September 27, 2016

I got my first medical school rejection. It was an out-of-state school and pre-secondary so I don’t feel as bad. 

I’ve received a secondary from pretty much every other school I applied to. That doesn’t mean much when you consider that most schools send a secondary to everyone that sent in a primary, but it still makes me feel good.

No interview invites so far, but I’m not getting too panicky about it yet.

it started years ago, informally, as a monthly drink between happy and rhodey; a few months after pepper started at stark industries, she was invited along to join them. years passed before anyone else came around worthy of joining their little club – pepper invited natasha, but she balked at the implication in the group’s title and refused to show up – so they stayed a party of three until tony dragged bruce into his life (bruce drinks tea instead of whiskey, but he always comes). the day rhodey met sam wilson and recognized him as a kindred spirit, he decided it didn’t matter if it was tony specifically who was at the heart of someone’s situation: a man who knows trouble helps his fellows in the same boat, a theory that eventually brings bucky barnes and (finally) natasha on board.

“welcome,” says rhodey, every third friday at an undisclosed location, “to this meeting of the ‘why am i friends with this ridiculous asshole’ society.” the room nods a weary hello.

honestly, i don’t think we appreciate enough that ron was forced to go an entire year without being able to practically try out almost any of the magic he was learning because of his snapped wand. like he still did pretty well in school overall and didn’t suffer any real lasting set-backs from all the time he missed. that’s pretty freaking impressive. 

Calling all aspiring space cadets! NASA is seeking a new class of astronauts

NASA announced it will accept applications for its astronaut corps from 14 December to mid-February 2016. The agency last advertised for astronauts in November 2011.

“This next group of American space explorers will inspire the Mars generation to reach for new heights,” NASA chief administrator Charles Bolden said. “And help us realize the goal of putting boot prints on the Red Planet.”

I feel like with Luhan gone, Do Kyungsoo is probably now the manager of the Xiuharem.

“I’m calling to notify you that your application to spend time with Xiumin has been rejected. He’s already booked full this month with better and more interesting people boasting more creative hang-out plans than ‘I want to touch his nipples.’ Also, you’re a piece of shit, Byun Baekhyun.”

We’re happy to announce that the applications for the Gravity Falls fanzine, now named SUMMER MEMORIES, are open!

Take your time, applications will close on April 3rd. You won’t have higher chances to be picked if you apply early.

The final number of applicants we’ll select will depends on the number of applications. But we can’t accept more than 40, in any case.

Be sure to read the rules, the FAQ, and the answered question tag before filling the application form. And if it doesn’t answer you question, feel free to send us an ask!

fic: a break in our rhythm

Title: a break in our rhythm
Characters: Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir)/Marinette Cheng (Ladybug)
Word Count: 2,137
Rating: T/General
Summary: Maybe the revelations and the unmasking is the easy part, and everything afterwards is just … awkward.
Disclaimer: Totally glad I’m taking part in the hype but nah.
Notes: Honestly I wrote this to be merciful to myself, I was going insane.


a break in our rhythm

He wants to laugh.

He wants to bend over, put his hands on his knees, and let out an earth-shattering, bellowing guffaw to release the shock, to do something about his astonishment (and in all honesty, it is kind of funny). She looks like she wants to do the same thing, but she looks a lot more mortified than him.

Time wasn’t on their side today, and he guesses that even Lady Luck’s luck has to run out eventually.

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