This is an almost-perfect example of the application of the typical Bagua stance.
Many people see the two outstretched hands and the positioning of the feet but do not understand how it is applied in combat.

The lower hand grasps and prevents any blows from being throw. It also pulls down, bringing the body with it and allowing for a vicious palm strike, throat jab or even just a punch.
The right leg uses the shin bone to push against the muscle of the opponent’s leg which causes the knee to twist. Done quickly, this will either put an opponent off balance or it will put them down entirely.

Bagua uses constant, fluid motion so all of these movements are done at once. With speed, accuracy and and the incorporation of movement, it can easily - but gracefully - put an attacker down.

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Since I’ve reached well over my goal of 3k, I’ve decided to create a network!

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The Valkyrie Academy for Witches Application for Entry

Since there have been quite a few people interested in my starting an online coven, here it is! If you are interested in being accepted into the academy, please fill out the application below, and send it to me via either ask or fan mail.


A few things about the school:

•Classes are optional
•Each class lasts a week
•Students can submit applications to teach their own classes later on after the school is more established.
•supplies are optional, but if you do decide you want them, you will be able to purchase them from my etsy store at the lowest possible price I can offer them.
•Aside from supplies, no payment will ever be asked of you. EVER. This is a school I’m founding to HELP witchlings and promote friendship in the witching community. It will never be about money. A pox upon me if it does.


So follows the application for entry. Please copy and paste into a message or ask and send to me, soothingvioletlight.

Preferred name:
(First name or your Magick name)

(IE Storm witch, Green witch, Kitchen witch etc)

(What Magicks you feel comes easiest to you. Where you excel and enjoy yourself most. Aka divination, potions etc.)

Tools of the Trade:
(Ie: if you use crystals, herbs, a spirit board. Your favorite witchy tools.)

Areas of interest:
(Magick hobbies. Crystal Magick, animal Magick, herbology, talking to spirits, astral travel. Etc. your favorite magickal pastimes.)

Deities (if any):

Physical Address:
(For sending your student ID card, your acceptance letter and welcome package)


After submitting your application, if accepted you will receive your letter within a week (Goddess willing. Blasted snail mail). As of right now, we are only accepting students in the U.S.

Thanks for your interest!


Story time with Jongin

George Washington University no longer requests SAT or ACT for admission

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Gotta keep getting views for the World Festival ahhhhhhhhh haha. I don’t know why they go off views. It’s stressful lol. 

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FIGURE 1 is an instagram for medical and nursing professionals. This application is here to safely share clinical cases and discuss treatment. It creates new case studies, help with solutions, treatments and last but not least it’s great educational tool. And the best feature? It’s free! Help to build this platform for us all! :) 

For more app suggestions click here. :) 

If you like EXO and Bangtan and want to meet other K-pop fans who do too, join our network!

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Interest. No, I’m not talking about your bank account (I’m sorry that was an awful joke). I’m talking about interest in college. You may be thinking What is this girl talking about? Of course I’m interested in the college, that’s why I’m applying. But, sometimes that’s not enough. Demonstrated Interest can possibly make or break your application when pitted against other students with the same stats as you. An admissions officer from George Washington University told me that they don’t waste their time with applicants who don’t really want it.

But I really want it!

Parading around in a Harvard sweatshirt may tell your friends and family how much you want it, but that won’t translate on your application. Instead, demonstrate your interest by doing one (or all) of these things-

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Applying to Graduate School In Clinical Psychology
I have had a number of questions from people about the application process to grad school. Many undergraduate or master's students applying to doctoral programs for the first time. As I went throug...

I made a blog post on my Wordpress about applying to graduate school in clinical psychology based on my own experiences. I hope it will be helpful to at least some people. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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