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Taeil scenario when out of the blue you hug and kiss him? Lots of love and fluff please! ❤️

Sorry for the long wait!! I actually worked on this one for a while but I kept on fixing it up so I didn’t get a chance to post it yet. It didn’t turn out as fluffy as I wanted it to, but it’s still quite romantic. Now that I think about it, it turned out to be more realistic/slice of life… but I hope you still like it. 👼💗

This is our first Taeil scenario btw, so it was a pleasure to write. Thank you for requesting! 

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You were sitting alone at your usual spot on campus, listening to his soothing voice through your favourite pair of headphones, and looking up at the sky filled with pink and orange hues. All of a sudden, you felt the familiar buzz of your phone and glanced at the new notification. 

“It’s so beautiful outside today.“ 

You smiled to yourself and pondered for a couple minutes before replying. You thought about telling him that you missed him, but you didn’t want him to feel burdened. Instead, you settled with a short and concise “Just like you.“ 

On days like this, you felt especially reminiscent and lonely. It has already been two years since you started dating Taeil. You were both freshmen enrolled in the Applied Music program at Hanyang University when you first met. 

Your first encounter was an awkward but memorable one. You had walked into your Music Theory class late on the second week of classes and unfortunately, had a rather strict professor. She had quizzed you on the spot and being the nervous wreck that you were, you started panicking and ended up stumbling on a step and dropping all of the books in your hands. A rather well-kempt and proper boy who sat near the door had helped you pick up your books and you quickly bowed to him to show your gratefulness. He smiled shyly and quickly whispered the answer to the question the professor had asked you before getting up and returning to his seat. 

From that day onwards, you started sitting beside him in class and you gradually got closer. The two of you started as friends who could share your thoughts about music together and as time progressed, you had both started confiding in each other. When you first learned that he was a trainee at SM Entertainment, you were quite shocked. He was without a doubt, very handsome but he was also rather shy and didn’t talk much. 

Dating a trainee had proved to be quite difficult as he never really had time for dates, but it was enough for you to see him in class and occasionally, on beautiful days like this, you would hang out in a quiet corner of the ERICA campus, each sharing an earphone and enjoying each other’s company. 

The past month had been a hectic one for Taeil as he was gearing up for debut. You were so proud of him as he had previously expressed his anxiousness and had told you that he was nervous about so many things, like going on variety. You recalled a conversation you had with him a couple months ago. 

"I never know what to say,” he whined softly, while playing with your hair with one hand. 

“Just smile cutely like this.” You imitated his favourite expression - his shy smile and his big eyes. 

“______, I don’t look that awkward!” he flicked your forehead and pouted a little. 

You shrugged and then an idea popped up in your head. 

“Or… you could show off… you know,” you wiggled your eyebrows devilishly.

He raised his eyebrows questioningly before he finally understood what you meant. 

“Hm… you won’t be jealous?” he smirked. 

“Well, good things are meant to be shared, so.” You poked his abs and giggled. 

“Woah wait. Have you not been working out as much lately? I don’t think you can show them in this state!" 

He blushed a crimson red. 

"Just joking” you teased, while pinching his cheeks. 

You sighed before checking your phone again. You saw the little “Read.” in superscript but you knew that he was probably too busy filming to reply to your message. 

Just as you were about to pack up your stuff and head home, you noticed a familiar figure dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a simple black cap. 

You thought you were just hallucinating and started to walk in the opposite direction when your phone started buzzing in your pocket. You took it out and glanced at the screen. Taeil was calling you. He couldn’t really be here, could he? He should be filming for his music video right now. You thought. 

Without thinking, you quickly picked up your phone. “Hello?” He didn’t answer but you heard light footsteps behind you and before you knew it, his familiar hand had slipped into yours. 

You couldn’t contain your excitement and abruptly turned around, almost shouting “TAEIL!” aloud across the campus but he winked and put his index finger on his mouth. 

You blushed and proceeded to lead him to a rather deserted area of the campus where there were less students. When you finally reached the rooftop of the Applied Arts building, you relaxed and took a seat on the bench that you two often shared. 

“Weren’t you supposed to be filming for your new music video today?” you asked. 

He nodded. “We finished early actually. So I came to see you." 

You placed your palm on his cheek, "You look so tired, Tae." 

He smiled weakly and lay his head on your shoulder. 

"I’m a bit tired. But it’s worth it." 

You giggled and patted his head lightly. After a moment of comfortable silence, you got up from the bench. 

"You should go back to the dorm and rest, the sun is setting soon and it’ll be dark by the time you get home” you scolded. 

“Actually I came because I wanted to show you something,” he admitted shyly.

You cocked your head to the side curiously. 

He just smiled that sweet smile of his and reached forwards to grab your hands, placing an iPod on it. 

“I practiced the song and I wanted you to listen to it." 

You couldn’t believe your ears. Taeil had been talking about this song for the past six months and you were finally going to listen to it. You excitedly put on your headphones as he adjusted the volume for you and played the acapella version of the track that he had recorded secretly. 

You heard him clearing his throat before he started, ”_______, I thought a lot about you while practicing this song. I hope you like it.“ You smiled widely at him and he blushed and looked away while covering his ears since he was too embarrassed. 

”…I need your warmth that tells me it’s okay

I need you~ I need you~

Hold my hand, draw a one

This is how much I have you

My entire mind is beside you

Your dreams next to me

Enduring life becomes happier if I’m with you

Endlessly returning to the same thing

Can’t live without you" 

He had only sang a part of the song but you couldn’t help but experience a wave of nostalgia and think back to all the memories you shared with him throughout the past two years. 

You thought about the time when you were following a recipe to bake cookies online at the boys’ dorm and what was supposed to be chocolate chip cookies turned into a chemistry experiment with Taeil. That memory was so fresh in your mind that you still remember how Taeyong had rolled his eyes and nagged the two of you for making a mess, while rolling his sleeves up and wearing a mask to wipe up the crumbs scattered across the entire kitchen floor.   

Then, there was also the first kiss you shared with him, during a late night walk by the Han river. It was short, but soft and sweet. You remembered how he had awkwardly leaned in, closed his eyes, and pecked your nose before realizing that he had missed your lips. Your eyes had fluttered open due to the surprise and right at that moment, he leaned in to kiss your lips as your eyes widened. After that, he quickly excused himself and ran back to the dorm in a hurry. 

Of course, there were sad memories too. You thought about the times he would call you and tell you that he had to cancel a date because of training and awkwardly apologize. Sometimes, he would call you in the middle of the night and say nothing, you would hear his light breathing on the line and realize that he just wanted to feel your presence next to him. 

You hadn’t realized how much time the two of you had spent together and you were overcome with a wave of mixed emotions. Just as you were about to take off your headphones and compliment him, you heard a sound at the door to the rooftop and panicked, glancing back at Taeil. 

Two girls who looked around your age were walking closer and you didn’t know what to do. You scanned the area, no where to hide and it would look suspicious. You thought about leaving right away, but they would probably look up and make eye contact as you walked to the door. 

In the spur of the moment, overcome with a wave of emotions and memories, you wrapped your arms around his waist and planted a kiss directly on his mouth. 

At first, he looked startled but then he started responding to your kiss. He brought his hands up and held your face lightly and kissed you back slowly, but sweetly. 

The two girls who walked in sighed, but didn’t walk away. Instead, they chose a bench close-by and brought out their phones, squealing about SM’s new boy group. 

“I just loveeeee Mark. He’s so adorable.” one of the girls squealed. 

“Uh, Taeil is way better.” the other girl retorted, while showing off his picture on her phone’s lock screen. 

Your ears perked up at the mention of his name and you broke away from the kiss. 

You could feel your face burning red out of embarrassment and anxiousness.

You were so afraid that he would get caught. 

When your eyes finally met his, he grabbed your hand and started running. 

The entire time you were running together, you couldn’t help but notice the beautiful cotton candy skies, the chilly autumn breeze blowing through your hair as you ran, and his passionate voice in “Without You” still clearly playing inside your head. 

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Applying to college is really freaking stressful. I can say this as someone trying to apply to music programs. I hope the process is going well for you, and that you get into the school you want!

thank you!! yeah aha jeez good luck!
i’m going for a political science PhD and journalism/media, culture & communications so its!!! pretty stressful researching and finding good schools and programs and the right majors for what i wanna do but! it’s getting there!!

“I’ve been applying to college music programs. Since I’m trying to be a vocal student, I’ve been running around, doing auditions. When people do auditions, generally they think to themselves, ‘I will pass this audition’ and greedily go after it. But then, I usually become completely preoccupied with every single gesture and facial expression the judges make as I sing. If their expressions change even a little bit, I start doubting myself, and whether or not I’m doing well. And if I ever make a little mistake, I can feel my facial expression and singing become worse and worse, and I feel like I’m bombing the audition. There was one time I enjoyed singing without being obsessed with the results, and I even got a better score than usual, because I was thinking, ‘I’m definitely gonna go and have fried chicken once this audition is over!’ I was already excited from thinking about eating fried chicken, even before the audition started.”

“저는 실용 음악 보컬로 대학 입시를 준비하고 있어서 요즘 실기 시험을 보러 다니고 있어요. 보통 시험 볼 때는 ‘꼭 붙어야지’하고 욕심을 내게 되잖아요. 그러면 저는 노래 부르는 동안 심사 위원의 표정, 몸짓 하나하나에 온 신경이 쏠리고 민감해져요. 그 사람들의 표정이 조금만 변해도 내가 잘하고 있는지 계속 의심하게 되죠. 그리고 작은 실수라도 하게 되면 제 표정과 노래가 점점 안 좋아지고 망해간다는 걸 느끼죠. 그런데 한번은 결과에 대한 집착 없이 즐겁게 노래 부르고 점수도 더 잘 받았던 적이 있어요. 그땐 ‘진짜 이 시험만 끝나면 꼭 치킨 먹으러 갈 거야!’ 하고 생각 했거든요. 시험 보기도 전에 치킨 먹을 생각에 이미 신나 있었어요.”