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Appleton font by Decade Typefoundry.

Back to 1880-1900 when a number of events were coming together, the country was evolving from a local market economy to mass merchandising, rail systems were being built and color lithography was becoming more affordable.

The first rail cars full of oranges were being shipped from Southern California to the East - what a treat during a cold winter’s day. Labels were pasted on every fruit crate and these labels had large images of oranges and orange groves.

With technological advances in soldered cans, canneries popped up all over the country. In order to market their products many California Canneries pooled their resources to form the California Fruit Canners Assn. in 1899.

This font was inspired from that era. Loaded with alternates, swashes, stylistic and multilingual support.

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in Wisconsin we don’t say “i love you,” we say “Hello everybody. This is going to be extremely explicit so if you don’t like swearing or angry people from Wisconsin then turn your mothereffing camera off now. I just got back from Bath and Body Works and I am going to start from the very beginning. I’m so mad right now, you guys literally have no idea. I was shaking, like for the past hour I have been shaking to the point where I couldn’t make a video I was so mad. So let me backtrack. If you guys watch my videos, you guys know I have been searching high and low ever since they had the candle sale two for 20 candles at Bath and Body Works. I have been searching for 2 scents. I have been searching for the Winter Candy Apple and Iced Gingerbread. This is the last day of the sale. Sunday. I have been calling my store in Appleton. Appleton Wisconsin. I want everyone to know, this happened in Appleton. I have been calling my store every day for the past week wanting these two scents. I want Winter Candy Apple, Iced Gingerbread. They were supposed to come out, they were launching in the stores October 29th. So they were supposed to come out. I’ve been calling Green Bay, Appleton, Fond du Lac, and the outlet in Oshkosh. All four stores dont have them, that’s not what makes me mad. Ticked me off a little bit but I thought eh they’ll come in, no big whoop. So I have to calm down cause this gets really bad here. So I’ve been calling, calling, calling. They don’t have them. This morning while actually yesterday I called my Appleton store and I said you know I hate to bother you again and I said if I’m harassing you or anything please let me know because I can be quite persistent so if you guys wanna take down my name and number and give me a call when they come in. Go right ahead and do that and that way you guys can call me when they come in. I gave her my name and number, haven’t heard from her. I went to the Oshkosh store today but before I went, I called the Appleton store. I said I’m looking for these two scents but if you guys don’t have them I’ll head to the Oshkosh store. I was amazed she said guess what, we have them in. I was like WHAT PLEASE PLEASE PUT ONE OF EACH ON HOLD I bought two Peach Bellinis a while ago actually I bought 3 so I was gonna take these 2 Peach Bellinis back and exchange them. And I thought Oh my gosh that’s awesome. I said I’m gonna go to Oshkosh first because I live in Neenah and then I’m gonna go all the way to Neenah. So I tell her to put a three wick Winter Candy Apple on hold and a three wick Iced Gingerbread. So I’m at the Oshkosh Outlet Mall, my mom and I are shopping around there. Just to let you guys know um traffic wise and thing it was a really busy day. That was the only good part, I think the Packers won I don’t know, I’ve been taking care of bitches ALL FUCKING DAY. Okay so I’m like seriously really upset, you guys are not gonna believe what just happened to me” and I think that’s beautiful