applications are officially open

Applications Open!

Hello readers! Applications for Issue 6 are officially commencing from today until February 1st, Issue 5′s publishing date. We are searching for writers, editors, designers, and publicity staff. 

We did delete all applications submitted before applications for Issue 5 closed, so please reapply for 2017! We do keep all applications for one year, so until December 2017 you don’t have to apply again.

Please thoroughly read the Application FAQ prior to applying or asking any questions about applying. If anything is not answered on this page, feel free to shoot us a message!

If you don’t have any questions and are familiar with the process, please proceed to our Application page. 

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support, and we hope to see you in Issue 6!

Voltron Food Fanzine: Galactic Gourmet Reminder:

Hello darlings! A quick reminder that:

Applications Will Be Opening Tonight at 12AM PST!

This is the time that the link on our blog (or the link right here~!) will go live! The “official” Applications opening post won’t be posted until later in the evening on the 3rd, at 7PM PST, but we figured we’d give the lovely people reading our posts a little head start!

Good luck with your apps darlings! It’s no race, take your time, show us your best work! ❤ 


We’ve received our first application for the role of Yoruichi Shihōin, which means auditions are officially open and will remain active until Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. Our moderators will review all the applications we have received and announce our winner within 24 hours afterwards. Get your applications in as soon as possible, and good luck to all that apply!

ʜᴏᴍᴇ | ʀᴜʟᴇs | ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀʟɪsᴛ | ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴘᴘʟʏ | ᴠᴇʀsᴇs | ғ.ᴀ.ǫ. | ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ


Applications to become a part of the WJSN Network are now open. WJSNNet has been established in order for WJSN fans to connect and work together to help promote WJSN!

Before submitting an application, please read through our network guidelines and rules pages for a primer on the network itself. In addition, please reblog this post (for signal boost!) and follow WJSNNet (for updates!).

Once you’ve done everything listed above, please submit an application through this form (we do not collect any personal information not pertinent to the network).

Applications will be open until sometime in March after WJSN’s official debut, and we will have rolling admissions from this moment on.

We hope to see you all soon!

Join Digimon World: Overdrive!

A brand new Digimon roleplay community where you suddenly find yourself in the Digital World without means of return. Although we are not “officially open”, we are currently accepting reservations and applications! We plan on opening within a couple of days’ time.

We only accept original characters with animated face claims. If you are interested in joining, send us a message! We’re eager to have you join! Please be sure to look over all of our links to get an idea of what we’re about. Hope to hear from you very soon!


Hello again, everyone! We would firstly like to thank you for your patience and overwhelming, much-appreciated support over the past weeks. And in addition to that, announce that applications are officially (and finally) OPEN!

There will be one admin and three members chosen at the end, so please do consider applying if you love Choi Minho as much as we do and take interest in a position in our team. If you are interested in becoming a part of this team, check out these rules, fill in the form below and submit it over here:

     Time Zone:
     LINE ID (optional): 
     Reason why you want to join:
     How active can you be during the week?:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that being an admin or a team member in this network requires you to be an active blog. Admins are required to post or queue at least 7 posts a week, and team members 3 posts a week.

We are excited to see and share new Minho-related content, so keep our tracked tags #minhonet and #shineeedit in mind when publishing your works. Make sure to tag us within your five first tags, otherwise it won’t show up to us! 

Keep the flame burning~ ♡

Hello there everyone <3 So after a lot of thought I have decided to open up a network entitled “simjang” which translates to heart in korean. My hope for this network is that we can grow closer within the community and make or develop friendships and get to know each others hearts of course.

To join c:

- Reblog this post as much as you’d like

- must be following me

-Must be a asian based bloggu ie. kfashion,photography,kpop etc.

- Must have a link to the networks page on their blog somewhere( I will check) - Be willing to support members in polls and do promos - Be friendly and respect members  Applications close on the 1st October 12 pm AEST All the best wishes and apply (^∀^)ノ Submit to me 
  • your name
  • url
  • short description of yourself
  • why you would like to join
  • a type of sweet you’d like to be; ie. pocky, milktea, etc

15 people will be chosen using and I will hand pick 10 blogs ~


Pledis17Net is a network dedicated towards uniting the SEVENTEEN fandom by bringing together blogs of all kinds dedicated to our 13 wonderful boys from all around the world! If you’d like to help us in uniting the fandom and would love to meet fellow SM17Es to befriend, please participate and apply! 

Pledis17Net is the first network featuring a point and prize system! Every month, there will be multiple quizzes, prompts, trades, etc. and with each activity completed, you’ll generate a certain amount of points which the admins will keep track of. By generating more points, you can “spend” them on prizes such as features on the network blog, the admins’ personal blogs, and our affiliates! Please refer to here for more information on our point system!

*Applications are only continuously open for a short period of time.

How to Apply:

1. Reblog this post.

2. Follow: 

a. pledis17net *required
b. the admins [1, 2] *optional but greatly appreciated 
c. our fyeah affiliates: fyeah-leechan, fyeah-jihoon, fyeah-soonyoung, or fyeah-meanie *required (at least two) 
d. our translation affiliate: what17says *required
(Following the affiliates and admins will not only qualify you for the network but also award you with starter points once you’ve been accepted as explained here)

3. Apply here *on the application/submit page

*all fields marked with (*) are required

a. *Name/Nickname: _________
b. *URL: __________ (please include your main blog if you’re using a sideblog)
c. Pronouns: _________
d. *Age: _______
e. *KakaoTalk ID: ________
f. *Bias/es: _________
g. *Original content creator? (yes/no) ________ (If you make your own GIFs, edits, graphics, etc., write yes. Write no if not.)
h. *If you answered yes to (g), please list the types of posts you make. ______________ (GIFs, edits, graphics, fics, text posts, etc.)
i. *Why do you love SEVENTEEN/your bias? ________
j. *Why do you want to join Pledis17Net? ______

Please make sure your ask box is open so we may be able to notify you if/when you get accepted. Keep in mind, your application might’ve been eaten. 

4. Sit back, relax, and wait for your acceptance! 

Good luck!

Note: For the first two to three weeks after the opening of the network, applications will be open everyday. After the two week opening period, applications will be open Sunday-Thursday of every week and new members will be announced on the Saturday of that same week.

Pace Yourself

The CommonApp is OPEN!

Application season has officially begun and it might seem like you’re off to the races in an attempt to be done.

Stop right there. Hold on. Take your time.

I strongly believe you never need to spend more than an hour a day on application time. (More on this belief HERE)

While I recommend sitting down with your parents and filling out the demographic information for the CommonApp this week (my brother and I a little over a year ago sat at our kitchen table with a plate of snacks and didn’t get up until it was done). It should take a little over an hour. Write down your answers to everything so you can add it for separate applications.

Do the set up, add your schools.
Though you’re ready to go, many schools aren’t and won’t even have their supplements ready yet. If they do write them down with the due dates and application specifics (2 recs or 3? Supplement for major? Scholarship application there or separate?).

For schools that don’t use the commonapp go start your application on their portals.

Then, the next day, start working on your resume. Put in a LOT of effort on your commonapp resume since it’s the one that will actually be read. Space is limited, make the best of it. Sending a separate one isn’t necessary unless you have something that really really doesn’t fit and is extremely important (ex: I sent in my acting resume because it was fairly extensive). A paper resume on top of your commonapp resume is just an extra piece of paper that they probably won’t read because the information is there on your commonapp in a shorter form.

Remember, though school is creeping up, you don’t really need to spend more than an hour a day filling out the applications. The process takes time, don’t make it drag.

Pace yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Now that the awards are officially over, we are opening up applications for our bellarke fanfiction network. This time, we are looking for around 8-12 new members.


  • Must be following the Adventure Squad!
  • Must have a Skype ID, or be willing to create one.
  • Reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks).
  • Fill out this application.
  • Track #bffnet for updates and news.
  • Applications will close on July 20th, and members will be announced sometime between July 21st-25th.

What we are looking for

  • People who read and/or write Bellarke fanfiction.
  • A blog that posts Bellarke, but can be multifandom.
  • A blog that is organized and has a tagging system.
  • 8-12 new members. 


  • New friends.
  • New followers.
  • Be added to a group chat with the admins of bellarkefanfiction.
  • A place to talk about Bellarke and Bellarke fanfiction.
  • A place where you can get fic recs.
  • Your gifsets/fics/edits ect will be promoted by us.
  • A spot on our member page.
  • The chance to become part of the bellarkefanfiction team.

If you’re accepted

  • We will contact you directly through your ask
We’re looking for new admins!

Yup, that’s right! Phanfictioncatalogue is finally looking for new admins!

Applications are officially open for two admins and two temporary admins to join the Phanfictioncatalogue family! We are so, so excited to finally get this ball rolling and we can’t wait to get to know each of the possible candidates!

A full admin will have full access to the blog including answering the asks, theme changes, library additions, and masterlists. Temporary admins aren’t exactly temporary, but they will not be ‘promoted’ to full admin on the blog. This means they will not have access to asks but can still work on the library and masterlists. However, It is possible that the temporary admins may be promoted to full admins at a later date if things go well.

Before applying, please do keep in mind that:

  1. This is pretty much like a full time job without the angry bosses and the paycheck. Please only apply if this is something you really want!
  2. A computer with reliability is necessary. Editing on the theme is about 70% of the work on this blog and it’s not possible on mobile. 
  3. Timezones definitely won’t be an issue for being an admin, but please be aware that being on this blog takes up a lot of time and work.
  4. We get a lot of asks per day, sometimes we can have up to 100 asks in our inbox, so patience is a key part of being an admin on this blog.

But enough with that stuff. 

Now, without further ado, the link with which I’m sure you all have been so patiently waiting for (at least we hope so) please click here to apply now!

  • fill out the application completely
  • you will have two weeks to send in an application
  • at the end of two weeks, applications will be closed
  • we’ll go through all of the applications and make a shortlist!
  • then we’ll go from there! pretty simple stuff.

Why you should apply to be an admin:

  • You’ll gain new friends with the current admins, we’re all nice!
  • Phanfiction - you can read & discover tons more and help promote others and help others find lost fics which is always a nice feeling!
  • There is quite a lot of behind the scenes stuff on the blog other than just answering asks all the time! it’s really a lot of fun :)
  • You can honestly use this as job experience. (I totally did and it helped.)

If you change your url after you’ve sent in an application please let us know immediately as I’m sure a lot of you are changing your urls for October!

Any questions you have, please feel free to ask but we ask to please send them off anon if possible so we aren’t flooding the blog with questions!

For the first time ever, mod applications are open at WWWagon!

In an effort to rec more fics and vary the types of recs you see here, we’ll be selecting two to three people to help out with official rec posts. We’re looking for:

  • Users who can work with a PSD file* to make official fic rec posts;
  • Users who are active on tumblr and AO3 and will post recs a minimal of once a week;
  • Users who will make use of the tags system and use the appropriate tags when making fic rec posts.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying, please fill out the form on our Apply page and submit it at the blog’s Submit page.

Applications will be open until May 23rd 2015.

*Official rec posts consist of a PSD with a background image + 3 text layers. All you need to do is know how to open PSD files and change the text layers. :D