clusterbrake asked:

Hey, I was wondering, If I'm a volunteer, would I need to put that as currently employed on a job application?

No. Even though it counts as work experience, you are not actually in the employ of that company. You are not on the payroll and have not been offered a job. You may use people at that business as references, but you cannot check that you are currently employed.

For those of you applying to medical school this cycle-

AMCAS allowed submissions of your application to begin yesterday! I cannot stress this enough: SUBMIT YOUR APPS AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. I finished mine and sat on it for 2 weeks after I could have submitted because I was so nervous. That means my secondaries were delayed for 2 weeks because I was dumb.

Secondly, start writing your secondary application essays while your primary application is being processed. The internet is filled with people telling you what your secondary essays are likely to be. Big ones are “How will you contribute to diversity here?” and “Who do you look up to?” or “What is something in your life that you have overcome or an experience you have gone through that will make you a good doctor/taught you skills you will use in medicine” something like that. Get cracking on those so that when your secondaries come in, you can tweak them a little and send them back ASAP because you have done most of the work already!

“But Monarchess, why is it important for me to get this done so quickly? Ugh. Summer!” BECAUSE IT INCREASES YOUR CHANCES OF GETTNG ACCEPTED. 50,000 people will apply to MD schools this cycle for like 22,000 spots. Many of those schools do rolling admission, meaning they accept students as they go throughout the fall and spring shortly after you finish your interview. You should get all of these things done early so that you have the most interview date choices and so that you are being compared to fewer candidates for admission, because the longer the interview cycle goes on, the more people adcoms are talking to, and the more people you have to compete with for that spot. If you get your application in late, many of those 22,000 spots have already been filled. Get in while there are the most amount of spots for you.

That said, GO FORTH AND BE AMAZING. I believe in you, and my ask box is always open to answer questions!

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Hi! I just want to ask, how did you get into med school? I heard the requirements are veryy high and I'm afraid i couldn't get accepted...

Aha now that is a big question!

There are quite a few stages to getting into med school - I made a post which should have most of the things to know here.

I had (for a medical applicant) probably average GCSEs, below average AS grades, and a good personal statement and work experience, and UKCAT (UKCAT is an admissions test that a lot of med schools require). I spent a LOT of time researching which med schools would play to my strengths (so for me, that would be UKCAT and personal statement) and managed to get 4 interviews, and then 2 offers. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, because I know how overwhelming and confusing the whole process can be.

Don’t let people scare you off with this whole ‘woooah med school’s IMPOSSIBLE to get into!’ because that’s silly. Thousands of people get in every year, and why shouldn’t it be you. x

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hey is it true that downing physical natural scientists are all senior math challenge second-rounders? I would love to apply but I didn't make it to the second round... :(

…idk what the senior math challenge is but considering the population of any college’s PhysNatscis is usually considerably international, I’m gonna doubt that all of them participated in this thing, let alone made it the second round. Maths is incredibly important for PhysNatsci though and it should come about as easily to you as it does for a Mathmo. If you find maths regularly difficult, you might not be cut out for PhysNatsci here. If you just had a weird day and didn’t go great on that challenge thing though, it’s fine. 

on a completely different note, the guy who bullied me in comprehensive school for 3 years was drunk driving the other day and crashed his car. he apparently suffered damage to his kidneys, a broken femur and a minor skull fracture.

maybe this makes me a bad person but i honestly don’t have any pity for him whatsoever. honestly i knew he would pull shit like this and suffer the consequences eventually.

i hope he fucking realises that alcohol and cars dont mix well. what a fucking imbecile.