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Me though

Heyo Kiddos!!

Since I’ve reached well over my goal of 3k, I’ve decided to create a network!

To Apply:

▻ mbf me

▻ reblog this post (likes do not count)

▻ Fill out this application

▻ Be following the tag #pansypalsnet

Better Chance:

▻ Follow my instagram

▻ Talk to me!! Make me remember you!

▻ Reblog things from the #pansykiddo tag


▻ New friends!!

▻ Selfie and post reblogs!

▻ Getting to be in a cool network? 

▻ Possibly new pen pals


▻ The banner was made by me

▻ This must get 50 notes or it didn’t happen

▻ I’ll select members when this gets a decent amount of notes.

▻ I will message you if you were selected!

▻ If you have any questions just message me!!

The Valkyrie Academy for Witches Application for Entry

Since there have been quite a few people interested in my starting an online coven, here it is! If you are interested in being accepted into the academy, please fill out the application below, and send it to me via either ask or fan mail.


A few things about the school:

•Classes are optional
•Each class lasts a week
•Students can submit applications to teach their own classes later on after the school is more established.
•supplies are optional, but if you do decide you want them, you will be able to purchase them from my etsy store at the lowest possible price I can offer them.
•Aside from supplies, no payment will ever be asked of you. EVER. This is a school I’m founding to HELP witchlings and promote friendship in the witching community. It will never be about money. A pox upon me if it does.


So follows the application for entry. Please copy and paste into a message or ask and send to me, soothingvioletlight.

Preferred name:
(First name or your Magick name)

(IE Storm witch, Green witch, Kitchen witch etc)

(What Magicks you feel comes easiest to you. Where you excel and enjoy yourself most. Aka divination, potions etc.)

Tools of the Trade:
(Ie: if you use crystals, herbs, a spirit board. Your favorite witchy tools.)

Areas of interest:
(Magick hobbies. Crystal Magick, animal Magick, herbology, talking to spirits, astral travel. Etc. your favorite magickal pastimes.)

Deities (if any):

Physical Address:
(For sending your student ID card, your acceptance letter and welcome package)


After submitting your application, if accepted you will receive your letter within a week (Goddess willing. Blasted snail mail). As of right now, we are only accepting students in the U.S.

Thanks for your interest!


Story time with Jongin


Gotta keep getting views for the World Festival ahhhhhhhhh haha. I don’t know why they go off views. It’s stressful lol. 

Please reblog and such, it would be really nice of you <3

Application for “bts-babble“

As you’ve probably heard me talking about, I’m looking for writers for a new BTS and Kpop account! I’m looking for people who do one/a few/all of these things:

1) Can write one-shots
2) Can write one-word prompts
3) Can answer reaction questions
4) Can write smut
5) Can maintain the blog (queuing BTS content, organising tags, etc)

Most importantly, it has to be someone who can say that in a non-stressful month they will be able to check the blog at least once a week and post at least once a month and who has a genuine love or like for writing :)

I will be creating separate applications for each of these categories, but if you want to apply as just a writer without a specific area, I’ll link you to a different application. It sounds overly complicated, but really this post will just be me giving a summary of all the applications and linking you to them.

“Bts-babble” is a blog I am just starting, and will start running when I have at least two other admins by my side. It’s not a popular already made blog, or a fast-track lane to tumblr fame, it’s just a blog where I’d like to share my love of writing and my other admins love of writing with the BTS and KPOP fandom. To apply is super easy, it’s not too much fuss it’s just for you to show me what you’ve got. The applications will be super easy to understand and follow too. No stress, no fuss :)

If you would like too see my writing, here is a scenario from my old instagram account > or


Overall Writer >
Smut Writer >
Admin >
One-Word Prompt Writer >
Reaction Question Writer >
One-Shot Writer >


FIGURE 1 is an instagram for medical and nursing professionals. This application is here to safely share clinical cases and discuss treatment. It creates new case studies, help with solutions, treatments and last but not least it’s great educational tool. And the best feature? It’s free! Help to build this platform for us all! :) 

For more app suggestions click here. :) 

If you like EXO and Bangtan and want to meet other K-pop fans who do too, join our network!

To join, you must:

  • Like both EXO and Bangtan - It’s fine if you don’t post much of one or either, you just need to like both (It’s okay if you prefer one more!)
  • Reblog this post (likes will be ignored)
  • Fill out an application and submit it
  • You aren’t required to follow the blog or the admins, but you can do so if you’d like

We look forward to meeting new people!
Applying to Graduate School In Clinical Psychology
I have had a number of questions from people about the application process to grad school. Many undergraduate or master's students applying to doctoral programs for the first time. As I went throug...

I made a blog post on my Wordpress about applying to graduate school in clinical psychology based on my own experiences. I hope it will be helpful to at least some people. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Hey guys! Here is a new shot by @tamarareznichenko at @dribbble ( ). Take a look at full size!😉
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Mun name: Ana

Mun Pronouns: She/her

Special requests: No eye gore for me, pls

Bold your choice:

Violence: Y/N



Name: Kachessa

Nickname: Chessa

Age: 782

Gender: Female

Species: Former angel, currently and (hopefully) temporarily human

Nationality: N/A

Birthplace: Heaven

Country of Residence: Gudonechia

Occupation/Rank:  None at the moment; slayer of demons before

Connections: rescued by Behemo and Allen

Body Type: Kachessa is all lean muscle and built for fast-paced and graceful fighting. She’s tall and slender, with long legs.

Hair color: Blue

Eye color: Blue

Distinguishing Physical Features: Scars on her back where her wings were

Accepted!! Welcome to the RP!!

Ari Kim - Accepted!

Character Information:

Name:Ari kim
Band (Actor/Ulzzang/Model):Hunters sound terrorist
Occupation(If teacher - subject):Student
Creature: Leader demon
Abilities (only if asked for in the creature description)

  • Illusion manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Weather manipulation


From today on you are part of MidnightSun! You will now start your adventure at the school for supernaturals!

-Make sure to edit your profile as its said in the rules. You have three days to add the admins: Sungjae, Yonghwa and Seolhyun!