Getting an Internship

Search online: There are sites tailored to your location which list companies that offer internships to students, just search “internships in _____ for students”

Make sure the internship is something you’re interested in, even if only slightly interested in. By doing the internship it will help you to determine whether or not this job would be right for you in the future.

Look at the job spec. Will it give you relevant experience for your future line of work? What will you benefit from working at this company? Do you have the skills in the job spec? Will this job give you skills you will need in the future?

Research the company. Know what their latest projects are, what specifically they do, etc. A quick Google search could help you know if you’d like to work with this company or not!

Get in contact with the company you wish to do your internship with. Send them all the relevant information, most companies also require you to send in a CV and a cover letter.
Make sure in your email you make yourself look professional. This is the first view of you the company will receive so make sure it counts.
If you have any questions or worries about the job you will be doing make sure you ask in the first email or call, you might learn that the internship is not for you.

For some companies, interviews you will be required to do an interview, for tips on that check out this post.

During the Internship: Getting the most out of your internship.

Talk to as many people in the business as possible. Learn more about their role and how they feel about their job. This is the best way to learn about different jobs in a company.

Even the boring jobs are beneficial. As an intern you’ll probably be handed the boring jobs that the staff have been procrastinating doing such as filing. However these small jobs are most likely required for most careers so remember as you’re working that you are gaining great experience. Every new skill you build will look great on a CV!

Act responsibly. Of course talk to people but watch what you say, it’s probably not best to mention your drunken weekend out last week! 

Dress accordingly. If there’s no specific dress code fancy casual is most likey best. You’ll fiigure out after the first day what’s best to wear for the first day. 

Make yourself memorable. You are your own brand! Make sure the people at the company remember who you are. It’s great if they are able to say something good about you for a reference or maybe even employ you in the future!

While a lot of “kung fu applications” videos are in slow motion or choreographed to the point of being laughable, I’ve always enjoyed this Hung Gar demonstrated.
Granted, it’s choreographed (it has to be, to show the application), but it’s done in real-time speed and shows the explosive power of Hung Gar. It even shows the forceful palm strike of the Tiger Claw, rather than the much-questioned arm grab many teachers choose to demonstrate.
Everything in the video just looks so precise, focused and furious and more videos should be like this.

A Minor Character Net: A place for all those all-too under-appreciated gems. 



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Deadline is Saturday, September 19, 2015, and members should be announced on Sunday the 20th. Good luck to all!!


Hi guys! 

So over the next few weeks I will graduate high school and then it’s time for the next step of my life (scary stuff!!). I’m in Sydney and I’m just wondering what your experiences have been with university (either in Australia or not). I’d love to hear what degrees you guys are doing, any tips you have for university, and advice on choosing the right course and campus. Please reply to this or send me a message, I’d love to chat! Thank you :-) xx


i’ve been gathering information from the websites of the colleges i’m applying to and making nice packets like this. i list all the required testing, the application fee, the essays, etc. i’ve even included a checklist and a blank page where i can write down ideas for the essays that i have to write. message me if you want the document to use as a template and then you can edit it to make it for the colleges you’re applying to! :)

anonymous asked:

What did you write your common app essay about?

I picked the general prompt where you tell the story that is integral to your application or something like that. It was just that, my story.

I wrote a million supplement essays but I can’t remember most of them. There were a few that asked for an extracurricular that meant the most to you (those were typically shorter) and I remember for the Dartmouth app I chose a prompt that was something along the lines of “describe your name and what it means”. I had a ball with that one.

“It’s dangerous to go alone.” – Old Man, The Legend of Zelda


(Application form at the end of the post)

Hello, studyblrs & learners!

As always, thank you for your support in the idea. I wasn’t expecting this much anticipation from the Tumblr community! Thanks to everyone who’s been involved in promoting the idea and sharing & liking & reblogging the notes!

We all know that what really makes Noteblr a great opportunity is your involvement. I am only a person with an idea-it is up to you out there that the idea lives and meets up to our expectations. I need help from you to cater to you. This is why I’ve decided to expand the reach of Noteblr from “A person with an idea” to “A group of people building awesomeness”. Want to join in the awesomesauce? Here’s how you can become a Notable Figure!

But wait, what is a Notable Figure?

Well, it is the name I came up with for Moderators/Official Contributors. (Yes, it is pun intended and yes, I make bad puns.)

What does a Notable Figure do?

Basically, there are two categories I will need the most help with. Those are:

-Connoteisseurs (3-5 people): These are the ones who will (1) search for notes/masterposts (2) help with tagging. It is a very vital position for the advancement of Noteblr. Although there are no strict specifications, it is preferable for connoteisseurs to be:

  • In a different time zone: I am in GMT +3 time zone, and the blog is most active during night time here (most traffic comes from the U.S.). Therefore a drastic difference like -6/+6 hours is preferable. It would be nice to have people take care of the submission tagging while I’m sleeping! But it doesn’t matter that much, since the submissions will be queued throughout the day.  
  • Familiar with at least one type of examination: I’m a mess when it comes to determining what goes under GCSE’s, A Levels and whatnot. It would be really great if we could have moderators who are familiar with exam subjects.

-Designers/IT desk (1-2 people): I don’t know if anyone will be up for the task, but it would be nice to have someone help with the design of the blog in a way that would be very easy to access. Also, HTML! Did I tell you I don’t know much about HTML? I need someone to ask “Hey, I want to do this with the blog, is there any way of doing it?” I think we will also need some edits in the long run. These people can contribute to the tagging process as well if they like.

How will it work?

Basically, we will have a private side-blog where we can discuss whatever issue the blog might have. I am always open to suggestions, and I believe that together we can come up with way better ideas! More info for connoteisseurs will be given once they apply and are selected.

Do I get anything out of this?

Well… You get what I get: lots of love from Tumblr community. Oh and also, you will be promoted on the Notable Figures page.

Yes, it doesn’t exist yet.

You remember About the Owner?

It will be Notable Figures once you are in the team. (And excuse you for finding that pun cheesy!)

Your personal blogs/studyblrs will be featured on the “Notable Figures” and “Masterpost of the Masterposts” (both don’t exist yet, info on Masterpost of the Masterposts will follow shortly after), and your blog will be promoted exclusively in each note you find and tag (if you are a connoteisseur). If you are the designer, feel free to put your name under your edits, obviously. :)


Blog name & any name you go by:

E-mail address your blog is registered under:

Country of Residence:

How often can you be online?:

Position(s) applied:

(Connoteisseurs) Specific knowledge on any exam? If Y, specify:

Applications should be sent to Application deadline is 12th of August, 21.00 (GMT/UTC). If I get enough applications by then, it will be closed. If not, it will be extended.

SpiderForest Webcomic Collective Accepting Applications in August

For Immediate Release
August 7, 2015


SpiderForest Webcomic Collective Accepting Applications in August

SpiderForest is an established webcomic collective run for and by independent comic creators for the purpose of community building, audience sharing, convention appearances, and personal and professional growth in comics. Applications for membership are accepted 1-2 times a year and are rigorously reviewed by all available members. For this round of admissions, applications will be accepted until August 22nd, and results are privately revealed to applicants on September 1st.

Since 2004, SpiderForest has offered a particular niche for webcomic creators who seek to remain independent, but also desire to be part of a tight-knit community of knowledgeable, experienced artists, writers and self-publishers. We are not a business, but instead are run entirely on a volunteer basis with a focus on helping each other grow professionally as we all best see fit. Our public and private forums offer constructive criticism, organized convention appearances, advice for crowdfunding, art exchanges or collaborations, and more. We are seeking dedicated creators who care more about their work than making a quick buck–but are definitely a good home for the professional-level comic creator. We want to help you become the comic professional you want to be, and we greatly value those who want to bring their experiences to us.

In addition to being a free host for all members, SpiderForest also accepts members who are unaffiliated with other collectives and are independently self-hosted. Members are free to maintain as many mirror sites as they wish on free comic hosts such as Comic Fury, Tapastic, and SmackJeeves, but are required to have the SpiderForest-affiliated site at least one update ahead. The only other requirements are to regularly update your comic(s), to display the SpiderForest banner, and to assist in reviewing applications for new members.

Questions regarding membership at SpiderForest are best directed to our forums (, to our email (, or to individual members regarding their experiences with us ( 

All College Emails

“We want YOU, Megan!

We know ALLLLL about your academic achievements, and, LEMME TELL YA

wEre iMpREssEd ✨

We even have a SPECIAL APPLICATION for you that ALREADY HAS YOUR NAME entered

All you have to do is fill out the rest. Like your recommendations, your academic achievements, your test scores, and your essay and YOU’RE DONE


Just for YOU!

We! Want! You!”

…meanwhile Im over here failing tests like

Globo, the enterprise mobility company is all about gaining real business advantage. Businesses need solutions that deliver measurable business improvements and efficiencies. By uniquely merging Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Application Development, we provide data security, management of apps and mobile devices, app development solutions and expert consulting.


This is Day 1 of the 10 Day Study Challenge from @phestudies

day one: clean up and photograph your study space to share with us”

I’ve been meaning to do this for forever…as you can see from the before picture my desk is huge, and a huge mess. But look at it now! All neat and nice and ready to study and go college hunting.

Today I started my bullet journal as well and i couldn’t love it more, it’s so awesome.

8.26.15 6:31 pm
(Another reason to love the studyblr community–they date posts. I love it)

Want To Be An MHA Admin?

We are always on the look out for more admins for both our blog and our live chat! As an admin, you would also be able to get involved in our other social media and resources, such as our Instagram, our Twitter, and our YouTube channel, if you wanted! 

For information on becoming a blog admin, click here.

For information on becoming a live chat admin, click here.

I really hope you choose to apply! 

All the love,

Ellen x


място, в което всички сме messed up и търсим приятели. ♥

applications now open xo

Трябва да:

~ следвате админите - violentears & the-love-verb (препоръчително, но не и задължително)

~ reblog the picture за по-голям шанс ; харесванията ще се броят за маркиране на поста

~ имате фейсбук, за да бъдете добавени в групата

~ бъдете добронамерени и мили (главно)

! Броят на последователите ви НЕ е важен ! Идеята е да се съберем повече българи, да създадем приятелства и да бъдем единни. 

Всеки има шанс да бъде приет. 

След като изпълните стъпките, пишете на някой от двата гореспоменати блога и до 24 часа ще получите съобщение с информация дали и ако сте приети, какво трябва да правите.

Good luck, dudes and dudettes!