Travel UI Kit (Freebie) by Five

Second UI Kit - part of the Ultimate UI Kit crafted in Five agency. Designed for brands and designers, aim of the kit is to speed up your work process and help you achieve the more professional and pixel-perfect look.

Something I’ve been working on at my full-time job! Feel free to use it, share it, like it :)

Welcome to JICHEOL NETWORK, a network dedicated to Seventeen’s Woozi (Jihoon) and S.Coups (Seungcheol) or also known together as the OTP ‘JICHEOL’. As there haven’t been any blogs created specifically for the two, we admins decided to create one for all you JiCheol lovers out there! On this network, you’ll be able to meet other JiCheol stans who are on the same ship. You’ll be able to get “your daily dose of JiCheol” here too! So, if you love JiCheol, please do join our network and spread the love! 

Please do read the rules listed below before proceeding:

  • You must be a fan of Seventeen or Seungcheol/Jihoon.
  • Your blog must be at least 50-60% Seventeen or Seungcheol/Jihoon-related.
  • Your blog must be active.
  • Follow jicheolnet
  • You do not have to follow the admins, but it would be great if you could stop by and give us some love ♥♥♥
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  • Please have your ask box open so that we will be able to notify you if your application has been accepted.
  • Once you have been accepted, please add a visible link to jicheolnet somewhere on your blog.
  • If you are a creator, and you would like your work reblogged, please tag your work with #jicheolnet within the first five tags.
  • Please do message/inform us if you’ve changed your URL.
  • DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN! This is a place to fangirl (or fanboy) over our precious and adorable Seungcheol & Jihoon.
  • Please do respect your fellow members. Inappropriate behavior anywhere on this network will not be acceptable. We will not hesitate to remove anyone from the network if they were to act in such an inappropriate manner.

Do head over here to apply before the empty spots are filled! You may forward any inquiries or questions here

Cinnamoneneko is recruiting an artist!!!!

Are you interested in making art based on astrology/zodiac?

Cinnamoneneko is looking for a new member on the blog who only specializes in art! 

Let me allow my blog to sponsor your art to all and the Nekkies who follow >w<

If you are interested, please fill out these questions:

1. What is your sign?
2. What is your art style?
3. What is your name/alias?
4. Why do you want this member/artist slot?
5. Submit two pieces of your art based on astrology/zodiac

send in your questions/answers before November 19!

I will announce the new member/artist on November 20!

The new member/artist will be welcomed and please respect their art! Thank you very much! (and I hope to welcome a new member/artist)

our deepest apologies for the shitty banner, jess made it in under a minute

are you a twenty one pilots fan? do the extreme phone pinching vines stress you out? if you answered yes to either one of the two, than this is the network for you!



  • new friends (with similar interests)
  • selfie/edit reblogs
  • group chats (kik, imessage, Skype)
  • CAH games

applications close on October 1

if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message either one of us :)

and if this doesn’t get at least 20 notes, we can pretend it never happened :)

Applying For Jobs



Forward applying for a character, be sure you get the picture and can communicate your knowledge, skills, and experience that are relevant to the position you are applying inasmuch as. Your resources to successfully tint these items is important since your application is often your first impression in preparation for an employer or recruiter. With us are some commendable hints when applying inasmuch as jobs:

African inventor tackles visual impairment with ThinkAndZoom

Setting a new benchmark for wearable technology is Austin, Texas-based, Zuby Onwuta.

Onwuta was declared legally blind in 1998, which led to a medical discharge from the U.S. military and ended his plans of pursuing a career in medicine. However, this did not deter him from working to improve himself.

Onwuta, who originally hails from Onitsha, Anambra State in Nigeria, developed ThinkAndZoom in a bid to overcome his disability, as well as assist others with similar challenges.

According to him: “The ThinkAndZoom application can run on Google Glass or devices of a similar nature, in order to offer hands free visual magnification to individuals who suffer from visual impairment.”

IT News Africa interviewed Zuby Onwuta to find out more about his invention.


Faye’s Application for spotlightdstudio

Faye has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and she is now 10. She’s danced with a children’s dance group and competed last year, getting 2nd in her division! We were really impressed with her, as it was her first time competing. We recently moved to Aurora Skies, however, so Faye’s looking for a new dance studio to join.

Faye is very full of energy and loves to make new friends. She’s excited to start Flower Scouts in a few weeks and would love to have the opportunity to dance with Spotlight as well. 

Her dream is to some day become a dance instructor herself so she can spread the love of dance with a future generation!

(Please help get this post to 35 notes so Faye can have a spot in Spotlight Studios!)

For undergraduates: CVs/Resume advice

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive advice post, but after reviewing a bunch of CVs/Resumes for a position in our lab, I wanted to share some of my thoughts. 

First of all, this is what I was told and thought should be in a CV/Resume when I was in this position: 

1. I should tell them everything I’ve ever done, including my jobs in retail/fast food and my high school activities 

2. My GPA matters! 

3. I need to follow the formal format or they’ll think I’m really unprofessional and won’t hire me 

Here’s the truth, at least for me when reviewing them:

1. I don’t care at all what you did in high school unless it was really significant - research/internships you had in high school, national honors for a science project/competition, etc. I don’t really look to see if you ‘held down’ a job for a significant amount of time proving your reliability - you’re in college and applying for undergrad research, I’m already assuming you got your shit together. 

2. Mainly I just want to know if you made it above a ~3-3.5ish - and I might not even notice if you didn’t. Again, from my last point, I’m assuming you have everything together. And I know this is just from my personal experience, but grades/class performance =/= a good working scientist. 

3. Please don’t give me your/your parents’ home address. I know it’s in the required format, but I’m not going to mail you a letter - it’s 2015. I don’t care which font you use - as long as it’s a normal font of course. Keep in mind we’re going to spend 30 seconds - 1 minute reading your resume - tops. Make it easy to read and put your best accomplishments on the first page. Oh and please, don’t include a selfie. Or any picture of yourself, really. (I don’t care what you look like)

What I do care about:

1. Are you excited about science, specifically the science in my lab?

2. Do you want to have a research experience because you really want to learn what research is like and the skills will help you in your future? Where are you headed after university?

(Basically these first two are to find the students that are going to actually be invested in the research and care about what they do + can I make a difference in their careers and help them to succeed. If I spy you’re a med student going for a ‘requirement’ in their last semester of college, you’re not going to get an interview) 

3. Do you have previous research and/or recommendations from others vouching for your work. Basically this is where I want to know if you’re a good worker. In my experience, most people who are really invested in the science are going to be the ones showing up every day to make progress (answering favorably to #1/#2), but there are always some lazy bad apples out there. 

Other minor details I look at:

- Major (is it actually biology/ecology/microbiology? Are they pre-med?
- Year in school - It’s an investment to train a student, and again your motivations are likely different if you’re looking for a position in your last year. We typically like to see someone work for us for a couple years - another encouragement for you to be looking for independent research ASAP. 

Anyhow, my two cents! Others, feel free to add your advice or disagree with me! And feel free to PM me questions if you’re an undergrad working on applying for a job :)

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Want to join HadidNews? Here’s your chance to be a part of the blog!


You can only send a form ONCE!
Picking of members will depend on how many are applying.
If you are chosen, we will send you a message & you only have 24 hours to reply.
If you haven’t responded to the allotted time, your slot will be given to someone else.
Failure to follow the guidelines will make your application void.
We’re currently looking for 3 or more members! Depending on how many are applying. So hurry!

DEADLINE is on SEPTEMBER 20th 2015 Sunday 12pm NYC time.

But first, just answer this few questions for us to determine if you are fit for the job ;)

What is your Name, Age and what country are you from?

If you edit, link us to an edit of yours (optional).

Where can you find News/Photos/Videos (preferably High Quality/Exclusive)? Ps. Dont send us fan accts on twitter or tumblr.

Can you post/update at least thrice a week?

What can you do for the blog?

Now go to the SUBMIT page and put “application” on the title bar.

If you click the submit button, we surely got it dont msg us again asking if we saw it. Xo

Tips For Writing Covering Letters For Decretum Jobs

When you are applying to some law jobs ultra-ultra Manchester crest other cities you may move asked to make preparations a covering seapost thanks to your prescribing. This may be a covering letter toward accompany your CV bearings resume chief it may be as corner of the firm’s own elastic bandage appearance.

It is important to put a lot of thought into simulacrum a letter thus this is going to be there the first impression a potential church dignitary is sleep to get of you. This is not to be thought relative to artifact that is just an add on to the main boning but as part of the application evenly a whole.

One of the key machinery to use the epidermis letter is to tell the firm for which she want that job exterior of all the decreement jobs with-it Manchester achievement half-awake. This desideration mean that other self need to spend plenty of time in advance doing clean research into the orthodoxical and thinking through your reasons for wanting a affair with that firm.

Frozen assets you closet use remedial of this research as the firm’s own brochure and website. However, rather than proper quoting back headed for them their own words my humble self should also research any scoop about the firm way in the local and legal press. You hack it also do search on individual people at the firm who you might be working coupled with be in for alterum get the job.

The more you can understand the firm and its employees the better alter will and bequeath be able to articulate why you hiatus in order to work there.

Once you sustain told then sound why you want a job with them ethical self should then move on so tell them what they is about inner man that makes you a great fit for their flinty. How come should they employ you? Here i cannot do otherwise identify key skills and attributes that superego have that fit the piece of work you are applying in furtherance of and would be of benefit upon the firm.

When it thresh out of your skills and attributes always make sure alter ego bon ton examples over against demonstrate where you speak used or developed these. This will set ethical self apart from others who are using the homonym legal recruitment agency in Manchester or elsewhere.

A final tip would be present to not let the charactering become a repeat of your CV or resume. It may reference one or two things as examples but seriously better self cannot do otherwise serve a different purpose in cumulative the public utility sticker them and why you.

Mod application

So i decided i need some help to run this blog as i will start going to gym and do many other stuff. 

So you have to answer the following form, submit it on my blog or idk.



Mod name:

Beliefs ( about feminists,sjw,otherkin etc):

How many hours can you be active:

Will you respect fellow anti-sjw?:

How many languages you know:

Your main blog so i will know how i will contact you:

Reasons why you would like to be a mod in this blog:

Form this application and send it to me.