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It looks like Apple still has their work cut out for them with Lion. I am finding that there are still a ton of app windows at the OS level that do not change the pointer to a resize cursor when you hover over the edge of the window. (this is the Character Viewer window. The funny thing is that you can still resize the window, it just won’t give you any visual feedback.)

Fix it Apple!


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Apple iOS Gripes #03

Apple needs to build a check into the App Store that tells you whether or not you are attempting to download an app that is not compatible with your device.

And if you still choose to ignore the warning and download the app, then your ability to review the app in the App Store should be revoked.

Too many morons, with too much free time on their hands have nothing better to do than to hurt the rankings and efforts of a hard working developers by complaining about an app that won’t launch when the description clearly stated it would not work on their device.

This has got to stop and Apple is the only one who can fix it.

New Instagram 2.0: The Worst Version Yet

Hey Instagram, I don’t care how many “hip new filters” you added or how “web 3.0” your interface looks when your damn app is riddled with more bugs than the day you released it!

I can’t believe this release made it out the door. I am not happy.

I tried three times to post a picture with a filter and tiltshift applied, and all it posts to my Tumblr feed is a giant blue square with no image. I think the culprit here is the new tiltshift mechanism. Because I just posted two other images to Tumblr fine with no issues, but they were not using tiltshift.

Not to mention, the app randomly crashed on me TWICE in 5 minutes while I was editing photos and all my work was completely lost.

Every time I try to post my picture, the post fails and I have to hit refresh like 5 times for it to register and post the picture.

And lastly, I love your new filter gallery but I HATE that entire bar at the top of the app. None of the icons make sense, I have no idea what they do, nothing is labeled, and I have no idea why you chose to flash things on the screen when making a selection. 

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