application logic

Application of single attraction logic to split attraction people will not make your argument correct.

Cishets are not LGBT = a true statement.

Asexuals, aromantics, intersex people, and others who use the split attraction model who happen to be “cishet” are not simply cishet.

E.g. a cishet ace isn’t a cishet, they’re a cishet ace. Erasing the “ace” to make them sound the same as actual cishets doesn’t change the fact that…you erased their asexuality to make your logic work.

Actual cishets don’t have multiple orientations/identities. Claiming those with multiple orientations/identities that include cishet doesn’t magically make them identical to actual cishets, its simply an asshole’s tactic to make yourself appear to be correct through erasure and exploiting people’s lack of understanding of intersectionality.

Just because teenagers on tunglr dot com fall for your blatant washing away of identities to paint other marginalized people as their own oppressors doesn’t mean you are correct, clever, or in any way going to get away with it. You’re transparent bigots, and the community is not going to support you.

November 29, 2016
My dearest Melody,
Please forgive the negative tone predominating my last letter. One would think by now I had learned to discern the difference between rational and irrational presumptions. I suppose I haven’t. The darkness of mind reveals itself in the most cynical application of logic, clouding our judgment in the process of labeling truths and theses. Still, it intrigues me how both our memories and preconceptions of the future ultimately share the same trait: surreality. It’s hard to stay aware of this and not get locked up in one’s own mind frames, which will always be subject to the whims of fleeting emotional states of being. The mind is a wondrous thing; a powerful tool of conjuration and alteration. Realizing this should offer some sort of mental liberty, a particular brand of freedom I have always so desperately sought to obtain. With varied results, evidently. I am still learning. I have to actively remind myself that which is truth doesn’t necessarily have to be logical. An interesting concept, now I think of it. Wouldn’t that be the most accurate description of a miracle? That which defies logic, or a logical outcome. Surely, in that case love would be the greatest miracle of all. A comforting thought. I do believe it is, dear Melody, and I am certain you do to. You were always remarkably attracted to the against-all-odds-scenario, perhaps it was because you were waiting for your own miracle. Yet, I wonder if you would ever be able to conceive the truth of your own miracle; that in fact you are a miracle? Though I do very much appreciate your humble nature, I do fear you are selling yourself short from time to time. So let me state it clearly: you are my miracle. For what doom awaits the perpetually tormented, hearing the creaking of his dungeon’s lock on the day of execution? Certainly it cannot be freedom, joy, and love. That would be all too much. At the very least it would be highly illogical. Yet that is what you have given me. It is but a metaphor, but words can hardly convey how much you mean to me; how truly remarkable you are. And yes, I know for some life-saving is a daily occupation; I’ve always held nurses, doctors, firemen, and anyone who would dedicate their life to saving people in high regard, but what could possibly be greater than saving a life through the sheer power of love? So please, never let anyone make you feel anything less than a miracle. Though some would conceive such a feat only to be reserved for a deity, opting to define any miracle as an act of God. You are more. At least, you are more to me. After all, it is life which makes existence miraculous. It is us! We are the wildflowers growing through the cracks in concrete; we are the puppy adopted on the day of humane euthanasia, bringing joy to the hearts of a family struggling to stay together, making them realize how much they love each other; we are the falling leaf causing ripples in the pond, startling the fish into fleeing before the heron even contemplated the decision to land on its edges. We are shifting shapes of chaos, with the added aspect of altering reality by our choices, which will always be subject to the whims of our emotions. Life is an accumulation of uncertain factors –  Then this must be the greatest human flaw, this urge to define everything within frames logic, conjuring up anything to disenchant and make the ethereal, the magical, the miraculous – seem logical. That’s what makes this special to me. You loved me. Out of nowhere there you were, obliterating every concept that ever made sense to me, carrying the truth of unknowing; the chaos of infinite possibilities. And I lived in undying fascination; the boundaries of my mind stopped making sense from the very first moment your soul started speaking to my own. It is odd to think and realize I never figured I had one until you looked at me and unraveled the purity of it all. And I wonder if I would ever be able to regain this sacred feeling of perfection if life proves me to be anything other than perfectly yours.
Yours faithfully,
—  M.A. Tempels © 2016 (Letters to Melody (4))
Fluffmas Day 24-Wearing Stockings (Hamilsquad x Reader)

You grimaced as you looked at your reflection in the mirror. Normally, you would never be doing something so outrageous but the thought of turning your lovers on had been too great a temptation. Considering it was your best friend’s, Maria Reynolds, the idea had come from you should have dismissed it outright but the application of logic had left you thinking otherwise. Trust Maria to be totally persuasive when it came to bedroom tactics.

“I’m not sure, Maria. I don’t think wearing stockings is very sexy.”

“Trust me (Y/N) ! They are going to love this as their Pre-Christmas present. I mean think about it. They are always staring at your legs when your not looking!”

You had to concede that argument, some of the best sex you had with your boyfriends was when your legs were on display.

“I still don’t understand what any of these mean. What’s a ‘Cuban Heel’ and how is different from a regular heel and how will covering my legs make them more sexy?”

“Because if the thought of you and your gorgeous legs in lingerie is able turn me on then it’s sure as hell will work to turn on your boyfriends.” Maria winked suggestively as she pulled the you into another section of the shop.

“Hey, babe, can you get more stockings?” Hercules shouted from the living room.

John whistled cheerfully as he placed more presents under the tree. Alexander typed away at his laptop, working on New Years paperwork before it even started. Lafayette was watching Christmas movies. While Hercules straightened up and went over his Pre-Christmas morning checklist making sure everything was equal and in order.

All of your boyfriends froze when they saw you come down the stairs. You were wearing a red corset with white trimming, garters connecting to her stockings, and the tiniest red panties they’d ever seen. Topped with the Santa hat, you were sexier than anything they could imagine.

You gazed at them bashfully, waiting to hear what they thought about your outfit.

“Those aren’t the stockings he meant,” Alexander said, too stunned to really think of anything else.

“Do you care?” You smirked.

Your boyfriends shared looks before breaking out in grins.

“No. We definitely like your version better!” John cheered, scooping you up and heading towards the bedroom, followed by the rest of your boyfriends.

“It’s looking like a very merry Christmas already!”

“Oui, I can’t wait to see what gifts our petite père Noël has for us!”

“Hope you don’t mind sleeping in late tomorrow!”

Myers Briggs Test by Functions

Rank each of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how well it describes you or your beliefs (1 being not at all and 5 being describes completely):

  1. It is unkind to unnecessarily offend others; people should filter what they say in order to avoid hurting those around them.
  2. I think most things have a deeper meaning than what is present on the surface. I spend a lot of time contemplating what individual events or statements mean or say about life as a whole.
  3. When working on a problem, I like working with my hands rather than theorizing, finding it helpful to be able to create and see the physical results of a project.
  4. I find it fun to intellectually reason through different theories or ideas, even if there is no logical application for this type of knowledge.
  5. Once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it loyally instead of trying out new options. I believe there’s no reason to change something that works well in the first place.
  6. When considering one topic or idea, my mind easily jumps to related stories and other connections. Often people find it difficult to follow my train of thought because my mind jumps from idea to idea.
  7. You should stay true to yourself and say what you believe without worrying about who will be upset by your words or actions.
  8. People should be able to back up their assertions with overt facts, data, and reasoning. These will reveal whether something is true and logical or false and illogical.
  9. Life is meant to be experienced first hand. I enjoy sensory experiences like sports/art/etc. and taking in the world as I experience it rather than living in my head.
  10. I prefer brainstorming various options and envisioning all the possible ways a project/event could go rather than committing to one idea and sticking with it.
  11. I feel like it is my responsibility to consider the moral and emotional wellbeing of those around me; I like to advise my friends on finding the right thing to do and I deeply care about their problems.
  12. I am often thinking about the future and events that are to come. I have a clear vision in my head of what I want things to be like, or what I think they will be like. This vision is clear and focused and I like to narrow down the ways the future could unfold to one.
  13. I almost always know how and why I am feeling a certain way in a situation. When presented with controversial topics, I can easily understand what my personal views are outside of the context of other people’s beliefs.
  14. I am energized by wit, word games, puzzles, riddles: anything that involves my inner sense of logic and reasoning. I like breaking concepts down in my head in order to understand them.
  15. I am skilled at taking charge of a group, impersonally organizing people and implementing a plan of action. I have assertive and organized qualities that make me a born leader.
  16. I often consider new situations in the light of my past experiences and memory. I think about what I learned from past situations and apply these to my current ones.
  17. I am very in tune with my environment: noticing any changes that occur, completing physical tasks easily, and having an eye for aesthetics.
  18. I am good at looking at a project or situation and recognizing the flaws or weaknesses and proposing a method that is more efficient.
  19. I don’t find it useful to share my emotions with others, and it doesn’t help me to understand my feelings to talk them over with a friend. I can best understand how I feel in a situation by spending time by myself processing my feelings.
  20. When I consider the future, I think about all the disparate ways a situation could unfold. I anticipate every different situation without worrying about which is the best or most accurate.
  21. I am good at noticing details: small visual cues or other characteristics of my environment, how I’m feeling internally, and particulars such as numbers or dates, and have a good memory where I store this information.
  22. I tend to think convergently. I will focus on one situation or project and analyze it, spending my time interpreting it from every possible angle in order to completely understand it.
  23. I like the idea of reaching harmony in a group, and tend to sense and consider what other people’s values and beliefs are before making a decision. I like those around me to be happy with the decisions that are made.
  24. I think external methods of organization (such as corporation hierarchies or governments) are a necessary way of maintaining efficiency and maximum productivity, and I like to see how I can fit my plans and logic into an overarching system such as these.
  25. I look at independent experiences or situations and try to condense them into greater, overarching truths.
  26. Once something has piqued my interest, I want to understand it completely: all the little details of its inner workings so I can fully decipher it.
  27. I have a good memory. I can easily remember and place faces, names, dates, etc. even from a long time ago.
  28. Even though I am a deeply emotional person, I recognize the fact that feelings and morals are generally illogical and created by the individual.
  29. I recognize that there are many “truths” in life, and none of them are absolute over the others. I appreciate each perspective for its own individual frame of mind and ideas.
  30. I find that talking over my feelings with a friend helps me to understand how I’m feeling, verbalizing my emotions and hearing feedback from someone I trust.
  31. I would consider myself a realistic person, good at recognizing what needs to be done in situations and actually implementing it.
  32. I understand new situations best by jumping into it myself. I learn by taking in the sights and sounds of a place and interacting with it in the moment.

Si: 5, 16, 21, 27
Se: 3, 9, 17, 32
Ni: 2, 12, 22, 25
Ne: 6, 10, 20, 29
Ti: 4, 14, 18, 26
Te: 8, 15, 24, 31
Fi: 7, 13, 19, 28
Fe: 1, 11, 23, 30

Then type yourself by looking at the functions of the different Myers Briggs types, picking which function orders you fit primarily based on your dominant, then auxiliary, and possibly tertiary functions as well (though usually not your inferior functions). 

anonymous asked:

In which Harry Potter houses would you put Raven, Clarke and Bellamy and why?

Not gonna lie, nonny, I saw this ask and my first reaction was

Originally posted by freshpain

because people get really worked up about Hogwarts sorting.  But it does help that I do not have particularly strong feelings one way or another, so I’m gonna do it anyway and if you disagree with me, that’s totally fine I honestly don’t care because this is all for fun anyway.

So first up, my darling Raven.  I have seen good arguments for putting her in Slytherin, but I’m gonna go with Ravenclaw for two reasons: 

1) Raven would definitely request to be put into Ravenclaw for the opportunity for self-branded merch alone, and I love that about her.  

2)  She is very committed to logic as the basis on which she makes decisions.  She is certainly not heartless, but her way of seeing the world is based on the accumulation of knowledge and the application of logic, imo.

Next: Bellamy Blake, who is definitely Gryffindor.  He’s brave and reckless and literally will not put himself first for any reason, ever.  I suppose you could say that makes him a Hufflepuff, but his rash decision-making puts him in Gryffindor for me.

Lastly: Clarke Griffin is Slytherin as fuck.

Round 3 is still on it’s way, luv.

It’s just that I have my girlfriend, job, books, games, and life to attend to first. Can’t spend /all/ of my free time discussing a concept that isn’t actually real, you know.

Parting queries:
-How do any of you that I’ve argued with in this Johnlock fandom relate to Holmes at all?
-Where’s your penises and testicles? (I’m willing to bet good money that over 95% of Johnlockers are hormonally-charged young women) 
-Have you smoked out of a pipe?
-Have you even smoked?
-Have you ever had cocaine in your system?
-Have you found delight in the application of cold logic?
-Have you walked with a strolling-cane for more than an hour or passively looked into singlestick combat? 

They have little value for theory. However, the bridge between theory and fact is made when someone that the ISTJ trusts or someone convincingly explains the theory’s practical applicability. After thorough logical scrutiny, the ISTJ stores the theory as a permanent fact. The ISTJ will dutifully defend the validity of this fact and apply it when necessarily. Similarly, when a particular protocol has been proven to work, the ISTJ can be depended upon to ensure its execution.