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Hey there, SciNote reader!

           Do you want to become a member of the SciNote team and help us bring science to readers like you? Well, now is your chance! SciNote is looking for interested, enthusiastic individuals to join our Editorial Staff. So if you love thinking about sentences as much as you love reading about science, this could be just the position for you. As an Editor, you will be responsible for reviewing posts written by our writing staff (Discoverers, Experts, Writers) and making sure that they are ready to be published here on Tumblr and on It will be your job to work with our writing staff to make sure that content is clear, precise, and accessible before it is posted to our blog  – all while letting each writer’s unique approach and voice shine through your edits.

           The ideal applicant would have some background both in science and in editing or writing, along with a clear enthusiasm for communicating science to a general audience. I have a bunch of editing experience but not much of a science background, I hear you saying. Can I still apply? Of course you can! Working with language will be your primary responsibility. What if I’m a scientist that hasn’t done very much editing[/writing], but I love science and want to help tell the world about it? If you noticed that I should have said “who” instead of “that” in the last sentence, you should stop worrying and start applying.

           Interested applicants should go to The application will involve downloading a sample draft so that you can show us what kinds of edits that you would make to it. If this is a problem, or if you have any other questions about the position, feel free to email us at

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Someone teach me how to spreadsheet?

I want to make a spreadsheet for my college applications and stuff. I’ve been studying printables and other spreadsheets, but have no actual idea of how to make one…? 

Also, any tips or tricks on organizing college apps would be helpful!!!

Edit: examples and/or pictures would be fantastic!!! Including what different categories you used or anything XX

Hello everyone! We are currently looking for new members! 

  • We need active tumblr users who are dedicated and willing to post all photos and updates related to Emma.
  • You should be able to post decent edits & gifs.
  • You should be knowledgeable about emma.

We will accept 2-3 members. We’ll contact you once you get picked.
If you’re interested to join, please fill up the application form here.


MazeRun application

Do you want to be a part of a blog dedicated to The Maze Runner with a large fan base that is still growing rapidly?

Answer these questions below to our Submission Box:
  • Name/age/location:
  • How often will you be able to post? At least once a day? Can you make at least one edit a week?
  • Send a link to the section where your edits/graphics/GIFs are:
  • Are you able to locate news, photos and interviews? What sources do you use to find these details?
  • Are you quick enough to find news and updates?
  • Why do you want to be a part of this blog?
  • We are very serious about this blog. Please do not apply if you don’t think you can be active on it.
  • We want members who are willing to post as much as they can. With that said, we understand people have lives, so we know there should be an easy balance.
  • We want quality posts. Make sure to use HD photos/videos and reliable sources.
  • You must be available for a scheduled edit a week.
  • If you are chosen to be a part of this blog, we will message you asking for your email.

We will be looking for 4-5 new people. So again, if you want to apply feel free to do so through our Submission Box. There should be no hard feelings if you are not selected; there’s always next time!

We will let you know our decision once we pick 3 people.

Good luck and run like your life depends on it. Cause it does.

The HELP! It’s Hellatus Network and Support Group!


  • awesome people
  • new friends and followers
  • a nice safe place to talk to people


  • mbf Dean, Sam and Cas
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  • fill out this form
  • must have your ask box open 


  • you will receive a message from an admin
  • follow the blog
  • track the tag #helpitshellatus
  • put a link to the network somewhere on your blog


  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the admins.
  • Members will be chosen if and/or when this gets a decent amount of notes.

익명 회원 질문:

hello, i was wondering how you obtained your letter of recommendations when applying to med school. i'm a bit quiet and reserved so i'm afraid i might appear awkward when asking professors to write them and that will ultimately hurt my application :( do you have any tips? will having "mediocre" letters hurt my application?

Hi anon!

Mediocre anything is always bad when you’re trying to impress. No one likes mediocre pizza, a mediocre wedding to a mediocre significant other. A med school application falls in this category as well. 

If you are quiet and reserved, that’s you! No need to fake extroversion or giggle at jokes that aren’t funny! Think about the positive aspects! Showcase the best parts of you, because that’s what you bring to medicine and to your future patients.

As a pretty quiet person myself in college, I selected based on who I got to know to the best of my ability. My physics professor was someone I frequently went to during office hours because I hated asking questions during class before I could think them through. So in that way, he got to know me pretty well. I communicated primarily via email with the chemistry professor for my tutoring job, but when it came time to meet face-to-face and ask for a rec, I was surprised that he was so enthusiastic!

I also opted to choose professors from smaller humanities classes (like my bioethics class and philosophy course) to write about me because they knew me as not only a student in the class but also as a writer, which was important to me.

Another thing people forget is to ask bosses and other non-professors! I got a letter from my boss at my tutoring job. She wrote me one of the best letters I’ve ever gotten for a recommendation. 

For more concrete steps (and these I recommend to ANYONE getting a letter of rec):

  • ask first via email regarding a letter of rec. Keep it succinct and attach a complete, final version of your resume so they can look over it
  • If a potential writer declines, thank them anyways. They are doing you a favor by NOT writing you a shitty letter
  • If a potential writer agrees, thank them sincerely and ask to meet in person to discuss details, bring over your letter of rec package, and get to know them. 10-15 minutes initial visit, unless the writer wants more.
  • If someone is writing you a letter, make their life easy. Get ALL the paperwork together quickly and efficiently. I made a little packet, with envelopes, stamps, facesheet, resume, personal statement. If you haven’t taken your MCAT or you have, let them know. If you have your school transcript, ask if they would like a copy of it. 
  • When the process of application is over, thank your writers. Whether or not you got in, thank them for taking time to write your letter. Let them know if you get in or not! They will be happy too!

Some Magick Themed iOS Applications

These applications are the ones I have found to be the most useful for my own practice. I thought I would share, in case others were looking for similar apps :) I have one other astrological application that I use a lot on my tablet, but that’s an android app, so it doesn’t apply to this specific post :P hehe

Links, brief descriptions, and screenshots after the cut :D

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New RP added

Pizdia [m] [14+] [mc] - Facebook/General

Welcome to Pizdia Roleplay! We’re a general facebook roleplay that accepts any Asian celebrity and a limited number of universal artists. (That would be 5 characters). At Pizdia, we’d like to create an enjoyable environment, where everyone can, first of all have fun, and happily come back here again. Also, we want the people here feel like home altogether and anyone talk to anyone.
Opened on May 21st, 2015

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