Here at FLAVNT we are all about giving back to the community and helping out wherever we can. So far we have helped (through y’all’s support) 3 guys get gender confirming surgery. We have raised $4100 in total and helped finance 2 top surgeries and one phalloplasty. We hope to continue to grow and be able to help even more people even faster. 

How it works is we give a portion of our profits to a fundraising partner who we select through an application process – the application can be found above and on We work alongside our partner and help them to spread the word about their fundraiser and our cause and enable them to get the community behind them. We are currently partnered with an amazing guy named Aiden until February of 2016, so if you want to see how this works check out our posts about him and please buy a shirt to support him and help to spread the word. 

Gender confirming surgeries are not only necessary for some, but they are expensive and sometimes unattainable. Many people don’t understand the hardship of having to literally pay to feel comfortable in their bodies – but many members of the LGBTQ+ community do and want to help. We are a brand that is run by a trans man who knows this pain first hand and by a lesbian who has grown up and had to watch her brother deal with dysphoria every day, so these partnerships are more than business to us. Please apply if you need help and please refer any friends, family, and followers who you think would be a good fit to work with us. 

Thank you and much love,
Courtney and Chris 
FLAVNT Streetwear

BOOST: Racistbeautybloggers mod application is open!

[link to the application]

We’ve updated our mod application so we can learn a little more about each applicant. If you’ve applied in the past but not heard back, you can still re-apply. Just indicate that you’ve applied in the past on the form.

We are especially looking for mods whose backgrounds are not represented in our current active mod group. Our current active mods are mod C (Han Chinese and Japanese, based in Canada + US), mod S (Mexican-American/Chicana, based in the US), and mod U (Bukharan Jewish, Krymchak, Cherokee and Choctaw). We are particularly interested in mods who represent different ethnicities and cultures, are darker skinned, and/or are located outside the US and Canada. However, we will be considering all applicants, so please apply even if you share backgrounds with one of us or are light skinned, etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We’re excited to read your applications. Please submit your application before January 31st, 12:00am PST. We’ll be going through the applications after that date and should have final decisions by the middle of February.

-the mods


72 Seasons applicationA year of nature, food and tradition seen through the ancient Japanese calendar (seen on Spoon & Tamago via IG Facebook)

[this] app has recently been translated into English, and is available for free. It syncs with the old 72 season calendar and updates about every 5 days, pinging you (if you allow it) with every new microseason as you enter it.

And not only does it give you the microseason but a whole bunch of poetic information like the seasonal word (this week is risshun, or ‘first spring’), seasonal fish (Spiny Lobster!), seasonal vegetable (Butterbur anyone?), seasonal star and even seasonal activity. And each is accompanied by a beautiful illustration or photograph. I was honestly surprised that a free app could come with such high-quality content. (We were not paid to say that. It’s just how we feel.)

I totally agree with Spoon & Tamago‘s review: this app is absolutly lovely, easy to use and with great quality content. I can’t believe it’s actually a free one!

I highly encourage you to try it if you are interested in classical Japanese culture, a Haiku lover or… a kimono enthousiast ;)

Musicians’ applications are now open! 

If you’re familiar with either remixing or creating your own original compositions and are interested in working with a great bunch of fans to make a dating sim, please apply here.  We’d love to have you! 

If you don’t make music, please reblog this to pass it along to those who do! There’s a lot of talent in the undertale community, and , but we can only find them if they see this post and apply!

Hello! This is a new network I have decided to start called “Suga-Net” for everyone to enjoy everything that is Min Yoongi! I hope you will join :)

But first…

  • You must have at least 40-50% BTS related content on your blog
  • Follow the network
  • Reblog this post before you apply
  • Rules Page (for additional rules)

If you meet the standards, apply here

We will notify you once you have been accepted ! Hope to see you soon ~

nekozumekenmas asked:

ok so i just bought myself eyeliner for the first time and i was wondering if you had any tips regarding application? i've watched a few tutorials online and i'm rly scared to wear it tbh

Well, first it all depends on what kind of eyeliner you have and what you are looking to do with it (i.e. pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner? just waterline, wing, what kind of wing?). 
Regardless of that, it takes a lot of practice. I’m turning 21 in a few weeks and I’ve been doing my eyeliner since I was 14 and I am still learning tips and tricks and I have bad days where my eyeliner isn’t playing nice. I barely started using gel eyeliner as well. It’s all a process! :) Don’t give up!!! Practice when you know you’ll be home all day so you can get used to it and not be as nervous for when you go out in public. 

One tip I have for winged eyeliner is to not make the wing curved. I used to do this and its a mess (imo). So don’t make a swoop down and then go up, just do a diagonal line from the edge of your eye!!! If that makes sense. The diagonal already feigns a curve so its not necessary to over do it. 
And don’t be afraid to use tape as a guideline! Just make sure to get rid of as much tackiness as possible!!!

If anyone has tips/videos that worked for you, send them in!!
-mod S 

For people with ADHD/ADD

I downloaded an application called Fabulous : Motivate Me ! on the google store, and it really helps me to not forgot things and forces me to do things in time ! It’s like timed (or not, as you wish !) to do lists, and you chose the time and the duration, and you are notified on time when you need to do these things and how much time you’ll need, you can snooze some of the task so it reminds you to do them later, etc. You have achievement and a lot of tips/life hack to gain time or being more efficient/productive, in short, it is really useful. For an ADHD person like me, it helped me so much not forgetting my medicine, remembering to remove makeup before being cozy in the bed, telling me if I’m skiping too much important task (like showering or eating).

Here are the links :

Fabulous on Android
Fabulous official website

They are working on an iOS version but it’s not released yet.

I hope this application will help you as much as i helps me ! 

(even if this post is mainly for ADHD person, feel free to reblog it if this helps you ! Plus the more you reblog, the more it spreads, higher are the chances it helps people !)

The Hocskey Network is looking for people who share a love for the seemingly rare and most random pair - Captain Swan and hockey, and also people who appreciate the ingenuity of the name. You can either be a(n):

  1. ADMIN: Those who would like to help me run the blog. Graphic makers would be an asset. 
  2. MEMBER: Everyone who applies. If you check the members page, it’s basically a catalogue of everyone and their favourite team. Ideally, I want  you to be able to find people who like the same team.

How to Apply (DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 12) 

  1. Follow the blog
  2. Reblog this post (Likes will be considered as bookmarks)
  3. Fill out the form


  • New friends who like the same team(s)
  • A place to chat with others during episodes or games
  • Tag your creations with #hocskey for an automatic reblog.
  • Option to partake in a fantasy pool and playoff bracket challenge. It’ll be competitive and you’ll win… things, most likely gif requests and/or promos. *Specifics are still up in the air, but it would be fun.

Housekeeping Issues (After the fact)

  • Please respect the other members. Other than the occasional chirping, hate is not tolerated. 
  • You don’t have to follow everyone, but I strongly recommend you to follow those who like the same team. That’s the point of this network haha 

anonymous asked:

Hey, can i become a doctor if i have diabetes? Sometimes i just feel overwelmed and im really trying to have a good glucose control but things aren't always the way i want them to be. Thank you!

As with my ask about becoming a doctor with depression, diabetes should be no reason to stop you. I don’t know any type 1 diabetic doctors or medical students, but one of my favourite obs and gynae consultants had just started insulin for his type 2 diabetes. He said he made sure that everyone he worked with was aware, and he kept sugary snacks with him at all times in case of hypos.

As with other medical conditions, it’s important your university and colleagues are aware in case something did go wrong. With diabetes I imagine the irregular working hours will be the hardest thing, you’ll have to make the time to eat, eating the correct things and taking your meds.

The general medical practice who are the regulatory body dealing with guidelines and fitness to practise issues in the UK state that medical schools must make reasonable adjustments for disabilities and illnesses. So, it shouldn’t effect your application at all.

Having said this, I’d say achieving good control of your blood sugars would be important for you and your patients to be safe. So, this is something you’ll need to develop strategies to achieve. There’s lots if advice for students with diabetes online which is worth taking a look at too. I’d also reccomend emailing your favourite schools to ask about your application before hand, just to make certain their occupational health team will work with you- but I’m sure they will, as well controlled diabetes shouldn’t put you or you patients at risk.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Welcome to girlmeetsnetwork! A blog dedicated to Disney’s Girl Meets World, where gifs, edits, icons, and updates would be posted regularly. We are looking for members to become part of this small community and only a few guidelines have to be followed!

R U L E S:

  • mbf esme & jardana
  • also, you could follow wiley, bc she’s wonderful
  • reblog this post only once, likes are for bookmarks
  • must post some gmw, multifandom is okay
  • fill out this application

I N F O:

  • must reach at least 20 notes
  • accepting 10-15 members
  • deadline february 26th, 2016
  • must be an active blogger!


  • you will receive a message from the admins
  • submit an icon + description
  • get a spot on the network page

If you have any questions or concerns then please message either admin or the network page itself, happy reblogging!