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Cosmere Gentle Giants

Galladon: good friend, knows when to draw the line and will watch out for you. he just wants to be a peaceful farmer and apply all his useful agricultural knowledge. needs a hug 14/10

Kiin: fun uncle! with the connections he has you’re set. went through a pirate phase but its okay because now he’s calmed down to pettily opposing a king and cooking for friends and family. would open a cold one with him 10/10

Ham: with heart of a philosopher he engages his companions in all manner of questions. he is lighthearted man working the underground to provide for his family. his wife is lucky 16/10

Marsh: realist. this boy knows what he is about. takes crazy risks to do the right thing. extremely wronged, made to do things against his will by an evil god. needs a friend and also happiness for once pls 17/10

Rock: a friend and boy! he knows how to turn a crowd, good food and good tales are sure to lighten the mood of even the most determined grump. pranks rude nobles and shares stuff with his buddies. lover not a fighter 13/10

Susebron: god tier big boy. very confused because he has been raised by mean monks. still learning to read and also talk good. kinda awkward but thats okay he’s learning. needs continued guidance and support 15/10

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Please consider: Jared, Connor, and evan doing each others makeup


connor does evans, evan does jareds, and jared does connors

connor –> evan: The Boy Is Good With Makeup. u KNOW he has used his fancy schmancy debit card to get all the good shit from sephora. he knows how to properly highlight and contour a face, how to perfectly apply mascara and eyeliner and use just the right lip stain to make u look Amazig. evan ends up with a fairly simple look: light contour w/ bronze highlight, v light mascara with a subtle eyeliner wing, and lips covered in a very soft pink gloss that rockets the Kissable Factor to the moon. his bfs have a hard time staying focused

evan –> jared: evan is nervous to make him look bad. jared is happy to act as a lab rat for his bf’s makeup abilities (“babe, so long as you don’t permanently disfigure me i’m good”) Shaky Hands Boy™ tries, and the end result is a slightly messy layer of pink lipstick, a surprisingly good looking purple smokey eye, and a bit of heavy blush that looks, well, not good but not BAD either. jared loves it

jared –> connor: jared is out for sabotage from the very beginning. connor can tell Immediately that hes being painted like a clown, but he doesnt rly care (and its NOT because his bf looks cute when he’s laughing to himself and sticking his tongue out in concentration, no siree). the end result nearly sends evan and jared into cardiac arrest, because What The Fuck, why does jared’s purposefully heavy contour, dramatic eye makeup and candy red lips make him look like the hottest drag queen in the damn world????

the makeup experiment ends with tons of selfies and LOTS of making out to……test…….the lasting factor of the makeup

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What do you think of the new mod slot on weapons being used apply hip fire lasers, drum magazines, and suppressor/silencers?

I am wondering exactly what would go in there. I’ve seen a sniper with a suppressor but it wasn’t exactly..suppressed. However, I have seen plenty of screenshots where there ARE laser sights on some guns. I don’t know if that is just from the model of the gun or what, but we will see!

I can see laser sights being a perk of sorts? Like, in Destiny 1 there is a perk to increase the accuracy of hip-fire. So I wonder if that perk is active in D2, you get a laser sight for some models of guns (probably Hakke)

I think about how Zevran automatically puts on the Dalish Gloves and Antivan Boots no matter what other equipment he has on a lot…it fucks me up man.

Like, lets say that instead of the Warden buying his armor, he spends some of his own gold on a nice pair of leather gloves. They aren’t Antivan, but they’re of fine make, and the best he’s going to get in awhile.

But then the Warden hands him these random, beat up Dalish gloves because they remembered him talking about his mother.

They remembered this one conversation enough to keep these ratty things and hand them to him, because they cared enough about him to remember.

He’s never torn anything off his body so quickly as he did those nice, expensive gloves he bought, and never thinks about wearing them again.

  • me: y'all need to chill??? just because the protagonists are both male does NOT mean they're gay?? honestLY you all jump to conclusions waaaay too suddenly and only appreciate the "gayness" and not the plot of this anime?? jfC
  • also me: oWo what's this?? two male characters brimming with hatred for each other?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tough as a Tardigrade

Without water, a human can only survive for about 100 hours. But there’s a creature so resilient that it can go without it for decades. This one millimeter animal can survive both the hottest and coldest environments on Earth, and can even withstand high levels of radiation. This is the tardigrade, and it’s one of the toughest creatures on Earth, even if it does look more like a chubby, eight-legged gummy bear. 

Most organisms need water to survive. Water allows metabolism to occur, which is the process that drives all the biochemical reactions that take place in cells. But creatures like the tardigrade, also known as the water bear, get around this restriction with a process called anhydrobiosis, from the Greek meaning life without water. And however extraordinary, tardigrades aren’t alone. Bacteria, single-celled organisms called archaea, plants, and even other animals can all survive drying up.

For many tardigrades, this requires that they go through something called a tun state. They curl up into a ball, pulling their head and eight legs inside their body and wait until water returns. It’s thought that as water becomes scarce and tardigrades enter their tun state, they start synthesize special molecules, which fill the tardigrade’s cells to replace lost water by forming a matrix. 

Components of the cells that are sensitive to dryness, like DNA, proteins, and membranes, get trapped in this matrix. It’s thought that this keeps these molecules locked in position to stop them from unfolding, breaking apart, or fusing together. Once the organism is rehydrated, the matrix dissolves, leaving behind undamaged, functional cells.

Beyond dryness, tardigrades can also tolerate other extreme stresses: being frozen, heated up past the boiling point of water, high levels of radiation, and even the vacuum of outer space. This has led to some erroneous speculation that tardigrades are extraterrestrial beings.

While that’s fun to think about, scientific evidence places their origin firmly on Earth where they’ve evolved over time. In fact, this earthly evolution has given rise to over 1100 known species of tardigrades and there are probably many others yet to be discovered. And because tardigrades are so hardy, they exist just about everywhere. They live on every continent, including Antarctica. And they’re in diverse biomes including deserts, ice sheets, the sea fresh water, rainforests, and the highest mountain peaks. But you can find tardigrades in the most ordinary places, too, like moss or lichen found in yards, parks, and forests. All you need to find them is a little patience and a microscope.

Scientists are now to trying to find out whether tardigrades use the tun state, their anti-drying technique, to survive other stresses. If we can understand how they, and other creatures, stabilize their sensitive biological molecules, perhaps we could apply this knowledge to help us stabilize vaccines, or to develop stress-tolerant crops that can cope with Earth’s changing climate. 

And by studying how tardigrades survive prolonged exposure to the vacuum of outer space, scientists can generate clues about the environmental limits of life and how to safeguard astronauts. In the process, tardigrades could even help us answer a critical question: could life survive on planets much less hospitable than our own?

From the TED-Ed Lesson Meet the tardigrade, the toughest animal on Earth - Thomas Boothby

Animation by Boniato Studio

shout out to girls with scoliosis

shout out to girls with scoliosis who’s backs constantly hurt no matter how they sit, stay or lay

shout out to girls with scoliosis who’ve had to wear backbraces that make them feel awkward and out of place. and are also really hot sweaty and uncomfortable

shout out to girls scoliosis who have been called deformed, made fun of for their posture, been called a hunchback etc

shout out to girls with scoliosis who feel super self conscious wearing anything that shows their back because of their scars and/or the curve of their spine

shout out to girls with scoliosis who sometimes exert themselves a little more physically than they should because they’re scared to ask for help since society conditions us to think asking for help makes us weak.


considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

Patrick Stewart applying for US citizenship so he can ‘fight’ Trump

“You know, we have our own problems. We have Brexit. But I’m not a (US) citizen. However, there is, maybe it’s the only good thing as the result of this election, I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American, too.” The “X-Men” star continued: “Because all of my friends in Washington said there’s only one thing you can do: fight, fight, oppose, oppose. But I can’t do it because I’m not a citizen.”


cis lesbians who insist that the term lesbian only apply to people who use she/her pronouns have a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be a lesbian to begin with like. lesbians have been out there for years, breaking gender roles and you act like you can police what is and what isn’t lesbian based on the gender binary alone? smh

If you wear a hijab, I’ll sit with you on the train.

If you’re trans, I’ll go to the bathroom with you.

If you’re a person of color, I’ll stand with you if the cops stop you.

If you’re a person with disabilities, I’ll hand you my megaphone.

If you’re an immigrant, I’ll help you find resources.

If you’re a survivor, I’ll believe you.

If you’re a refugee, I’ll make sure you’re welcome.

If you’re a veteran, I’ll take up your fight.

If you’re a LGBTQ, I won’t let anybody tell you you’re broken.

If you’re a woman, I’ll make sure you get home ok.

If you’re tired, me too.

If you need a hug, I’ve got an infinite supply.

If you need me, I’ll be with you. All I ask is that you be with me, too.
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hey so why are sapphires pretty much nobility but rubies are cheap disposable foot soldiers when they’re the Same Damn Stone


“You and me, kiddo! President Rhys and Handsome goddamned Jack!”

/// Handsome Jack: @zombietwin | Rhys: @rathvelus | + video


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Patrick Stewart says he’s applying for US citizenship so he can take on Donald Trump

  • The resistance movement against President Donald Trump is getting a new member: Sir Patrick Stewart.
  • In an appearance on The View, Stewart announced that Trump’s presidency has inspired him to finally apply for U.S. citizenship.
  • “I’m not a [U.S.] citizen,” Stewart said on The View. “However, there is, maybe it’s the only good thing, as the result of this election: I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American too.” Read more (3/3/17 2:50 PM)