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So, are you still working on Mono No Aware? Not being pushy or anything (As a fellow writer, I fully understand that writing process can be a ruthless thing, esp for wonderfully long stories such as yours). I just wanna know whether or not I should be checking the story religiously FOR updates XD

Hey there :)

The thing about nice, long chapters is that they take an equally long time to write (and research, if applicable), haha.  As such, a timely update only happens if both the story flows well and my life is not particularly busy at the time.  Unfortunately, neither of the two was applicable every time I sat down to write the next update for MNA.  I have by no means abandoned the story, I assure you.  I’ve put far too much effort into it already to see it go to waste, and this was a story I desperately wanted (and still do) to tell.

I have been writing, frantically these past few days as a matter of fact, but it’s not been for the MNA update.  I always make a post here when I upload a new chapter on any of my stories. And of course you could always subscribe on AO3/get an author/story alert on ffnet so you’ll know the minute it’s updated :)

The newest update coming is for TEF, which trust me, I’m struggling to get out as fast as I can.  It’s just that I don’t want to put out something half-assed, and um… well… when you see the size of the update, you’ll understand what took so long :/

Thanks for the interest!

it started years ago, informally, as a monthly drink between happy and rhodey; a few months after pepper started at stark industries, she was invited along to join them. years passed before anyone else came around worthy of joining their little club – pepper invited natasha, but she balked at the implication in the group’s title and refused to show up – so they stayed a party of three until tony dragged bruce into his life (bruce drinks tea instead of whiskey, but he always comes). the day rhodey met sam wilson and recognized him as a kindred spirit, he decided it didn’t matter if it was tony specifically who was at the heart of someone’s situation: a man who knows trouble helps his fellows in the same boat, a theory that eventually brings bucky barnes and (finally) natasha on board.

“welcome,” says rhodey, every third friday at an undisclosed location, “to this meeting of the ‘why am i friends with this ridiculous asshole’ society.” the room nods a weary hello.

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a list of things that happen between finn and rey in the force awakens that people wouldn’t aggressively, angrily deny were setting up romance if finn was white

with optional bonus flavor from the novelization and shooting script where applicable

- the first time finn sees rey is from a distance at niima outpost when she is being attacked by a number of men; he moves to help her but ultimately stops and stares, stunned, as she neatly dispatches them herself

- rey is impressed and interested when she assumes finn is a resistance fighter and he immediately and ardently begins to play along with this after observing the admiration with which this causes her to regard him.

- finn is briefly knocked unconscious and, immediately upon waking, asks only after rey’s safety. rey is bowled over by his concern and instantly, visibly softens towards him.
(+ in both the novelization and shooting script it is explicitly stated that he is literally the first person to ever do so and she is deeply touched)

- finn instinctively holds rey’s hand twice in quick succession as they attempt to escape from danger. rey tells him twice that she doesn’t need him to hold her hand before, after previously noted softening, she freely offers her hand for him to take.

- after a victory over their pursuers, they gravitate towards each other and joyously compliment each other’s performance, locked in a stare as they circle about in tandem while talking over each other, their words mostly a rapid jumble for the audience but still completely understandable and delightful to them both.

- in a quiet moment that immediately follows the previous item, they at last tell each other their names, softly and sedately like a secret shared, as rey smiles sweetly, almost shyly, at finn, and finn gazes back at her, speechless. then, moved by the moment, he attempts to tell her the truth of his identity.
(+ in the novelization this scene is slightly extended and there is a moment where rey and finn actually verbalize that they have progressed to simply standing there staring at each other and question why, but have no answer to offer that would not be awkward at this early stage in their relationship)

- as finn questions rey about her desire to return to jakku and whether she has a family there, he anxiously adds in an undertone, “got a boyfriend? cute boyfriend?”

- rey is intensely distraught when finn is being dragged away by a rathtar, running after him with her hand outstretched reaching towards his as she yells his name, before losing him in the corridors of the ship.
(+ rey’s reaction is so significant here that the shooting script explicitly outlines that her emotional shift to deep distress is both instantaneous and because of what has happened to finn, not the dire situation that they were already in, in general)

- while conversing with finn alone, han advises finn, on what he notes is personal experience, that rey will find out that he’s lying to her, clearly referencing his own romantic travails with his wife, leia.

- despite having just asserted that she is determined to return to jakku shortly, rey is extremely upset when finn makes clear his intention to abandon the mission to return bb-8 to the resistance and flee to the outer rim to escape the first order. she goes so far as to declare that she won’t let him leave.

- in the conversation that follows, blocked with them standing closely, intimately, as they speak, finn reveals the truth of his identity, explaining to rey the intensity of his determination never to go back into the first order’s clutches after having been raised by them as a soldier since birth. finn also explains that he lied to her because after having run from the only thing he’d ever known he “ran right into [her]” and she “looked at [him] like no one ever had” and he wanted to maintain that. he asks her to come with him.

- despite finn having misled rey about his identity, she expresses no anger, no indignation, merely asks him again, pleading, “don’t go.” to which he only responds, voice thick with emotion, “take care of yourself. please.” before leaving a devastated rey and departing.

- rey watches finn walk out the door, but has turned away and misses when he turns back at the last moment, to look back at her.
(+ the shooting script specifies that rey is “crushed” and “heartsick” over finn’s departure.)

(+ in the novelization, kylo ren’s intial capture of rey is an extended scene in which he reads her mind with the Force, during which he specifically calls out the fact that she thinks finn is special and has developed feelings for him, which ren declares a weakness and a distraction.)

- maz kanata, positioned in the narrative as both uncannily wise and observant, specifically entreats finn twice that rey needs him and he must help her, despite han and chewbacca, whom maz knows far better, also being present and clearly concerned with rey.
(+ in the novelization, maz observes that finn’s eyes have changed from those of a man who she identified as wanting to run, to those of a warrior in the wake of rey’s abduction.)

- upon seeing rey being abducted by kylo ren, finn immediately ignores everything else, including the pitched battle around him, to chase desperately and futilely after the transport, overcome with emotion, screaming rey’s name.
(+ the shooting script specifies in this scene that finn is “shattered” and driven to “crazed desperation” by rey’s capture)

- after being taken to the resistance base, finn’s only concern is convincing them to help him retrieve rey and, after his intel facilitates the launching of a mission to destroy the starkiller weapon and base, he insists that he must be present at the base (where rey is being kept) in order to complete the key task of bringing down the shields. however, he later admits to han once they are on the base that he doesn’t actually personally know how to take down the shields as such he didn’t have to come, but needed to be physically present in order to rescue rey.

- upon being reunited with finn, rey is overcome with emotion and launches herself into finn’s arms after being told by chewbacca that it was finn’s idea to return for her.
(+ both the shooting script and the novelization make explicit that both rey and finn desperately want hug the moment they lay eyes on each other and that finn’s return means everything to rey as it is all she has ever wanted someone to do for her. the novelization additionally outlines that finn is profoundly affected by the intensity of the way rey looks at him in response to the fact that it was his idea.)

- finn and rey share a very long, very tight hug, during which they nuzzle against each other’s necks and are smiling and tearful in turns. the hug persists for so long, that han, cognizant that they’re still in the middle of starkiller base, interrupts them with the command to “hug later.”

- when finn and rey are confronted by kylo ren after fleeing starkiller base, he brutally force-pushes rey into a tree, knocking her unconscious. finn immediately drops his blaster and turns his back on ren in order to run to rey’s side, calling her name, and gently cradling her face before ren makes his presence known once more and finn rises to fight him.

- after defeating kylo ren, rey rushes desperately back to the fallen finn and attempts unsuccessfully to rouse him before burying her face in his chest and sobbing, heartbroken.
(+ the shooting script takes the time to paint a picture of this scene that is tragically romantic, with rey cradling finn’s body as snow flurries around them and she cries because despite their short acquaintance she “already adores” him)

- in her final scene before departing to seek out luke skywalker and begin her jedi destiny, and the penultimate scene of the movie, rey sits alone close to comatose finn, at his bedside, staring with affectionate concern at his face. she moves even closer to tell him, softly, “We will see each other again. I believe that,” before tenderly pressing a kiss to his forehead, calling him her friend, and thanking him with great emotion.

honestly, i don’t think we appreciate enough that ron was forced to go an entire year without being able to practically try out almost any of the magic he was learning because of his snapped wand. like he still did pretty well in school overall and didn’t suffer any real lasting set-backs from all the time he missed. that’s pretty freaking impressive. 

ok so i have seen ‘you want to stay away from credit cards’ in a few posts lately and all you youngin’s are about to benefit from my age and expertise (i am in the real estate/finance industry) bc i wish someone had told me this when i was a lot younger. credit cards are NOT BAD and are in fact VERY USEFUL FOR ESTABLISHING GOOD CREDIT, which is super important (read: required) if you want to:

  • buy a house at any time in the future
  • buy a car
  • take out any kind of loan with an interest rate that won’t slaughter you (with the exception of federal loans, which have fixed interest rates at the time of application nationwide and tend not to be based on an individual’s credit)
  • signing an extended agreement for cable/security systems/a handful of other services
  • your insurance rates will go way down
  • some leases will require it
  • lots of other stuff

it’s really important to establish your credit EARLY. here are some things that factor into your credit that you should think about:

  • what is your debt to income ratio (how much do you owe vs how much you make)
  • gross debt (total amount you owe)
  • how many hard credit score checks you’ve had (a ‘formal’ check is a ‘hard’ check. something like is not a formal check and is a ‘soft’ check. you can have as many of those as you want) (this is not a huge factor but it is a factor)
  • length of time since last new line of credit/debt (right after you take out a loan to buy a car, your credit score will go down a few points. making on-time payments will make it go up.)
  • total number of on-time payments***
  • number of lines of credit*** (each source of debt is one)
  • duration of credit history***

***these three are not only HUGE parts of your credit history, they are the ones that are SUPER EASY to control, and the reason why you should not be afraid of credit cards.

esp for people who go to university, you’ll start to get credit card offers in the mail about when you start turning 18, saying you’ve been pre-approved for a card. find one with the following characteristics and apply for it:

  • no annual fee (you don’t actually have to Pay to own the card)
  • 0% interest rate the first year is p typical and doesn’t really matter
  • some kind of rewards like percent cash back or miles or whatever
  • read the fine print for some kind of language that says that the card will not start charging interest if the last bill was paid in full. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT bc what it means is that as long as you pay off the credit card on time, you will not owe any interest. because of this, as long as you pay off the bill as soon as it’s due, you’ll never generate debt from the card

take this card and use it for small, routine purchases. do you go out to eat a lot and usually pay with cash? that student loan payment you have that you usually just take right out of your bank account? a new pair of shoes that you’ve saved up enough money for? pay with your credit card, then pay off the bill right away. make sure not to buy anything that you can’t pay with cash Right Now, and always pay your bills on time. in as little as a year, you can get a credit score in the 700s, which will get you the best interest rates, p much sails you past any loan officer checks when you want to take a loan, and plus you can brag about having kickass credit when most people don’t have any.

while i’m at it, there’s a cool app called mint that helps you manage your money. it’s never too early.

a small disclaimer that you should definitely talk to someone you trust re: money issues because while i am in the industry i’m definitely speaking as general advice and not specific to any one person. also this is USA specific. sorry everyone else, i don’t pretend to know how your financial systems work.

Calling all aspiring space cadets! NASA is seeking a new class of astronauts

NASA announced it will accept applications for its astronaut corps from 14 December to mid-February 2016. The agency last advertised for astronauts in November 2011.

“This next group of American space explorers will inspire the Mars generation to reach for new heights,” NASA chief administrator Charles Bolden said. “And help us realize the goal of putting boot prints on the Red Planet.”

I feel like with Luhan gone, Do Kyungsoo is probably now the manager of the Xiuharem.

“I’m calling to notify you that your application to spend time with Xiumin has been rejected. He’s already booked full this month with better and more interesting people boasting more creative hang-out plans than ‘I want to touch his nipples.’ Also, you’re a piece of shit, Byun Baekhyun.”