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A little about me: I’m a sophomore college student with a major in Applied Psychology and Global Public Health and a minor in Law & Society and American Sign Language.

tbh the issue w/ matpat giving the pope undertale is amusing but not really the most annoying thing about the ordeal, it’s more the fact matpat gets a platform to speak about internet/gamer culture and discrimination for which he is horribly unfit to do so and he’s already a self-important asshole who greatly exaggerates the importance of video games and gamer/internet culture to begin with, and now he’s basically given this opportunity to legitimize his ego stroking and his view of gamers as some kind of underrepresented and hated minority, while claiming this “culture” to be one that is saving humanity or some shit, which are prime examples of /problems/ of gamer culture.

I wish he’d just stuck to standard ass physics problems instead of getting into this pretentious and ill-informed high school level psychology and sociology, applying low-effort thought into hypotheticals based on things he doesn’t understand. A lot of his theories at this point are basic headcanons too but treats them as legitimate because of his huge fucking ego and fan support. Let alone how disgustingly negligent he is to social issues, matpat is just trash at “theory” and has to reach even harder each video just to maintain relevancy. 

10 facts about me with the use of gifs~

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1- I have been in university for the majority of my adult life. And in that time I have obtained a BA in history, a MA in Liberal Studies, and working on a MA in applied research Sociology. 

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2- Most people mistake my roomie/best friend as either siblings or twins. 

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3- My roomie and I have been mistook for each other by professors, and friends who have BOTH met us!

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4- I play a multitude of instruments including: piano, violin, cello, trumpet, a bit of drums, and am going to learn the guitar, and I was trained in classical voice. But had to take a break due to emotional issues.

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5- I wanted to be an opera singer and be the first ever female Figaro.

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6- I have only ever been to two concerts in my life, and both of them were X Japan concerts.

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7- I am a perfectionist by nature, and will often get irritated when things don’t go smoothly, or aren’t falling into the proper order, this causes me to get a bit short with people.

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8- I am a night owl, and often if I am forced to wake up before 11 or noon I am a bear to live with, and need some form of caffeine to function. 

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9- I love giving people hugs.

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10- I love hats and boots. The majority of my closet is filled with one of the other. It is to the point concerning the boots that my roomie has the saying of ‘No boots’ when we go out shopping and I see a pair that I like.

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I have an odd Adeptus Mechanicus related question. Is it still the Canon that they are mostly focused on rediscovery of STC and Age of Technology and so are kinda unscientific in their quest for knowledge?

I ask because if so I think it could be used as a setup for an interesting contrast and sort of irony. So if the Adeptus Mechanicus cloak themselves in the notion that they scientific. based on the fanon they are seen as the science faction loosely speaking and the fact that they allegedly have the skull of Nikola Telsa then there’s an odd disconnect. Now that’s par for the course in Warhammer 40k, but stay with me a moment. Now the Adepta Sororitas on the other hand are clearly the religious faction, or at least they are representatives, protectors, and leaders of the primary state sanctioned religion in the Warhammer 40k ‘verse. However part of what they do is also linguistics and debate, through the Orders Dialogus, medicine, through the Orders Hospitallier, and to a lesser degree, genetics and a sort of applied sociology through the Orders Famula. 

All that to say I think it would make for a more interesting story to have the Sisterhood be more scientific, in that they use the scientific method and committed to the discovery of knowledge over the rediscovery of STCs, than the Adeptus Mechanicus. It would be interesting to see how people react, if nothing else.

Me- “There is a difference between first-generation college students who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds and those from high socioeconomic backgrounds that have family that happen to lack formal education.”

Faculty- “So what your saying is if LeBron James sent his kids to Reed, they would definitely be in the second category?”

Me- “Yes. Absolutely.”

Faculty- “Wait. Are you the type of Reedie who even knows who LeBron James is?”

You cannot scientifically organize or plan a human society from the top down.  It is the attempt to accomplish this feat that virtually defines Progressive thought. There can never be an applied Sociology in anything like the sense  that we have an applied Chemistry or an applied Physics . One of the key reasons for this is because the things that sociology studies cannot be reproduced.  We can reproduce a chunk of metal  or a flask of iodine  in order to experiment upon them.  You cannot reproduce a particular society in all of its infinite complexity in order to experiment upon it. Consequently Sociology is a highly speculative field based upon generalizations and remote inferences   rather than solid empirical evidence. Now there is nothing in general wrong with such a field.  The problem is when this theoretical Sociology becomes “applied Sociology ” and attempts to dictate public policy in the name of “science”..

Applied physics is called chemistry, applied chemistry is called biology, and applied biology is called sociology. Each is more complex, vague, and unpredictable than the last.
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