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hey dude love your blog! ive been trying to get into lolita style but ive been really tight with money lately so for instance i wouldnt be able to spend more than 50 dollars on an outfit. Would be able to give some cheaper alternatives to the lolita style but still keep the feel of it if you know what i mean?

ahhh ty!!!!

You may be able to wear lolita with $50 if you already have some basic things actually!!! If you already have appropriate heels/ mary janes, stockings/ lace ankle socks/ knee highs/ over the knee socks, and pretty accessories (most of which you can even find from thrifting) that’s already a good deal of the coord you just need the skirt, blouse, petticoat, and head wear! Bodyline has some incredibly cheap pieces that look really cute. I have a few really nice ones saved on my wanelo here: Skirts and jumperskirts can be found as cheap as $20 (however use the items I saved on wanelo as a guideline because a lot of Bodyline is not great quality or even good for lolita even though it is labelled as such) and they have $10 flat shipping. A good tip is that if you buy a onepiece you won’t even need a blouse so you can save some money there! You can also try poking around the sales comm or facebook Bodyline Sales group for second-hand Bodyline items which will save you even more and may score you cheaper shipping. I don’t recommend their petticoats but it’s ok because Leg Avenue sells great ones for around $10. So basically if you have everything else already in your closet, you can buy a onepiece for about $33, a petti for $10, find a cheap head bow and you already have a coord!

You can also try and ease into the fashion with casual lolita and then all you really need is a main piece and petticoat!! Then for a full lolita outfit you can buy at your leisure. That first outfit is always the toughest tbh because you have to buy all the basics. After that if you build your wardrobe around a few colors it should be very easy to make many coords with a few items and new outfits won’t cost that much.

But, understandably, if that it still too expensive there are other ways to “lolita-fy" your wardrobe! To do this you basically need to pull the elements of lolita and work with them, which means you need items that are elegant and cute. F Yeah Lolita has a great article on adding “Everyday Elegance" I highly suggest poking around her blog especially in the “Lolita on a Budget” section because it’s incredibly helpful. Cheapest places you can find the best “loliable" items are Forever 21 and thrift stores. Another fashion similar to lolita but not as strict is otome.

And, of course, you can always join my giveaway for the chance at a free casual lolita coord ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ /shameless plug haha!

PHEW ok hope this all helps!! I feel inspired to work on my Budget Lolita series again!


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