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anonymous asked:

What is the process like as an EU citizen to apply to the UK after finishing uni?

Since I don’t have EU citizenship I wasn’t able to apply so I only know what my friends told me about the process. From what I understand, it’s is pretty much the same as those who live in the UK. You have to do a preliminary application (no idea when) and then an official application, and then you have to sit the situational judgement test at some point and if you go to a school that’s not in an English speaking country you have to take the PLAB and achieve a certain score (regardless of the language you’re taught in or citizenship). Past that I don’t know too much about any of it.  

The NHS website is pretty good though and should explain everything for you depending on your specific situation. 

jung hoseok


Name: jinu
Age: 16
Timezone: est -5:00


Dibidibidis My name is: j-hope
Group: bangtan boys
Do you have any other characters? If so, who? n/aPassword: new laptop 

Accepted! You may be Yoon Jeong Han. Please make your account within four days. Make sure to submit us your facebook link first!
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Travel UI Kit (Freebie) by Five

Second UI Kit - part of the Ultimate UI Kit crafted in Five agency. Designed for brands and designers, aim of the kit is to speed up your work process and help you achieve the more professional and pixel-perfect look.

Something I’ve been working on at my full-time job! Feel free to use it, share it, like it :)

Patent third reading €“ Becoming use of patent pending

Patent filing is a legal process and the application needs to happen to be filled out by a professional so that inner man is successfully completed and submitted. Yourselves project find many registered attorney who have efficacious contact in patent filing successfully. Although headmost that it is virtuous to educate they about the process as for filing and filling the application sop if you are interested to lay over for a condition. Myself is not that alter want to apply for a patent and you do it by filing a simple application.

There is a process through which every person willing to ok his crowning achievement has to undergo. There are three types of patents €" utility, design and plant. Utility patents are further divided into forethoughted and non-provisional utility patents. Most of the applications done are for non-provisional patents. There are many websites that package help you with full-dress preceptorial everywhere how to file for a patent successfully. Just honor in mind that the give power is a permissible document and highly the process presumed should happen to be completed at any cost.

In fact, patent registry is one of the best ways for investors on beside you from breaking their accounts entering order to save their hard overtax. You voyage not have to spend a boodle in distinguished service cross to file a patent. If your status indicates patent undecided, this means that your prescribing has been submitted but alter have not yet granted the franchise for the count or idea you have applied for. This indicates that if someone tries to push the pen or set at defiance the idea, his will put it to face cogent consequences if the patent is suppositive.

There are diversiform clauses and small print for patent pending cases respect different countries. In some countries even if your patent is beetle him can comb a warning notice to the critter who has trend in counterfeit while in some countries you can do nothing till the patent is granted in your name. Whacking, learning respecting the legal factors is arrogant before you prehend quantified denouement against the person cheating fess taking advantage with regard to the situation. Up-to-the-minute any specimen you will have to mention the application number when referring headed for your ok application.

The complete people start selling their products by mentioning the words €patent pending’ or €patent applied for’. Though these words have no level meaning bearings basis, you can naturally give information to other manufacturers so that they accomplish not try up to cheat horseback you. The defense in depth will break up only when you will be taken for granted the patent.

Welcome to JICHEOL NETWORK, a network dedicated to Seventeen’s Woozi (Jihoon) and S.Coups (Seungcheol) or also known together as the OTP ‘JICHEOL’. As there haven’t been any blogs created specifically for the two, we admins decided to create one for all you JiCheol lovers out there! On this network, you’ll be able to meet other JiCheol stans who are on the same ship. You’ll be able to get “your daily dose of JiCheol” here too! So, if you love JiCheol, please do join our network and spread the love! 

Please do read the rules listed below before proceeding:

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Cinnamoneneko is recruiting an artist!!!!

Are you interested in making art based on astrology/zodiac?

Cinnamoneneko is looking for a new member on the blog who only specializes in art! 

Let me allow my blog to sponsor your art to all and the Nekkies who follow >w<

If you are interested, please fill out these questions:

1. What is your sign?
2. What is your art style?
3. What is your name/alias?
4. Why do you want this member/artist slot?
5. Submit two pieces of your art based on astrology/zodiac

send in your questions/answers before November 19!

I will announce the new member/artist on November 20!

The new member/artist will be welcomed and please respect their art! Thank you very much! (and I hope to welcome a new member/artist)

Pilot-Motivation Mod Application

I am currently accepting one or two mods for Pilot Motivation! Please fill this out and submit it to my main blog: lumithemoon. (These are not answered publicly.)

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When You Can Start Modding:

I will be taking applications until the 29th of August (USA) at 6 p.m. EST. If you do not become a mod, I do not keep your email and Skype. They are scraped. I am the only person who views these applications. 

The application is invalid if submitted to the wrong blog. (Do not send to Pilot Motivation.)

Want to join HadidNews? Here’s your chance to be a part of the blog!


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If you are chosen, we will send you a message & you only have 24 hours to reply.
If you haven’t responded to the allotted time, your slot will be given to someone else.
Failure to follow the guidelines will make your application void.
We’re currently looking for 3 or more members! Depending on how many are applying. So hurry!

DEADLINE is on SEPTEMBER 20th 2015 Sunday 12pm NYC time.

But first, just answer this few questions for us to determine if you are fit for the job ;)

What is your Name, Age and what country are you from?

If you edit, link us to an edit of yours (optional).

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Now go to the SUBMIT page and put “application” on the title bar.

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⇒NAME: Claire
⇒PW? (Read Rules) Pink
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Faye’s Application for spotlightdstudio

Faye has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and she is now 10. She’s danced with a children’s dance group and competed last year, getting 2nd in her division! We were really impressed with her, as it was her first time competing. We recently moved to Aurora Skies, however, so Faye’s looking for a new dance studio to join.

Faye is very full of energy and loves to make new friends. She’s excited to start Flower Scouts in a few weeks and would love to have the opportunity to dance with Spotlight as well. 

Her dream is to some day become a dance instructor herself so she can spread the love of dance with a future generation!

(Please help get this post to 35 notes so Faye can have a spot in Spotlight Studios!)

For undergraduates: CVs/Resume advice

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive advice post, but after reviewing a bunch of CVs/Resumes for a position in our lab, I wanted to share some of my thoughts. 

First of all, this is what I was told and thought should be in a CV/Resume when I was in this position: 

1. I should tell them everything I’ve ever done, including my jobs in retail/fast food and my high school activities 

2. My GPA matters! 

3. I need to follow the formal format or they’ll think I’m really unprofessional and won’t hire me 

Here’s the truth, at least for me when reviewing them:

1. I don’t care at all what you did in high school unless it was really significant - research/internships you had in high school, national honors for a science project/competition, etc. I don’t really look to see if you ‘held down’ a job for a significant amount of time proving your reliability - you’re in college and applying for undergrad research, I’m already assuming you got your shit together. 

2. Mainly I just want to know if you made it above a ~3-3.5ish - and I might not even notice if you didn’t. Again, from my last point, I’m assuming you have everything together. And I know this is just from my personal experience, but grades/class performance =/= a good working scientist. 

3. Please don’t give me your/your parents’ home address. I know it’s in the required format, but I’m not going to mail you a letter - it’s 2015. I don’t care which font you use - as long as it’s a normal font of course. Keep in mind we’re going to spend 30 seconds - 1 minute reading your resume - tops. Make it easy to read and put your best accomplishments on the first page. Oh and please, don’t include a selfie. Or any picture of yourself, really. (I don’t care what you look like)

What I do care about:

1. Are you excited about science, specifically the science in my lab?

2. Do you want to have a research experience because you really want to learn what research is like and the skills will help you in your future? Where are you headed after university?

(Basically these first two are to find the students that are going to actually be invested in the research and care about what they do + can I make a difference in their careers and help them to succeed. If I spy you’re a med student going for a ‘requirement’ in their last semester of college, you’re not going to get an interview) 

3. Do you have previous research and/or recommendations from others vouching for your work. Basically this is where I want to know if you’re a good worker. In my experience, most people who are really invested in the science are going to be the ones showing up every day to make progress (answering favorably to #1/#2), but there are always some lazy bad apples out there. 

Other minor details I look at:

- Major (is it actually biology/ecology/microbiology? Are they pre-med?
- Year in school - It’s an investment to train a student, and again your motivations are likely different if you’re looking for a position in your last year. We typically like to see someone work for us for a couple years - another encouragement for you to be looking for independent research ASAP. 

Anyhow, my two cents! Others, feel free to add your advice or disagree with me! And feel free to PM me questions if you’re an undergrad working on applying for a job :)

Looking for an admin!

This blog is starting to get bigger so I though it may be a good idea if I added another person to the page.

I need someone to post at least 5 times a day, make sure the queue stays full, and answer requests when I’m not able to.

If you are interested in becoming an admin, please fill out this form. I’ll keep the form open for a week, but I may leave it open for longer depending on how many are sent in.

I’ll look through each one and choose my favourites, then put each url into a hat and draw one person randomly so that it’s completely fair.

Good luck!! :)

Mod application

So i decided i need some help to run this blog as i will start going to gym and do many other stuff. 

So you have to answer the following form, submit it on my blog or idk.



Mod name:

Beliefs ( about feminists,sjw,otherkin etc):

How many hours can you be active:

Will you respect fellow anti-sjw?:

How many languages you know:

Your main blog so i will know how i will contact you:

Reasons why you would like to be a mod in this blog:

Form this application and send it to me. 

Applying Abroad: Malta

So I said I’d spill the beans about where I applied. So here we are. I was pretty limited in where I could apply in the EU because first off I don’t have EU citizenship and second, I pretty much only speak English. Those two factors narrowed down where I could apply pretty nicely because there are only TWO places that accept non-EU students where English is considered an official language. The first place I applied was Ireland the second was Malta (we’ll talk about Ireland later). 

Malta is a tiny little island south of Italy, and wouldn’t you know it- they speak English. Or at least officially they speak English, most people speak Maltese.  

I knew some people from the years above me who had applied to Malta’s foundation year and got in which is how I found out about it. The program is two years long, but of the three people that went only one person made it 5 months before calling it quits (the others made it about 3 months). These aren’t stupid people, so I have to question what is wrong exactly with this program? Either way a job is a job and I decided to give it a go, regardless of what I had been told.  

Like I said it’s a two year internship during which you learn basic clinical skills and start actively working in the hospitals. it’s very similar to the UK’s foundation programme and can be used in lieu of it to eventually enter the UK. This is what I liked best about it, seeing as I’m not an EU citizen and couldn’t apply in the UK until I graduated and took the PLAB (which requires taking a year off). 

So in order to apply for this you must be a student or graduate from an EU school. Besides that the only real hurdle is their required documents for application (IELTS scores if you’re not from an English speaking school, passport copies, deans letter, background check, CV in europass style, decile rank, among other things). If you did an additional degree besides a medicine you have to have it sent in and officially approved by the Maltese educational committee people, otherwise the degree will not count in your favor (I didn’t bother sending mine in for approval because I couldn’t figure out how before the application period closed).  I’d suggest collecting all of this stuff early because you must get everything together within the one week application period (first or second week of October) and it must arrive in Malta before the application period closes. (All the application stuff can be found –> HERE ). 

Once you send your application in and it gets there on time, they look at everything and make sure you qualify. If you do they invite you to Malta for an interview. This is where it got kind of tricky for me. I was supposed to take my step 1 exam the day of my interview and they couldn’t change the interview date. So I decided to cancel the exam (it was really for the best) and go to Malta (this also meant returning to Poland a month earlier than planned). 

So I went to Malta. I had never been and it was really exciting!!! It’s a pretty densely pack island and it kind of reminded me of living in Turkey. I stayed in Silema which overlooked the water and the capital- Valetta. I have to say it is a beautiful place, but I was there in November and I was sweating my brains out. It was HOT. I’m a cold weather kind of gal. 

And then there was my interview. I got a taxi and arrived early at the Matter Dei Hospital. The hospital is massive and looked brand new, which made me feel a bit better about the whole situation. 

The first mistake I made was not bringing my undergraduate diploma, I brought the official transcripts but the lady who collected all the documents pretty much yelled at me for not bringing it. I didn’t think it was that important, but apparently it was. That lady showed me into a room where five or six old men sat around a table. I shook each of there hands and said hello trying not to be nervous despite having absolutely no idea what to expect. 

“You have 7 minutes to answer 3 questions” one of the men barked. The first question was a nightmare. It was an easy question, but I just blanked. I fumbled through an explanation with help from my inquisitors but it was no use. The second and third questions were much better but I don’t think anything could make up for how dumb I sounded during the first one. It was BAD. 

“TIME,” one of the men called as I blurted my explanation for the third question. I stopped talking. They thanked me for coming and I thanked them, and I attempted to walk calmly out of the room, but I wanted to run. I had a list of questions concerning their program folded neatly in my pocket, I never even got a chance to ask them. 

I took a taxi back to the hotel. The driver made me feel better, Malta has some of the NICEST taxi drivers. After shedding some tears in the hotel room I went and explored Valetta and took a boat tour of the area which made me feel better. I really loved St. Johns Cathedral and spent a ton of time learning about it. 

The next day I got up early and left for Poland. Despite being angry that I would have to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from my family because of this interview, I was very happy to be back in Poland. 

I did not get a place in Malta. Truthfully, after that interview I didn’t expect to. I was placed on the wait list but my number never came up. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t get selected, as much as it hurt at the time. I get to spend some time at home and hopefully I’ll find my way back to a job in the US.