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BSD Network

So guys, since I have seen there aren’t any active Bungou Stray Dogs Networks out there, I was thinking into turning this page into a network itself. 

It would be a fantastic place to get to know other Bungou Stray Dogs lovers and a nice place to share your art, thoughts and love for your fave characters!

If this reaches at least 20 notes (i’m not asking for much) I will make an official welcoming post and open applications and everything. Anyways, spread the word guys! And dont doubt to send me an ask if you got any questions or ideas!


Applications are now officially open! 


Deadline for applications is February 15th, so make sure your application is in before then! We are looking for:

  1. Illustrations
  2. Comics
  3. Fanfiction

NOTE: On the application, the work examples don’t have to be Amedot specific - they just have to show your work in that particular field.

Good luck to you all, and a happy new year!

this is it, the moment that everyone’s been patiently awaiting ( including us admins ) .. we’re now officially open for applications and ready to tend to anything you folks submit from this point onwards ! for everyone’s reference, the application can be found right here .. and we can’t wait to see the type of characters that we’re going to be accepting into our lil’ group. good luck and happy apping everyone !


We have officially opened up Member Applications! We are looking for 1 or 2 new members to help us reblog content and fill out requests. Please read this fully before applying.


  • Gif makers - People who will be able to carry out any gif requests that come in.
  • Editors/Graphic makers- People who will be able to carry out any graphic/edit requests that come in.


  • Be active - We do not in anyway expect members to be uploading content and carrying out requests on a daily basis, we understand people are busy, but we are looking for people who will be able to consistently help us fill out requests.
  • Have a KakaoTalk account - We have a group chat where we discuss requests that come in and decide on who is taking them. It is also where the admins announce any updates and changes to Xiuminet.

[!] This is not a first-come-first-served basis, we will pick the applicant we feel is best for Xiuminet. Please do not take not being chosen personally; we will open Member applications again in the future. Please understand that we only need at least a couple of new members at this moment in time!

[!!] This is open to our current Community Members as well! If you would like to apply to be a Member please feel free.


We are now officially open for application! We have many character open and can’t wait to see some of your creative applications! 

“Welcome to Series of Greys RPG - A New Grey’s Anatomy Roleplay.
Residence and Attending of Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital struggling to balance their person life and careers; and discover what that balance may be. The face challenges at work and at home; maybe even drama between their roommates. This is a Semi-Canon Roleplay group up to Season 12.”

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From the team that brought you the first Camp Undersoul event, Camp Wintersoul is continuing the Undertale AU for all the Human SOULs to enjoy, play, and take part in cheeky camp activities!

 For 10 days, all children with a Human SOUL will be called to the SOUL ISLAND, led by the power of their Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Perseverance, Kindness, Determination, and Virtues not yet discovered. The ISLAND, in its own right, is a floating phenomenon superseding the laws of life and death, of reality and void itself. 

 No matter the circumstance, no matter if the child is alive, deceased long ago, trapped in an alternate existence – no matter what, so long as the child has a human SOUL, and is 18 or under, they will be called. And… what will they find at the Island? 


 The chance to be free and connect with other Human SOULS scattered across time and space – through winter camp activities! Hosted by the unusual inhabitants of the SOUL ISLAND, an alternate breed of bald Temmies referred to as “Sky Temmies”, all campers will have the chance to participate in snowball fights, sledding, ice skating, bonfires, dancing, sparring, paintball, mysteries, and so, so much more! 

 Each human SOUL, divided by COLOR, forms part of that COLOR’S faction inside the camp. Each faction has its own customized cabin with the stuff that the kids from that COLOR like! There they may gather to do stuff like chat, play games, take naps, have pillow fights, and more! Just don’t sneak out past curfew! 

 Unspecified SOULS that wish to join can stay at the MASTER CABIN DORMITORY! 

 Applications opening soon! Check the official Camp Wintersoul Tumblr for updates. 

Like or reblog THIS POST if you’d like your human SOULS to JOIN!

Your mods are: Solar, Nero, Seis, Sims, Cam, Amatsu, Ren, Wander, and Joe.

But, please direct all comments, questions, and concerns to the official Wintersoul blog!

Good timezone-appropriate-greeting, everybody!

I would like to start by thanking everybody for the interest in this roleplay group. I can only hope that at least a part of you, people lurking, will join us the applicants soon. That being said, the APPLICATION REVIEW DATE is only A WEEK away, as this roleplay group officially opens on the 30TH OF APRIL, so do not miss the deadline! 

Aside from 18 open characters that you can read the biographies of here or see the teasers/aesthetics of (that I am still posting) here, I am also looking for a CO-ADMIN, so, in case you are interested, there is a form at the end of the character application waiting to be filled.

Meanwhile, I am going to officially implement the TALK TAG which is #OERP and invite you all to introduce yourselves and possibly discuss the applying process with people in your shoes. It’s your tag, so you can use it for everything, from updates to little thoughts and opinions. 

Thank you all for your attention and happy birthday to William Shakespeare (which I did think would be important enough to have room in the announcement post, yes)!

the queue is empty, my carpal tunnel is flaring up, and there are still 200+ requests in the inbox, so i’m officially opening mod applications!

if you’re interested, send at least 5 examples of fusions you’ve made (if you want to show me more that’s fine!) and a guess of how many fusions you’d be able/willing to do in an average week. the amount you tell me won’t affect your chances of being accepted, it just lets me know how many mods i need to look for to keep up with the “daily” part of this blog’s url.

hopefully when i’m able to be more active i can offer you guys better quality sprites since i won’t be so worried about quantity anymore. thanks to all of you for being so supportive for so long <3

- mod vee

EDIT: i forgot to specify i opened this blog’s submit for the mod applications

anonymous asked:

May I apply to be a new friend? I aint perfect but I try. Half-assed friends and those that forget about you are the worst, really.

Yes, you can 🙋 applications for new friends are officially open lol

Applications Open!

Hello readers! Applications for Issue 6 are officially commencing from today until February 1st, Issue 5′s publishing date. We are searching for writers, editors, designers, and publicity staff. 

We did delete all applications submitted before applications for Issue 5 closed, so please reapply for 2017! We do keep all applications for one year, so until December 2017 you don’t have to apply again.

Please thoroughly read the Application FAQ prior to applying or asking any questions about applying. If anything is not answered on this page, feel free to shoot us a message!

If you don’t have any questions and are familiar with the process, please proceed to our Application page. 

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support, and we hope to see you in Issue 6!

Join Digimon World: Overdrive!

A brand new Digimon roleplay community where you suddenly find yourself in the Digital World without means of return. Although we are not “officially open”, we are currently accepting reservations and applications! We plan on opening within a couple of days’ time.

We only accept original characters with animated face claims. If you are interested in joining, send us a message! We’re eager to have you join! Please be sure to look over all of our links to get an idea of what we’re about. Hope to hear from you very soon!


Pace Yourself

The CommonApp is OPEN!

Application season has officially begun and it might seem like you’re off to the races in an attempt to be done.

Stop right there. Hold on. Take your time.

I strongly believe you never need to spend more than an hour a day on application time. (More on this belief HERE)

While I recommend sitting down with your parents and filling out the demographic information for the CommonApp this week (my brother and I a little over a year ago sat at our kitchen table with a plate of snacks and didn’t get up until it was done). It should take a little over an hour. Write down your answers to everything so you can add it for separate applications.

Do the set up, add your schools.
Though you’re ready to go, many schools aren’t and won’t even have their supplements ready yet. If they do write them down with the due dates and application specifics (2 recs or 3? Supplement for major? Scholarship application there or separate?).

For schools that don’t use the commonapp go start your application on their portals.

Then, the next day, start working on your resume. Put in a LOT of effort on your commonapp resume since it’s the one that will actually be read. Space is limited, make the best of it. Sending a separate one isn’t necessary unless you have something that really really doesn’t fit and is extremely important (ex: I sent in my acting resume because it was fairly extensive). A paper resume on top of your commonapp resume is just an extra piece of paper that they probably won’t read because the information is there on your commonapp in a shorter form.

Remember, though school is creeping up, you don’t really need to spend more than an hour a day filling out the applications. The process takes time, don’t make it drag.

Pace yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

— Please take a moment to check out our blog and click on the crowns above our title to open a pop up. Within that same pop up you will find a (sneak peek) and brief explanation of the services we plan to offer to our future members. When placing a reservation request please leave us with your fc name/group/verse and your muse’s name ! After you have reserved simply (reblog this post) and track our (tag) to spread the word and keep updated.
Hovers: I. II. III. IV. V. VI.

+ HERE AT EVTEKA our goal is to provide a home to those roleplayers who have lost their way in the midst of all of  the distractions we face  in krp today. Our purpose of being here is so easily covered up by flashy graphics and the desire  to get more followers. do we  ever pause in our  aesthetic obsession to wonder why it is that we  are here?  In the end, it’s all for the roleplay. For the muses  we create and the  bonds that they make  in  this world that
we control. For some it comes easy and for other’s it becomes something so difficult to obtain. Here we will come together, to aid each other along the paths we desire to send our muses down. our creativity and our muse for the community that we have poured so much of our precious time into becoming a part of does not deserve to go to waste. think of evteka as your guide, your home,  your partner.  Whether  you have lost your way or not are here to be by your side on  your path  regardless. If you’re  curious to see how we plan to accomplish  such a wonderful roleplay paradise then come and give us a look?  and if you are satisfied  with a character that has no development, a community that has no substance, and the simplicity of some nice graphics… Then suppose we aren’t meant for you. But our graphics are pretty cool too.

+ Open for reservations as of June 7th, 2016.
+ We will begin accepting applications the week after that.
+ Officially opening on July 1st, 2016.
+ All verses will be welcome!
+ Open to affiliating with multi-muse accounts.
+ Looking for more admins to help lead the revolution.

Shine bright like a diamond? Good news for you: Summer 2014 internship applications are officially open. More info here.

Email your resume, Tumblr URL, and put name of the internship you’re interested in the subject line, to

College students and Rihanna encouraged to apply.

Hello there everyone <3 So after a lot of thought I have decided to open up a network entitled “simjang” which translates to heart in korean. My hope for this network is that we can grow closer within the community and make or develop friendships and get to know each others hearts of course.

To join c:

- Reblog this post as much as you’d like

- must be following me

-Must be a asian based bloggu ie. kfashion,photography,kpop etc.

- Must have a link to the networks page on their blog somewhere( I will check) - Be willing to support members in polls and do promos - Be friendly and respect members  Applications close on the 1st October 12 pm AEST All the best wishes and apply (^∀^)ノ Submit to me 
  • your name
  • url
  • short description of yourself
  • why you would like to join
  • a type of sweet you’d like to be; ie. pocky, milktea, etc

15 people will be chosen using and I will hand pick 10 blogs ~

HUGE Wantering Announcement: The Launch of The Wantering Insider Network

Hey guys,

All of us at Wantering are excited to announce the launch of the Wantering Insider Network (WIN) today!

WIN is an invite-only community of style bloggers, who will receive cool perks and benefits for joining. We’re doing this with the help of social shopping community, StyledOn, the company Wantering has just acquired.

If you’re a style blogger and you want to get exposure to our fashion audience (our blog alone gets over 3 million views a month), make cash money from your blog, and have an opportunity to work with fashion brands on partnerships, listen up. 

Applications are officially open for WIN right here

We are grateful and thrilled that you’ve joined us on this ride for the last three years. We are SO EXCITED to have you on board for what’s coming up next…

Stay Stylish,

The Wantering Team

Follow us @Wantering