //   Best Icon

💎    Diamond x1  //   Newest Discovery

💎    Lapis x1  //   Best Add Ons + Blog Features

💎    Moldavite x1  //   Best Colour Scheme

💎    Kuznite x1  //   Loveliest Blogger

💎    Rutile Quartz x1  //   Best Posts

💎    Opal x1   //   Most Unique Blog

💎   Citrine x1  //  Best Icon

💎   Andalusite x1  //  Best Url

💎   Garnet x1    //   Best Overall

💎   Rose Quartz x1 // Hayley’s favorite

💎   Morganite x1 // Elizabeth’s favorite

O T H E R S :

💎   Photo found on Google

💎   Banner made by our friend, and the lovely Kealani and her blog can be found here


Hey lovelies! I have a crazy love for the movie Moana as well as I went to school with the girl who voices her, and thought it’d only make sense to do an awards based on this amazing movie!!

  ❥ RULES  

  • You mbf me (I will be checking!)
  • Do not delete the text or self promote on this post.
  • Reblog this post (likes will count as bookmarking!)


  • Best Overall - Moana
  • Best Theme - Maui
  • Best Color Scheme - Pua
  • Best Icon - HeiHei
  • Best URL - Gramma Tala
  • Best Under 2k (must submit proof!) - Sina
  • Best New Discovery - Tamatoa
  • Best Posts - Chief Tui


  • Featured on an amazing page! (Currently under construction!)
  • A follow from me if I don’t already!
  • Q4Q whenever!
  • A new friend! (me!)


  • Talk to me! I would love to get to know you better!
  • Reblog this post more than once.
  • Take part in my other awards found here.
  • Reblog my uploads found here.
  • Follow my social media and message me your username! instagram - twitter - snapchat: meowkea


  • Banner was made by me.
  • Choosing winners when i’m happy with notes.
  • Message me with any questions!
  • If this flops we’ll pretend this didn’t happen!

I’m really excited to be doing these awards! Happy reblogging!!

♡ Kealani

BLOODLINE: Stardust Crusaders, the third installment of the BLOODLINE fanzine series is underway!

BLOODLINE is an 8 part pornzine series dedicated to each of the respective parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. BLOODLINE: Stardust Crusaders will go on preorder February 5th!

We Are Currently Accepting Applications!

If you are an artist who would like to be part of the third installment, please click on the link above and apply! Deadline to apply is January 15th. If you applied to be in the second part, you must send in a new application. Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

To order the first or second part of the series, click here!


Hi lovelies, I’m Exceliani! My queue is always running out and so, to keep my blog active, I decided to create this queue list! Interested on being added? Keep on reading! ♡


• Must be following @eccellent​

• Reblog this post at least once

• Must be an active blogger 


• A follow from me (if not already)

 A new friend a.k.a me, of course

• Featured on my queue list page (under construction)

• Queue from you heaps, regularly

• You are likely to gain new followers


Have a white / clean / minimalist / aesthetic blog


• I’m probably gonna pick around 10-15 blogs at first and later I’ll be adding some more to the list

Banner made by me! Image found on Tumblr. Credit belongs to the image’s rightful owner

 Got any questions to ask? Do not hesitate to send them to me, here

That’s all, thank you! Happy Reblogging and Good Luck ♡



Christin here! Carissa and I are hosting our first favorites together! We love checking out blogs and engaging with you all so we’re very excited to host this. If you’re interested, please continue reading x


  • Must be follow meralei & leavingforever
  • Must reblog this post
  • Deleting and self promoting will disqualify you
  • Likes will not be considered


  • A follow from us if we dont already follow you
  • A spot on our super cure faves page which is currently in development
  • Promos 2x per week upon request
  • Queues, queues and more queues
  • Possible follower gain


  • We’ll go over the notes when we both feel a decent amount has been reached
  • Any questions/concern please dont hesitate to contact us
  • Banner made by leavingforever // xlfdesigns

**please do not delete the text or self-promote**

hello, loves! hayley and i have decided to host our very first awards together :)


  • must be following hayley @survivhal and i @vanillahs (we will be checking)
  • reblog this post at least once
  • likes are only bookmarks


  • acai - best theme (x2)
  • banana - best url (x2)
  • mango - best playlist (x2)
  • papaya - best colour scheme (x2)
  • passionfruit - best icon (x2)
  • strawberry - best discovery (x2)
  • pineapple - hayley’s favourite (x2)
  • peach - alyssa’s favourite (x2)
  • apricot - best overall (x2)
  • blueberry - best posts (x2)


  • two new friends (yay!!)
  • a follow from both of us (If we are not already following you)
  • a spot on an awesome page (currently under construction)

Higher Chance:

  • talk to us (increases your chances a bunch)
  • reblog this post more than once
  • reblog hayley’s faves here
  • reblog alyssa’s other awards and follow her on social media both found here


  • banner was made by the amazing haniah, request one of her always perfect banners here!! 
  • we will pick the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • good luck & happy reblogging

thank you so much, beauties! Have a great day/night :)

Hi everyone, Samantha (@goldusth) and I (@fheel) are hosting an award together so we would like to introduce the Best of John Green Awards.


  • Must be following us! [ @fheel & @goldusth ]
  • Reblog this post! Likes count as bookmarks 
  • For those under 1k you must submit proof to here and here 
  • Please don’t delete text or self-promote


  • Isaac: Best url 
  • Radar (Marcus): Best icon 
  • Chip (the colonel) Martin: Best color scheme 
  • Augustus Waters: Best under 1k [must submit proof] 
  • Miles “pudge”: Best posts 
  • Quentin Jacobsen: Best theme 
  • Hazel Grace: Best overall 
  • Alaska Young: Fheel’s fave 
  • Margo Roth Spiegelman: Goldusth’s fave


  • A follow from both of us!
  • 2 new best friends yay! 
  • Be a part of our featured page!
  • We’ll queue from you! 

 Higher Chances: 

  • reblog this post a lot! 
  • queue a lot from us! So we can easily notice you 
  • talk to us! We don’t bite :) 
  • follow Samantha’s Instagram (sammieroria) and join our other awards here and here
  • join Samantha’s Birthday Page here


  • The wonderful banner was made by Carissa (@leavingforever)
  • Have fun reblogging and good luck

*deleting the text or self promoting on this will disqualify you*

Hello there darlings! We’re Julie @guardehn and Haniah @rehticent and we’re super friends here whooo! :D Since we both adore Sara Sampaio and Barbara Palvin, we searched for a picture with them together. 

- R U L E S -

  • must be following: Julie @guardehn & Haniah @rehticent – we will check!
  • reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- A W A R D S -

  • Best icon 
  • Best url 
  • Best new discovery 
  • Best theme 
  • Sweetest personality 
  • Best blog details 
  • Best colour scheme 
  • Best overall 
  • Julie’s personal fave 
  • Haniah’s personal fave

Every award will contain two winners :)

- P E R K S -

  • Winners will be displayed on a page 
  • You can ask for a promo (of your choice) once a week to both of us
  • New friends!
  • Tons of new followers!

- H I G H E R  C H A N C E -

No higher chance! Just make sure your blog is on fleek! Awesome theme, nice feautures, an url to die for, sqdjjsqdkflfjd posts and a lovely icon! And the most important of all: be active and don’t self promote on this post!

- O T H E R S -

  • Winners will be announced around the end of the month July or earlier if we’re happy with the notes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Banner created by my best partner in crime aka @rehticent, her banners are FLAWLESS, check them here: @bannersbyrehticent
  • Please don’t delete the text and try not to selfpromote on this!!

Happy reblogging and stay flawless! <3

Love, Julie & Haniah xx