applique cushion


I can reveal the work I did for Nintendo last month!

To tie in with the release of Twilight Princess HD, I was asked to create a Midna pillow to commemorate the occasion.

She was primarily made using satin-stitched appliqué and free-motion quilting, using fleece, glitter netting and glow-in-the-dark threads on her arms and ears. Around 6-8 hours of embroidery. Very pleased with the results, and gladly so were Nintendo! (I gave them one of my Twilight Princess hearts as well!)

I have more work to do for them this month too, so that will definitely keep me busy!


Professor Layton pillow complete!

Made with a variety of fleeces and cotton, with different textures and patterns.

The background has a free-reign quilted pattern onto a cotton fabric featuring teacups and teapots!

There is also gold thread on the picture frame and teacup, and the tag on the side reads “Great British Stitcher”

Two small 6mm safety eyes were also used and it has London fabric on the reverse :)

4 hours work, and around 35-38cm squared.


I’m pleased to be able to reveal the work I did for Nintendo again last month!

I was asked to create a pair of Mizutsune pillows for the launch of Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS in July. (I also made a couple of mini plush items to go with them)

Probably the most intricate applique and free-motion quilting I’ve ever done and it was extremely time consuming and hair-pulling. Was very pleased with the outcome though, so it was worth it in the end. But please Nintendo, no more dragons thank you!