applications are officially open

Ahoy mateys! 

Applications for the YOI Nautical Zine Fair Winds & Following Seas are officially open!!!

Please take a look at the Schedule, and read the FAQ and our Answered Asks before applying, in case you have any questions! We will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have afterwards. 

*Artist Application
*Writer Application

We look forward to receiving everyone’s applications and wish everyone the best of luck!

–Mod Team

This beautiful banner was created by the wonderful @schmesa!!!

Apply to Wild Fyre: A Keith Zine!

Our applications have now officially opened!! We take both writers and artists alike.

Applications will stay open up until September 5th! Please get your app(s) in before time runs out! Please see the links below for more info on the process, as well as for the applications themselves!

- [ Requirements / About ]
- [ Timeline ]
- [ Mobile Link ]
- [ FAQ ] ~ works for mobile 
- [ Ask ]

➵ Writer Application Form

 Artist Application Form

Good luck and happy creating!

With love,
  Your Fyre-y Mods


Interested in the joy of the upcoming winter season and how it could effect our favorite team of ‘Space Rangers’? Well, the Winter Voltron Zine is officially opening applications!


More Info: HERE✧ (HERE for mobile)

Applications will close on October 25th (Though this may be subject to change at any point)! The zine will include both art and writing. Feel free to send us any questions you might have; I can’t wait to get this project up off the ground, and good luck!

Be aware that depending on the the scale of what happens with the project, I may be looking for extra Moderators to help, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you, and please apply as well as reblog to spread the word!

Announcing The Raven Cycle Holiday Gift Exchange - 2017!

This year, @trc-exchange​ will be hosting a gift exchange for fans of Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle series!

A gift exchange (also known as holiday exchange, secret santa, etc.) is an event where you create a secret gift for someone, and get a gift from someone in return! The goal is for everyone to connect with one another, spread some positive gift giving, and meet people with similar interests.

This exchange is all about the entire Raven Cycle series. Artists and writers can sign up by filling out our applications form when it goes live on October 5th. All ships and characters are welcome, however we’re going to keep this event completely SFW! So wether you create writing or art, please keep it appropriate!

Our Event Schedule:

Oct 03 - Oct 22 Applications
Oct 23 - Oct 30 Matches Sent Out
Oct 31 - Dec 16 Creation Period
Dec 17 - Dec 31 Posting Period

You can check out our rules page for more information about gift requirements, and our FAQ for some details you may be curious about!

There will be seperate announcement when applications officially open, so be sure to follow the blog to stay updated. If you’d like to do something in the meantime, spreading the word verbally and reblogging this post would help the event a great deal. You can also track the tag #trcexchange2017!

We look forward to hosting this exchange and seeing all of your work!

Applications Are Open!

The dark Voltron zine, Eternal Eclipse, has officially opened their applications! It’s a non-profit fanzine dedicated to all things horror and looking for artists, writers, and all other types of content creators that are 18 years or older! 

Apply HERE or email your applications!

Applications for the dark Voltron zine will close June 30th.


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Artist applications for Ice Melts Between Us zine are OFFICIALLY OPEN!

Пройдите по этой ссылке чтобы заполнить форму заявки. Заявки открыты с 13-го по 27-е октября.

Пожалуйста прочитайте FAQ и About прежде чем подавать заявку! В случае принятия в зин, вы получите имэйл 1-го ноября.

Please reblog and share this post, and don’t forget to follow us on Tumblr and Twitter for future updates.

Спасибо! ❄️✨❄️

BSD Network

So guys, since I have seen there aren’t any active Bungou Stray Dogs Networks out there, I was thinking into turning this page into a network itself. 

It would be a fantastic place to get to know other Bungou Stray Dogs lovers and a nice place to share your art, thoughts and love for your fave characters!

If this reaches at least 20 notes (i’m not asking for much) I will make an official welcoming post and open applications and everything. Anyways, spread the word guys! And dont doubt to send me an ask if you got any questions or ideas!

Welcome to Princess Daily, your source for all things Disney Princesses, Queens, and Heroines! Here you’ll find posts dedicated to the princesses from their respective movies, both official and non-official ones.

Member and affiliate applications are open! Click here to submit an application.

The requirements to apply to be a member or an affiliate are linked above, so if you believe that you are qualified, please do submit an application! If I do not get back to you within 2 weeks, the application has been denied. If you aren’t accepted, please don’t take it personally!

Moreover, if you would like for us to see your edits and want them reblogged to this blog, we track the tag #princessdaily!

Please reblog and help spread the word! Thanks so much! 

We are happy to announce that forjennie network is finally open. This blog is dedicated to BLACKPINK’s rapper and vocalist, Jennie Kim. We hope to become your number one source on tumblr for everything Jennie. We will share official news and fansite photos, as well as the artwork created by fans for fans.

We track the tag #forjennienet and we are officially opening the applications to become a member of our community.


  • reblog this post before applying!
  • you must be following forjennie in order to become a member, you will not be accepted if you are not following the network!
  • your blog doesn’t have to be completely blackpink / jennie centered, being multifandom is totally fine!
  • once accepted, link the network somewhere on your blog !!!
  • use the tag #forjennienet in your first 5 tags when posting your artwork so we can see them and reblog them to the network.
  • track the tag #forjennienet for updates as well as to support other blinks!
  • please have in mind that we will not reblog whitewashed content !!! 
  • members are encouraged to communicate with another.  
  • please be respectful and keep it drama free, otherwise we’ll dissmiss you.  

Are you a Jennie fan and want to become a member of our community? Find and fill out the application: here ♡ once you’re accepted you will receive a confirmation from one of the admins and be added to the members page!


CCRogues is looking for members!

With the latest seasons of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow upcoming soon, we are officially opening member applications. 


  • create content for each new episode 
  • queue new posts when you can
  • use the tagging system
  • help keep the blog up to date

If you’re interested in becoming a member, check out our applications page here for more information and the application form. We are also looking for fansite affiliates! 

Apply Here!

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have other questions, and if you can’t or don’t want to apply for anything, please spread the word. Thank you!

The response has been great so far, so we’ll be moving forward with this project! In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting an official announcement post, providing more info, and opening applications. Hope everyone is as excited as we are!

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask!

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate our selected members, who will be helping us keep this blog running with new Jyn content.

A warm welcome to:

Thank you so much for joining us! 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t accept everyone from the many applicants. It was a very difficult selection process amongst all the talented and wonderful people who applied, but we tried to strike a balance between content type and style for the blog and give people a regular opportunity to post. 

We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm immensely, and hope that even if you were not selected, you will still continue to participate through the tag and celebrate Jyn Erso through your own personal works.

With this, our member applications are officially closed. We will review membership loads and re-open membership in the future based on the needs of the blog. Thank you!

ANNOUNCING “SILVER & GOLD: a fanzine" ✨ 

💘 WHAT IS THIS ZINE? a fanzine for the relationship between Viktor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti

💘APPLICATIONS OPEN SEPTEMBER 1 follow either here or on the official twitter if you want to keep up to date

💘GUIDELINES Looking for works centered on Chris and Viktor’s relationship; Both romantic and platonic interpretations are invited! Other characters can make appearances in the work but we ask that you keep them the focus 

  • ARTISTS: artwork can be any medium/genre as long as you keep to the theme. The zine is going to be 5.5x8.5 inches, to give you an idea of the sizing.
  • WRITERS: fic can be any genre as long as you keep to the theme. Between 500 and 1500 words is expected.

💘 All participants will receive a copy of the finished zine with any additional proceeds going to a charity (to be determined)

💘 I currently have no plans to include charms/stickers/etc just because I don’t want to get ahead of myself, please CONTACT ME if you’re interested in helping to organize the zine or make additional goods


Applications are now officially open! 


Deadline for applications is February 15th, so make sure your application is in before then! We are looking for:

  1. Illustrations
  2. Comics
  3. Fanfiction

NOTE: On the application, the work examples don’t have to be Amedot specific - they just have to show your work in that particular field.

Good luck to you all, and a happy new year!

⚡️Official applications are open!⚡️

The deadline for applications is August 28th

Please read the previous post for all information

(there is another google forms (sorry) but hopefully there shouldn’t be much repeat)

Please share this link with anyone you know that would be interested (even if they didn’t fill out the original)