The signs as WTNV proverbs

Aries: “There’s a difference between your, you’re, and yarn. Yarn isn’t even pronounced the same way. It’s a completely different word.”

Taurus: “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say your mother’s in the hospital? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do? Listen, I’ll drive you over there. We’ll leave right now. Grab a coat, it’s a little cold out. I’m so sorry.”

Cancer: “You won’t sleep when you’re dead, either.”

Leo: “At your smallest components, you are indistinguishable from a forest fire.”

Virgo: “You can’t get blood from a turnip. Listen you need some blood? I can totally get you some blood. Set that turnip down and follow me to the blood. There’s a lot of blood.”

Sagittarius: “Ignore all the haters telling you that everything isn’t a sandwich. Everything is a sandwich.”

Aquarius: “Feeling lost? Like you have no goal in life? Like you’re covered in dirt and wet leaves? Like you’re an earthworm? Are you an earthworm? Kinda sounds like you’re an earthworm, actually.“

Capricorn: “Soccer is also commonly known as football, Canadian baseball, American football, violent jogging, and World War II.”

Gemini: “Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Except ostriches. What the hell, man?

Libra:  “Please keep all arms and legs inside the car at all times. Also, you are under arrest. Why is your car full of limbs? Whose are these?”

Pisces:  “Listen, I’m not a hero. The real heroes are the people that point out to us when protesters have smart phones, thus invalidating all concerns.”

Scorpio: “Thank you for your interest in a life free of pain. We are not accepting applications at this time. Please try again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again…”

xNFx Friends


  • Seems very chill and easygoing.
  • Is easygoing indeed, but camouflages stress very well.
  • Has a tendency to prioritize everyone that matters to him.
  • Can be very withdrawn when it comes to his feelings.
  • Stupid (yet funny) misunderstandings happen because he refuses to be “selfish” (meaning he refuses to tell what he thinks/feels).
  • Always creates a friendly atmosphere.
  • Has the most genuine smile.
  • Loyal™.
  • Has been in love with his best friend ever since they met.
  • Good student, is not really at the top of the class.
  • Every time he gets in trouble, it’s ENTP’s fault.
  • Healthy lack of ambition.
  • High emotional intelligence.
  • Has a very solid routine
  • assuming responsibilities has become one of his hobbies.
  • Bookworm. Loves novels.

Common phrases include:

–  “Let’s hear their version first”.
–  “Call me if you need anything”.
–  “It’s no bother”.
– “But what about my heart?” (As a response to INTP and ISTP telling him he should care less).


  • Sees everything, understands everything, says little, does nothing.
  • Prefers to be unnoticed.
  • Incredibly intelligent.
  • But the lack of motivation is real (drives INTJ nuts “such a wasted talent”).
  • She secretly is the main nexus of the group since she’s adopted them all.
  • Sleep deprived™.
  • Has become one of ENFJ’s closest friends.
  • Can see the best and worst of everyone.
  • Soft and delicate (but don’t mess with her loved ones).
  • Has a very specific “yeah, we knew that” look with INFJ.

Common phrases include:

–  "You shouldn’t have said that" (whispered to ISTP’s blunt self).
–  "I’m never fixing others’ problems again" (fixes everyone’s problems).
–  "Are you sure that’s a good idea?“


  • His academical success in a specific subject depends like 40% on his interest and 60% on his opinion about the teacher.
  • Is not the best student.
  • Still has many generic skills (such as good analysis and writing) of useful application.
  • Spends his free time reading whenever he is not in small groups of friends.
  • Witty puns. 
  • Feels like he is always wasting his time.
  • He likes to pretend that nothing really affects him that much, but he cares very deeply.
  • Whenever in larger groups of people, he remains quiet and silently analyzes everyone.
  • A lot of smirks.
  • And a lot of dark humour.
  • He looks tough, but his skin is too thin for all his emotions.
  • Has a thirst for knowledge.
  • Normally keeps his conclusions for himself.
  • The result is that he knows much more than people are aware of.
  • He doesn’t look forward to being the center of attention, but he handles it quite smoothly.
  • ISTP and INTP find him very entertaining.

Common phrases include:

–  "Humans suck. And I’m human, so I suck, too”.
–  "Yeah… I already knew that".
–  "Oh, is that so, you *insert witty insult*“.
–  "Sorry, can’t talk now, I’m busy regretting all my decisions”.


  • Thinks rules are important but is constantly breaking them unconsciously.
  • Good friend™.
  • Says “I’m sorry” way too much.
  • Kind heart.
  • Smiles a lot.
  • Starts everything, ends nothing.
  • Has tried all extracurricular activities.
  • Says she’s not afraid of commitment and responsibility.
  • Can’t commit to an ice-cream flavour.
  • Very difficult to upset. Unless you mess up with her loved ones.

Common phrases include:

–  "But it’s so cute" (as a response ro ENTJ best friend telling her something is useless).
–  "Planning? I think I’ll pass".
–  "Oh, no… Oh, no" (every time she realises there was work to do).

Shared traits

  • Compassionate and caring beings.
  • Strong sense of others.
  • Solid moral base.
  • They care more than they would like to admit.
  • Might be to a higher (ENFJ and ENFP) or lower (INFJ and INFP) degree but they believe the world can actually work better.
  • Yes to deep meaningful conversations.
  • Self loath danger.
  • Need to feel in the mood in order to do something.
  • Easiest way to lose their trust forever: make them feel used and/or manipulated.


IxxJ squad

xNTx squad

Neutron Stars Are Weird!

There, we came right out and said it. They can’t help it; it’s just what happens when you have a star that’s heavier than our sun but as small as a city. Neutron stars give us access to crazy conditions that we can’t study directly on Earth.

Here are five facts about neutron stars that show sometimes they are stranger than science fiction!

1. Neutron stars start their lives with a bang

When a star bigger and more massive than our sun runs out of fuel at the end of its life, its core collapses while the outer layers are blown off in a supernova explosion. What is left behind depends on the mass of the original star. If it’s roughly 7 to 19 times the mass of our sun, we are left with a neutron star. If it started with more than 20 times the mass of our sun, it becomes a black hole.

2. Neutron stars contain the densest material that we can directly observe

While neutron stars’ dark cousins, black holes, might get all the attention, neutron stars are actually the densest material that we can directly observe. Black holes are hidden by their event horizon, so we can’t see what’s going on inside. However, neutron stars don’t have such shielding. To get an idea of how dense they are, one sugar cube of neutron star material would weigh about 1 trillion kilograms (or 1 billion tons) on Earth—about as much as a mountain. That is what happens when you cram a star with up to twice the mass of our sun into a sphere the diameter of a city.

3. Neutron stars can spin as fast as blender blades

Some neutron stars, called pulsars, emit streams of light that we see as flashes because the beams of light sweep in and out of our vision as the star rotates. The fastest known pulsar, named PSR J1748-2446ad, spins 43,000 times every minute. That’s twice as fast as the typical household blender! Over weeks, months or longer, pulsars pulse with more accuracy than an atomic clock, which excites astronomers about the possible applications of measuring the timing of these pulses.

4. Neutron stars are the strongest known magnets

Like many objects in space, including Earth, neutron stars have a magnetic field. While all known neutron stars have magnetic fields billions and trillions of times stronger than Earth’s, a type of neutron star known as a magnetar can have a magnetic field another thousand times stronger. These intense magnetic forces can cause starquakes on the surface of a magnetar, rupturing the star’s crust and producing brilliant flashes of gamma rays so powerful that they have been known to travel thousands of light-years across our Milky Way galaxy, causing measurable changes to Earth’s upper atmosphere.

5. Neutron stars’ pulses were originally thought to be possible alien signals

Beep. Beep. Beep. The discovery of pulsars began with a mystery in 1967 when astronomers picked up very regular radio flashes but couldn’t figure out what was causing them. The early researchers toyed briefly with the idea that it could be a signal from an alien civilization, an explanation that was discarded but lingered in their nickname for the original object—LGM-1, a nod to the “little green men” (it was later renamed PSR B1919+21). Of course, now scientists understand that pulsars are spinning neutron stars sending out light across a broad range of wavelengths that we detect as very regular pulses – but the first detections threw observers for a loop.

The Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) payload that is soon heading to the International Space Station will give astronomers more insight into neutron stars—helping us determine what is under the surface. Also, onboard NICER, the Station Explorer for X-ray Timing and Navigation Technology (SEXTANT) experiment will test the use of pulsars as navigation beacons in space.

Want to learn even more about Neutron Stars? Watch this…

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MBTI types as Night Vale proverbs

istj: “There’s a difference between your, you’re, and yarn. Yarn isn’t even pronounced the same way. It’s a completely different word.”

isfj: “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say your mother’s in the hospital? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do? Listen, I’ll drive you over there. We’ll leave right now. Grab a coat, it’s a little cold out. I’m so sorry.”

infj: “You won’t sleep when you’re dead, either.”

intj: “At your smallest components, you are indistinguishable from a forest fire.”

istp: “You can’t get blood from a turnip. Listen you need some blood? I can totally get you some blood. Set that turnip down and follow me to the blood. There’s a lot of blood.”

isfp: “Ignore all the haters telling you that everything isn’t a sandwich. Everything is a sandwich.”

infp: "Feeling lost? Like you have no goal in life? Like you’re covered in dirt and wet leaves? Like you’re an earthworm? Are you an earthworm? Kinda sounds like you’re an earthworm, actually.“

intp: "Soccer is also commonly known as football, Canadian baseball, American football, violent jogging, and World War II.”

estp: “You can lead a horse to water, and you can lead a horse into water, and you can swim around with the horse and have fun.”

esfp: “On this day in history: mundanity, and terror, and food, and love, and trees.”

enfp: “If you love something, set it free. If it starts flying around and chirping, it was probably a bird.”

entp: “Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Except ostriches. What the hell, man?”

estj:  “Please keep all arms and legs inside the car at all times. Also, you are under arrest. Why is your car full of limbs? Whose are these?”

esfj:  “Listen, I’m not a hero. The real heroes are the people that point out to us when protesters have smart phones, thus invalidating all concerns.”

enfj: “Thank you for your interest in a life free of pain. We are not accepting applications at this time. Please try again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again…”

entj: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single command from a satellite-activated mind control chip.”

Different ways to study

A few of you have been asking about ways to revise (that’s not just making notes). Here’s a list of some different techniques you can use to revise/study:

  • Notes - making notes is the ‘standard’ way of studying - summarising information from textbooks/revision guides into your own words
  • Mind-maps - making these is a great way to organise ideas and link different ideas
  • Posters - big and colourful posters are a great way to summarise info as well as a more fun way of working
  • Teaching - teaching others (anyone who will listen to you will do) is a great way, as it will really show whether you really know the info by how well you can explain it to someone who knows nothing about it
  • Videos - watching videos can be a nice and easy way to revise, and are useful for visual and/or auditory learners
  • Podcasts - you can download and listen to podcasts when you are walking to school etc. which is a great way to get extra revision in, and they’re great for auditory learners
  • Flashcards - these can be useful for making really concise notes, as well as making Q&A or key word and definition cards - they are also really compact so you can take them with you
  • Group study - working with friends can help bounce ideas off each other, bringing up things you might not have thought about alone - you will all have different strengths that will help each other out
  • Past questions - doing past papers and looking at mark schemes will help your timings and application of knowledge/exam technique
  • Write (don’t type) - making notes on tablets/laptops is fine, but when it comes to writing practise essays always write because that’s what you will be doing in the exam (unless you use a laptop for some reason) so it’s best to practise for timings etc.
  • Further reading - reading articles and books around the subject areas will give you a broader idea of the concepts and a better overall understanding
  • Accents/voices - some people find using different accents or characters of voices helps them remember things (in the exam you can recall info because you remember you said it in an Australian accent for example)
  • Key word lists - making lists of words and definitions can be useful, as using key words in context in essays/questions is what gets you the higher marks
  • Post-it notes - writing key ideas on post-it notes and sticking them in places you go commonly (on the fridge, by the light switch, in your bedroom, on the TV etc) 
  • Apps - there are loads of great apps that you can download to make notes and flashcards etc. as well as apps for generally increasing your productivity - see my studying apps post here
  • Songs/mnemonics - making funny little songs to remember processes can be really useful, as they really stick in your head
  • Charts/timelines - depending on the subject, making timelines and charts can be really useful as a different visual representation
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Things For Sick Little Ones

The weather’s getting colder, which means flu season is coming!  We’re going to have a lot of sick little ones, so make sure to prepare in advance, in case you get sick. 

Note: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If you buy something, Amazon gives me a small percent of the sale.

1) Sore Throat Lolipops

Cough drops are a pain, and don’t taste very good. But good news! You can get some yummy lolis to soothe your sore throat. 

Honey Flavor $6.73

Strawberry Flavor $12.05 

or if you want different flavor cough drops, there’s Blue Raspberry cough drops.

2) Air Humidifiers

Dry air can make sore throats hurt more. Air humidifiers help moisten the air, which helps with sore throats and congestion. You can even add a few drops of peppermint oil to really knock out that congestion!

Fish Tank Air Humidifier $14.99

Mushroom Air Humidifier $8.50 + $1.66 Shipping

Turtle Air Humidifier $9.99 + $1.00 Shipping

3) Aromatherapy Stuffies

These stuffies can be microwaved! They have a soothing lavender scent when you warm them. you can put them on your chest to help with congestion. You can also use them for cramps, sore muscles, or cuddle them to help with stress & anxiety. You can even put them in a plastic bag and freeze them if you need a cold pack! 

I’ve included a lot of links for this one, so you can find one you like ❤

Bunny $11.99  Elephant $22.95   Panda $21.29   Sheep $14.13  Fox $19.14

Piggy $18.99   Lion $19.88   Purple Teddy $14.99    Unicorn $21.95  

Dinosaur $20.49  Hippo $18.49    Puppy $11.28       Kitty 11.99

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Sheep Wrap $19.99   Horse Wrap $21.95

4) Pacifier Thermometer

You can enjoy being little even when you’re sick! A paci thermometer is the only way a little should have their temperature taken.

Pacifier Thermometer $7.99

5) Tissues & Tissue Box Covers

Runny noses are no fun. Even worse are runny noses with raw skin from tissues. Tissues with lotion can help prevent chapped noses. 

4 Boxes of Soft Tissues with Soothing Lotion $8.59

Maybe being sick can be a little bit fun. Tissue box covers are super cute. A little cute decoration can bring out your little side and help you feel better.

Plush Doggy Tissue Box Cover $15.89

Hello Kitty Tissue Box Cover $7.90

Pink Bunny Plush Hanging Tissue Box Cover $6.16

Teddy Bear on Sofa Unique Tissue Box Cover $12.00

My Neighbor Totoro Tissue Box Cover $17.99

6) Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Hand Wipes

If you’re trying to avoid getting sick, it’s important to keep your hands clean! 

4 Cute Packages of 20 Babyganics Hand Wipes $7.56

3 Scented Hand Sanitizers (Doc McStuffins, Disney Princess, & Minne Mouse Theme) $9.79

3 Scented Hand Sanitizers (Spiderman, Disney’s Cars, & Jake and The Neverland Pirates) $12.99

7) Freeze Pops

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re sick, but you’re probably not feeling up to guzzling water. Freezer pops are a yummy way to get your liquids.

100-Pack Freeze Pops $11.73

Or make your own pacifier freezer pops! $8.77

8) Warm Blankets

Fevers can make you feel hot, but sometimes, they can also give you chills. If you get chills, then your body is trying to raise it’s temperature to fight your illness. To help your body out and to make yourself more comfortable, you can wrap yourself up in an extra blanket. For extra warms, you can eve put your blanket in the dryer for a few minutes.

You’ll want a 45x60 or larger blanket. Anything less is too small for a teen/adult, unless you only want it to cover part of your body.

Frozen Elsa & Anna $14.95  Disney Princess $15.99   Disney Princess $14.99 

Stitch $14.98   The Good Dinosaur $13.95   Finding Dory $12.99   Cars $14.99

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Pokemon Pikachu $9.99   Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, & Pikachu $13.00

9) Baby Vicks

Regular Vicks has a strong, stinging smell, but the baby kind isn’t so overwhelming. It’ll help clear up your congestion without burning your nostrils.

Vicks Baby Rub $7.79

All prices above are valid as of 09/12/2017 01:22. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Mission Bad Boy | 15

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Notes: First of all, I’d like to say no there won’t be an epilogue, this is the final chapter. Mission Bad Boy ends here. FINISH. I hope you enjoyed this series! Gif credit goes to bangtoori. 5k Words

P.S. Here is a song for you guys, listen to it while you read this and keep it on repeat.

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It’s finally time everyone! Applications for the Vortex Zine, a Life Is Strange Charity Zine, are now officially open until October 16th! 

Just follow this link to get a chance to be part of the zine!!

We are really excited to see your work!! Don’t hesitate to participate, you’re not losing anything by trying your luck! Show us your motivation and your ways to compose appealing illustrations, and even though you haven’t made any LiS fanart yet, you can still apply!

We will also announce the chosen Charity within the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Finally, don’t forget to check out the FAQ; and to send us a message if you ever have any additionnal question~

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

@nathanaelsonn and @noenoeh

(art by @nathanaelsonn )

hey guys! my last semester of high school starts tomorrow and i thought i could make a quick lil masterpost on how to take on your next semester head-on and how to start off strong.

1. start off organized (whatever organized means to you)

  • one thing i tried this year was keeping a folder for all of my school papers and it helped me a lot instead of just putting my papers in one designated spot like previous years. keeping one folder (or one folder per subject) can help you keep track of all of your papers. 
  • if you need tips on how to stay organized, check out my masterpost here :)

2. try to have a positive mindset

  • although i’m kind of loathing going back to school, you have to try and find the positives in going back! and it doesn’t have to be academic, my positive thought about school is that i’ll get to see my friends and read more cool books for Literature class. if you go into it with a negative mindset, school will be a drag and you won’t do your best.

3. make small progress on any long term assignments at the beginning

  • following this step should help relieve any stress about a long term project, especially one that you know is coming (ex. me with my quarter assignments for literature). making progress can range from starting to read the book early to just writing a sentence a day or somethin’. but you don’t want to get too caught up in this step that you forget about the work that is due the next day, or something of the sort. 

4. *mainly for seniors* if you have anything application related, do it asap.

  • i know that i have my CSF application due some time throughout the second semester and a couple scholarship items to complete, so i’m going to do them either during the break before the next semester or as early as possible in the next semester. doing this is very helpful and will help relieve any anticipation or stress. 

5. detox the weekend before you go back to school

  • personally, i try to refrain from doing anything school-related the weekend before school because you should just relax and prepare by being relaxed. take a bubble bath, watch a movie, hang with some friends, sleep, anything that makes you happy and relaxed. dunno what to do? i have some cute things here in my self care tag.

6. Have fun.

  • have a great time, don’t let school run your whole life.

i know this isn’t much but these are just my own little tips that i thought might help someone else. it sounds a lot like my Staying Organized masterpost, but most of that does overlap here. any masterpost recommendations? let me know and I will definitely take it into consideration. 

Other Masterposts:

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I Own You - Yandere!CEO!Baekhyun X Reader

Originally posted by daenso

Yandere AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series

Genre: Mature, Horror, Angst, Smut (Prostitution)

Pairing: Baekhyun X Reader ft. Jongdae

Words: 10,244

Warning: This is a Yandere story, it will contain themes such as stalking, violence, obsession, possessive natures, and just general overall creepiness and swearing. You have been warned.

A/n: I hope you’re as excited about this as I am! Finally, the next instalment of the Yandere!EXO Series is here! Yay! Sorry it took so long to post, I wasn’t anticipating it to be this long. Once again, this is just my interpretation of this archetype and the song. I do not believe Baekhyun, nor any of the other members, past or present, of EXO would act like this. Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

I'm moving and I need someone to take over my job. I'm a veterinarian. I watch all the villains' pets when they're incarcerated. You'd be responsible for Bud, Lou (hyenas), Shakira (wolf), Nightmare, Craw (crows), Isis, Cheshire (among other cats), March Hare, White Rabbit, Dormouse, 6 flamingos, 13 Emperor Penguins, Vulture, 43 bats (I know what you're thinking, but they belong to Man Bat), and Riddler's hamster Eevee. Qualified applicants only, please. Full time plus benefits. #OnlyInGotham

Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be - Calum Hood

Word count: 2.3k

Pairing: Calum + Y/N

WARNING: Talks of still birth

A/N: Hey, it’s been a while.

Turning on his side, Calum blindly reaches an arm out to pull your warm body closer to his. When his hand finds a cold pillow and a scrunched up blanket, he let out a heavy sigh.

This happened every night now. You left the bed, sat outside, fell asleep, only for Calum to wake up in an empty bed at four am, follow you down and bring you back to bed. Every night. Without fail. He wondered if it would ever stop or if this was it for the two of you.

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Welcome to Born to Shine: A Yuuri Katsuki Fanzine

This zine is dedicated to Yuuri Katsuki, protagonist of the popular sports anime, Yuri!!! on Ice. YOI has reached worldwide success and captured millions of hearts in the past year due to its upbeat story, great characters, fantastic portrayal of a rarely portrayed sport, and it’s sweet romance. Yuuri himself is a huge part of the appeal of the series; inspiring fans across the world with his journey of self discovery and growth throughout the twelve episodes of Yuri!!! on Ice.

The aim of this collaborative zine is to be a joyful celebration of Yuuri’s character in his many complexities; as a brilliantly talented skater, a cherished son and brother, a true friend, a beloved fiancé, and everything in between.

Applications open on September 20th at midnight US CST. We will post a link to the form on both our twitter and tumblr at this time.  

Applications close on October 4th at midnight US CST. We will have a countdown clock set up for this in the application post so you won’t accidentally miss the deadline!

We are accepting applications for both artists and writers. 

Please check our about page, FAQ, and our full schedule for more information.

Follow our social media accounts:

We hope to see you all there on September 20th! Help us spread the Yuuri love by reblogging this post. 

-Born to Shine Team 

Loose Wire -Jonathan Byers

Originally posted by lucassinclair

Summary: Tutoring middle schoolers for extra credit, dropping off Will Byers at his house, and helping Jonathan with his car leads to a sweet ending.

Pairing: Jonathan Byers x Reader

Warnings: Fluff!

Word Count: 1447

Senior year was kicking your ass so far; between finals, constant homework, and college applications you barely had time to breathe. As of lately you’ve been slacking in your english class, your grade falling below a C-, something that colleges would not want to see. When you had approached your teacher about extra credit you thought she would toss another book report or packet of grammar lessons at you but to your surprise she gave you a green flyer advertising the need for after school tutoring for Hawkins Middle school. While spending your time after school with middle schoolers wasn’t exactly your deepest desire, it was extra credit and that’s what you needed most. Your first day on the job wasn’t so bad, you had lucked out and got paired up with the young Will Byers. Ever since his incident last year the kid was a little behind on school work, and while the teachers seemed to be a bit more lenient on the boy considering what had happened to him, he still had to stay up to date with the other students. Will was rather quiet much like his older brother Jonathan, someone you had known for as long as you can remember. You didn’t know much about the older boy other than the general things: same grade, same age, kept to himself most of the time, but you never heard anything bad about him.

“Okay, read the full sentence out loud now.” You prompted Will, the two of you seated at a table in the library, textbooks beside you and a worksheet in front of Will to practice on sentence structure. “Doug and Dave washed the car.” He read aloud slowly, his eyes looking up at you. “So what’s the subject of this sentence?” You asked with a raised eyebrow, waiting for him to respond. “Dave and Doug?” He sounded unsure but the reassuring smile on your face made him sound more confident when he repeated his answer. “And the predicate? Remember the predicate is like a verb, it’s an action or state of being.” You remind him, watching him looked back down at the sentence, reading it once more before answering you correctly again, finishing up the rest of the labeling. Once Will’s page was finished you offered him a big grin, your hand reaching out to ruffle his hair proudly. “See? You’re a sentence structuring wiz!” You half shouted, earning a scold from the librarian sorting books near by. Looking over at the clock that hung on the wall it was 4:45pm, normally Joyce was here by 4:30pm on the dot, never late to pick him up. “Maybe she’s running late? Will adds, shrugging his shoulders while he packed up his backpack. “Why don’t you go call someone and see what’s going on okay bud?” You suggest, the young boy nodding his head before walking off to ask the librarian if he could use the phone real quick. You stood at the table, packing up your things as well, racking your brain through all the work you had to get started on when you got home, already dreading it. Will came back over to you, a neutral expression on his face making it hard for you to read the situation. “My mom got stuck at work until closing and Jonathan’s car isn’t starting, would you mind giving me a ride home?” He asked politely just as his mom had instructed him to do. You gave him a nod and motioned for him to follow you out to your car, making sure the young boy had his seat belt on before you threw your car into drive and drove off towards Will’s house.

The Byers’ didn’t live too far from you so you really didn’t mind driving Will home, and if you were being honest Will was a pretty cool kid for being in that annoying young tween age. Your windows were down in your car, the cool fall breeze flowed through the cab of your truck your hair blown back and a soft chill running up your spine but you didn’t mind. You tapped your fingers along the steering wheel to the beat of The Clash’s ever popular Should I Stay Or Should I Go, softly humming along while you continued on your drive, nearly at your destination. “My brother loves this song.” Will told you, his eyes staring out at the passing by trees. “Sounds like your brother has good taste in music.” You laughed, pulling up to Will’s house, spotting the tall Jonathan Byers under the hood of his car. You put your car in park, shutting off the engine before hopping out, Will following suit. “Having some trouble there, grease-monkey?” You grinned, walking towards Jonathan, your arms folded over your chest, Will bolting into his house muttering something about calling Mike. The shaggy haired boy lifted his head from under the hood, managing to bumped it on the way up, making you giggle slightly. Jonathan and you were never really close, always friendly to each other in passing but never prolonged conversations between the two of you, especially outside of school. Jonathan always had a small interest in you, though he would never willingly admit it to himself, how could he be so interested in someone so beautiful who probably wouldn’t even give a outsider like him the time of day. Jonathan rubbed the spot where he had knock his head, rubbing the grease off of his hands with a rag. “Y-yeah, I couldn’t get it to start earlier, which is why I couldn’t pick up Will, and also why you’re here, because you drove him home…But you already knew that, obviously.” The timid boy rambled at you, a soft blush creeping up on his cheeks.

Leaning against the side of the car you gazed back at him, your grin never leaving your face. “Mind if I take a look?” You asked, peering under the hood. “S-sure! I looked around but couldn’t seem to spot something wrong…” He spoke, stepping aside to let you take a look. Your dad has worked down at Hawkins automotive for 15+ years now, so you knew a thing or two about cars thanks to your knowledgeable father. Your eyes roam over the equipment, your body leaning in further to take a closer look at certain areas. Jonathan watched as your trained eyes skimmed over everything, he couldn’t help but take in how lovely you looked; dressed in your dark denim jeans and rust colored flannel, your hair tucked back behind your ears, he was full on ogling at you. Reaching out, your hand fiddled with a wire that was connected to the car’s battery. “There’s your problem, loose wire.” You said with a slight grunt as you leaned in further to tighten it back to the battery. “Easy fix! Keys?” The spectating boy quickly fumbled around in his pockets for his keys before handing them over to you. Opening the driver side door, you bent down to turn the key in the ignition, the car roaring to life successfully. With a beaming smile on your face you stood there looking back at the amazed boy before you. As if Jonathan didn’t already think you were incredible, this was just icing on the cake for him. “W-wow, thank you Y/N…You probably saved me a trip to the shop…Not that that’s a bad thing! Since I know your dad works there and all, but really thank you and thank you for bringing Will home for us, I’m sure my mom will bring over cookies or dinner as a thank you sometime soon.” He chuckled nervously, closing the hood to his car before smoothly leaning against it.

“How about you show me some of your music sometime instead?” You offered up boldly, staring back at the cute boy with pink cheeks. “Will had mentioned that you listen to The Clash, so you must have a half decent taste in music.” A laugh slipping from your smiling lips, Jonathan’s eyes widening in surprise. “Yes! I mean, yeah.” He paused, clearing his throat, trying not to sound too enthusiastic, “That would be great, does tomorrow after school work for you?” He asked, shyly looking away from you, stuffing his hands in his pockets. The smile on your face only became wider, nodding your head in agreement. “Awesome! It’s a date! I mean it’s not a date, just some music and stuff.” He started to ramble again, nerves evident in his voice, making you shake your head and step closer to him. 

“It’s a date.” You cooed, pressing a soft kiss to Jonathan’s red cheek.

Author’s Note: I know this one is a little shorter but I think it turned out nice! Should I do a part 2 where the reader and Jonathan have their date?? Let me know what you guys think and send me some requests if you have any! xx Lexie

Yoongi Scenario: Cold Water.

Request: Hi, so i hope you can do this story for me, i want a yoongi scenario with him being my boyfriend and he helps through depression, like he helps when i have a panic attack or when i feel i can’t breathe.. it’s really angst but i really want this scenario with him. She doesn’t want to burden him but also wants his help and he is very supportive boyfriend. Thank you girls

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

You closed your eyes tightly as another thought came to your mind, like by closing your eyes to the world you could do the same with what happened with the images your brain formed, only that you had to try twice, thrice as hard.

They were like arrows, penetrating your mind with a sharp edge of venom,  they also tended to come without warning, even when you were doing the simplest things such as cooking a meal, while at work or when watching tv with your boyfriend, it didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing, the thoughts came to you making your stomach shrink and suddenly whatever you were doing faded away as you tried to fight back and calm down. 

If you thought that your life didn’t have an accurate course and you were going to end up homeless, then you tried to think that you were doing everything in your power to not end up like that, you worked hard and were cautious, it shouldn’t be like that, even if right now you weren’t doing what you studied for, you told yourself that you would see the end through this and your dreams would be fulfilled. But it wasn’t that easy. 

Because technically your life could go down to shit at any moment.

You closed them tight again and felt a hand intertwine with your fingers to then give it a squeeze. Yoongi slid closer until his nose was brushing your ear, silently he held your hand, letting you feel his body closer. His soft breathing tickled your ear but you didn’t mind, if anything it was relieving, you were there with him, your life wasn’t what your fears pictures it to be.

-Hey- he whispered after some minutes. -Don’t let it get to you- he said before he kissed your cheek, so tenderly like you could disappear if was too rough, Yoongi was so loving it made you want to cry.

You didn’t deserve him, he didn’t deserve this.

Again you closed your eyes and you felt that squeeze in your hand. -You want to share?- he said after another couple of minutes.

-No, I’m ok- you whispered turning to him, giving him a kiss to then accommodated your face at the crook of his neck. 

He just held you close, not insisting or pressing you to talk, Yoongi was gentle like that, your silence wasn’t pregnant with unsaid things, it was if anything reassuring that you could talk whenever you were ready, and that he was going to be there to listen, holding your hand and keeping you close.

-It’s ok if you have some other thing to do Yoongi, I’m fine- it was a bit of a lie but also felt it was unfair to him to be here, even if you wanted him to stay.

You felt him kiss the top of your head. -Nah, I’m free today, let’s take a nap-
That made you smile, the king of napping you’d call him since he’d take a nap literally anywhere, so you snuggled more to him, his presence easing you to sleep.

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College WordBank!

There are a lot of words that may seem new and weird throughout college applications, so here is a list of words that I defined in order to help you glide through the application process!

The Basics: Treat Yo Self! (and know the facts!)

1. Undergraduate: An undergraduate student is someone who is obtaining an undergraduate education or degree, such as a Bachelor’s degree.

2. Private University: A Private University is a college that is privately funded. They tend to be smaller than public universities as well.

3. Public University: A Public University is a college that is publicly funded, specifically through the national government. They tend to be larger than private universities.

4. Safety School: When applying to colleges, a safety school is a college where the stats of a typical student admitted is lower than your stats, which indicates that it may be easier for you to get in (since you have higher stats than the average).

5. Target School: A target school is a college where the stats of a typical student admitted is similar to your stats, which indicates that you are the same level as other applicants.

6. Reach School: A reach school is a college where the stats of a typical student admitted is higher than your stats, indicating that it is a more competitive college.

7. College Confidential: A website full of threads and information about college admissions. Although some of the pages found on College Confidential are helpful, there are some things found on this site that may discourage you for no apparent reason, such as “Chance Me” threads. Therefore, I advise you to steer clear of College Confidential and, by all means, do not let it get to your head!

8. “Chance Me’s”: “Chance Me” are threads found online where people write their stats and ask for others to see if they can get accepted to a specific college. I advise you NOT to trust these things, as people online do not know your chances of getting into a specific school.

9. Common App: Also known as the Common Application, the Common App is an application used for undergraduate admissions to a multitude of colleges. A majority of colleges accept the Common App, but I suggest looking in on the ones you want to apply to in order to know for sure.

10. Universal College Application: Similar to the Common App, the Universal College Application is also a site used by many people to send their college applications.

11. SAT II’s: Also known as SAT Subject Tests, the SAT II’s are exams that are taken in specific subject areas, such as Biology, Math I/II, and US History. Many colleges do not require SAT Subject Tests. However, it is important to check and see if some colleges require you to take an SAT Subject Test, or if it is optional. Although it may be optional for the college, it is still your decision if you would like to take this exam or not for admission purposes.

12. Transcript: A report of all the grades you have received in each class that you have taken during high school. Colleges require an official transcript to be sent to the admissions office.

13. Recommendation Letter: A letter that details why you are an excellent fit in said college. These letters usually come from teachers, faculty, coaches, mentors, etc. Recommendation letters should NOT be written by a family member.

14. Personal Statement: A Personal Statement is basically a college essay. Many colleges require you to write at least one, while others require more than one essay.

15. Need Blind Admissions: Need-Blind Admissions is when colleges will decide on your admissions decision without looking at your financial information. To clarify, this means that the college will decide on your admissions decision solely on your application and not on your financial information.

16. Waitlisted: Waitlisted is sort of the middle ground for colleges. When you are waitlisted, it does not mean that you are accepted or rejected. Instead, it means that you are put on a “waiting list” and, if the colleges enrollment numbers from their accepted students are lower than expected, they will accept more people from the waitlist.  

17. Deferred: Deferred is when a college pushes your application to the next filing period. This means that you have not been accepted or rejected yet. Instead, the college has pushed your application in order to review it again and make a final decision. A deferral only happens if you have applied Early Action or Early Decision.

18. Legacy (Applicant): A legacy applicant is someone who is applying to a college that a family member has went to, usually their parents.

Types of Applications (it’s “ED” as one, two, three! Get it!?)

1. ED/Early Decision: A type of application filing period where you are able to apply early, but it is binding. This means that if you are accepted to said college under Early Decision, you are required to go there upon acceptance. Usually, the application deadline is in November and admission decisions are in Mid-December. Something to note about this is that you can apply to only one school with an “Early Decision” (since it is binding), but you can apply to other schools with a different filing period, such as Early Action and Regular Decision.

2. EA/Early Action: A type of application filing period where you are able to apply early, but it is not binding. This means that you are applying earlier than the normal application period and you will NOT be required to go to said college upon acceptance. Similar to ED, Early Action’s deadline is around November, but the admissions decision’s date varies. Unlike the Early Decision, you can apply to as many Early Action’s as you want (unless Single Choice Early Action, more on that below)

3. Single Choice/Restrictive Early Action: This is a type of application filing period where you are only allowed to apply to one Early Action school. However, this means that Single Choice/Restrictive Early Action is still non-binding (not required to go upon acceptance), but you can only apply to one school under Early Action. Similar to ED, you are able to apply to colleges under other types of filing periods, such as Regular Decision.

4. RD/Regular Decision: This is the normal time when applications are due. Regular Decision is the time when most people apply to colleges. The applications are usually due in January and results typically come out in March (although, it may vary depending on the college). Regular Decisions are non-binding and you can apply to as many as you want.

5. Rolling Admissions: This is a type of application filing period when you apply to a college and the college admissions office reviews them as they receive the applications. Unlike ED/EA/RD, Rolling Admissions does not have a set date where you can go and look for your college admissions decision. Typically, the college will give you a time frame in which they will give you your admission decision, which is possibly around 2-8 weeks depending on the college. Something to note is that a lot of colleges with Rolling Admissions may not have a distinct deadline for the application, but they will have a “priority deadline” where, if you submit your application before that date, then they will get back to you sooner. Overall, the earlier you submit your application for Rolling Admissions, the quicker you will know your decision.

6. Open Admission: This is a type of application filing where colleges accept all students, as long as they have completed high school or have a GED.

Financial Aid: Dolla Dolla Bills Y'All!

1. Grant: A grant is money that you receive in your financial aid packet that you will NOT have to pay back.

2. Loan: A loan is money that you receive in your financial aid packet and, if you accept, will have to pay back.

3. Scholarships: A scholarship is money earned due to certain achievements, such as academic, athletic, etc. Similar to a grant, it is money given to you that you do not need to pay back. However, for a scholarship, it may be awarded by the college or awarded separately by applying for one.

4. FAFSA: Also known as the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid”, the FAFSA is a website that most colleges will advise you to use in order to receive financial aid from colleges. The FAFSA application will ask for information on your household’s tax forms in order to determine how much grant and loan money you may receive. The FAFSA application opens on January 1st of every year, but deadlines for completing the application varies for every college. Something to note is that you will need to apply for Financial Aid every year in order to receive aid while you are in college.

5. CSS Profile: Also known as the “College Scholarship Service Profile”, the CSS Profile is found on the College Board website where you apply in order to receive more financial aid. Many colleges require the CSS Profile (and sometimes early on), so I advise you to see if it is required.

6. Expected Family Contribution (EFC): This is a number found on your FAFSA that provides an estimate of the amount of money your family will be expected to pay for your education. To note, this estimate is the amount of money you will be expected to pay after financial aid is accounted for.

7. Institutional Grant: An institutional grant is money given by the college that you do not have to pay back. This is different compared to the federal grant, since the federal grant is provided by the government instead of the college itself.

8. Merit-Based Grants: These are grants that are made due to academic achievement.

9. Need-Based Grants: These grants are given to students due to their level of income.

10. Federal Pell Grant: This grant is money that the federal government gives you that you will NOT pay back.

11. Institutional Loans: An institutional loan is money given by the college that you have to pay back. This is different than the federal loans, since the federal loans are provided by the government instead of the college itself.

12. Direct Subsidized Loan: A loan is money that you receive in your financial aid packet and, if you accept, will have to pay back to the college. The Direct Subsidized Loan is a federal loan that pays the loan’s interest while you are in college. However, once your undergraduate education is completed, you will be required to start paying the Direct Subsidized Loan (Note: this loan allows a six month grace period before you starting paying).

13. Direct Unsubsidized Loan: A loan is money that you receive in your financial aid packet and, if you accept, will have to pay back to the college. The Direct Unsubsidized Loan is a federal loan that does not pay the loan’s interest while you are in college. This means that, as you continue through college, you are responsible for paying the loan’s interest. However, if you decide you don’t want to pay the loan’s interest while in college, then the interest will be added to the principal (or the original loan’s amount).

14. Perkins Loan: The Perkins Loan is given to students depending on their school, as some schools do not participate in the Perkins Loan. Similar to all loans, it is money borrowed now that must be paid back later. However, unlike the other loans stated here, this loan is a college issued loan instead of a federal loan, meaning that the money is paid back to the college not the government.

15. (Parent) PLUS Loan: A PLUS Loan is a loan taken out on the parents name for an undergraduate student. This means that parents with undergraduate students may use this money for college expenses. PLUS Loans are to be paid back to the federal government.

16. Work Study Program: The Work Study Program is one in which a student may hold a job on campus while earning their degree/education. You can apply for the Work Study Program through the FAFSA application. The money you earn from this job can be used on anything, from tuition to food, etc.

You’re In College! Now what… (Everything you need to know while in college)

1. Major: A specific area that an undergraduate student focuses on during college. The student must follow and complete the courses stated in their specified major in order to receive their degree.  

2. Minor: Although it is not required, some undergraduate students choose a minor in order to have a secondary focus. If you choose to minor, you do not receive another degree. Instead, minoring in something during college is solely for your own personal interest and to expand your knowledge.

3. Double Major: When you double major in something it means that you are following two specified areas. Double Majors receive two degrees for the areas in which they studied.

4. Undeclared: To be undeclared in college is to not choose a major/degree. Many people go into college undeclared, while some are even undeclared up until their second year of college. However, depending on your college, there may be a specific time or deadline to declare a major, since you will eventually be required to have one in order to obtain a degree.

5. Placement Test: A placement test is a preliminary test in order to see what level you are in specific subjects. These are normally taken when you have selected a college to attend (as an entering college freshman) and must register for classes. Also, something to note, all colleges do not have placement tests.

6. Bursar Office: The Bursar Office is the branch of the college that takes care of payments and billing statements for the student.

7. Financial Aid Office: The Financial Aid Office is the branch of the college that takes care of the financial aid aspect for the student, such as determining grant money.

8. Registrar: The Registrar Office is where they handle student records and scheduling for the college.

9. Commuting/Commuter: A commuter is a student who travels to college from where they reside. This is a longer distance than the typical five minutes off campus.

10. Transfer Student: A transfer student is someone who is changing from one college to another. Most people who change colleges decide once they know that their credits will transfer to the next college.

👻🔮Spirit Adoption: What to do and what not to do 🔮👻

As we all know I’m an intern at Etheric Connections Spirit Adoption shop here on tumblr. I’ve literally been here for not even a week and I’ve seen so many things of what not to do and I feel I should address if here on my main blog.


Don’t Believe that all spirits will be just like you and have your same beliefs.

Don’t Press for an answer to a question when the admin/mod tell you that it’s personal to the spirit and should only be shared with their future companion. It’s disrespectful to the spirit and rude to the shop.

Don’t ask if the minimum age be changed just because in a few months you’ll be the age required. If we let you slide then we have to let others slide too. It’s for the safety of not only the spirit but of the companion too. It may also have to do with a spirits background. Again this is rude to be doing to any shop.

Don’t leave questions on your application blank. Also don’t leave your answers one sentence long. If there is a requirement for how you fill out the adoption form then please follow it.

Don’t submit an application form on anon, even if you give contact information. Many mods are not comfortable emailing, texting or calling a person who was not willing to give up their blog name. Some shops may just delete the form all together and some spirits may just ignore it.

Don’t trust a shop selling spirit children under the age of 16. If they are doing that please question about the child’s family and where they are. Especially when there is no age range on who can adopt them.

Don’t get upset because a spirit did not chose you as it’s companion.

Don’t ask when the spirit will chose their companion. It stresses out the spirit and its pretty rude to be rushing a process that should take five days at least.

Don’t ask a spirit if you have a shot at being their companion. Again this stresses them out.

Don’t apply for a spirit if you don’t feel called or “feel like the two of you would get along”. That’s not a valid answer to a calling and we’d need more detail to it.

Don’t trust a shop “adopting” out spirits for a price. That’s not Adoption that’s purchasing. The process may be the same but it’s not.

Don’t: go to a shop that gives you bad vibes, 9/10 you’ll see some really sketchy stuff when they answer questions or put of applications.

Don’t adopt spirits from Mods who give you a bad vibe. Again this is the same as the one above.

This is all the DONTS I can think of. If you have any more please add them.

Do be kind to the Mods and spirits up. Even if you don’t feel a calling to them.

Do reblog a spirits bio so others can get word that it’s up. Even if you don’t feel called. A signal boost for that spirit will help.

Do read the blogs description, FQA, about me page, etc before asking a question about the shop.

Do send asks to Spirits and Mods. We enjoy them if they’re not mean or hateful.

Do join the spirit adoption shops discord server or chatroom to learn more about them.

Do take the time to learn as much about the spirit you applied for before they get to chose their companion. The more you talk with them the closer you get to them.

Do add detail to your form when you fill it out. The more detail the better the spirit gets to know you as a person and will make choosing a companion easier for them.

Do include your age and name in your application form, this helps the mod and spirit understand who the spirit will be going to.

Do try to fill out one application at a time. If you feel called please apply but if you apply for too many spirits you may get chosen by all of them and that alone can be stressful on you and the spirits.

Do have a plan on how big you want your spirit family to be.

Do take into account some spirits don’t like certain living animals or moving around. Those are some very important questions to ask.

Do love your companions with all your heart and care for them,


1)  Memorise all the information.

2) Write out equations/reactions to memorise on post-it notes and stick it in the wall of your study desk. This way, whenever you need it and have yet to memorise it, you can refer to it easily and try refreshing your memory by memorising it as and when.  (Laziness to take your books out won’t be an excuse anymore.)

3) Memorise your solubility tables by writing them out and regurgitating. There’s no running away from this. The solubility tables are needed everywhere.


(big chapters for more marks )

  • Electrolysis (pretty easy once you practice a few times, application heavy)
  • Organic Chemistry (lots of practice, application heavy) 
  • Metals

(pure memory chapters, like study and vomit entirely (almost))

  • Air and Atmosphere
  • Haber Process
  • Metals
  • Chemical Bonding


1) Questions largely answered with keywords only

Do practice questions. When you mark them and do corrections, just underline/highlight the keywords. Take note of the order of the keywords and the type of keywords used for each type of question & topic.

(These type of questions are standard, so grab those marks first. Use pure memory and a little understanding to answer the questions using keywords.)

Chapters with these kind of questions:

  • chemical bonding (super easy chapter to score in)
  • organic chemistry (memorising all chemical equations and conditions, reagents, etc.)
  • air and atmosphere (free marks!)
  • metals (all reactions, reactivity series, blast furnace)
  • electrolysis (standard way of answering, use practice questions as notes for learning how to answer them)
  • mole concept 
  • QA (memorise it!)
  • Speed of Reaction 

2) MCQ (how to break them down):

  • write the chemical formula and state for all substances (for the states, you have to use your solubility table)
  • write out ALL chemical equations where there are reactions. ALWAYS.
  • draw out all diagrams when they talk about atoms & molecules involved (SUPER IMPT!!)

Note: MCQ tips can be applied to Paper 2 questions.

3) Topics to link together for MCQs in general:

  • solubility
  • every single type of reaction
  • mole concept
  • chemical bonding*
  • density and Mr*
  • organic chemistry*
  • electrolysis*

*common topics that are kinda heavily tested


1) The textbook! You need to do a lot of memory work for chapters like metals, by the way. (When you study metals, just memorise nearly everything from the textbook and you’ll ace the chapter!)2) Other school’s exam papers + TYS (duh)


(If you have any questions, you can drop me an ask :) I hope this helped!)

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