Spot a Sociopath

10 signs for spotting a sociopath

#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets. 

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm…”

almost 1000 likes for my apple white custom doll photo on

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Her she is! My version of Apple White in Ballet class! I couldn’t be any happier with the way she turned out! What did I do? I used a Dragon Games Apple head and placed it in a naked Apple body. Then, I changed her lip color from pink to bright red to match her dress. I gave her a basic ponytail hairstyle I saw on some ballerinas online and decided it was perfect. Can you believe there aren’t any Apple dolls with ponytails from Mattel? That will make her stand out from the others! I placed one of the headbands with a crown that came with the Getting Fairest Apple, pierced her ears and added some cute apple earrings. I found the necklace in an accessory drawer I have and painted it gold (it was red). I added a gold bracelet from that same drawer and I painted a bow belt gold. I added basic fishnet leggings and painted the Maddie’s budget ballerina shoes from gold to black and red. As for the beautiful dress she’s wearing, I got it from Haunt Couture! Such beautiful detail, fantastic quality and overall an amazing work of art! I recommend you check their shop for one of a kind outfits for your dolls. And there she is! The complete look. I hope you guys like how she turned out! Now she’s definitely worth of being part of my Apple White collection! <3


According to the book Dangerous Personalities, these fifty traits are typical of cult leaders:

  1. He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
  2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or brilliance.
  3. Demands blind unquestioned obedience.
  4. Requires excessive admiration from followers and outsiders.
  5. Has a sense of entitlement - expecting to be treated special at all times.
  6. Is exploitative of others by asking for their money or that of relatives putting others at financial risk.
  7. Is arrogant and haughty in his behavior or attitude.
  8. Has an exaggerated sense of power (entitlement) that allows him to bend rules and break laws.
  9. Takes sexual advantage of members of his sect or cult.
  10. Sex is a requirement with adults and sub adults as part of a ritual or rite.
  11. Is hypersensitive to how he is seen or perceived by others.
  12. Publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable, or not worthy.
  13. Makes members confess their sins or faults publicly subjecting them to ridicule or humiliation while revealing exploitable weaknesses of the penitent.
  14. Has ignored the needs of others, including: biological, physical, emotional, and financial needs.
  15. Is frequently boastful of accomplishments.
  16. Needs to be the center of attention and does things to distract others to ensure that he or she is being noticed by arriving late, using exotic clothing, over-dramatic speech, or by making theatrical entrances.
  17. Has insisted in always having the best of anything (house, car, jewelry, clothes) even when others are relegated to lesser facilities, amenities, or clothing.
  18. Doesn’t seem to listen well to needs of others, communication is usually one-way in the form of dictates.
  19. Haughtiness, grandiosity, and the need to be controlling is part of his personality.
  20. Behaves as though people are objects to be used, manipulated or exploited for personal gain.
  21. When criticized he tends to lash out not just with anger but with rage.
  22. Anyone who criticizes or questions him is called an “enemy.”
  23. Refers to non-members or non-believers in him as “the enemy.”
  24. Acts imperious at times, not wishing to know what others think or desire.
  25. Believes himself to be omnipotent.
  26. Has “magical” answers or solutions to problems.
  27. Is superficially charming.
  28. Habitually puts down others as inferior and only he is superior.
  29. Has a certain coldness or aloofness about him that makes others worry about who this person really is and or whether they really know him.
  30. Is deeply offended when there are perceived signs of boredom, being ignored or of being slighted.
  31. Treats others with contempt and arrogance.
  32. Is constantly assessing for those who are a threat or those who revere him.
  33. The word “I” dominates his conversations. He is oblivious to how often he references himself.
  34. Hates to be embarrassed or fail publicly - when he does he acts out with rage.
  35. Doesn’t seem to feel guilty for anything he has done wrong nor does he apologize for his actions.
  36. Believes he possesses the answers and solutions to world problems.
  37. Believes himself to be a deity or a chosen representative of a deity.
  38. Rigid, unbending, or insensitive describes how this person thinks.
  39. Tries to control others in what they do, read, view, or think.
  40. Has isolated members of his sect from contact with family or outside world.
  41. Monitors and or restricts contact with family or outsiders.
  42. Works the least but demands the most.
  43. Has stated that he is “destined for greatness” or that he will be “martyred.”
  44. Seems to be highly dependent of tribute and adoration and will often fish for compliments.
  45. Uses enforcers or sycophants to insure compliance from members or believers.
  46. Sees self as “unstoppable” perhaps has even said so.
  47. Conceals background or family which would disclose how plain or ordinary he is.
  48. Doesn’t think there is anything wrong with himself – in fact sees himself as perfection or “blessed.”
  49. Has taken away the freedom to leave, to travel, to pursue life, and liberty of followers.
  50. Has isolated the group physically (moved to a remote area) so as to not be observed.


Heaven’s gate was a religious UFO cult in San Diego, California. They believed planet Earth was supposed to be recycled (wiped clean, everyone dead) and the only way to survive was to leave immediately.

They believed that their bodies were vehicles only meant to help them on their journey. They performed mass suicide, but defined this suicide as going on to the “next level”. 

They thought that there only means of escape would be to board their souls abroad a space craft that was trailing comet Hale-Bopp.

The cult rented a 9,200-sq.-ft. mansion. 

Thirty-eight Heaven’s Gate members, plus group leader Applewhite, were found dead in the home on March 26, 1997. In the heat of the California spring, many of the bodies had begun to decompose by the time they were discovered. Autopsies were carried out on the corpses, and medical examiners found the people had taken cyanide and arsenic. 

The members took phenobarbital mixed with pineapple, washed down with vodka. Additionally, they secured plastic bags around their heads after ingesting the mix to induce asphyxiation.

 Authorities found the dead lying neatly in their own bunk beds, faces and torsos covered by a square, purple cloth. Each member carried a five-dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets, said to be for interplanetary toll.

You can read more about them here in this Wiki article

Only one of the group’s members, Rio DiAngelo/ did not kill himself: weeks before the suicides, in December 1996, DiAngelo agreed to leave the group so he could ensure future dissemination of Heaven’s Gate videos and literature. 

What’s really creepy is how this reddit user e-mailed them and they responded! (click picture to enlargen)

Paramount’s ‘Overlord’ Adds Iain de Caestecker, Bokeem Woodbine, John Magaro & More
Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Iain de Caestecker, Bokeem Woodbine (Underground), and John Magaro have joined previously announced stars Jovan Adepo and Wyatt Russell in Paramount/Bad Robot’s u…
By Amanda N'Duka

Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D‘s Iain de Caestecker, Bokeem Woodbine (Underground), and John Magaro have joined previously announced stars Jovan Adepo and Wyatt Russell in Paramount/Bad Robot’s upcoming war film Overlord, from director Julius Avery. Rounding out the cast are Jacob Anderson (Game Of Thrones), Dominic Applewhite (The King’s Speech), Pilou Asbaek (Game Of Thrones), and Mathilde Ollivier (The Misfortunes Of Francois Jane) as production is underway in the UK.

The pic follows a group of American paratroopers who, on the eve of D-Day,  are dropped behind enemy lines to carry out a mission crucial to the invasion’s success. But as they approach their target, they begin to realize there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation.

J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber are producing the film, from a screenplay by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith.

A non exhaustive list of UFO religious groups


“Raëlism (also known as Raëlianism or the Raëlian movement) is a UFO religion that was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon (b. 1946), now known as Raël. The Raëlian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim. Members of this species appeared human when having personal contacts with the descendants of the humans that they made. They purposefully misinformed early humanity that they were angels, cherubim, or gods. Raëlians believe that messengers, or prophets, of the Elohim include Buddha, Jesus, and others who informed humans of each era. The founder of Raëlism, members claim, received the final message of the Elohim and that its purpose is to inform the world about Elohim and that if humans become aware and peaceful enough, they wish to be welcomed by them.”

                                   The Nuwaubian Nation

“The Nuwaubian Nation or Nuwaubian movement was a religious organization founded and led by Dwight York. York began founding Black Muslim groups in New York in 1967. He changed his teachings and the names of his groups many times, incorporating concepts from Judaism, Christianity, and many esoteric beliefs.In the late 1980s, he abandoned the Muslim theology of his movement in favor of Kemetism and UFO religion. In 1991 he took his community to settle in upstate New York; then they moved near the county seat of Eatonton, Georgia, in Putnam County. His followers built an ancient Egypt-themed compound called Tama-Re and changed their name to the “United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.””

                                      The Universe People

 “ Universe People or Cosmic People of Light Powers (Czech: Vesmírní lidé sil světla) is a Czech and Slovak UFO religion founded in the 1990s and centered on Ivo A. Benda. Their belief system is based upon the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations communicating with Benda and other contactees since October 1997 telepathically and later even by direct personal contact. They are considered to be the most distinctive UFO religion in the Czech Republic.“ 



“Scientology is a body of religious beliefs and practices created in 1954 by American author L. Ron Hubbard (1911–86). Hubbard initially developed a program of ideas called Dianetics, which was distributed through the Dianetics Foundation. The foundation soon entered bankruptcy and Hubbard lost the rights to his seminal publication Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1952. He then recharacterized the subject as a religion and renamed it Scientology, retaining the terminology, doctrines, the E-meter, and the practice of auditing. Within a year, he regained the rights to Dianetics and retained both subjects under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology.

 In the OT levels, Hubbard explains how to reverse the effects of past-life trauma patterns that supposedly extend millions of years into the past. Among these advanced teachings is the story of Xenu (sometimes Xemu), introduced as the tyrant ruler of the "Galactic Confederacy”. According to this story, 75 million years ago Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners, stacked them around volcanoes and detonated hydrogen bombs in the volcanoes. The thetans then clustered together, stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to do this today. “         


                                            Heaven’s Gate

“ Heaven’s Gate was an American UFO religious millenarian group based in San Diego, California, founded in the early 1970s and led by Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1927–1985). On March 26, 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group who had committed mass suicide in order to reach what they believed was an extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale–Bopp.

Heaven’s Gate members believed the planet Earth was about to be “recycled” (wiped clean, renewed, refurbished, and rejuvenated), and the only chance to survive was to leave it immediately. While the group was against suicide, they defined “suicide” in their own context to mean “to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered” and believed their “human” bodies were only vessels meant to help them on their journey. In conversation, when referring to a person or a person’s body, they routinely used the word “vehicle””                                      

                                  Church of the SubGenius

“The Church of the SubGenius is a parody religion that satirizes better-known belief systems. It teaches a complex philosophy that focuses on J. R. "Bob” Dobbs, purportedly a salesman from the 1950s, who is revered as a prophet by the Church. SubGenius leaders have developed detailed narratives about Dobbs and his relationship to various gods and conspiracies. Their central deity, Jehovah 1, is accompanied by other gods drawn from ancient mythology and popular fiction. SubGenius literature describes a grand conspiracy that seeks to brainwash the world and oppress Dobbs’ followers. In its narratives, the Church presents a blend of cultural references in an elaborate remix of the sources.“                  


                                        Aetherius Society

“The Aetherius Society is a millenarian, New Age, UFO religion. It was founded by George King in the mid-1950s as the result of what King claimed were contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences, whom he referred to as “Cosmic Masters”. Regarded as firmly based in Theosophy, the Aetherius Society combines UFO claims, yoga, and ideas from various world religions, notably Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Stefan Isaksson notes that it has “become a complex religious belief system that includes an extraterrestrial hierarchy of various spiritual masters and such concepts as universal karma and religious healing.” The religion’s goal is to prevent worldly destruction by improving cooperation between humanity and various alien ‘masters’,and by using 'spiritual energy’ to improve the spiritual calibre of the world “

👽  If you want more posts about UFO religions or want us to cover a specific group, message us!  👽

SAUDI ARABIA. East of the country. January 18, 1991. Soldiers, hotel workers and others, some wearing gas masks, kneel for morning prayers in a basement used as a bomb shelter at a hotel. A Scud missile fired by Iraq had reportedly been intercepted and destroyed by a Patriot missile earlier in the day.

Photograph: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Pure guilty pleasure time thanks to the amazing @kazeknight who wanted a “date pack“ for the OT3. I have no idea where they’re going. Dragon Games with romantic vibes? Jousting tournament where Darling is competing? Idk.

But yea, I ship this thing so hard. Three strong women in varying degrees of mental , physical, and spiritual strengths? Give it to me.

Disclaimer- All the outfit designs were created by me, the characters themselves belong to Mattel.

Heaven’s Gate was an American UFO religion based in San Diego, California, founded and led by Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1928–1985). On March 26, 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group who had committed suicide in order to reach an alien space craft which they believed was following the Comet Hale-Bopp. The bodies were all found on beds, cots, or mattresses. A 3’ by 3’ shroud of purple fabric was laid over all but two bodies’ upper torsos and heads. The two others had plastic bags over their heads. Each was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants, black or white socks, and new black Nike tennis shoes. All had close-cropped haircuts.

10 Real Life People That Need Movies

There are people whose life was so interesting that it would make for a great story to tell on the big screen. These are people that really existed that I think deserve a big screen treatment. Some of these people may have had a movie made about them but I am talking about a proper movie treatment. I also included some actors that I think would be great fits for the role both in looks and acting ability.

10. Marshall Applewhite:

This guy was a very eccentric, weird, and “out there” kind of guy. His cult group Heaven’s Gate would almost make for a dark comedy with their bizarre beliefs and rituals. Look up his last video he shot before his suicide and you can see just how weird this guy was. I always pictured the Coen Brothers doing a movie about him because he almost seems like a weird character they come up with. The actor to play him also needs to be able to bring to the table more than just being bald. Possible actors to play him: Toby Jones, Walton Goggins, John Malkovich.

9. Carl Panzram:

This guy is the true definition of a messed up individual. Everything from murder, rape, and brutal beatings this guy did. He had a very rough childhood that would make for a hard to watch movie but it would be worth it to explore an evil man and how evil can be born. This role would require a great physical transformation too as Panzram was a very muscular and buff guy that should strike fear in your heart. As long as this movie doesn’t border into exploitation, this would be a very dark very horrific film. Possible actors to play him: Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, Chris Hemsworth.

8. Emily Dickinson:

Another tortured artist. A very reclusive woman that never really wanted to reveal her brilliance and poems to the world. She had a very odd relationship with her husband with some people thinking she might have been in the closet. A lot of her poetry was about death as she seemed obsessed with it. This movie would be great at exploring loneliness, art, love, and mortality. Would be kind of a sad movie but it’s how Dickinson’s life was so it would be true to her. Possible actresses to play her: Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Natalie Dormer.

7. David Koresh:

I just don’t see how this guy was able to get people to follow him. With Jim Jones at least you can see how his charisma helps, but with Koresh he was just insane to the point that it would have been amazing if he got two people to follow him. Always a troubled and sad person his whole life, this movie would be an interesting watch to see a man who went from a loser to a leader of hundreds. The movie also would be a great exploration of faith and sanity because he somehow got people to believe he was a prophet. The actor needs a mixture of weirdness, leadership, insanity, and pathetic loserdom. Possible actors to play him: Paul Dano, Lee Tergesen, Michael C. Hall.

6. John Brown:

Even today there are people who would consider him to be an extremist. He was a man that would help slaves rise up and kill their masters and then he tried to capture a fort and free all the slaves. A lot of his motivation was religious and it would be nice to see a religious man in this time use religion to speak out against slavery. They need an actor who has an intensity in his eyes and his voice. He was kinda of a badass too that would make for a great role for an actor. Possible actors to play him: Bill Paxton, Kevin Costner, Bryan Cranston.

5. Marvin Gaye:

Another genius plagued by insecurities from his father. I always wondered why there has not been a movie about him because he had a life made for a great drama. A soulful voice, a charismatic presence, and a sadness behind his eyes that would guarantee an actor a nomination. They need an actor who also is a good singer, even though no one can ever match Marvin Gaye’s voice. The man who would play Gaye’s father also would be an interesting role. Possible actors to play him: Jesse L. Martin, Jeffrey Wright, Lenny Kravitz.

4. Harriet Jacobs:

Harriet Jacobs is much like Solomon Northup the man whose life was based on the movie 12 Years A Slave. She went through so much shit that I’m surprised she did not just give up. But she is really the embodiment of the human spirit and the ability of a person to overcome any of life’s obstacles. Throughout her life she maintained this quiet and subdued strength that I think any actress would find challenging to play. If there was a movie about her, I don’t think the actress needs to be in your face they really need to get an actress that can show subtle pain and endurance. Read her life story in the great book Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: As Told By Herself. Possible actresses to play her: Alfre Woodard, Viola Davis, Regina King.

3. John Wilkes Booth:

This was a man that truly believed that what he did would make the United States great again. Many people do not know or forget that he was a famous actor in his time and considered “the world’s most handsome man”. His conspiracy to “take back the country” would make for a thrilling movie and his relationship with Mary Surratt would be great to watch. Like a lot of troubled and bad men, he also had complicated relationships with his family and that would make for a movie that would explore this man that a lot of people know but don’t really know. Possible actors to play him: Joaquin Phoenix, Timothy Olyphant, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

2. Morton Downey, Jr. :

This is the guy that the likes of Jerry Springer, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly should be thanking. He was the mad genius that was responsible for the “trash talk show”. Downey the host was loud, angry, opinionated, and fascinating to watch. The man Downey was insecure, at his heart sweet, desperate, and scared. His father was a famous and renowned singer and he really tried to live up to his father’s spotlight. If you watch the documentary Evocateur you can really see how much he wanted to please his father and how many times he felt he was disappointing his father. I feel that a movie about this guy would be funny, sad, and though provoking about the state of media and culture on politics. Possible actors to play him: Denis Leary, Edward Norton, Ray Liotta.

1. Jim Jones:

I always have found cult leaders and cults more fascinating than serial killers. How does one man lead a whole group to kill others and themselves? This is a question that I think should be explored in a big screen treatment for Jim Jones. He truly was a bizarre man who even in his early childhood was fascinated with death. There was one supposed story that he killed a cat than performed a funeral for the cat with friends acting as a preacher during the service. He was a white man from Indiana that lead a mostly black church during the 60’s when people were begging and advocating for change in the United States. But even with all his talk of good behind those words was a manipulative sociopath. If you’re still not convinced you should check out the documentary Jonestown: The Life and Death of the People’s Temple. Possible actors to play him: Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Christian Bale.

summer study challenge 7/30: make an apps masterpost

there are so many apps that can help you with your studying so this is just a list of some of them c:

£ means that the app costs money

* is my personal favourites

to do lists/planners:

wunderlist- android / apple

todoist- android / apple

schedule planner- android / apple

google calendar- android / apple

*evernote- android / apple

one note- android / apple


*coffitivity- android / apple

ambiance- £ android / £ apple

white noise- android / apple

noisli- £ android / £ apple


quizlet- android / apple

memrise- android / apple

*duolingo- android / apple

khan academy- android / apple

wolfram alpha- £ android / £ apple


*forest- android / £ apple  (a free similar app for apple is focusnow)

clear focus- android

flat tomato- apple

mindly- android / apple

i hope you guys found this helpful and if there’s anything you want to ask just message me!

Fiadh - Ever After High custom doll

Original doll: Mattel Ever After High Applewhite
Wig: dyed raw sheeps wool
Body mod: eyes cut open
Eyes: 10mm green acrylic eyes purchased off Ebay
Face: chalk pastels, colored pencils, acrylics, clear gloss, fake lashes
Dress and cape: hand sewn from printed linen, cotton fabric and ribbons; fabric paint handpainted cape
Shoes: original Monster High Wydowna Spider shoes and cotton fabric Dollstand: plaster, acrylic paint, wire, twigs, real moss, fabric leaves
Deer: bought from a deco store